Charles Gunn

Charles Gunn for Champions

Real name: Charles Gunn
Other known aliases: See the list.
Occupation: Private investigator.
Current group affiliation: Angel Investigations.
Past group affiliations: Leader of his own street gang.
Major enemies: Wolfram & Hart, various vampires.
First appearance: Warzone 1.20
Description: Charles Gunn is a good looking black man in his late 20's who shaves his head.


13     STR      3
14     DEX     12
13     CON      6
10     BODY     0
10     INT      0
13     EGO      6
13     PRE      3
14     COM      2
 7     PD       4
 7     ED       4
 4     SPD     16
 8     REC      4
26     END      0
24     STUN     0
Characteristics Cost: 60

Skills and Equipment

20     4D6 Luck     
 3     AK: Los Angeles 11-,(INT based)     
 3     Climbing 12-     
 3     Combat Driving 12-     
 1     8- Contact: L.A. underworld     
 3     Criminology 11-     
 3     Deduction 11-     
 4     Fast Strike     
 2     KS: Demons & Vampires 11-     
 4     Martial Dodge     
 5     Off Strike     
 5     Streetwise 13-     
 2     WF,Axes / Maces / Picks,Crossbows     
 7     1D6 HKA,"Ax",vs physical defense,OAF(-1) 1
Powers Cost: 65


Base Points: 75
10     Hunted,"by the forces of darkness.",as powerful,harsh,appear
20     Normal Stats
15     Psych Lim,"In love with Winifred.",common,strong
 5     Rep,"Monster hunter.",occur 8-
Disadvantages Total: 50

Experience Spent: 0
Total Points: 125

Explanation of the conversion:

Gunn History: As Wesley Wyndam-Pryce attempted to translate a passage from the scroll Angel stole from Wolfram & Hart, the the lawyers summoned the demon Vocah to Earth, who was upset at the loss of the scroll. Wesley learned the scroll said the vampire with a soul would die. Vocah decided to cut Angel off from any connection to the Powers That Be, so he cursed Cordelia Chase with unending visions, then killed the Oracles. Vocah then took the scroll and blew up the Angel Investigations headquarters, injuring Wesley. Angel learned from the ghost of an Oracle that only a spell on the scroll could save Cordelia. Angel asked Charles Gunn to watch over Wesley and and Cordelia in the hospital as he went hunting for Vocah. Wolfram & Hart used the scroll to secretly bring Darla back from the dead. Angel then killed Vocah and cut the hand off lawyer Lindsey McDonald to get the scroll and saved Cordelia. Wesley recovered and did further translation on the scroll and discovered it said the vampire with a soul would die after living as a human being, which pleased Angel (To Shanshu In L.A. 1.22).

Gunn After Cordelia, Wesley and Gunn were fired from Angel Investigations, they each found their way to Caritas where they got drunk and sang We Are The Champions (82kb) very badly for the host. Although they wanted guidance on the direction on their lives, the host let Cordelia's vision of a demon do the guiding for them. After slaying the demon the crew decided to keep Angel Investigations running without Angel (Redefinition 2.11).

Gunn Wesley and Gunn joined up with a group of human rebels in Pylea. They were joined by Angel and Fred and together staged at attack on the castle to free Cordelia. Angel faced the Groosalugg in single combat, but Cordelia stopped them before Angel killed the Groosalugg, who she was in love with. With the Covenant of Tromboli defeated, Cordelia ordered all slaves freed and set up the Groosalugg as monarch of Pylea to rule in her place. Fred and Wesley were able to use the books of the Covenant to open a portal back to Earth. After returning home they found out from Willow that Buffy had died (There's No Place Like Pltrz Glrb 2.22).

Gunn When investigating a rash of odd deaths Angel's body was magically hijacked by an old man named Marcus Rosco, leaving Angel trapped in Marcus' body at a retirement home. Marcus used Angel's body to live up life, putting the moves on Fred and Lilah Morgan. When Marcus learned Angel was immortal, he decided to keep the body and kill Angel. Wesley, Gunn, Fred and Cordelia were about to figure out what happened and helped save Angel and get his body back (Carpe Noctem 3.04).

Gunn, Cordelia, Fred and the Groosalugg When Angel discovered that a powerful evil force had taken over Sunnydale, he helped get the Vampire Slayer Faith released from prison for 24 hours so she could aid him in helping Buffy. Although Gunn, Cordelia and Fred of the Angel Investigations insisted on helping Angel, he insisted on he and Faith go alone (Buffy The Vampire Slayer #47).

Gunn When Angel, Fred and Gunn took a vacation to Las Vegas to see Lorne, they uncovered a plot by his manager to steal people's destinies. Although Angel lost his destiny and all motivation to help others, Cordelia helped get him to save his friends. When the group returned to Los Angeles they discovered Cordelia waiting for them in the Hyperion lobby, but with no memory of her life (The House Always Wins 4.03).

Lorne acquired a magic spell which was supposed to restore Cordelia's memory. Angel, Fred, Gunn and Wesley helped him cast it. The spell went wrong and left Angel, Fred, Gunn and Wesley with the minds they had as teenagers. After some misadventures in the hotel Lorne was able to talk Fred into helping him fix the spell, and everyone's memories were restored fully (Spin The Bottle 4.06).

Trivia: On Angel the part of Gunn is played by actor J. August Richards.

Powers: Charles is an nornal human being, but is a skilled street fighter and is proficient with a number of weapons.

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