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Bis: During the summer after "The Gift," Spike counts the ways ...

Mistral Amara

Soft Center: A slight change to Blood Ties. On Buffy's twentieth birthday, Spike hopes that the way to the Slayer's heart is through her stomach.

The Importance of Imagery: Post-"The Gift." Several months have passed since Buffy's death. Will Spike keep his promise?



Saved: An answer to Andy00's "Spike Redeemed" challenge, wherein one is to write a redemption scene where Spike is NOT doing good to get into Buffy's good graces.


Phoenixstitch/Vickey Brickle-Macky


Changing in the Middle: This is my response to IWMTLY. I had to do something as the show left me in a very dark mood.


A Certain Ruggedly Handsome Resemblance: Spike has a plan. Giles isn't in on it. Spoilers through "Wrecked."



Inside: Post-Gift. Short, not sweet. Dawn and Spike.

Rosa Seravo


The Ghost Buffy pays a ghostly visit, post-"The Gift."


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