My Favorite Stories
by Lilly 

This is my first review so please bear with me. I have sent feedback to writers but never written a review [two very different things]. I hope to submit more reviews in the future.

I want to thank Susan for not only giving some of the best fanfiction authors I have read a great site on which to post but, now, for giving us an opportunity to review some of our favorite stories in the hopes that you might find a great "read" that you might not have read before.

The Power of Three by Dragonwriter17

I want to recommend this excellent Triad story about Buffy-Willow-Tara which begins after Oz leaves Sunnydale. We first find Willow attempting to recover from the break up with the help, separately, of Buffy and Tara. It soon develops into a story of the three growing into a different and extraordinary relationship, and becoming mature enough to accept and deal with it.

The story captures the personalities of its characters so well. Their actions and reactions are completely believable and fitting whether the main characters [Tara, Willow, Buffy] or the supporting, but just as important, characters [Joyce, Faith, etc.]. The interpersonal situations go where so many have imagined they could have but there are also surprises. The writer also takes the time to let situations develop at a credible pace, yet never lets the story slow down.

Some of our favorite episodes and background from the TV series are used very well in creating wonderfully different relationships and scenes. Excellent use is made of some of our favorite characters [good, evil and those we're not quite sure about] in this 13-part story, which flies by despite its length. Unexpected alliances are made. The author even manages to bring the LA contingent into the mix quite well.

The relationship parts are excellent, as are the fight scenes. Both are done with obvious care, intelligence and understanding. The villains and action situations are presented very well. Conversations, descriptions and character thoughts work together to create scenes that make you anxious to get to the next section.

I have not been specific about any of the scenes because I want you to experience them as I did [without any previous hints or coming attractions]. Read and enjoy.

 You should also read Dragonwriter17's fascinating short story "Out of Shadow Into Light" before starting on the "Power of Three". It gives us an interesting look into Tara's life before Sunnydale that is essential in understanding much of her character's behavior in the "Power of Three" and "Power of Three Book Two".

Yes I did say "Power of Three Book Two". I am please to report that the author is in the midst of an equally wonderful sequel. I hope to review this soon.

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