The Buzz about Season Three

  • Principal Snyder dies. Dead, but not gone. Snyder will be undead
  • "A force more insidious than vampires will test their (Buffy and Willow's) relationship-a third friend is about to enter into the mix."
  • The Finale, graduation and the assention all end up on the same day.

    Rumors about Season Four

  • James Marsters is rumored to be offically joining the Buffy cast next year..


  • Air date: April 13
  • Buffy becomes telepathic.
  • Jonathon and Larry may appear.


  • Air date: May 5
  • Possibly the episode where Angel makes his choice to leave which is due in part with a talk with Buffy's mom.

    The Prom

  • Air date: May 11
  • Cordelia's dad loses his money. She can't afford to buy her prom dress but she had it on layaway and Xander buys it for her. She thinks that it was Wesley and spends the entire night swooning over him.
  • There are a few Buffy and Angel moments.

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