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Chapter 1 - Finally. by HostilePoet_17
AAHH! Please tell me what the hell I'm doing adding ANOTHER story here 2 weeks before my graduation, 3 weeks before the most important exams of my life?? Don't worry, "Where Do We Go From Here?" is still gonna be posted. But right now, I'm letting it sit for today, I'm not in the mood for it.

So, hmm, new story?? And one that isn't actually set in Season 6! WOW! :D

These first few chapters are quite short, I apologize profusely! But I want to get this story out there for everybody!

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... I really hope this will go as well as I have planned in my head. I've only 3 chapters written so far. Also, don't let the Buffy/Other thing put you off. Seriously. Otherwise, I wouldn't post it on a Spuffy site! ;D

I hope you guys enjoy it!


The smell of ''hospital'' was everywhere. Of illness, of sickness. Of death. Even to his dimmed senses, he could feel it, taste it. The urge to run was overpowering.

Fight or flight...fight or flight...

Do I leave now when I've never been so bleedin’ close? Or do I stay, an' see if what I came here for is really here?

Fight or flight...

He knew the number of the room. He'd chanted to himself a thousand times on his way to the hospital.

Slipping into an inconspicuous state that only a former vampire could achieve, he passed swiftly through the corridor, hoping to remain unseen, unnoticed.

There it was! Right there... Room 272... Just before the Nurse's Station. Nobody lingering outside it. He just hoped to hell that nobody else was inside. Reaching the door quickly, ducked into the room.

At the sight that met him, her bruised body lying in the bed, so small, so fragile, he felt as though his heart was cracking bluntly through the middle.

Tubes and wires surrounded her, each giving her what she needed, making sure she didn't break. She must never break. His world would surely end if the beaten vision in front of him was ever broken... again.

Reaching a tentative hand to her face, avoiding the angry looking bruises that painted her cheek, he allowed himself to run his finger along her jawline.

She stirred in her sleep, and opened her eyes groggily, breaking into a wavering smile as she recognized her visitor.

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Chapter 2 - Humanity. by HostilePoet_17
Author's Notes:
Okay. I meant to hold some chapters back, but the first one was so pitifully meagre that I'm giving you another!
A pair of bright blue eyes was watching intensely. Confusion clouded her for a moment, before disbelief broke through, and she smiled at him.


He returned the smile, and stroked her hair softly. "You know it, pet. It's me."

She shook her head blearily. "Can't be you. You... you died. Twice."

He chuckled. "So did you, luv."

She struggled to sit up, wincing as her healing ribs stung. His arms went around her immediately. "Hey, hey, stop. Easy, baby. Don't hurt yourself, pet. Please." Easing her back against the pillows, he seated himself on the side of her bed.

"How?" She asked, catching his hand in hers.

Shrugging, he squeezed her hand gently. "Some old prophecy, souled vampire becomes human. Real boy, an' all that. Shanshu. Belonged to Peaches, though, not mine to have. It was him who really wanted it."

"Angel's dead," Buffy told him in a whisper.

Ducking his head to avoid her gaze, Spike nodded. "I know. Saw him go out, didn't I?" His voice was rough.

One of her hands moved to stroke his face, and she ran it along the blade-like edge of his cheekbone. "Does that mean you're human now?"

He wouldn't meet her eye. "Guess so. The heartbeat and the pulse pretty much gave it away for me."

Six years on, and still, every morning without fail, the steady thrum of his heartbeat took him by surprise. After over a hundred years without a pulse, the presence of it after so long a time still unnerved him. Being human had been a nightmarish experience for him, right from the first suddenly necessary breath. Lying in an alley in L.A., bleeding out, and for some reason, not healing. He could feel his consciousness slipping, the unbearable pain in his broken legs. The burning pain in his lungs when he forgot to breathe...

"How do you feel?" Buffy asked, placing her warm hand on his forehead. Now that he was living at body temperature too, her body heat was less intense, somehow more pleasant.

He took her hand, and pressed it to his lips, brushing a kiss over the tips of her fingers. "Shouldn't I be askin' you that?" He raised an eyebrow at the bandages adorning her neck and shoulders.

She blushed. "Stupid vamp, nearly got his one good day, I guess."

Spike frowned at her. "Where was it? Have the Slayers dealt with him?"

Her eyes narrowed, and, too late, he was reminded of how his behaviour must have echoed Riley and Angel, and their overbearing ways.

"Doesn't matter, there's nothing left to deal with. He's dust, Spike. I'm a big girl, I can handle myself. I don't need the Slayers running around after me."

He made a noise close to a growl – the closest he could, given his state. "Hate to prove you wrong, pet, but what the bloody hell are you doin' in here then? For God's sake, Buffy!" He got off the bed, and strode over to the window, staring out at the street below.

She could see his shoulders shaking as he struggled to control his breathing. "Spike..." She prompted softly. He turned to face her again, his expression upset.
"Ah, I'm sorry, luv. Right git, aren't I? Fightin' with you already. Didn't mean to get mad like that. Jus' scares me to see you in here. You look so... so..."

"Human?" She offered wryly.

With a groan, he crouched down beside her, grabbing her hands in his. "Promise me, luv. Promise me you'll be careful. If I ever lost you again, I -" He broke off as unshed tears choked his throat.

"Not gonna happen, Spike. I'm here to stay. As long as we're both here, there's no need to -- You are staying right?" She winced. "Not... not that you have to, I mean. You can leave if you like, I'm not..."

"Pet, I'm not goin' anywhere. As long as you want me by your side, I'm here."

She smiled. "You free forever?"

With a chuckle, he nodded. "Forever's always a good place to start."

She leaned closer to him, ignoring the searing pain in her chest as her injured ribs twitched. "I've missed you, William," she murmured softly.

"Missed you too, luv. More than I could ever say, or you could imagine."

Feigning nonchalance, she pretended to be preoccupied with adjusting the blankets on her lap. " missed me, huh?"

"Every bloody second."

"...but when you came back... the first time... and you were working with Angel, you never called..."

He blew out a sigh. "I know, I know, pet. Jus' thought you wouldn't wanna hear from me. Thought I was dead, an' all, didn't you? Went out like a hero, I did. Didn't want you to lose that image if me." He paused, then continued shyly. "I was finally your champion."

"You were always my champion, Spike." She suddenly gave a huge yawn, her eyes drooping with fatigue.

"You must be tired, luv. I'll be on my way now, let you sleep."

"No! I mean, I want you to stay. Well, if you want to, that is... I won't force you or anything, it's just..."

He smiled sadly. "Missed me, huh?" When she nodded, he planted a light kiss on her forehead. "I'll stay, if it's what you want, then I'll stay. An' even if I left, I'd be back tomorrow, if you wanted it."

"Sounds good to me." She stifled another yawn.

"Sleep, missy."

Giving him a tired laugh, she nodded. "Alright, bossy vampire... bossy ex-vampire, I guess," she amended, sheepishly. "You're staying?"


"Good." A pause. "Spike?"

"Yes, pet?"

"Will you... I mean, I'd like you to... What I'm trying to say is..." She threw her hands up in frustration. "Look, it's been seven years, Spike. Seven. Years. And I don't know about you, but I would really like it if you... if you would... Spike? Could you just hold me?"

Blinking back unexpected tears, he nodded dumbly. He sat himself up on the bed, easing himself beside her, terrified of jostling the bed for fear he'd worsen her injuries. Gingerly, he slipped an arm around her.

She made a noise of exasperation, and pulled him closer, roughly, ignoring the pain and his objections. She settled herself against him, a sound of contentment in her throat. He hugged her more tightly - close enough to be as affectionate as they both needed then, but not so much as to incur any pain.

Feeling exhaustion creeping up on her, Buffy shut her eyes.

"Spike?" She whispered sleepily, the name feeling so good in her mouth again.

"I like your hair."

He gave a deep, rumbling chuckle, blowing his warm breath onto the nape of her neck. "Thanks, pet." He instinctively ran a hand through his dark curls.
With a stupid smile on her face, the Slayer drifted to sleep.
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Chapter 3 - An Unwelcome Surprise. by HostilePoet_17
A/N: Okay, another shorty here. I've got the first 3 typed up, Ch 4 started, and the rest written on paper.

I hope you guys like this so far, I know there's a lot of post-series fan-fics, but I felt the crazy urge to write one. No, I don't include the comics. I find the storylines to be really stupid (Sorry, Joss, I still heart you!).

I originally posted this on Wattpad, as far as this chapter, and I stopped using the site months ago, only to see that I've gotten more Buffy fans, and comments on this story and "Where Do We Go From Here?" in the last week, so I'm redirecting everybody here, maybe I'll rejoin that old page, who knows?

I really should start working on a banner for this, but I can't get any good pictures of JM with dark, unshaven hair. Plenty of really pretty SMG ones, but he eludes me!


Spike felt as though his heart would burst from sheer happiness. Again, a feeling he hadn't experienced in over seven years. Slayer always brought it out in him.

Lying on the narrow hospital bed, and Buffy curled up to his side with a sleepy grin on her lips, Spike felt that he could die there and then, and be happy forever.

'Course, dyin' doesn't really seem to be workin' with me...

He relaxed back against the pillows, absentmindedly running his fingers through her hair. God, he'd missed this!

"What the hell do you think you're doing?"

Spike started and looked up to see an angry man, glaring at him from the doorway.

"Oh right, guess the visitors aren't 'sposed to be lyin' on the beds," Spike apologized, taking this man to be a member of the hospital staff. "Sorry, mate."

He slid off of the bed, but kept one hand stroking Buffy's face tenderly, drawing his finger lightly along her bottom lip...

"Take your hands off of her!" The other man growled possessively.

Spike raised his eyebrows, and looked up at him with barely concealed amusement.


"I said 'take your hands off of her!'" The other man spat. "You've no right to touch her like that, whoever the hell you are!"

Moving away from Buffy's side, he faced the taller man. He tilted his head to the side, his relaxed stance meant to show his opponent he wasn't intimidated.

"And you do?"

"Of course I do," the man blustered angrily. "I'm her fucking husband!"

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Chapter 4 by HostilePoet_17
Author's Notes:
For ShyLyn, I decided that, yeah, Spike's hair wouldn't be a dark dark brown, but rather a dark blonde, as it had been as a human. So, yay! :D

Okay, sorry for my awful lapse in updating - I promise, Where Do We Go From Here? will definitely be updated eventually. Sorry, graduated on Friday, and the biggest exams of my life are starting the 6th of June. Fuck! But, I'll be finished by the 14th and then I'm all yours for the summer! :D

Something small-ish. I planned on adding more, but that'll go in the next chapter! Just a little look at Buffy and her husband.


The words rang in Spike's head. Husband. Her husband.
She has a husband. She's married. My Buffy's married... But she's not mine anymore, is she? She's

He looked down at her sleeping form, and his eyes sought out what he'd missed before.

There it was, sitting on her left hand. The shining, gloating, fucking heart-breaking wedding ring.

"Didn't you know?" Her husband smirked.

Spike shrugged, acting as though the news didn't affect him.
"Well, me an' Buffy here haven't seen each other in a while. Got a bit of catchin’ up to do, yeah?”

The other man narrowed his eyes. “Just get the hell away from my wife, pal,” he sneered.

But Spike held his ground, raising his chin defiantly. “Don’t think so. The lady wants me to stay. An’ I never break promises to her.”

“Are you deaf? Get the fuck out.” Her husband’s jaw clenched, his fists were balled.

“Maybe I’m not the deaf one. I told you, Buffy wants me to stay.”

“Buffy needs rest, and somebody to look after her. And I’m here. So get out of here before I call security.”

A muscle in Spike’s jaw ticked before he slumped his shoulders in defeat. “Alright. Look, jus’ tell her I’ll back as soon as I can, right? An’ that I hope she feels better soon.”

He nodded, taking his seat beside Buffy – his wife.

With a sigh, Spike walked out of the room, and left the hospital, going into a café across the street. He pulled put his cellphone, and dialed.

“Hello? ...Yeah, it’s me. Listen… Yeah, yeah, I saw her. You never bloody told me it was that bad… Well, I didn’t know, did i? ... Look, I need those two addresses alright, got a couple of house calls to make… Hold on, I’ll get a pen…”

He signaled over the waitress. “Sorry, pet. Any chance I could borrow a pen and paper quickly. He flashed her a charming smile. She nodded, giggling.

“Sure thing. My name’s Lauren, by the way,” she said with a smile.

He nodded. “Spike. Thanks. Right, mate, those addresses?”

Spike scribbled down the two addresses, and repeated them back. “Alright, thanks. Talk to you later.” He hung up, and slipped the page into his pocket. He turned to the waitress, holding up the pen. “Thanks, Lauren.”

She grinned. “Any time.”

He stood up, and walked to the door, giving her a little salute.
Now, he had places to be, people to see.

Buffy woke slowly, her face pressed against a soft shirt. “Spike?” She mumbled, remembering that he’d been there as she’d fallen asleep. She opened her eyes with a smile. “Spike?”

“No, baby, it’s me,” her husband smiled, smoothing back her hair.

“Tom?” She frowned in confusion.

“Hey, Buff. How’re you feeling?”

“Good. I’m a little better, I guess. Still sore, but a little better. Was there somebody in here when you got here?” She asked, trying to sit up. He wrapped an arm around her, trying to help.

“A guy with brownish hair?” When she nodded, he shrugged. “Yeah, but he left. Didn’t say much. I told him he could stay until you woke up, but he just left.”

“He did? Did he say he’d be back?”

Tom gave another shrug. “I don’t think so. Who was he anyway?”

“Somebody from Sunnydale. You remember we told you about Spike? He died closing the Hellmouth? Well, that was him. He’s back, I guess. Whoa.”

“The vampire? That guy was a vampire?”

Buffy frowned as she thought back. “Um, actually, he’s alive. He’s human now. It’s crazy…”

“Wow, that’s weird. You want some water?”

“Sure. How was work?” She eased herself back into the pillows more comfortably.

He handed her a bottle of water. “Ah, same as usual. I’m literally surrounded by damn idiots. I don’t know how any thing gets done!”

Buffy smiled, and laid her hand on his. “Aw, poor Tom,” she laughed.

“Yeah, poor me, look at poor you. I was talking to Doctor Faulkner today, he says you should be finished in here by next week, but they want to make sure you’re all healed up first.”

She pulled a face. “I hate hospitals,” she grumbled.

Tom frowned. “Buffy, you know it’s for your own good. We’ve got to get you all better.”

“Yes, Giles,” she muttered, rolling her eyes.

“I mean it, Buff. You need to get better. There’s no two ways about it.”

“Alright, alright. Jeez, I was joking.” She huffed out a breath.

“Buffy, don’t be difficult, okay? I’m only looking out for you.” Tom sighed. “Look, I’ll go get the doctor, okay? We can see how well you’ve progressed. I’ll be back in a sec.”

He got up and left, leaving Buffy frowning at the sheets.

Her fingers absentmindedly stroked the shiny scars on the palm of her left hand, the seven-year-old burn one of her few remnants of Sunnydale.

Spike was alive…
Chapter End Notes:
Okay, he's only sort of a prick, but I don't think Buffy would really marry an asshole, huh? Hmm, already in my head, he makes me think of how I write Angel. :P

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Chapter 5 by HostilePoet_17
Author's Notes:
Whoa, yes, I posted ANOTHER chapter today. In case you guys missed it, Chapter 4 went up yesterday!

Quote is from Emily Bronte's "Wuthering Heights." As I was typing this up, a distant memory at the back of my brain suggested that the same quote was possibly used in a Twilight story. Damn. Well, I picked it ages ago as I was revising the book, and I think it suits the context.

He knocked quietly on the imposing oak door, suddenly realizing that he was nervous at the thought of seeing this man. As antagonistic as their relationship had been, Spike had always been confident, sure.

The door opened, and the man peered at him in confusion for a moment, before recognition lighted his face.

“Good lord,” he exclaimed, hurriedly pulling off his glasses to polish the lens on the hem of his shirt.

Spike rolled his eyes. “Nice to see you too, Rupes.” The bravado was back. God, he had to see this man. As Buffy’s father-figure for years, surely he felt the same panic at her condition.

“Skipping past the assumption of your death, I think I’d rather like to focus on the fact that you’re standing in direct sunlight.”

Spike smirked. “Don’t need an invitation either.” He stepped past Giles, into the broad foyer. “Now that I’m a real boy.”

The former librarian stared at Spike for a moment, taking in the darker hair, the colour on his cheeks that had replaced the past pallor. “So it would seem.”

He gestured that Spike should go ahead, guiding him to the office. Spike entered the room where two leather armchairs, a sofa, and a low coffee table were the furnishings. The rest of the room was occupied with enormous bookcases that hid the walls from view. Running a finger along a shelve, Spike shook his head.

You could take the man out of the library…

“Once a librarian, always a librarian, eh, Rupert?”

To his surprise, the older man actually gave a chuckle of agreement. “Quite.” Excusing himself momentarily, he headed out to the kitchen to grab two glasses and a bottle of scotch.

In his absence, Spike turned his attention to the one shelf that was devoid of books.

It was instead, cluttered with various photograms. Smiling, Spike picked up one of Buffy, Willow, and Xander. Judging by their youthful looks and carefree smiles, he figured it had been taken sometime during their high school days.

“They were so young then,” the Watcher remarked, re-entering the room. Spike took the offered glass from Giles’ hand.

He raised it slightly. “Cheers.”

Taking a sip, and placing the photo back, he turned his attention to the rest of the photos.
There was Buffy and Dawn grinning on either side of an abashed Giles, who himself was wearing a bright purple party hat. Another of Giles holding a little girl in his arms. Anya outside the Magic Box, grinning infectiously. Dawn and Willow sitting on Xander, laughing.

His hand automatically reached for the one of Buffy sitting on a beach, smiling sadly as she looked out at the sea. His fingers ghosted over her image. Her eyes were dimmed, lines creased the corners slightly. She looked resigned, tired.

Giles cleared his throat. “Dawn took that about two years after the collapse of the Hellmouth, making it a year since your second death in L.A.”

Spike nodded, tracing the silver frame. “Why is she so sad here? God, it’s like when Red brought her back from the dead, or when you lot chucked her out that time…”

The Watcher observed his guest for a moment. “Spike, she was grieving a great deal at the time.”

Spike coloured. “Right, of course. Angel’d jus’ died, right.”

He sighed. “Well, yes, there was that. But she’d just found out that you had died for the second time. Spike, she hadn’t even known that you were alive.”

“Yeah, ‘m a right git, aren’t I?”

“Well, I won’t be the one to contradict you,” the older man commented dryly.

Spike gave a laugh at this.

Sitting himself down on one of the armchairs, Giles looked up at his visitor once more. “So, are you planning on telling me about how you became human, or shall I be dragging it out of you?”

With a shrug, Spike disregarded it. “Some prophecy. I’ll tell you about it later, Rupes.”

“Later? Am I to assume you will be staying around then?”

“As long as she wants me, I’m here.” There was no question between the two men as to who “she” was.

“Undoubtedly, you will be here for quite some time then,” Giles conceded quietly.

Spike made no answer to this.

“I’m also assuming that your feelings are unchanged? You are still in love with Buffy?”

“She’s married.”

“Did you know?”

“Not until he walked in on me lyin’ in the hospital bed with Buffy sleepin’ in my arms.”

Giles winced in sympathy. “That’s not entirely a good start. Tom can be quite…jealous.”

Tom? That’s his name? Ugh, such a bloody wanker’s name, that is. Suits him, you know.”

His companion chuckled. “Quite.”

“You said he’s jealous?”

Giles made a non-committal gesture. “Just from what her friends have mentioned in passing. Although, I do recall some animosity between himself and Xander at first. He was quite territorial, possessive.”

Spike made a sound like a growl. “No right to be bloody possessive. She’s not his property!”

Nodding his agreement, the Watcher sighed. “Spike, I must ask you not to interfere. Clearly, Buffy loves this man, and wishes to spend the rest of her life with him. I’m sure we’re all going to be very happy about your return, but if you attempt to cause any discord in Buffy’s marriage, I will ask you to leave, Spike.”

Spike nodded. “Wouldn’t anyway. ‘I never would have banished him from her society as long as she desired his. The moment her regard ceased, I would have torn his heart out and drank his blood! But, till then… I would have died by inches before I touched a single hair on his head,” he quoted somberly. “You know, I read that book hundreds of times. The words suddenly seem to mean a lot more.”

Giles regarded Spike in silence, having been quietly surprised by his eloquence as he spoke. He’d long suspected that his companion was well-read, well-educated, also that he had read many of Giles’ own books in the brief time that they’d lived together. Spike, he was the one person that would always keep surprising them all.

He coughed quietly. “Spike. I do believe that I owe you a sincere apology about… well, all that time ago when I … well…”

Spike waved a hand. “It’s in the past, Watcher. I let it go a long time ago. You were doin’ what you thought was right for Buffy’s safety, an’ I ‘preciate it. Not the whole you tryin’ to kill me, mind. But ‘m glad she has you. Haven’t been around to look out for her myself.”

The old Watcher nodded, then extended his hand. “I am truly sorry that I disregarded you so, in the past. It’s clear that you were very much in love with Buffy, and I, unfortunately, realized this after you selflessly gave your life on the Hellmouth seven years ago. I now know that you would never have hurt Buffy, or anyone that she cared for. Shall we have a fresh start, William?”

Spike glanced at the proffered hand and took it, shaking the man’s hand, then letting go. Cracking a grin, he punched Giles’ arm lightly.

“Bloody hell, you can apologize. I was always so sure that the stick up your arse wouldn’t let you,” he joked.

Giles sighed wearily. “And there it is… Welcome back, Spike.”

“ ‘s good to be back, I s’pose. But, I’d better be off. Some other people I need to see, mend fences an’ all that.”

“Dawn?” The Watcher asked shrewdly.

“One an’ only.” Setting down his empty glass, Spike walked to the door with Giles following behind.

“It was good to see you, Rupes. An’ it’s hard to believe you’re actually offerin’ me your scotch rather than me nickin’ it. Got old lookin’ though, you did,” he teased.

Rolling his eyes, a habit gleaned from the Summers women, Giles opened the front door.
“You have Dawn’s address?”

With a nod, the younger man stepped outside. He raised his hand in a wave, and set of down the street. Giles watched him go, shaking his head in wonder.

Suddenly, it occurred to him that Spike had not answered his question about whether he loved Buffy or not. This didn’t bode well for his Slayer… Or her tosser of a husband.
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I love writing Spike/Giles scenes ... Two awesome little English guys. :D

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