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Chapter 1 by Hottie
Damn this fucking pen.

Spike growled under his breath and threw the pen across his office watching as it hit a vase on a nearby table which promptly smashed to pieces on the floor. He glared at the pen as if blaming it for making the mess before burying his face in his hands. He was exhausted and he just wanted to go to the nearest pub and get absolutely sozzled before going home. He sighed and sat back in his chair staring at the piles of reports and unfinished documents that he knew he would have to finish before going home and felt like ripping them into pieces. He had loved this job at one point. He had come up clean on his Single Scope Background Investigations without a single blemish on his record that had been to problem then he had endured that Physical Fitness Test which had been bloody torturous as far as he was concerned…and that was all before he even got into the FBI training academy. There he had trained and worked his ass off for weeks before finally graduating and being assigned to his first field office which at the time had been in Colorado.

Fast forward 10 years and he was now situated in Los Angeles and his excitement and lust for the job was gone so he counted down the days till retirement even if it still was a long way off. If Spike really thought about it, it wasn’t the job that had changed and neither had he. Anyone who saw him at work could see the passion and devotion he had for this job except Spike of course. He still had all the top cases. Undercover jobs, some in exotic places, capturing the bad guys…Spike was the best no matter what but since Dru had left the scene everyone could tell the difference in him. He was bitter, cynical and cold…but he was one hell of an agent which is why he had been put on this case. Everyone knew that Los Angeles had a somewhat darkness beneath the surface but none had expected just how bad it had gotten. One of the local gangs had been busted just over two months ago for drug trafficking after they had caught their leader Richard Wilkins and almost half his goons waiting at the docks.
They had immediately gone on the attack and Wilkins himself had shot and killed one officer and put another in hospital. After their arrest they had all started denying they were up to anything and so the cops had waited to search the ship that had arrived and found enough cocaine in the cargo hold to keep the entire West coast of America happy but that hadn’t been the worst of it. On board they had found over a dozen girls tied up and locked beneath deck and after some very confusing questioning with much help from translators Spike had stumbled onto something bigger than anything he had worked on. A slave ring.

The news had thrown the entire agency into hyper drive and absolutely everyone wanted to be in on the investigation. Unlucky for them Spike of course got first dibs and he had been stuck with a desk full of paper work since. They had tried again and again to get Wilkins to talk but he didn’t say a word and it looked as if they were getting nowhere fast and it left Spike so frustrated he felt like screaming. He stared down at a photo of him and his ex wife grinning at the camera happily and he picked that up and threw that too. She had no right to be on his desk anymore. She had lost that right the minute she decided that she’d sleep with every male in the country and Spike was sick of having her on his desk everyday reminding him of her. They had been divorced for a month and he still had not had the courage to let go of her completely which was why he still had that damn photo on his desk. Well he was no longer loves bitch.

“stupid bitch.” Spike grumbled rubbing the spot where his wedding ring used to be and sighed once more before finally giving up. He stood and grabbed his coat from the back of the seat before heading for the exit. If he stayed any longer he’d go insane he just knew it. He was down the hallway and standing in the elevator when he saw Harmony Kendal his damn secretary running towards him in her ridiculously high heels. He grimaced at the sight and repeatedly pressed the down button praying to anyone who would listen that the doors would shut before she got there.

“Hey Spike!”
“What’s the matter miss Kendal?” Spike asked in frustration.
“I just got a call from Giles. He wants to talk to you about the whole slave thing.” Harmony smiled blindingly at him. Spike just shook his head at the girls utter lack of intelligence and stepped back out of the elevator heading for his bosses office.
“Your welcome.” He heard harmony mutter behind him but he didn’t care. Women officially meant nothing to him anymore especially one like Harmony. As far as he was concerned they were all bitches.
He knocked on the door to his bosses office and waited for him to call him in before opening the door and approaching his desk. Spike and Giles had met over 4 years ago and had instantly developed a friendship despite their almost 16 year age gap at 46 Giles was much older than Spike but they had somehow managed to bond just fine. Maybe it was a British thing.

“Ahh William glad I caught you.” Giles broke into a happy smile immediately freaking Spike out. At work Giles never smiled at least not lately not with the whole Wilkins thing.
“What’s up?” Spike asked dropping into one of Giles’s leather couches.

“I just had very interesting phone call.” Giles smirked.
“Oh yeah from who?” Spike asked suddenly losing interest, he just wanted to go home and he fiddled with the lighter he held in his hand uninterestedly. He seriously doubted whoever Giles spoke too had any meaning to him.

Spike’s eyes snapped up too Giles’s and Giles almost laughed at his slack jawed look.
“What he want?” Spike asked too excited to hope.
“Well his lawyer informed me that Wilkins requests our company.” He laughed.
“Right then…finally.” Spike grinned madly racing Giles to the door.

The bottle of whiskey would have to wait.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * *

“Hello Lindsey, hello Mr Wilkins pleasure to see you again.” Giles said in a mocking voice. The two men on the one side of the table knew that they were hated by the men on the other and they simply rolled their eyes at Giles stab at being civil.
“Okay so care to tell us what you dragged us down here for?” Spike asked with a raised eyebrow acting as If anything this man was going to say was not worth his time while inside he was ecstatic that they were finally getting somewhere.
“Well my client would like to offer you a deal.” Lindsey smiled charmingly.
“And what’s that?” Giles asked.
“Mr Wilkins has a lot of information to tell you. Valuable information. You cut his sentence to 3 years and its all yours.” Lindsey winced when both men instantly burst out laughing.

“Mr McDonald please do not waste my time. Mr Wilkins is about to be found guilty on murder in the first degree for killing a damn fine cop, attempted murder of another officer, drugs trafficking and god knows what else. Elections are coming up and believe me they are gunna be coming down hard on you too set an example. My bet is that he’s lucky if he don’t get the death sentence…especially when we get proof of this whole human trafficking he‘s been up too” Spike said seriously.
“Im not involved in that!” Richard growled before getting a warning look from Lindsey.
“look if he pleads guilty to all charges and you tell the judge he co-operated in bringing down this whole slave ring what are you offering us?” Lindsey asked.
“Life imprisonment.” Giles replied instantly. He didn’t care if it meant he had too work another 20 years to get to the bottom of the slavery he wasn’t letting this slime ball out.
Lindsey sighed and turned to Wilkins with a grave look on his face.

“I doubt they're gunna budge my advice is take it. Its better that death right?” he advised honestly.
Wilkins sighed and shook his head in disgust.
“Fine I’ll tell you everything I know.” He grumbled staring down at the table.
Giles glanced at Spike giving him a small grin before turning back to the man sitting opposite him with his most intimidating look on.
“There’s this guy okay? Liam O’Connor?”
“Liam O’Connor? The Irish mob leader?” Spike nodded showing he knew who he was.

“Yeah that’s him. They call him Angel cause he looks like just an Angel when underneath…lets say even I shudder. Anyway a few years ago he calls me and says he wants to form an allegiance. Tells me there’s a ship coming in at the harbour with some merchandise he wants on it. He says he’ll pay me 25 grand each time I deliver what’s on the ship. So I get there the first time and see these girls….young some of em no older than my own daughter. Mostly foreign and some couldn’t even speak English and the ones who did couldn’t do anything but sob so I call Angel back asking just what the merchandise is…well what could I do. 25 grand his a hell load of money so I pack the girls into vans and send my boys to drop em off.” Wilkins shrugged.
“What are they being used for?” Giles asked.
“What do you think?” Wilkins laughed evilly.
“So where does Angel keep these girls?” Spike asked clenching his jaw.

“Well that’s the thing. He doesn’t sell em off right away. I drop them off at this centre. Some stay there for years apparently. He trains them you see. He lives in this great big mansion and there are loads of buildings in the grounds that I assumed were for plants or something but boy was I wrong. He trains them how to please people if you get my drift.”
“And where is this shelter?” Giles asked leaning in.
“That I cant tell you…but I can get one of you in.”
Spike and Giles both stared dumbfounded while Wilkins just grinned at them.
“No you can tell us.” Spike said stubbornly.

“Listen im not just leading you there…for starters im not sure where there is. He always made me park the van up outside a gas station of his choice and get into the back blindfolded. He’s have someone pick me up and only when I got there was I allowed to see anything so technically I don’t even know where it is…and even if I did know and did lead you there you wouldn’t find anything. Angel is insane and twisted but he’s smart. The girls are hidden and his estate his huge. Believe me where he keeps them? You’d never find them no matter how hard you look.” Wilkins chuckled as if very amused by all of this.

“Okay…fine…what can you do for us then.”
“Look I can get a friend of mine. Willie . He’s a friend of mine and Angel. I can phone Willie and tell him to tell Angel that my ends closed even though O’Connor probably already knows this and got girls coming in elsewhere. I’ll tell him that I got a replacement for me that he can have and in steps one of your fine officers.” He explained gesturing to them both.
“And Angel and this Willie will buy that?” Spike asked.
“Yes my word is gold to them.”

“What will our officer be expected to do while he’s under cover?” Giles asked a little worry showing in his voice. He knew that who ever he sent in would likely go through hell and the chances of his guy being able to take anything with him to connect to the agency was unlikely. If someone went into the O’Connor estate they’d have to go blind because he knew Angel and he knew that he would find out if anyone working for him wore a wire or was in contact with the cops. Hell Giles knew for a fact that Angel had guys on the force and maybe in the agency who were loyal to him and Giles knew this would have to be handled with care.

“Well Angel's bound to have different guys handling the transportation of the girls now but…he doesn’t trust anyone and I doubt he’d have found someone to take my place in the actual urm…training facility.” Wilkins said averting his eyes.
“What do you mean?”
“I was a…trainer if you will. I worked with the girls to get them…prepared.”
Wilkins shifted uncomfortably and stared up at the two men in front of him.
Boy was this interesting.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“So what do you think?”
Spike looked up from his brandy glass and up at Giles who was sitting there looking uncomfortable.
“im about to go undercover working for one of the most insane bastards in the world training and torturing girls to make them into sex slaves….im just peachy.” Spike grumbled.
Giles simply nodded. What else was there to say really.
“Look Wilkins said everyone is expected to stay at the mansion for 8 weeks working on one girl…this isn’t exactly the greatest mission but it has to be done Spike. You come back tell us where this sick fuck is keeping these girls and then we’ll bring him down okay? I promise.”
Chapter 2 by Hottie
Author's Notes:
I wanted to say this before the story really started but believe me this isnt going to be a very happy fic and if any of you have issues with graphic sexual abuse id stay well away from this story
Spike shifted, rubbing his arms frantically trying to keep warm. Wilkins had set up the meeting at an abandoned warehouse and Willie was supposed to have met him over twenty minutes ago but he still hadn’t showed. A big hold-all holding Spike’s clothes lay at his feet and he glanced at his watch once again groaning from the cold. He was about to just give up already and go back to the agency when bright lights blinded him and he held his hand up to shield against the light watching as a pickup truck rumbled towards him. The car pulled up next to him and Spike stared up at the weasel looking guy looking him up and down.
“What’s the number?” Willie asked.
“8906734” Spike drawled looking down at the floor bored. He had gone undercover loads of times and knew that Willie set up that question to be sure he approached the right guy.

“So your Spike huh?”
“The one and only mate now can I get in or what im freezing my dick off out here.” Spike grumbled putting his usual cocky attitude on. Willie nodded and studied Spike as he jumped into the truck slouching in his chair comfortably.
“Wilkins said you worked for him?”
“Yer for the last 10 years now are we gunna have a chat or are you gunna take me to where I got to be?” Spike grumbled.

“Sure sure. I can see why your in a hurry…i'd be too.” Willie grinned.
“What you talking about?” Spike asked with a furrowed brow.
“Man you get to spend two months fucking some hot chicks…i'd kill to be where you are right now…and im being serious.” Willie snorted shaking his head not believing the luck of the guy next to him. Spike just clenched his jaw and turned to stare out the window.

Almost 9 hours later and Spike was laying in the back of some van with a blindfold on and his hands cuffed to a pole next to him. Angel really did take his privacy to the extreme didn’t he? Spike had gone undercover in crime lords houses before but none had had security this tight. Just as his ass had begun to numb and his wrists started aching from their awkward position the van rolled to a stop and Spike sat there stock still as he heard the van door open and someone get in with him. His blindfold was pulled off and he stared up into the dark and smirking eyes of Liam O’Connor.

His Irish accent was barely noticeable and the deep voice immediately had Spike on edge. He sounded so sure of himself and cocky Spike felt like punching him even more than he already did.
“Oh yeah this is better than first class. You gunna get me the fuck out of here or what?” Spike shot back. Angel smiled in response and immediately unchained the blonde. He was impressed. He wasn’t gunna say it but he was impressed. No one spoke to him like that and here was this new guy who was staring at him with a cocky smirk and a raise eyebrow.
“This could be the begging of a beautiful friendship.” Angel smirked clapping him on the back and leading him from the van.

“This is your room it has cable before you ask.” Angel said watching Spike critically as he sat down on the bed looking around the room.
“Right then.” Spike replied blandly staring down at the bedspread disinterestedly.
Angel frowned and felt a flutter of annoyance at the blonde in front of him. Every single person who had had the honour of gracing his home had always been shocked and impressed by his home and here was this punk who seemed uninterested in anything.
“So how did you know Wilkins?” Angel asked crossing his arms and taking a seat on the chair next to Spike’s bed.
“I worked with him on and off for the last ten years. I got a call from him from jail the other day asking for a favour and here I am.” Spike shrugged.
“Yeah pity about him getting caught…he was one of the few people I could trust…it’s the only reason I’ve let you stay here.” Angel revealed truthfully.
“Oh yeah well that’s Wilkins for you…loyal as hell.” Spike said trying desperately to hide his smirk.

Loyal my ass.

“So did Dick explain what you’d be doing?” Angel asked seriously.
“Roughly yer…” Spike trailed off.
“Well…how bout you start now then.” Angel smirked evilly watching the panicked look wash over Spike’s face.
“Now?” Spike asked in surprise.
“Yeah why not? Your not scared are you Spikey?” Angel laughed amused by Spike’s clear discomfort.
“Course not just surprise dim going straight into it.” Spike shrugged.

“Yeah well the girl your gunna be working on has been here for four days just sitting in her cell so you’d better get started…you have done stuff like this before right?” Angel asked curiously.
“What? train girls to be slaves?” Spike asked chuckling.
“Well not that specifically. Im talking about torture, rape, submission?” Angel reeled off as if it was nothing. Spike gulped silently and nodded his head.
“Very good well im gunna let you get comfortable dinners at 7.” Angel said before stalking out of the room leaving Spike alone. The hardness he had placed around himself dropped and he sighed deeply looking down at his hands in resignation. He was most definitely in hell. He spent all afternoon walking around the house taking note of everything he saw. He knew Giles would need every bit of information he could get him and he didn’t want to waste this time. When he looked out the window of his room that’s all he could see was trees and fields for as far as he could see and the weather looked the exact same as it had when he left los Angeles so he didn’t really have a clue where the place was situated which was definitely one of the things he’d have to work on. Spike had wandered onto the floor below his hours later and was staring at a picture of Angel on the wall when he heard someone shout.

“HEY! Who the fuck are you?!”
Spike swivelled around to see a huge farm boy standing behind him glaring at him suspiciously.
“The names Spike.” he replied slipping back into his bad guy persona.
“Oh you’re the new guy.” the man muttered looking at the shorter punk looking man in front of him critically.
“Yeah that would be me and you are?” Spike asked. This guy looked like a typical college guy on a football scholarship, defiantly not the evil mastermind guy.
“Riley Finn.”
“So you work here too?” Spike asked trying to act as if he couldn’t care less while deep down he was interested.

“I’ve worked here for almost 4 years now.” Riley grinned and it was in that moment that Spike saw the mans true nature. Even though he was grinning it was cold. His eyes reminded stony and his mouth looked like he was smirking not smiling. Spike was about to ask something else when another man walked through a door to their right.
“Hey Riley dinners served man!”
Spike stared at the man as he ran past in surprise. He was African American and obviously well built but that wasn’t what Spike noticed at first. No…it was the huge scar that ran down the right side of the man's face from below his eye right down to the collar of his shirt. He stared after him long after he had disappeared downstairs with a horrified look on his face.
“First rule here Spike. Don’t let your guard down. Those bitches may seem tamed but there a chance they aren’t. Forrest didn’t pay attention and turned his back on a girl and that’s what she did to him.” Riley warned in a knowing voice.

“That’s why Forrest’s girls are usually the best…cause now…whoever is unlucky enough to end up with him? Boy is that girl in trouble.” Riley laughed before walking off down to the dinner hall downstairs, Spike trailing behind him
When they got to the bottom floor Spike was surprised to see a few guys hanging around near the doorway into the dining room. When he had first entered the house there had been no one around and Spike didn’t expect Angel to have so many people employed to work for him and looked around curiously studying each and every man . They all looked so different and he shook his head in disgust.

Spike looked up to see Angel striding towards him full of confidence and oozing power. Spike smirked at him ij greeting nodding in greeting.
“So settled in?”
“yeah im good.” Spike nodded noticing that every man in the room had turned to look at him he looked right back at them meeting each and every one of their stares until they backed down.
“Okay then I want you to meet Parker.” Angel grinned clapping a young boy on the back as he steeped forward. Spike raised a brow at the kid in obvious surprise. This kid couldn’t be more than 19 and looked like a little sappy bastard.
“He may look innocent but believe me this is one twisted fucker. He’ll be teaching you the ropes and you’ll be working on the same girl.” Angel told him before walking off to take his seat at the dining table leaving Parker and Spike standing there eyeing each other.

“So you found the holy land huh?” Parker laughed.
“Man this is pussy central! You must be stoked to be living here.” Parker whistled lowly.
“Uhh yeah I guess.” Spike shrugged brushing off the little twerp and making his way into the dining room. After everyone had sat down he noticed that there was one spare seat and knew it was meant for him. He was about to ask Riley who was sitting next to him where the food was when a woman appeared at the door clutching a steaming jug in her hands. She was absolutely beautiful with long wavy red hair and bright blue eyes she was a definite stunner but Spike barely noticed that. What he did notice was the girl was topless and only wearing a tiny thong.

He stared in surprise as she walked forward to every man who was seated pouring what looked like vegetable soup out of the jug and into their bowls. What surprised Spike the most however was how absolutely no one paid attention. It was as if the woman had walked in with a suit on not one even raised and eyebrow and Spike assumed that this must be a regular thing. Soon another two girls joined the first, serving drinks and food and Spike shifted uncomfortably.

Man are those girls hot!

“This is the high life huh?” Riley grinned grabbing a girl as she walked past and sitting her in his lap. Spike watched as Riley gripped the girls hair puling her neck back as far as it would go before absolutely devouring the woman’s mouth eagerly. Spikes attention was focused so completely on Riley and his girl that he barely noticed that a few others had done the same. He felt someone’s eye on him and turned to find Angel staring at him obviously checking to see how he was reacting so Spike grinned at him raising his glass and downing it before signalling to a girl to refill. Angel grinned in response and raised his own glass.
“Welcome to Angels Harem.” He laughed missing the uneasy look that passed across Spike’s face as he knocked back his drink.

The meal carried on like that for over an hour and they had just finished desert when Riley stood up next to him, grabbed the red head who he had molested earlier and left the room with her walking obediently behind him. One by one man after man disappeared from the table till eventually only Angel, Parker and himself remained and Spike shifted waiting for Angel who clearly had something to say to him.
“Well I think its time you two meet Elizabeth.” Angel grinned looking between them.

“What? Tonight? Now?” Spike asked a little shocked that Angel was already letting him see where the girls were kept. He had been hoping he’s have a bit of time to prepare for what he would have to do and the thought he would have to start tonight terrified him. They were talking about the complete breaking down of someone’s life and he knew this was gunna be the hardest job of his life.
“Yes now. Tonight can be parkers though…no offence blondie but you aint ready for it so I’ll let Parker work alone for tonight but she’ll be all yours tomorrow.” While Angel spoke he had already began walking out of the room and Spike and Parker followed behind. Spike was confused when they actually left the house and he glanced at Parker who clearly already knew where Angel was leading them and was looking at his shoes uninterestedly.
“So how hot is this one?” Parker asked already licking his lips at the thought of getting his hands on this girl.
“So hot that im not selling her.” Angel replied.
“Huh? Well what will you do with her?” Spike asked in confusion.

“The girls who served us today are mine. I let them live in the house they cook clean and are always available to the men who work for me. They have already been trained of course and I only keep the best in my home which is why it is a must that you condition Elizabeth perfectly. She is going to be my own private girl so she has to be the best.” Angel informed them stiffly and Spike looked between Parker and Angel when they both stopped and stared at each other. Angel with a blank look on his face and Parker with a shocked one.
“Your keeping her as yours? Privately yours?” Parker gasped.
Angel nodded and Spike could tell he was uneasy about something and raised an eyebrow in interest.

Hmmm am I sensing a sensitive spot.

“Fucking hell she must be gorgeous! Out of the hundreds of girls we’ve had here you’ve only ever kept 8! What’s she like?” Parker asked defiantly eager now.
“You’ll see soon enough.” Angel said coldly before storming off. Parker winced and realised he had said the wrong thing. Rule number one was never question the boss and he could tell that he was supremely pissed.

Spike carried on after the two men frowning the further they went from the house. He couldn’t even see the house anymore. And when the men suddenly stopped in front of him he looked around wondering why they had stopped until of course Angel leant down and pulled on a metal ring that had been hidden beneath the grass. Spike stared in shock at the now huge hole in the ground with steps leading down into what looked like a brightly lit room. Angel saw the surprise on his face and smiled proudly leading the way down the steps and into the ground. Spike stared up and down the corridor he was now in that was lit by overhead lights in complete disbelief. This corridor was even bigger than the ones in the mansion and he couldn’t believe that Angel had had this built. Wilkins had been right. If the police and agency had stormed the mansion there would be no way they would have found this place.

Angel walked a bit further down the corridor and opened a door waiting for Spike and parker to enter. Spike went first and as soon as he steppe through a small shudder wracked through him. The walls were painted black a stark contrast from the white corridor and the floor was a plain stone. What Spike was focused on however wasn’t the decoration but what was in the room. There was a bed against one wall with a head board that had handcuffs attached to it. A table was in the middle of the room and against the far wall was what Spike was mostly focused on. There was a rack with literally hundreds of items hanging from it.

Some Spike recognised and some he didn’t but it was obvious what they did. There were the things that Spike already knew about dildos in every size imaginable, paddles, chains, whips, nipple clamps…but then there were other things that Spike didn’t even want to think about. He heard the two others walk in behind him and plastered a smirk on his face before turning around the grin at them.

“Well this room is designed for some fun aint it?” He laughed rolling his tongue against his teeth and rocking on the balls of his feet. He saw Angel’s look of admiration before he could cover it and congratulated himself on a good over up.
“well then…I guess its time you two meet the girl.”
Chapter 3 by Hottie
Author's Notes:
*Warning* Again im telling you took take heed of the warnings on this story. this chapter has graphic rape in it and if you dont want to read it then dont.

Thanks for all the reviews though:D
Spike stood in the room nervously pacing back and fore biting his lip. He didn’t know if he could do this. He had had dozens of undercover jobs he that he had had to do disturbing things for but training a girl to be a sex slave? He wasn’t sure he could come out of this without turning into something he didn’t want to be. He glanced up at Parker and grimaced at the obvious excitement on the boys face. How could someone be so happy to be doing this to another human being. He was torn out of his thoughts however by the door being thrown open and a tiny girl being thrown into the room followed by Angel. Spike already frazzled nerves took another beating when he really took a look at the girl.

She was young. Spike wouldn’t be surprised if she was under 20. As soon as she stood up and her eyes scanned the room Spike knew why Angel had chosen this one has his favourite. The others in the house were all so stunning they could easily have been models but this one…she was breathtaking. She had flowing blonde hair that shone like gold under the light, her large tear filled eyes where strikingly bright and her lips were positively sinful. She moved backwards as if trying to get away from them and Spike noticed just how small she was too. She couldn’t have been that much taller than 5 foot and moved so gracefully she reminded Spike of a pixie.

“s'il vous plaît permettre moi aller à la maison.”

Spike’s eyebrows shot up when he heard her babbling in French and turned to look at Angel in question.
“We picked her up from the South of France. Her name is Elizabeth Summers, she’s 18.” Angel said simply looking down at his watch disinterestedly.
“I’ve got to go back to the house, i’ve got business to attend to. Good luck.”
And with that Angel swept out of the room shutting it behind him. As soon as the door was shut Parker moved towards Elizabeth with lust practically rolling off him.

No wonder Angel wanted this one to himself. Cant believe I get a go at her first.” Parker grinned.
He kept moving closer until Elizabeth was now huddled in the corner looking at him fearfully. She reminded Spike of a trapped animal and he stepped forward to stop Parkers approach but caught himself at the last moment and took a seat on the large table instead. Parker knelt down in front of Elizabeth and stroked a gentle hand down the side of Elizabeth’s face. She turned her head slightly to look at him in confusion. Why was he being so gentle with her? Spike looked on curiously wondering what Parker was up to.
“Spike do you know any French?” Parker asked not taking is eyes away from Elizabeth.
“A little.”
“How do I ask her name?” Parker asked.
“Its Elizabeth, Angel just said.” Spike said in confusion.
“Just tell me.”
“ce qui est votre nom?” Spike mumbled.

As soon as the words were spoken Elizabeth’s head snapped to Spike’s with a bit of hope shining through and Spike shifted uncomfortably under her gaze.
“ce qui est votre nom?” Parker repeated although his pronunciation was much worse than Spike’s Elizabeth still knew what they were asking.
“Je m’appelle Elizabeth Summers mond mes amis appelez-moi Buffy.”
“What she say?”

This time Parker turned to look at Spike eagerly and Spike could see a much more excited look in his eye than even before and that worried him beyond belief.
“Urm…im not sure. Something bout friends and urm…her nickname is Buffy. I think that’s what she meant.” Spike shrugged.
Parker turned back to the much more relaxed Buffy and smiled warmly at her.
“I’m gunna fuck you so hard you wont ever be able to walk straight.”
Spike had to think twice if he even heard right. The words were spoken so lovingly and comfortingly that the crudeness of the sentence made no sense but when he saw Buffy’s guard drop he realised what parker was dong. Getting her to be more relaxed trusting them a bit before going in for the kill. He couldn’t help the wave of resentment go through him when he saw Buffy smile a little at her soon to be tormentor and in that moment Spike had never hated the prick so much.

One minute Buffy’s face had a worried but much more comfortable look on her face but the next second Parked raised hand came flying down knocking the unsuspecting girls head into the wall. Spike winced at the loud crack that accompanied the hit and watched as Parker quickly lifted the girl and carried her over to where Spike was sitting. He laid her out on the table next to him and Spike stared down at her in sympathy. Her eyes were wide and dazed probably from the blow to the head and a thin trickle of blood flowed from a tiny cut in her hairline. Parker laid her out so her ass was right on the edge of the table and her legs dangled over and Spike could sense the girls disorientation.

Without opening one button on the girls shirt Parker ripped the material away revealing two of the prettiest tits Spike had ever seen and a flat toned stomach. Her body was absolutely perfect, despite her small frame her breasts were round and full topped of with pink nipples and the rest of her was lean but had curves in all the right places. Spike was so transfixed staring at her he forgot what was going on for a second and he was pulled out of his trance by parker tugging on his arm.

“I know she’s a godsend okay but try to focus. You’ll get your turn. Look hold her down for a minute while I go get some stuff.” Parker laughed striding over to the rack and picking up and studying the tools he wanted to use. Spike looked nervously between Parker and the woman laying on the table uneasily and when he saw her attempting to get up he moved forward gripping her wrists and holding them down to the table. The position meant his crotch was pressed against hers and his upper body was slightly bent over the table as he held her down. And as soon as Buffy noticed this she began to flail around helplessly crying out and sobbing at what she guessed was about to happen to her.

Spike just stood there torn between letting her go and blowing his cover or doing his job. He knew that if he didn’t do his job then it would be more than just Buffy who would be affected and he went onto autopilot effectively cutting off his feelings, beliefs and his morals and replacing it with a cold hard shell.
“silence!” He growled effectively stopping her struggling and she stared up at him in surprise.
Her eyes met his for the first time and they stared at each other in silence. Her hazel eyes looked into his blue ones curiously. There was something in his eyes that wasn’t in the other vile man’s ones and she felt a funny feeling go through her. There wasn’t time to figure out what it was however as she felt cold metal clip around her wrists and her eyes widened once more as she began to buck up trying to get away again.

Spike stepped back when Parker had handcuffed her and watched silently as Parker looped a chain around the cuffs and tied it to a loop that was attached to the end of the table. He then bent down and pulled something out from under the table. Spike didn’t realise what they were for a second and when he did he felt his stomach churn. They were stirrups very much like a gynaecologists table would have that were designed to keep the legs spread and he watched with baited breath as Parker tied Buffy’s feet to them. She was only wearing a skirt and in her position the skirt had fallen up around her waist exposing her pink panties.

“Now tell me that aint a pretty sight!” Parked chuckled.
“Oh Dieu! Arrêter!” She sobbed when she felt her skirt get ripped from her, followed by her underwear. This couldn’t be happening to her. It’s a nightmare just a nightmare it wasn’t real.
Spike gulped slowly when he saw her completely exposed and felt a wave of guilt when he felt his dick twitch.

Please no. God im sick.

Parker smirked down at the terrified girl and stood between her spread legs bending down and licking at her nipple watching it as it hardened under his tongue. He grabbed the nipple clamps he had picked and latched them onto her and she cried out at the cruel grip that was squeezing her. Parker licked her neck loving the shiver of revulsion that ran through her before biting savagely into her neck before standing up straight again. He turned to Spike with a grin holding up something that was mic shaped.
“You know what this is?” Parker asked.
“No.” Spike admonished himself for the raspy tone in his voice.
“It’s a vibrator…just a really high one.” Parker sneered.
Parker saw the confusion flash across his face and smiled knowingly.

“Your wondering why im using something that will feel good right? Well the first lesson im showing this bitch is her body is no longer hers. I control her pain and her pleasure. Nothing hurts a woman more than a forced orgasm Spike. that’s your first lesson.” Parker smiled before turning back to the girl who lay trembling on the bed. She had listened to every word he said but didn’t recognise a word and that’s what scared her more. She saw he had something in his hand and her eyes widened when something cold was pressed against her most intimate place. She began to cry out a load of French again and Parker growled in annoyance slapping her across the face again and tugging on the nipple clamps enjoying the scream of pain he got. He stared down at the girls exposed pussy and his mouth watered.

This was gunna be fun.

He looked into her face and flicked the switch on smiling at the accompanying buzz of the vibrator and the forced cries from the girl.
“Spike come here watch.”
Spike stepped forward slowly and stared down at the sight before him. The thing in Parkers hand was vibrating so much Parker’s hand was shaking and he was running it up and down her pussy occasionally pressing it down hard on her clit, that wasn’t what was the most sight stealing however. And Spikes attention was completely stolen by her face. Her eyes were screwed shut and her head was thrown back an thrashing as she sobbed out her pleasure.

Her legs were trembling and her hands were clenching and unclenching as she tried to fight the feelings coursing through her. Parker pressed down hard on her clit one last time and the scream that tore from her throat was deafening as she flew over the edge. Parker turned his favourite toy off and watched with satisfaction as she cried softly to herself. Her thighs were covered in her own juices, her body was flushed pink and her eyes were glazed over. She was quite a sight. Parker looked at Spike who was standing next to him and frowned slightly. He could see that Spike was sporting a hard on and he was obviously turned on by what he was seeing but Parker could swear he could see something like pity in his eyes but as soon as Spike turned to him there was a cold satisfaction in his eyes that had parker convinced again.

“Time to finish this off then aint it.” Parker said evilly reaching for his belt buckle. Spike closed his eyes for a second and turned back to look at Buffy’s face. He couldn’t watch if he did he knew he was gunna be sick so instead he focused on her face which he didn’t really ant to look at either but he knew Parker would get suspicious if he looked away completely. She still was completely out of it, her head turned to the side and her eyes closed as she gasped for air and his prayers went out to the poor girl. He knew the second she realised what was happening because her eyes snapped open and she stared at him with an obvious shocked look in her eyes.

She tried to lift her head up off the table too watch what parker was doing but her arms were pinned to the table by the handcuffs so she could barely lift her head. She slumped back onto the table again and turned her pleading eyes to Spike again but before she could plead for mercy again a scream was ripped from her and she once again screwed her eyes shut. The answering grunt from Parker was enough of a clue to know what parker had finally done and he watched in disgust as she shook her head back and fore in denial of what was happening to her even as he was thrusting into her.

“Oh holy fuck.”
Spike turned at the shocked whisper form Parker and wished he hadn’t. His dick was covered in blood and Parker stared at him in surprise.
“She’s a virgin!” Parker said in disbelief looking down at the girl in delight.
“Oh this just adds a new level of fun!”
Chapter 4 by Hottie
Author's Notes:
thanks for all the reviews guys:D
Spike stood there in complete horror. Parker had left about twenty minutes ago telling Spike he could have his turn and telling him to take Buffy back to her cell after he was finished with her. Spike had not moved from his spot and just stared at Buffy who still lay on the table. Her tears had dried long ago and she simply lay there now staring blankly at the ceiling.
Spike gulped and moved forward and then stopped again.

This was sick. He had to get a hold of the agency and soon. He couldn’t stay here for 8 weeks. Not after that. Parker was beyond evil and Spike knew now there was no way he was going to do what Parker had. He couldn’t ever do that to another human being.

He stepped forward and look down at her with sympathy. She looked completely broken already and he sighed sadly. He flinched when her head turned to face his and he saw the acceptance in her eyes.
“juste le faire..”
Spike had no clue what she said but he could sense the hopelessness in her voice. She had given up already and he couldn’t blame her. She had just had her virginity cruelly taken from her and been strapped down and tortured.

“Im so sorry luv.” Spike choked out. He saw her look of confusion and he felt something snap he felt the tears burn his eyes and he turned away as tears began to stream down his face. He couldn’t take it. Could he was a prick here he was crying like a baby when the poor girl was still strapped to the table. He rubbed away his tears and turned back to Buffy avoiding her questioning eyes. He went to the bottom of the table and saw her tense up. He looked back at her face and saw the stark fear in her wide eyes and he gulped sadly.

“Im not gunna hurt you luv.” He said quietly untying the rope that held her legs down. She immediately closed her legs and Spike moved back up to the top of the table and unlocked the handcuffs that held her hands down. She immediately stood up and stumbled into the corner sitting down painfully and wrapping her arms around herself obviously trying to cover herself. He looked at her for a second and headed for the door. Parker had said there were supplies just outside the room to clean her up with and he returned with a bowl of warm water, a sponge and some band aids and bandages. When he entered the room again Buffy had not moved and watched him move closer to her fearfully.

“Look pet I need to take care of you okay?” Spike spoke softly trying to soothe her as he stepped closer. Her eyes only widened further however and she started babbling in French again obviously weary of his intentions. He stopped abruptly and bit his lip trying to think back and remember his French lessons.

“je fais des excuses…urm…aide vous.” Spike struggled to explain. He looked at her hoping she understood even a bit of it and seeing the fear start to fade a little he stepped closer kneeling down so he was on the same level as her. He smiled at her hoping to put her at ease and held up the sponge and bowl of water showing her what he wanted to do before dipping the sponge into the bowl. He extended his hand gently to her face not wanting to startle her, she flinched when the sponge came into contact with the cut on her head but she let him do his work without trying to get away and Spike dabbed at the cut gently. He then moved onto the various other cuts that Parker had decided to inflict on her face and he winced himself when he dabbed at her split lip.

“Im so sorry luv. I cant even explain it. But I swear I wont hurt you. Im on your side.” Spike sighed wishing she would understand.
Spike’s head snapped up when he heard the English spoken words and stared at her in surprise. She still had a very thick French accent but it was no doubt English.
“You…you speak English?” Spike asked in shock.
“little.” She mumbled and he could see she was struggling with just saying that.
“My names Spike.” Spike said holding a hand to his chest indicating himself nd Buffy nodded silently studying him.
“Where…where is…umm…” She trailed off frowning deeply annoyed at herself for not learning better English.
“Where are you?” Spike guessed.
“oui.” She nodded.
“I don’t know Buffy. I think we’re somewhere in America though.” Spike sighed.
Buffy just stared at him blankly clearly saying she had no clue what he was talking about. Spike finished up cleaning her face and gulped when he looked down at her chest where he knew she was also bleeding. He looked back at her face quickly and bit his lip wondering how to word this.
“Im going to….go over…urm there.” He said indicating the other side of the room.
“you.” he said pointing at her.
“Clean the rest of you.” He said clearly again lifting the sponge and gesturing her up and down.
It took Buffy a minute but it soon dawned on her and she nodded slowly watching as he got up and turned his back. He stood staring at the wall and fought the urge to turn around every time she hissed in pain.

“fini” her quiet voice sounded from behind him and he turned to see her sitting there looking up at him with a bowl of pink water besides her he nodded and picked up the bowling putting it on the table and going back to sit by her again.
“pet I need to ask you some things.” He said looking her in the eyes. She frowned and shrugged her.
“j'ai la…. Question.” he said.
She nodded this time and looked at him gravely.
“Why are you here?” he asked.
She frowned before answering.
“I was…..huh…..offered? Man….uhhh work…in America” she tried to explain.
“They offered you a job? Here in America?” Spike asked.
“Who was the man?” Spike asked.
“Uhhh ne pas savoir.” She mumbled.
Spike sighed and looked down at his feet before looking up at her again.
“You have to trust me okay?” Spike said.
“Trust?” She snorted obviously understanding that word and not thinking that was possible.

“I know what happened to you is inexcusable but I want no part in it. I am a police officer working for the FBI Im undercover and I am sorry I had to allow this to happen but I promise I will get you out of here. You cant tell anyone who I am though okay?” He rushed.
Buffy looked at him with wide eyes her mind running a mile a minutes. She had gotten some of it but it didn’t completely make sense.
“you….work FBI….promise?” She muttered out the few words she did understand and looked up at him confusedly.
“I work for the FBI.” Spike repeated pointing at himself.
“I am undercover.” he explained by ducking his head underneath his arms. She looked at him like he was insane for a second before realising what he meant and her eyes widened.

“I promise urrr….vous libérer mond….must be…urm secret.” he said holding a finger to his lips.
She nodded and he was surprised when her eyes filled with tears and she began to sob uncontrollably. He went to place a soft hand to her arm but she flinched and practically jumped away from him. She looked back at him with accusing eyes which made him feel like the prick he was.

“You….why….allow…that man,” She sobbed out and Spike understood why she was crying.
If he was here to help…if he was here with the police…why did he allow her to be put through such hell and he couldn’t agree more with her. He felt unbelievably guilty and he tried to convey that too her through his eyes but she just carried on glaring at him.
He sighed and scratched the back of his head as he tried to think of what he wanted to say in French but he had no clue so instead he just spoke in English and hoped for the best.
“Im sorry. There’s nothing I can do for now. I am as much a prisoner as you so I have to stay. Im supposed to take you to your cell…can you walk?” Spike mumbled.

She looked at him again with a blank look and Spike sighed. He stood up and walked around in front of her then pointed to her. She understood what he was saying but there was no way she was gunna stand up in the nude. She gestured down to herself and shook her head understanding dawned on Spike and he shrugged off his coat handing it to her. He watched as she stood up and saw her wince as she took one step forward.
“Your in pain?” Spike asked stupidly.

Of course she fucking is you idiot she was raped.

She looked at him and nodded slightly gritting her teeth to stop form crying at the pain that radiating from her centre. He steeled himself and moved forward quickly lifting her into his arms and he stood stock still after picking her up waiting for her tense body to relax against him. She stared up at him with terror filled eyes but soon her body went lax and she looked away from him not wanting to look into his pitying eyes.
He carried her out of the room and down the corridor like parker had instructed him to do until he came to a door marker 23.

He pushed it open and found it was like a mini room. There was a single bed in one corner and a book shelf that had a few books on it and then there was a door in the left wall that Spike assumed led to a bathroom. He walked her to the bed and put her down gently onto it. She immediately wrapped herself up in the bed sheet and handed him back his coat and he put it back on before walking to the door not giving her a backwards glance. He was about to open the door when her quiet voice called to him.
“volonté vous retour?”
Spike stopped suddenly and stared at the door for a minute while he thought back to his bit of French training and answered just as quietly.
“Yes. Course I’ll come back.” He replied before walking out of the door locking it behind him.

* * * * * * * * * * *
juste le faire..- just do it
Chapter 5 by Hottie
Spike didn’t know how he made it back to the house but he somehow managed it and bypassed the living room which had all the men in it and went straight to his room. He ran straight to the bathroom and lost the contents of his stomach in the toilet. He rested his head against the cool tile on the floor and tried to catch his breath again but was interrupted by a knock on the door. He groaned and went up to answer it and found a smiling Angel on the other side of his door.

“So what did you think of her?” He asked with a smirk.
“Yeah she’s something all right.” Spike managed to get out in a normal voice turning his back on the bastard before he punched him in the face.
“yeah she sure is…now I wanna go over a few things with you okay.” Angel took a seat opposite Spike and crossed his legs casually leaning into the comfort of the seat. Spike couldn’t believe that someone so sophisticated looking and human be behind this. Spike nodded and looked did his best to look interested.
“Okay well one is…your gunna be the main guy in this now okay?” Angel stated.
“What?” Spike asked all colour draining from his face.
“Well I have no doubt of Parkers capabilities but you seem to be doing well and I trust Wilkins with my life so I know I can trust you to do a good job as well. I do trust parker he’s been loyal to me for almost three years but I saw the look in his eye when he saw Buffy and I didn’t like it so im leaving her in your hands.” Angel said calmly.

Spike nodded his head trying to act calm while inside he was elated. This meant he could keep Buffy away from the sadistic bastard.
“You don’t really have a fixed table but I think you’re gunna have to visit her at least 3 times a week to get her up to standard okay? I may make the occasional visit but it will be mostly you.” Angel smirked at the last part. The delicious thoughts that entered his mind at the alone time he could have with her were bloody beautiful
Spike gulped and nodded this was more than he had hoped for even if it wasn’t the best situation.
“Okay any questions?” Angel asked.
“uh yeah actually…can I have access to a phone or the internet or anything?” Spike asked and immediately regretted the question when he saw Angel’s suspicious look.

“There is only one phone in this estate and that is my private cell phone and there are three computers downstairs but new guys aren’t aloud to use them for at least a month. Why are you asking?” He asked briskly standing up in an attempt to intimidate the new guy who had dared to ask such a question.
“Nothing just thought if im gunna be in this house for 8 weeks id like to have some bloody contact with the outside world. don’t get your knickers in a twist peaches.” Spike replied coolly putting on his playful smirk hoping that Angel would accept it and when he saw the smile bloom on his face he knew he got it right.
“I like you Spike…you got spunk.” Angel laughed before striding to the door and leaving.

As soon as the door shut behind him Spike’s head dropped into his hands and he let out a loud groan.

Man he was fucked.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *** * * * ** **** * * * * * * * ** *

Spike went downstairs the next morning and went straight to the kitchen to make himself some coffee. He hadn’t slept a wink last night and he needed something to wake him up. He walked into the kitchen and stopped dead when he saw three girls standing sitting at the kitchen island. As soon as he walked in their talking abruptly stopped and they all stood up obediently bowing their heads at him.
“Would you like some breakfast sir?” one of them asked in a quiet voice and Spike’ ears perked up when he heard the French accent.
“Urm…I wouldn’t mind a coffee.” Spike mumbled and she immediately went to the coffee maker and started the machine.
They all stood there in silence for a bit and Spike looked down at the floor awkwardly not knowing what to do.

“Would you like a seat?” Another woman asked pulling out a chair for him to sit on. He nodded his head and took the seat nervously waiting for his coffee. He had never felt more uncomfortable in his life and he took a quick gulp of the coffee without thinking and gasped when his tongue and throat was set alight. He coughed and spluttered moving quickly to the kitchen sink to pour water down his burning throat. He touched his tongue gingerly and berated himself for being stupid he turned around to apologies for being so stupid when he noticed the three women were standing there visibly shaking and staring at him as if waiting for something.
“I apologise sir I am sorry.” The woman who poured his coffee said and Spike could sense the fear and remorse in her voice.

“No that wasn’t your fault it was mine don’t worry about it.” He said softly hoping to soothe the three obviously scared girls. They all looked at him unsurely as if expecting him to suddenly change his mind and hit them or something but he just smiled at them reassuringly and took a seat at the table again.
“So…your from France right?” Spike asked looking up at the brunette expectantly.
She looked at the two girls as if trying to decided whether to answer before nodding.
“So I assume you can speak French?”

“Yes.” the girl replied a little smile slipping out at the seemingly kindness of this man. She had been at the house for a year and she didn’t even care if it was fake she still found comfort in his kindness to her.
“So when did you learn English?” Spike asked interestedly. He needed to know as much French as possible if he was gunna help Buffy.
“I learn everyday.” She replied the smile unable to be hidden now.
The girls next to her gave her worried looks and nudged her in the arm giving her a warning look. They had been here longer than her and they knew that the men in this house had no heart and he was probably just playing a game with them. The girl looked at her friends and bowed her head in shame. She was so stupid.
Spike frowned when he saw them all look down at the floor and he sighed.
“look I don’t know what they’ve done to you here and im sorry but im not like them okay? You can trust me.” Spike said sincerely looking at each of them in turn. They all looked torn and Spike ground his teeth in frustration.

“There’s a girl who has been brought here. She speaks some English and I speak some French so we can more or less communicate but I just hoped you could help me with my French a bit. Perhaps if you had a book or dictionary or something” Spike mumbled but he had given up on convincing them of his intentions and he was already leaving the room when he felt a hand on his arm he turned around and saw the girl standing there nervously.
“I have a English/French dictionary in my room…and a book of French phrases. Ill take you there.” She said shyly ducking her head and leaving the room leading him to the slave quarters that was in the basement. She handed him the book and graced him with a smile which was rare for her.
“Your not like the others.” She stated simply looking him in the eyes.
“No pet…im not.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

After a lengthy conversation with the girls he had found in the kitchen Spike went back to his room to begin reading the books he had been given. The girls had told him a lot of the people who worked there but like him they didn’t have any details of where the place was and Spike knew he couldn’t leave befor he found out so he resigned himself to staying. He was putting off going to see Buffy for as long as he could . He was terrified and he felt guilty for telling her he’d be back when he so didn’t want to. He wanted to stay away from there for as long as possible. He was idly flicking through a page in his book when he heard his door open and looked up to see a furious looking Parker storm into the room.

“A knock would have been nice.” Spike smirked but it soon turned into a sneer when Parker attempted to pull him up by his collar. Spike pushed him away and glared at him in anger.
“What the fuck you think your doing?”
Parker didn’t seem to get the message however and cocked his fist as if to hit Spike. Unlucky for him Spike was a much better fighter and he stopped Parkers fist before he could make contact and twisted it painfully before punching the guy right in the stomach. He fell to his knees winded but Spike give him one last kick in the ribs just for the fun of it.
That was for Buffy you bastard.
Spike backed away trying to calm down. He could feel the rage rolling off him and he knew that if he didn’t stop he’d end up killing the bugger.
“What do you want Parker?” he gritted out.

“What did you say to Angel?” Parker snarled standing up again but not daring to try to attack him again. His face was bright red and Spike could tell he was humiliated by being beaten by a much smaller man.
“I didn’t say anything.” Spike replied stiffly.
“Yeah sure….no way would he chuck me off for no reason and give her to you.” Parker snarled.
“Well he did so why don’t you just toddle off.” Spike said mockingly.
“Angel made the biggest mistake ever giving a girl like that too you! You don’t have a clue god you’d probably end up leaving her to starve or something.” Parker said in disgust before storming back out of the room to lick his wounds.
Spike frowned after him and looked down at the book thoughtfully.
Chapter 6 by Hottie
Carla walked along the hallway to the kitchen timidly glancing around hoping she wouldn’t run into anyone. Except that new guy Spike of course. He seemed so nice and she was surprised by how friendly and kind he had been to her and her fellow slaves this morning. She was so lost in her thoughts that she didn’t notice the closet door in front of her swing open until whoever was inside grabbed her arm and pulled her in. She whimpered in fear already knowing what was coming and stood there in the dark trembling.
“Wait no…shhh Carla its me. Its Spike.” Spike assured her turning on the light and looking at her apologetically.
She immediately released a breath and looked at him in relief.
“I am sorry…you scared me.” She mumbled apologetically.

“No its my fault me being an idiot its just I didn’t want to risk anyone else seeing us speaking.” Spike said.
Carla just nodded her head and looked at him expectantly.
“Okay anyway look I was wondering…what exactly does Angel expect me to do with this girl…I mean I know what im meant to do but…she was down there in a cell and I didn’t see anyone working down there…am I supposed to actually look after her too?” Spike asked uncomfortably.
“Well in a way yes. My master brought food, water and blankets…when he wished of course. Which wasn’t often.” She said sadly looking down at her feet as her memories of being in that awful place returned in waves.
“Im sorry pet.” Spike sighed remorsefully patting her on the shoulder only to be surprised when she threw herself into his arms sobbing uncontrollably into his chest. He stood stiffly for a second before realising how much this girl needed this. How much they all need this and he stood there for awhile simply letting her cry all her pain away and although she never realised. He shed some of his own for her.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It was dark when Spike finally ventured out of the house and down to the hatch that led to that hell hole. As he drew closer his dread grew and grew so by the time he actually made it to Buffy’s door he was shaking. He took countless calming breaths to try to steady himself before finally entering the room. His heart broke at the scene in front of him. It seemed in the time alone, Buffy had come out of the shock she had been in and the horror of what happened had sunk in. She sat on the bed with her head in her hands and Spike could tell by her shaking shoulders that she was crying. When the door opened she flinched and backed into the corner of the bed relaxing a tiny bit when she saw it was Spike. He looked at her sadly noting her red bloodshot eyes and the black bags underneath. Her hair was in wet tangles which meant she had obviously had a shower but she was still wrapped up in the thin blanket from the night before.

Spike walked closer but stopped abruptly when she moved backwards again. He held up his arms showing the clothes and bag he had.
“Not here to hurt you kitten.” he said softly.
She seemed to understand and nodded her head at him allowing him to sit on the end of the bed as far from her as possible.
“vous êtes revenus.”
Spike nodded giving her a comforting little smile.
“Yeah I came back.” He said holding out the clothes he had brought with him. Carla had helped him with this of course and he hoped they would fit. Buffy reached her hands out cautiously and snatched the clothes away quickly as if waiting for him to grab her hand or something. She looked down at the clothes and stood up inching around Spike before skittering off into the bathroom to change.

She was sick of this blanket and she felt so exposed she was beyond thankful for the clothes he had brought. The loose sweat pants were soft against her skin and the warm jersey he had brought was much too large for her but that was better. She felt safe again as stupid as it sounded. She was still in this godforsaken place but a jersey made her feel safe?

She went back into the room quietly and stood there awkwardly as he watched her.
“Are you hungry?” He asked.
“sont vous affamé?” He repeated in French watching as her eyes seemed to light up and she nodded jerkily.
He opened the bag and handed her a cheese sandwich, an apple a chocolate bar and a juice box he had brought from the house. She practically inhaled the food and he scolded himself for not bringing her food sooner. He handed her the bag after she had finished and she looked into it. It had a few chocolate bars a couple of apples and a few bags of chips and there was a big flask in there too but what really interested her was the two books at the bottom of the bag. She looked at the front covers and looked up at him in surprise.
“I thought it would be best if we learnt to…communiquer.” He finished with a grin as if proud of himself. Buffy giggled lightly at the look and shook her head with a smirk on her face.
Her face suddenly sobered and she looked down at the bed sadly.

“Are you…let me go?” She said slowly looking up at him hopefully.
“Im sorry…I cant…I wish I could.” he answered sadly. He saw her eyes well up and she bit her lip as if trying to keep in a cry and he surprised himself by holding out his arms for her. What surprised him more however was when she actually moved into them. She broke down completely and sobbed openly into his shirt letting out the pain of the last few days in one huge wave of despair. Spike held her tightly rocking her gently and whispering soothing words into her ear even if she didn’t know what he was saying. It took almost two hours before her sobbing seemed to be under control but still she clung to Spike.
“sont vous..bien?”

He asked gently not wanting to startle her or anything. She let go of him and pulled back a little before nodding to him. Her eyes were still filled with tears and tear trails ran down her cheeks making her look even more vulnerable. Spike brushed away the tears with his fingerprints and smiled warmly at her. He could see the strength in her eyes and he hoped that she would be strong enough to get over this.
“Thank you.” She mumbled before sighing and standing up moving over to where the books were and opening them up.

“Look pet I have to go…leave. I’ll be back tomorrow okay?” Spike was to the door when a hand was rested on his shoulder. He turned around and was surprised to see her standing there biting her lip nervously.
“The others...they…come back?” She asked searching his face for any lies.
Spike knew he couldn’t lie and looked down at the floor before looking back up at her again.
“I don’t know…I think…maybe.” He finished sadly.
She nodded in understanding and went to sit back on her bed.
“ils croient qu'ils peuvent freiner moi….mais ils sont erronés je suis plus fort que ces bâtards.”
Spike had no clue what she said and she seemed to go off in a day dream as soon as she spoke the words so he couldn’t ask her. He frowned repeating the words in his head before leaving the cell and running back to the house. He went straight to the kitchen where he found Carla. There was another girl in there now as well as the other two who had been there this morning and they all studied him carefully. Not with the distrust they had shown this morning however, it seemed Carla had brought them around.
“ils croient qu'ils peuvent freiner moi….mais ils sont erronés je suis plus fort que ces bâtards.”
He repeated the sentence that Buffy had said almost perfectly and waited for the woman to come out of her shock to translate it. He had been repeating it over and over again as he made his way to the house and he hoped he had remembered it right. Carla was still staring at him in surprise but before he could shake her out of it she beamed at him and began to laugh. The three other girls stared at Carla in horror. Surely he was going to hurt her for laughing.
“What’s so funny?” Spike asked a bit annoyed.
“This girl? Buffy you call her. She must be a fine woman.” Carla laughed happily.
“What are you talking about?” Spike asked in bafflement.
“They want to brake me…but they are wrong I am stronger than these bastards.” She said with the smile still on her face.
“This Buffy must be a strong woman to say these words after what she has gone through.” Carla said before continuing to wash the dish in her hand.
Spike stood there for a minute before a small smile formed on his lips. For the first time since getting here he realised that Buffy may just have a chance and he sent out his silent prayer to her.
Stay strong Buffy…you can make it.

Not too far away in her dark cell underground. Buffy closed her eyes and smiled softly to herself
Chapter 7 by Hottie
Author's Notes:
in response to some reviews yes im sorry about the french in this story lol
all i have to go on is my very rusty french i learnt in school and a translator so im sorry about the little mistakes here and there hoepfully i wont have to use french that much as we continue :D
The next morning Spike woke up to the sound of laughter out in the hall. He frowned wondering what time it was. No one had been up before ten the day before and he wondered just how late he had slept. He looked at the clock and jumped out of bed in alarm when he saw it was almost one.
He was hoping to talk to Carla again this morning to try to get more clues of where they actually were and how to get onto those computers quicker than usual but when he got down to the dining room and kitchen there were already a couple of guys milling around.
He took a seat at the table and sighed looking down at the wood grain.

“Would you like something to eat sir?”
He looked up and saw Carla standing there waiting his answer. She looked around nervously before dropping a folded piece of paper in front of him. He picked it up quickly and hid it in his hand before giving her a tight smile.
“no thanks im good.” She moved on asking another blonde head guy for his order not once looking back at Spike. He shifted nervously and unfolded the note scanning it quickly.

I have already packed a bag with better food in it and I put in a few more books that she may like and some more clothes. I left it in the kitchen next to the door.
Good luck

Spike smiled to himself before getting up and going back upstairs to change. He had to go see about a girl.

Spike was almost out the front door when he heard his name being called from behind.
He turned to see Angel walking towards him eagerly.
“Wow starting early I see?” Angel grinned at him.
Spike nodded plastering a smirk on his face.
“Good good im glad your taking this so seriously, you’re taking her food?” Angel asked looking down at the bag in Spike’s hands.
“Yeah gotta keep her energy up right?” Spike said with a sly grin while inside he was retching.
Angel just laughed heartily and beamed in pride.
“Richard picked a fine lad to work for him!” He said loudly before walking off to the kitchen for some food. Spike shivered in disgust before leaving the house not noticing the brown eyes glaring at him in hatred.

“Buffy?” he walked further into the room surprised when he didn’t see her there he looked around with a frown and almost had a heart attack when the bathroom door suddenly swung open revealing an obviously newly showered Buffy in her oversize jogging pants and sweater. She greeted him with a small smile and ducked her head with a little wave.
“You …give more?” She asked indicating the bag in his hand.
He nodded and placed the bag on the bed emptying its contents and showing her what he brought. He unpacked the countless containers of sandwiches and pasties and laughed when he found even more bags of chips and candy bars. Carla must really like these.

Next he pulled out two towels and shampoo and conditioner something which he never would have thought of and he sent a silent thank you to Carla for saving him a lot of trouble. He handed the bag to Buffy then as he knew it was mostly clothes and books and she took it smiling gratefully at him.
“ merci.” She smiled looking through the rest of the bag.
“No problem pet. So how are you?” He asked. He could still see the black bags under her eyes and it scared him that she looked even more tired than before. It almost looked as if she could fall asleep while standing up and talking to him.
“Uhh…tired?” She said unsurely mispronouncing the word but Spike got the meaning and nodded in understanding.

“You haven’t slept?” He asked in concern.
“Nightmares…and…other men…I wish to be…awake if uhh,” She mumbled sitting down on the bed next to him. He nodded in understanding and sighed deeply.
“Look pet. I cant promise they wont come back but…I can stay here for awhile…if you want to sleep. I’ll look after you,” He said solemnly not looking at her. She understood enough and smiled at him. He really did care. She scooted back and laid down on the bed finally letting her head rest on the pillow, within seconds she was already asleep and Spike smiled at how cute she was when she slept. She looked surprisingly young and innocent and he found himself completely captured by her beauty.

He moved backwards lifting her feet so they rested in his lap and leant against the wall, despite the fact he had slept for hours last night his eyes began to feel heavy and within a few moments he too drifted into sleep.
Spike had no idea how long he had been asleep but when he woke up it was to the very disturbing cries of Buffy trapped in an obvious nightmare. Spike looked down at her in panic as she thrashed about her face contorted up into a grimace of fear and Spike’s heart lurched when he noticed the tears that ran down her face. He moved quickly scooting down the bed and lifting Buffy so she sat in his lap. He rocked her gently whispering soothingly into her ear hoping to calm her back into sleep and he thought he had succeeded when she went silent again the only sound coming from her were her soft little breaths which was why he was so surprised when she moved her head back to look up at him. He looked down into her eyes and give her hand a gentle squeeze.

“Nightmare?” He asked.
She nodded solemnly and shifted slightly.
“Want me…to move?” She asked quietly.
“No you can stay where you are if you want to pet.” he answered rubbing soothing circles into her back. She must have understood because she moved even closer to him and buried her face in his chest clearly taking comfort in his embrace and he smiled moving backwards to get more comfortable and settling her in his lap safely. He had no clue how much time passed but he was starting to get hungry himself and he knew he should be getting back to the house. He cleared his throat to get her attention and give her an apologetic look when she looked up at him sleepily.

“I’m sorry pet I have to go.” Spike said sadly. She didn’t say anything however and just sat up moving so she was standing next to him.
She surprised him when she give him a tight hug and he smiled at her when she pulled back.
“Merci…you…feel safe.” She said giving him one last hug before sitting back down on the bed.
“That’s good luv….listen im not gunna come here tomorrow okay? I want to try to find a way out of here…will you be okay?” Spike asked feeling bad for leaving her here by herself for a day. She nodded in understanding and waved goodbye, watching as he left the room. Spike closed the door behind him and sighed before finally getting outside. He was shocked at how cold it was and his eyes widened when he noticed how dark it was. He must have stayed there all day without realising I and he made his way back to the house deep in thought about his plans for tomorrow.

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