In this section you can find all e-mail addresses of this site.

You can use those e-mail addresses when a form does not work or

when you want to contact the webmaster.
ONLY for mail about the site. NO personal mail. 
In subject line: "webmaster"
ONLY personal mail for the webmaster. NO mail about the site.
You can also find me on ICQ #45541927
If you have any suggestions or questions about this site.
In subject line: "feedback"
If you have any news about the characters/actors or news about 
the shows Buffy or Angel and you think it should be on the site.
In Subject line: "news (+subject you have news about)"
Ps. If you know the date of the news...please send.
If you have an Mp3 request. Again, ONLY songs from the Album: Buffy the
Vampire Slayer The Album. Please enter in your mail: your name, e-mail 
and song name.
In subject line: "music"
If you have fanfic you want to see on this page: PLEASE MAIL ME!
In subject line: "fanfic (+what the fanfic is about)"
If you wanna win an award. Look for the awards at the "win my award".
In subject line: "award  (+which award you want)"

Job:Special News

If you wanna say anything but you don't think any of these e-mail addresses
are good for it....just send it to