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A Hill of BeansPost-"The Gift." Buffy is back and Spike isn't sure how she'll feel about him.
Insouciance: Spike has an encounter with the woman he helped in "Triangle." 

When Spike Met Buffy Spike and Buffy hang out watching a romantic movie which leads to a talk about men, women and relationships. And knocked over furniture. 

Thanksgiving 2003: A gathering of blood relatives means Spike and Angel are expected to break bread together.

Misfit: Buffy and Spike find that a trip to the carnival is full of revelations.

A Fine and Private Place: After Buffy's return, she and Spike have a talk.

Where There's a Will ...: Post-"The Gift" fic. In an AU, Spike was active in bringing Buffy back.

Boys' Night Out Spike and Xander have a night out on the town. 
A Raising in the Sun: Post "The Gift." Someone else is trying raise Buffy from the dead for evil purposes; can the Scoobies beat them to it? 

Debriefing of a Vampire: Set after "The Gift." Giles interviews Spike about Buffy's final battle for the Watcher's Diary.
Prodigious BirthAfter "The Gift." Shows one way in which Buffy might return.

Day 138: Post-"The Gift." A diary entry.
Time Is Not to Be Taken for Granted: A last trip for the Slayer and the Bloody Awful Poet. Short and bittersweet.
Boxed-In Day: Post-"Wrecked." How Spike spent the holidays.
Roomies: Spike and Tara have an encounter while on the outs with their significant others.
This I Can Teach You: When Dawn is hurt, Spike discovers he has more to offer than just his fighting skills.

Through My Most Grievous Fault: Set not long after "The Gift." Spike does penance ...
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