1You Know You Want To by Sarah Aless
You Know You Want To by Sarah Aless
Author: Sarah Aless

Contact: give_it_to_me_spikey@yahoo.co.uk

Title: You Know You Want To

Rating: NC-17

Spoilers: Season 6 post Smashed/Wrecked if anyone STILL hasn't seen that far.

Disclaimer: They're not mine *big sigh* Joss and Mutant Enemy own them I'm just having fun......and wishing

Distribution: 'I'm just a girl who can't say no.......' But please tell me where it's going :)

Summary: Was originally started for the fanfic challenge at Heat......Desire. However the hard drive crash of May 03 and the subsequent floppy drive stubbornness of June 03 prevented me from finishing in time to submit it. Therefore I gave up writing the third part and fitting some elements of the challenge (namely the use of a song) in and am just sharing what I had.

WARNING: This fic deals with a degree of BDSM. It's all consensual but if that's not your thing don't bother with part two.


"Come on baby, just let it out, you know you want to" Spike's lips brushed Buffy's clit as he spoke making her twitch. He'd been going down on her for what seemed like forever now and she truly thought she would burst soon. She knew that her wetness must be seeping out onto the sheet. She was gritting her teeth so hard she was sure they'd be worn away to nothing before this was over.

Buffy had no idea how she had managed to stop herself from coming for this long, but she knew she had to keep it up. She'd stupidly made a bet with Spike earlier that evening.........It was all his fault he'd been giving her one of his oh-so-cocky 'you crave me' speeches. When he'd gone so far as to say he didn't even need to lay a hand on her and he could make her come she'd finally bitten back. "Oh yeah" she'd taunted "cos I get off just thinking about you. Ego-trip much Spike? You're hardly the greatest lover in the world you know."

"Best you've ever had pet, and you know it. 'Fact I reckon you do get off just thinking about me."

Buffy had merely snorted in response, no need to let the bloodsucking fiend know how close to the mark he was. Spike had moved in closer and proceeded to slowly lick the scar on her neck left by Angel and Dracula. A shiver ran straight down Buffy's spine, hitting her too quickly for her to even try to cover it up. Damn him! Why did he always seem to know how to get her going? Spike had grinned as he took a step back from her watching her trying to breathe normally.

"Like I said honey," he had smirked, holding his hands up and waggling his fingers "don't even need my hands. I'd dare bet I could make you come just with my tongue." As he said this he had run his tongue over his teeth and leered at her.

"You wish Spike" she said indignantly, already feeling stirrings of arousal.

"Sounds like fightin' talk to me Missy" Spike had said trying not to laugh, he wanted to see where this could go. Laughing now would completely derail the plans forming in his mind. "Care to make a small wager on that?"

"What?" said Buffy, honestly wondering if she'd heard him right. He wanted to bet on being able to make her come? Part of her had begun to rise to the challenge, just to wipe that stupid self-satisfied grin off his face. Another part of her was nonchalantly pointing out that if she agreed to the bet but gave him a time limit she couldn't lose. She wasn't about to gamble with her life or anything. If he did manage it within said time limit she got at least one orgasm out of it. If he didn't then his forfeit would be to give her as many orgasms as she liked for as long as she liked. Her thoughts had been interrupted at this point by Spike.

"I said would you like to make a wager on the question of the orgasmic power of my tongue, luv?"

"One condition..." Buffy had said, smiling at the look on Spike's face as he realised she was actually about to agree to this.

"And that would be?" Spike had been desperately trying not to bounce around like a child on Christmas morning.

"You have a time limit. If you can't make me come within 7 minutes, you lose and you have to give me as many orgasms as I tell you to for as long as I tell you to."

"Easy" Spike had scoffed. "Done" he had said spitting on his hand and holding it out for her to shake.

"Eww Spike" Buffy had looked at his hand in disgust.

"What? Getting all squeamish on me Slayer? We both know you've had worse bodily fluids belonging to me in your mouth, on your br...."

Buffy had grabbed his hand and cut him off saying "Fine, whatever, it's a bet. Just stop talking. Now!"

Spike had almost giggled as he looked down on her all blushing cheeks and flaming indignation. After everything they'd done to one another she still managed to honestly get embarrassed when he talked about it. His diversionary tactic had worked too, but he waited until she started gloating about how many orgasms she'd make him give her before he dropped his bombshell. As Buffy was in mid-flow about why he didn't stand a chance he quietly said

"Don't you want to know what happens if you lose Buffy?"

Buffy could have kicked herself. What kind of an idiot shakes on a bet without knowing what's at stake before they do so? She was already planning ways to back out of it as she'd feigned disinterest and said "I suppose you might as well tell me if you want to, it's not going to matter anyway, I will win."

"Trying to convince me or yourself there pet?......Ok, here's the thing, when I win, I get.........you.........completely. We spend 24 hours doing whatever I want, I choose what we do for the entire time and you cannot disagree."

"Yeah right" Buffy had said "you think I'm gonna give up any say in what you do to me? "You'll probably bite me, forget what you're doing and drain me. I was idiot enough to take the bet without hearing your terms Spike but I'm not stupid enough to give up all my control."

"For God's sake Buffy" Spike said in exasperation "what the hell do I have to do to convince you that I would never hurt you?"

"We both know you like hurting me Spike. Have you forgotten our little pre-match warm-ups? Geez when do we ever do ............any of those.............y'know......things we do, without a little fight first?"

"You know what I mean Buffy. I'm not talking about foreplay. I'm talking about seriously hurting you, you know, with malice involved and such. Besides, you think I wouldn't have done it by now if I wanted to?" He had moved so close as he spoke that his presence made Buffy's stomach do that funny flippy thing Spike always brought about in her. "You know, when you're all weak, right after I've made you scream."

Buffy's mind was in turmoil. His words and the fact that he was so close were turning her on no end. However she was desperately thinking of how to back out of this bet without losing too much face.

It was as if Spike read her thoughts. "You shook on it Slayer you can't back out. I'll give you another option though, instead of me having you for 24 hours you can tell your friends about us if you lose. Those are the terms but if you back out I will tell them. I haven't pushed this up 'til now but I think it's time we stopped hiding. Of course if you win, or if you agree to my original terms I'll leave it to you to decide when your ready to 'come out'."

Bastard! Buffy had thought. She so wasn't ready to tell anyone about her trysts with the Spike. She had punched him in the mouth in her temper that he had her over a barrel. "Fine whatever" she had said standing over him where he'd fallen from her punch "I made the bet without thinking of the consequences, I'll go with your first offer, DO NOT even think about telling my friends. It doesn't matter anyway" she had added her chin up in defiance now "you aren't going to win"

With that she flounced off across the graveyard. Spike had watched her go, a slow smile spreading across his face. When Buffy had realised he hadn't followed her she turned around and hollered "Well come on Spike. What are you waiting for? I've got a bet to win!"

They'd headed straight for his crypt and down to the bed in the basement cavern. Without further ado Spike's tongue had come out to play. Now here she was trying not to bite right through her lip as Spike's tongue teased between her legs. He'd actually only been going down on her for five minutes but he was so damn good at it that it felt like much longer to Buffy. He took his tongue away from her throbbing clit and started to plunge it in and out of her now dripping hole.

When Buffy's hips bucked towards him uncontrollably he stopped entirely and looked up at her. She was so close he could tell, a quick glance at the alarm clock told him he had two minutes give or take. "You enjoying this luv?" He asked giving her clit a quick lick before raising his head again. He smirked at her writhing and biting her lip obviously too scared to open her mouth to answer in case she groaned. "Sure felt like you were getting into it there. God you're so beautiful when you need to come Buff. All sweaty and panting. You know I could make you scream in a second if I wanted to. I'm just playing with you." He was pleased to see Buffy close her eyes in desperation as his words washing over her did nothing but make her more horny.

He dove down again and rapidly licked and suckled her clit. When he heard a tiny whimper escape her he grinned and looked up again. "You know Buffy it'd be worth giving up on the bet just so's I could keep you on the edge and hear you make that noise over and over again." He pretended to muse for a minute. "Yeah maybe I should just stop worrying about the time limit. I like having the power to make you this horny and desperate. Could just do this all night." He slowly licked her from top to bottom and Buffy shuddered and bit down harder on her now very sore lip.

She might have been OK if he hadn't gone and gloated about having power over her. He knew she had a thing about that. She was so in-charge and in-control in her life outside Spike's crypt and she'd found with him that having someone else take control could be a real turn-on. Spike looked up at her again and said in a low but commanding voice "Buffy look at me" reluctantly Buffy looked him in the eye. "I like you like this. Don't you dare come" he immediately sucked her sensitive nubbin into his mouth and sucked hard.

The combination of being ordered not to come and the unexpectedly quick movement of Spike to her clit made Buffy howl. Her thighs tightened around Spike's ears as the orgasm she'd tried so hard to hold back bowled through her like an express train. She was in no state to care what Spike's face was doing, and she couldn't see it anyway with his head trapped as it was. Between her legs however, Spike was grinning. He'd known ordering her not to come would do it, and the alarm hadn't gone off for time-up. His grin became the biggest he'd had in his life, or unlife. Poor little Slayer lost the bet! Now he'd have some fun!

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