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Chapter 1 by harrisxander2
Author's Notes:
Smut. Smut. Smut. Smut.
Chapter 1
The Morning After.

Buffy hugged the pillow tightly, rubbing her cheek against it, vaguely aware of being awake. She fought it. She was tired. So tired. And she had no idea why. No sense of self. All she wanted was to fall asleep. After a few seconds she gave up. Her eyes fluttered open. The first thing she saw was that she wasn’t resting on a pillow, but a muscular chest. Her eyes widened as she took in the perfectly ripped stomach and looked up slowly.

“Morning luv,” he whispered, in that silken voice, smiling. It made her shiver. Buffy’s mind whirred even as she stared into his blue eyes. His name dammit. What’s his name, she thought frantically. “Morning,” she managed to croak, her voice raspy. He touched her cheek, dipping to taste the sweetness of her mouth. At first, she hesitated, but soon her arms wound around his neck. Buffy sighed into the kiss, even as she began straddling him.

I’m drowning, she thought feverishly. I’m drowning and I don’t care.
It was so soft and tender. And just what she needed right now. She didn’t know his name, but she knew she wanted. She knew she wanted, no needed to touch him. All of him. She needed him inside her. Craved him like…

“Well ain’t that a sight,” she heard a familiar voice say. Buffy broke the kiss, craning her neck to see her best friend lying behind them, all wrapped up in the bedsheets. “Oh,” Buffy said as she looked Faith straight in the eye. And then the realization of what she had done-no, what they had done last night hit her. “Oh my god,” she gasped, disentangling herself him.

He made no move to stop her “Morning B,” Faith said casually, as Buffy crawled to the far side of the bed, clutching the comforter to her body. “Love the ‘just been fucked’ look you’ve got going. But I guess that goes for all the three of us,” she laughed. “Am I right blondies?” Spike chuckled when he saw Buffy blush, knowing that she was remembering what had transpired the night before. Spike. His name is Spike, Buffy remembered suddenly.

“Not gonna go coy on me are you goldilocks?” Spike asked, resting his head on his hand. “Shut up,” Buffy muttered weakly, trying not to look at either of them. Spike observed her with amusement. God she was adorable. Was this the same filthy mouthed wench who had whispered taunts into Spike’s ears last night?

Spike had thought he lucked out when he met the sultry brunette at the bar. But when she introduced him to her snooty blonde best friend who was just begging for a good seeing-to, Spike knew he had hit the jackpot. Somehow, the three of them had landed back at his place.

“You don’t get to fuck me,” he remembered her saying bossily, smiling at the disappointment in his eyes. “Unless you make Faith scream,” she whispered.
Her remark had turned Spike positively feral and given Faith an orgasm for the ages. The thought of letting the tasty blonde dish slip from right under his nose had been too much for him to bear. Buffy lay beside them in her underwear, watching him pound Faith into the mattress. The look in her eyes when Faith had screamed her pleasure to the high heavens had made him instantly hard again.

“Clothes….” Buffy said suddenly jerking Spike out of his reviere, “I need my clothes.” Faith and Spike shared a wry look. “You need to relax,” Faith said, sighing deeply, angling her head towards the blonde. Spike crawled to Buffy then lay a hand on her leg through the sheet.

“What are you doing?” Buffy squeaked. Spike gave her a languorous smile.
“Just…thought….” he said, in a hypnotic voice, “we’d……pick…..up….” he said, lifting her quickly, making her gasp. Spike silenced her mouth with a kiss ,all the while laying them both down next to Faith. “Where we got off,” Faith whispered, throwing off her own sheets to display her ample breasts and luscious ass as Spike unwrapped the sheet that covered Buffy’s lithe body.

Spike broke the kiss with Buffy, leaving her gasping, then leant over to remind himself of the taste of the brunette’s sweet mouth. Faith however stopped him. “You don’t get to touch me,” she told Spike, “Unless you make her scream,” she chuckled wickedly, looking down at Buffy.
Chapter End Notes:
And now for the night before....
Chapter 2 by harrisxander2
Author's Notes:
Some of the night before
The night before…….

Faith laughed as Buffy gasped after downing her second vodka martini.
God she’s such a lightweight.

“Drink up B,” Faith said, “this is what freedom tastes like.”
“To freedom,” Buffy croaked, fanning herself. Faith had finally convinced her to get out and about. And she was tired of just sitting around the house, moping about her ex. So here they were, at Faith’s favourite pick up joint, ready to have some fun. As always, the offers for free drinks kept coming. Normally Buffy would have refused with a pleasant smile, but dammit she was pissed. Angel had hurt her, running to that blonde slutbag. Oh he had apologized and apologized, claiming that he wasn’t himself. Liar. So here was the rarely seen bitchy Buffy, ready to take it out on the men of the world.

“Hi,” said a perfectly pleasant looking hulk of a young man, taking the stool next to her. “I haven’t seen you in here before.”
Buffy snorted rather unattractively, looking him up and down. “At least he’s original.”
Faith chuckled at the confused look on his face, leaning against the bar, “It ain’t your night farmboy. Scram.”
“O-kay,” he said, still confused, turning away, going over to a bunch of friends in the corner and shrugging.

“Let’s dance some more,” Faith suggested, taking her arms. Buffy shook her head. “No more dancing,” she said, pulling back until Faith was behind her.
Faith wrapped her arms around her friend. “Oh come on. You promised.”
“I promised nothing,” Buffy said, which made Faith sulk.

“Oh fuck,” Buffy heard Faith say after a minute. She looked over her shoulder to see that familiar smile on her friend’s face. The look that said she’d spotted “the guy.” The guy for the next few days that is.

“Hottie at nine a clock,” Faith gestured with her head. She pretended to check her watch. “Gonna fuck him by twelve a clock.”

Buffy almost gasped. He was gorgeous. Shocking blonde hair. High cheekbones. A roman nose. Piercing blue eyes. Well defined muscles under the tight black shirt and skin tight jeans. He was everything she’d ever have dreamt up in a dark room on a cold night. Not for the first time she felt jealous of Faith’s love em and leave em attitude towards sex. Not that she wanted to try it, it’s just that it seemed so…..uncomplicated. Dammit, life wasn’t fair. She felt bitchy Buffy coming out again.

“If you like the wannabe 70’s rockstar type,” Buffy snipped, watching him navigate his way through the crowded dance floor. Faith grinned, “the only number I’m interested in is 69.”
Buffy laughed. “God, you’re so bad.”
“Here he comes B,” Faith whispered. “hopefully not for the first time tonight.”

“I’ll….be right back….” Buffy said, quickly, leaving her stool as he approached the bar. For some reason she felt nervous. Perhaps she was afraid of what she’d say. Or do. Faith didn’t have time to interject. She shook her head and turned towards the stranger, who was now bracing against the bar, trying to get the barkeeps attention.

“Hey blondie,” Faith said in her most sultry voice, when he looked at her. “Buy me a drink?”

Spike smiled at the gorgeous brunette, taking in her curvaceous figure and her ample breasts. He’d noticed the pair of knockouts at the bar when he’d first come in. Even from afar they looked breathtaking. He’d been disappointed when the blonde had all but fled from the scene. But this looked promising.

“And why would I do that?” he asked, his eyes glittering dangerously.
Faith smiled. Oh an accent. Delicious.

“To get me drunk,” she said leaning forward to show some cleavage, intending to throw him off balance. “So I’d sleep with you.”
“No,” he said as cool as ice, his eyes flickering to her breasts.
“No?” Faith asked, raising her brow, skeptically.
“I’d prefer you nice and sober when we sleep together luv,” Spike grinned confidently.

Faith grinned. So you enjoy cutting through the bullshit too. But let’s play a little first.

“I’m not,” Faith said.
“Sober?” Spike queried, feigning disappointment. “That’s tragic.”
“Nice,” Faith whispered, and they shared a small laugh.

“So you’re a bad girl eh?” Spike smirked.
“Damn straight,” Faith chuckled. “Know the type?”
“All my life,” Spike said, smiling a wry smile.

“Oh I get it now,” Faith said grinning. “You’ve been hurt.”
“Haven’t you?” Spike said, shrugging his shoulders.
“Nah,” Faith said. “I just follow kiss.”

“Kiss?” Spike chuckled, “The band?”
“Keep. It. Sexually Simple,” Faith counted on her fingers, in a way that made Spike want to suck on them.
“I like the sound of that,” Spike agreed, his deeply masculine voice making Faith shiver.

“So how about that drink?” Faith said, looking him up and down.
“How about it,” Spike declared, eyeing Faith.
“Name’s Spike.”
“Faith,” she said, extending her hand.
Spike took it, then turned it over to bring it to his lips, staring into her dark eyes.
Faith quivered when she felt his soft lips against her hand. She could have sworn she felt the slightest hint of tongue.

When he leant over the bar to get the bartender’s attention, Faith checked out his ass, smiling at what she saw. Oh yeah, she thought, grinning wide to show her pearly whites. Nice and firm. Come to momma.

Suddenly a thought hit her. Wonder where B got off to?

Buffy meanwhile had made it to the bathroom. She was currently in the stall, wiping the sweat from her neck. For some reason She felt uncomfortably, oppressively hot. She fanned herself, but found her breasts straining against the fabric of her dress. She squirmed against her panties, irritated at the barely minimal friction the scraps were generating.

Oh my god, she realized suddenly, I’m horny. Part of her felt horrified, but a much bigger part of her just didn’t care. She blamed Angel for treating her with kid gloves. She wasn’t a naïve young girl anymore. She was a woman and wanted to be treated like one. The antsy feeling made its way through her until she felt her entire body. Her hands made their way down under her dress to tug at her panties.

Just a little lower, she thought, then sighed with relief as she pulled them down. So here she was, in a bathroom stall with her panties at her thigh. Somehow her fingers found their way to her pussy. Buffy gasped when she inserted a finger into herself, shocked at her own brazenness. She paused, holding her breath, but found only silence. She closed her eyes as she began to masturbate. Suddenly Angel flashed before her eyes. Big. Broody. Sulking. She shook her head. No. Not him. Someone else. Anyone. Suddenly the figure of the blonde haired stranger flashed before her. That hair. Those cheeks. Those muscles.

“Oh,” she whispered, adding another finger, speeding up. “Oh yeah.”
She gasped, pumping her fingers in and out of her, building herself up.
“Uh…..uh……..” she whimpered. Things looked to be getting on track when suddenly a loud female voice broke through.

“Is anyone in there?”
Buffy opened her eyes. No. No. Please No. Let me just have this. Please.

“Hello,” the voice said again. “I need to use the stall please. It’s an emergency.”
“Just a minute,” Buffy said gritting her teeth, pulling up her panties. She almost screamed in frustration when she felt the fabric rub up against her.

“Hello,” the loud insistent voice said again.
“I’m coming,” Buffy said harshly.
Not. No thanks to you.
She flew past the woman standing outside, who had folded her arms, never once looking at her.

I need to get outta here, she thought.

Buffy hurried past the staircase, meaning to make a break for it, when her eyes fell on Faith. And him. The stranger. They were at the bar, talking, laughing and making eyes at each other. Buffy barely suppressed a childish howl. She knew that Faith would sleep with him and she’d have to make do with the fantasy. She’d accepted that. Until she’d got a good look at him. At them. And now she knew that no fantasy could ever measure up to what she was seeing. She wanted the real thing too.

Why does Faith always get to have fun? I wanna have fun too. Why can’t I have fun?

Buffy didn’t mean to, but somehow she ended up making her way towards them. She knew she wasn’t being rational, that there were a ton of guys here she could choose from, but dammit she wanted him. She wanted the mysterious blue eyed stranger.

“Hey,” Buffy said, coming up behind Faith, whispering in her ear.
“Hey B,” Faith said, looking back at her “where you been?”
“Around,” she said, in a bored tone.
Jesus, Spike thought, as his eyes ran over the blonde. Jesus Christ Almighty.

She was just as gorgeous as Faith, but in a completely different way. Her body was leaner, tighter, her curves more taut, breasts more firm. Faith’s eyes were provocative, whereas her eyes were disdainful. Her cute little nose was turned up- as if he were a lowly creature, not worthy of her time. The fact that she had glanced at him and dismissed his very presence was turning him on. His stiffy, which was already uncomfortable, was now downright raging.

I’m bleeding fucked, Spike thought.
Chapter End Notes:
Next stop Smutville. All aboard.
Chapter 3 by harrisxander2
Author's Notes:
Read it. Lemme know what you think
Faith looked back at Spike, looking to gauge his reaction. Which wasn’t hard considering the look he was giving Buffy meant that he was, well, hard.

¬Men are so changeable, she thought wryly to herself.

“Who’s your friend?” Spike practically purred.
Gah, Buffy thought. Accent. James Bond. Delish. Wait, he’s talking. To me. Well, what did you expect? Of course he’s going to talk to you. You’re a person. He’s a person. A sexy person. A sexy sexy person who I want to lick all over. Focus. Talk back. Now.

“Buffy,” she managed to say, willing herself to barely glance at Spike.
“Buffy?” Spike repeated, whispering it as if it were a caress.
Oh. My. God. How dare he say it like that. How dare he. How dare he says it so….intimately.

Something snapped inside Buffy
“Is that a problem?”
“Not at all,” Spike chuckled, taken aback. “I like it. It suits you.”
“Oh thanks so much,” she said, scathingly.

“Name’s Spike,” he said.
She harrumphed.
“Like a dog?”
“Not exactly.”

For some reason he was grinning. His eyes are so blue. Oh fuck. Spike, for the life of him couldn’t figure out why she was being such a bitch to him. Not that he cared. In fact, it was only turning him on. And if she was playing that game, then he was more than happy to play. But Faith could. Although Buffy was giving Spike ‘the treatment’ Faith could feel the goose pimples on her friend’s arms.

Oh you bitch. You’re giving him shit because you’re hot for him.

“I wanna dance,” Faith suddenly declared, breaking up their little dalliance.
No, Buffy almost blurt out. No dance. Dancing with Faith leads to…...other things with Faith.

“Let’s go pet,” Spike said, taking Faith’s hand. Even as he guided Faith onto the dance floor, he gave Buffy a look that said‘don’t go anywhere.’ Buffy watched out of them from corner of her eye then turned around.

“Gimme a shot,” she demanded. As soon as she was served the tiny glass, she downed it, grimacing.
Tastes like fire. Fire good. Drink good.
She wiped her mouth on her hand.
Okay. Time to look.

Spike and Faith were barely moving. Their arms were wrapped around each other. Spike’s hands were on her waist and Faith’s hands were wrapped around his neck, toying with his curls. Faith rested her head on his shoulder, looking straight at Buffy. She held up her hand for Buffy to see, pointed to her watch, then tapped it.

Gonna fuck him by 12 a clock, B
The blonde could practically hear Faith crowing in her ear. When her brain flashed her images of Spike and Faith Buffy shivered. Somehow she was hot and cold all at once. It took a moment for her to realize she wasn’t feeling jealous or angry. Not even close. She was, in fact, more turned on than before. She needed another drink. Or a thousand..

Oh god. I’m a freak. I’m disgusting. I’m…….

“Wanna dance luv?” she heard, a sinisterly sexy voice say inside her ear.
Fuck. Yes. .

She turned around to find that Spike had placed his arms both sides of her, cutting off her route of escape. He was close. Too close. He smelled like leather and ciggarattes and something she couldn’t quite identify. He smelled like sex. She fixed him with an appraising look, that he more than returned in kind.

Faith isn’t here, she realized.

Good, she heard a naughty voice inside her say. Then we can be bad.
We? Buffy asked herself.
We. Me. You. We’re all the same.

“Faith’s stepped out for a quick ciggie,” Spike explained.
Buffy looked at him.
No. We shouldn’t. I can’t. I won’t. No.
“How about a dance then?” he asked, extending his hand.
Their eyes met and held.
“If you insist,” she said, placing her hand in his.

He led her onto the floor once again, and they began to move against each other.

Bad. Bad Buffy, she thought. Shush. Busy.

“So what do you do……Spike,” Buffy asked, her tongue tripping over his name as if it were a landmine.
“I’m in a band,” he said nonchalantly.
Buffy felt her knees knock against each other a little. She imagined stripping off her clothes slowly until she was lying on the bed in just her underwear. She’d demand he write something for her, and refuse to let him come to bed until he did.

Quick. Think of something bad. Got it.

“So you’re….unemployed?” Buffy said. She didn’t know what she was doing. She hoped that being insulting would put him off.

No such luck. He just grinned wolfishly.
“I prefer to think of myself as a….free agent.”

They moved in silence for a few minutes.
“I manage a gallery downtown,” she said, for some reason, feeling obliged to offer up a response. She waited for him to take a shot, but it never came.

“Sounds nice,” he said, tightening his grip on her waist.

Oh spare me, Buffy thought. Like you give a shit. We both want the same thing. She took in a sharp breath, when his hand caressed the small of her back. She looked up at him, her eyes narrowing. How did he know that was a button?

“Hey guys,” Faith said, tapping Spike on the shoulder. “Got room for one more?” She looked entirely too pleased with herself.
Spike gave Buffy’s area one last small squeeze, then withdrew his hand. Buffy turned to go, but Faith stopped her.
“Dance with us,” Faith said. Buffy looked at her, then at Spike.

Let’s dance, Buffy heard the voice inside her say.
And so they danced their first dance of the night. It was far from the last.
Chapter End Notes:
And now the real fun begins.........
Chapter 4 by harrisxander2
Author's Notes:
Here is the last of the build up.

Spike pulled Faith into his arms as Buffy turned her back to them. They danced for a few seconds as they sized up each other.

“You like her dontcha?” Faith asked, smiling knowingly at him.

Spike smiled. He liked how forward the brunette was.

“Not just her.”

Faith laughed. “Awww……I like you too….. blondie.”

“At least someone does,” he chuckled.

Faith considered it. Why the fuck not?

“Too bad I’m not the only one,” she said, waggling her brows.

He frowned, looking back at the blonde. “Buffy?”

“Totally hot for you,” Faith said.

“Pull the other one.”

“Hand to god.”

He paused.

“And the bitchy?”

“Hot. For. Ya,” Faith spelled out on his chest, then wrapped her arms around Spike, making the watch gesture to Buffy.

Oh. Those. Fingers.

“She the only one?” Spike asked, looking into Faith’s eyes. “Hot for me, I mean.”

Faith licked her lips, drawing Spike’s attention to her glossy red mouth.

Full. Luscious. Tasty.

“What do you think?” she teased.

“I think…..” he said, “I’d like to…take this…someplace more…..intimate.”

“Sounds good,” Faith said, grinning.

“And Buffy?”

“She can join us,” Spike suggested, only half jesting. “The more the merrier.”

Faith laughed. “Oh you’d like that wouldn’t you?”

Spike smiled. “Oh kitten, you have no idea. The fun we’d have.”

Faith looked at him, half amused, half-impressed.

“You’re serious?”

Spike chuckled. “Damn right.”

Faith thought about it. She wanted Spike. And she knew Buffy wanted Spike too. This way, they could both have him. And he could have them both. Spike leaves in the morning. Everybody wins.

Not that Faith was gay. She’d only ever kissed other women at drunken parties on a dare. And the truth was she’d enjoyed it. More than just a little. Enough to get her curious. And Buffy wasn’t just a total fox. She was her best friend. In a perverse way, she’d feel both safer and a lot more dangerous. But would Buffy be into it?

“How would that work?” she asked. “Theoretically.”

Spike blinked. He was only half serious.

Jesus. I’ve think I’ve just hit the jackpot. Steady on William, steady on.

“You first,” he said, projecting confidence he only half felt, pausing for Faith to picture it. Women were such visual creatures.“She can watch. Then Buffy. You can watch. And then……”

“And then?” she asked, intrigued. He was barely touching her and her body was ready to surrender to him.

“Then we have ourselves a…..nice…. little….party.”

“Little?” Faith said, looking down. “I hope not.”

“No complaints,” Spike chuckled. “But then again, I wasn’t paying attention to what exactly they were screaming.”

Faith grinned. We’ll see who screams.

“You game…..kitten?”

Faith thought about it. Fuck. Yes.

“What about Buffy?” Spike asked. He’d gotten his reply by the look she’d given him. “Would she dance with us?”

“I guess we better find out,” Faith said. “I’ll be right back. Dance with her.”

“Yes maam,” Spike said.

“Touch her lower back,” Faith whispered, leaving him that little nugget.


Spike was ecstatic.

Heaven, he thought. I’m in heaven.

Buffy and Faith were moving beside him, against him, over him, behind him, and all around him. Spike turned himself over to them entirely, letting them do as they willed. For now. He would wait. His time would come. Soon.

The three of them moved as one, their arms around each other, bodies packed in close, as if they were one being. Spike and Buffy turned into each other, leaving Faith to flitter around them. Then Spike turned into Faith. Buffy didn’t miss a beat, just took up Faith’s position. Finally Faith pushed Spike away and winked at him, pulling Buffy close. The girls moved against each other sensuously. Buffy and Faith had done this a million times. Just danced together. But it had never been like this. Never had there been this friction, or this palpable danger.

And Spike was absolutely transfixed. As was every other male in the tri-state area. But the girls didn’t seem to care. This was for him. Just him. Faith turned Buffy around, putting her arms around her, so that both of them were looking at Spike.

Buffy had never been this turned on. And not just by Spike. Everything Faith was doing, everywhere she was touching was setting fire to her. She was being burned alive. Spike couldn’t watch anymore. He closed the distance between them, wrapping his arms around both girls.

“Wanna dance luv?” Spike asked Buffy, cupping her chin.

“We…..are…” Buffy whispered, her mouth completely dry.

Aren’t we?

“We haven’t even begun,” Faith chuckled into her ear sinisterly, like a devil over her shoulder.

“Dance with us,” Spike urged. “Dance with us tonight.”

He means….. Oh.

“Will you dance with me B?” Faith said, kissing her shoulder gently.

“Will you dance with Spike?”

Oh. No. No. No. Buffy thought. I can’t. We can’t.

Yes, came a low moan, driven by only need and want. YES. YES. YES. Wanna dance. Wanna dance NOW.

“Yes,” Buffy whispered, shocking herself and even the others.

“Let’s dance.”

Oh. Oh my god.

Spike and Faith looked at each other, then at Buffy.

“Let’s get outta here,” Spike said, not wanting to waste another moment. He only hoped whatever spell had been cast would hold until they got to his place.

The three of them left the dance floor. Arm in arm in arm. Their next dance had already begun. It was wilder than they could have ever imagined.

Chapter End Notes:
Okay. Now it gets really really good. I'll do my best. Whew. Comment people. Comment. Tell me what you think. It's what keeps me going.
Chapter 5 by harrisxander2
Author's Notes:
Read on......
They rode the elevator up to his place. Spike made sure he kept his hands moving, stroking, touching the girls at all times.

Faith wrapped her hand in his shirt, tugging and pulling at it.
Gonna come off soon, she thought, looking up at Spike, licking her lips.

Buffy rested her head on his shoulder. She felt like she was about to explode. Her head felt a bit light. This is crazy. Crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy. Good, a voice inside her said. Crazy is good. Crazy is fun. Crazy is what we need.

Spike was never more glad that he lived nearby. He was about to burst. God this was taking forever, he thought. In fact it had only taken about forty seconds. The elevator sped up to the twenty second floor and opened with a satisfying ding.

The doors parted and he took hold of both women, escorting them gently until they stepped into the darkness. The girls felt carpeted floor under their heels.
“Lights on,” Spike said loudly, squeezing their waists.

Suddenly the room was bathed in light. And riotous colour. Paintings hung on the wall, exquisite chairs and sofas dominated the room, expensive chandeliers dangled from the ceiling. The view was spectacular.

“Home sweet home,” Faith purred, in his ear.
Sexy and rich. Sweet. If he isn’t loaded then at least he’s loaded, she thought, grinning at her pun. Not that she was a gold digger. It was just a nice bonus. Soft, clean sheets. A great view. A nice bathroom. Bonus, bonus, bonus. Nothing made up for a small willie though. So Faith hoped for the best.

The apartment broke through Buffy’s haze of lust. Not enough to stop her though, just to register how damn ridiculous it was.

Who lives like this? she thought. Lenny fucking Kravitz?

“Mood lighting,” Spike said, to no one in particular and the room dimmed. The effect was instantaneous. Apparently the mood set was horny. Spike guided them past the living room, into his large and exquisitely decorated bedroom. A huge bed awaited them, strewn with comfortable looking cushions, pillows and silken sheets. A full length mirror hung in front of the bed, making for interesting possibilities. A suede sofa ran across one corner, an expensive looking guitar at the foot of it. Posters of rock bands dominated.

“How about a drink?” Faith suggested, after a pause.
Spike was loathe to leave, even for a second, perhaps afraid that they’d change their minds. But he guessed he had no choice.
“Buffy?” he asked softly, looking at her..
“A drink sounds good,” Buffy managed to say, somehow not bursting into stutters when he looked at her.

“Champagne? Wine?” he offered.
“One of each,” Faith suggested, “Only fair.”
Spike smirked. “I’m nothing if not fair.”

“And firm?” Faith asked.
“Count on it,” Spike quipped, directing the girls to the bed, watching them sit on it.
“I am,” Faith replied, with a little laugh.

“Why don’t you girls get………comfortable?” Spike suggested, as innocently as he could, looking from Faith to Buffy. “I’ll be right back.”

As soon as Spike left, Faith stripped off her quickly, so that she was just wearing a pair of hot red bra and panties.
“He means you too B,” she instructed sweetly. Buffy stood up, slowly taking off her clothes to reveal her pink lacy underwear.
The girls took up positions on the bed waiting for Spike to return.

“Nice choice B,” Faith grinned, scooting to the headboard, putting a soft pillow behind her, appraising her friend. “Very sexy.”
Buffy bit her lip. “This is……”
“Wild,” Faith said. “And fun. I must say. I’m impressed. Didn’t think you had it in ya.”

“I’m not gay,” Buffy said quickly.
Faith laughed, playing with her hair. “I ain’t gay either B. Just….open minded. Open minded can be fun,” she added, winking.

“So how…do we……..do this?” Buffy said unsurely.
“Let’s just…..go with it,” Faith suggested. “Let things…happen.”

Before they could discuss things any further Spike returned. He lingered in the doorway, holding two large bottles and a single glass. He was shirtless. His upper body looked as if it was carved from stone, not an inch of flab anywhere. His stomach was flat and hard. In short, he was absolutely ripped. And the girls loved it.

“Thought we could all share,” Spike quipped, holding up the glass, smiling like a cat who’d got the cream. He forced himself to play it cool, although he’d never been so eager to jump right in. He wanted to fall to his knees and thank whatever force existed that was allowing him this opportunity. They looked absolutely ravishing, sitting on his bed. Faith in red. Buffy in pink. If they were sin, he was a willing sinner and entirely unrepentant. He was going to worship these goddesses. But not as a servant. No. He’d be their equal.

Spike considered both girls. Buffy first. Oh she was a wet dream come true. Her eyes were kittenish and wide, her shiny blonde hair was streaming down her angelic face and shoulders. That cute little nose wasn’t turned up at him anymore, he noted in satisfaction. It was flaring. He stood there, making her wait. He enjoyed the fact that just watching him was bringing her pleasure. Her glossy pink lips were like a siren’s song. They’d parted just enough to reveal a hint of tongue. He wanted more than just a taste. He’d have it. He’d have everything she had to offer. Her eyes were sparkling with lust. Her body was lithe and lean and golden. Her breasts perfectly proportioned B’s, her legs long and smooth and perfectly toned. He wanted those little pink panties off so that he could gaze upon her quim. Soon he told himself. Soon. Truth be told, he was dying to unwrap the package that was the uptight little blonde. But his instincts were telling him go slow with her-at least at first.

Seduce her. Worship her. Make her yours.

Then he considered the knockout brunette. Faith. Her long black hair gave her the aura of mystery. Her gorgeous face was flushed, matching her red mouth. Her dark eyes seemed to issue a challenge. Her breasts were larger and more rounded than Buffy’s, though not as tight or firm. He wanted to bury himself in them. Her body was spectacularly curvaceous. Her legs just as smooth and toned. He was going to devour all of her. Spike noted that she was still wearing her high heels.

Yeah baby. Leave them on. Those four inch heels were made for knocking.

Faith was….less complicated. She was giving him a smile and a look that he recognized only too well. Come to bed baby. Let’s see if you can handle what I got.

He’d bet his life that Faith was a wild ride in the sack. She was ‘the bad girl’ who liked it hard and fast. And made no bones about it. Good. So did he. He was more than willing to oblige. He’d pound her into his bed until she screamed his name, begging him never to stop.

Play the game Spike, he told himself. Play the game. It’s part of the fun.

“Mmmmmmm” Faith purred, eyeing Spike’s body lustily, giving Buffy a wide smile.
Nice. Momma likes. So far, so sexy.

“Sharing is caring. Ain’t that right B?”

“Right,” Buffy whispered hoarsely, staring at his muscles.

Buffy was pure Id. She wanted nothing more than to run her tongue down his chest. And then even lower. The thought of doing ‘that’ didn’t exactly shock her. She wasn’t a shy schoolgirl, despite her ex insisting that she was ‘too pure’ to do anything that demeaning. She guessed Spike had no such compunctions. And she was glad. The hell with that, Buffy thought. I wanna….go lower.

Let’s have that drink then,” Spike suggested, moving things forward. He stepped to the bed deliberately and the girls scooted back. He joined the pair, making a circle. He put the glass and wine bottle on the bed, then opened the champagne with a satisfying pop, letting the bubbly flow.

He made eye contact with Faith as the white froth poured out. They were both thinking the same thing. “I do love a good pop at the end,” Faith said, spreading her legs, touching her breast with a finger.

You can come inside me baby. I want you to.

Subtle, Spike chuckled in his mind.
“I’ll have to remember that,” Spike added.
“I’ll make sure you do,” Faith said.

Buffy picked up the glass.
“Wanna taste,” she said, her eyes sparkling with lust.
Spike caught her eye, smiling softly at her.
“Me too.”

Spike leant in carefully, making sure he didn’t spill any champagne. Buffy glanced at Faith, who was watching rather intensely. Their faces touched. Blue eyes met green. Ice melded with fire. Sparks flew. Spike paused for a moment, letting the tension build before he pressed his mouth against hers, locking their lips in a tender embrace.

The kiss was soft and tender. Their lips parted briefly letting them reflect on each other’s taste before they joined their mouths again, this time with heated passion. They kissed again and again, falling deeper and deeper. Then, Buffy opened her mouth for him. Spike seized the moment, letting his tongue slip inside. She delighted him by obliging, letting their tongues slide and tease and taste.

And Faith grinned like never before.
Nothing like dinner, dancing and a show.

Just watching Spike and Buffy kiss was lighting a fire inside her. One she’d never imagined even existed. Just thinking of the pleasures to come was almost too much for her to bear. The fun had just begun.
Chapter End Notes:
Onwards and Upwards....
Chapter 6 by harrisxander2
Author's Notes:
I know it's been a while. I've been having....issues. Anyway, i hope to update regularly from now on....
Her petal soft lips tasted of wine and honey, he thought, licking his lips and then hers. But when his tongue caught hers he realized that he had tasted ambrosia itself. It made Spike want to drown himself in her. And he would have. Had it not been for their extremely captive audience.

So with a long lick of her tongue and her lips, he pulled back. Reluctantly. Buffy gasped at the loss of his talented mouth and tongue, surveying him from under hooded eyes, shivering with desire. She’d never been this turned on by just kissing. Ever. She was ready to surrender to him this very instant. To spread herself out and let him take her as he willed. Just as long as he kept kissing her.

Spike regarded Buffy as he focused on his breathing.
“Delicious,” he declared, tipping the wine bottle casually, pouring some into Buffy’s glass.

Spike knew he had to tread carefully. He’d never had a threesome before but he knew instinctively that he couldn’t pay too much attention to either girl. He wondered if he should have asked Siri about threesome etiquette and then dismissed the ridiculous thought with a small shake of the head.

Tonight, you’re the boss, he told himself. Your bed. Your rules. You’re the king of the bloody jungle. You do as you please.

“My turn,” he heard the brunette say appreciatively, her sultry voice low and breathy. Faith took half a step on the bed towards him. Spike extended his hand and Faith took it, letting him bring her to him.

Buffy watched, suddenly aware of how dry her mouth was, raising a shaking hand to bring the glass up to take a sip, wetting her lips and stilling her nerves.

“Such pretty muscles,” Faith purred, letting her eyes run over Spike’s shoulders and arms, then stroking the perfectly toned flesh with her palms and fingers.

“Glad you approve love,” Spike smirked lifting her chin so that he could look upon her pretty face. “It’s for your viewing pleasure.”

Fucking gorgeous, he thought, admiring her.

“Like to run that pretty little mouth dontcha?” Faith teased, placing her chin on his.

“Everywhere,” Spike said, his hands moving down, to fondle her arse.

“Promises, promises,” Faith hummed as Spike pulled back the fabric of her panties just a little, then inserted two rogue fingers into them, stroking, fondling and gently pinching the flesh.

Ample. Luscious. Spankable he thought, unable to contain a growl at the thought of spanking the brunette as Buffy watched. She might even join in. But that was for later though. Much much later. First things first.

Spike angled his face in to taste her lips but Faith pulled her head back, foiling Spike’s intentions. Spike regarded her with a tilt of the head, sizing her up. Faith just smiled, digging her nails into his muscled arms.

“Is he a good kisser B?” Faith asked, looking over at Buffy, making Spike raise a brow.“Does he deserve a little…….treat?” Faith asked, turning his face back to make him look at her.

Before Buffy could respond Spike took matters into his own hands, giving Faith’s arse a playful spank, making her squeal with delight. Spike chuckled, cupping her chin, making her look up at him, before he lowered his face slowly. Buffy watched, half expecting Faith to pull back again. Spike perhaps expecting the same, so he tightened his hold on her chin. But this time Faith’s eyes urged him on. So he quickly kissed her with heated passion.

Strawberries, Spike thought instantly. Ripe. Delicious. Strawberries.

Faith sighed as Spike’s soft, talented lips drew her deeper and deeper into the kiss, even as her body rested against him.

Carved from silken steel, Faith thought, running a nail across his stomach. For a moment, she rued the fact that she had to share. But then Spike’s tongue licked her mouth and Faith forgot all about it. She quickly snaking her tongue out to meet his, then forcefully pushed back.

Buffy breathed heavily when she saw Spike and Faith’s mouths open, and their tongues do battle, She saw Faith’s fingers winding in his hair, her hips gently thrusting against him, legs winding behind his.

They kissed for what seemed forever, before they separated. Buffy saw a wild, untamed look in Faith’s eyes that made her shiver. “Come here kitten,” Spike said, looking over his shoulder at her.

“Yeah,” Faith gasped giving a sexy laugh, “Let’s fucking party.”

Buffy came forward two steps on her knees, watching Spike take a last lick of Faith’s mouth before he put an arm around Buffy.

Faith watched as Buffy caught Spike’s head, pulled his mouth down on hers. “Yeah,” Faith hissed, enjoying…no, loving the view of the blondes who were now tongue kissing.

“That’s it,” she gasped, running her hand through the back of Spike’s hair, her forefinger rubbing the swell of her breasts. “So fucking sexy.”

She decided to get behind Buffy, her eyes drinking in the heated kiss, then decided she wanted back in again. Spike found himself pushed away gently, and looked past Buffy to see Faith smiling at him.

“Stay,” she whispered bossily, shooting him a sultry look as she kissed Buffy’s neck and shoulders, making the blonde gasp and look behind her. And then time seemed to slow down. Spike watched as Faith leant over.

When Spike saw Faith’s luscious red lips tenderly caress Buffy’s glossy pink lips he thought he was the luckiest SOB alive. And when he saw their two soft tongues tease, Spike knew he was.

"Time to fucking party," he rasped, coming closer to wrap his arms around the girls, who began kissing each other even more passionately.
Chapter End Notes:
Patience is a virtue. The best is yet to cum. Many many times.
Chapter 7 by harrisxander2
Author's Notes:
Yeah it's been a while

“Yeah,” Spike whispered, his eyes focused on the two pairs of glossy lips that were locked together. Then Faith and Buffy’s mouths parted, letting two pink tongues lap at each other yet again. It was all too much and not enough.

Spike was amazed at how much the girls seemed into it. As he’d fetched their now forgotten drinks, he had come to terms with what to expect. Despite the words spoken earlier, he’d expected that he’d probably have to get off each girl separately as the other watched and waited her turn. At least the first time. Then he’d coax the girls into ‘experimenting’ a little. Maybe. But this was…..beyond anything his wildest imaginings could have conjured up.

He ran his hands down their backs, trying to get their attention. When the girls turned to him, he could see their glossy mouths coated with each other’s saliva. Buffy’s shy smile told him like she was warming up nicely. And Faith seemed ready to go.

So he held his hands out for the girls, who took his hand, letting him maneuver them so that they were sitting in a circle. They paused, letting the exquisite thrill of the moment before pleasure wash over them. And then they began kissing.

Buffy and Spike. Faith and Spike. Buffy and Faith.  Eager kisses. Languid kisses. Heated kisses. Soulful, slow kisses. Two pairs of lips kissed as the third drew breath.

And then they paused again. And then as if they had read each other’s minds, the pairs of lips came together. Three tongues became one, licking, sucking, teasing and tasting until no one knew who was kissing who.

Spike pulled back first wanting to regain his composure. Plus he wanted to watch them for a bit. Both girls turned their faces slightly, so that their eyes were on him. As all the while keeping their mouths open to let him see their tongues massage each other.

“Naughty naughty,” Spike rasped, reaching out to caress their barely covered bottoms. Buffy was firm and tight, he noted. Faith was bountiful and lush.

Thank you God. Or the devil. Whoever. I don’t really care. Thank you.

“So damn tasty B,” Faith declared, her tongue snaking out to lick Buffy’s lips. “Like strawberry ice-cream.”

God I’m horny, Buffy thought, letting out a low moan. Am I bisexual now? she wondered a moment later.

“But I’m hungry” Faith whispered, touching Buffy’s face. “And dessert comes later.”

And then Buffy found herself pushed off balance and onto her butt. She looked up to see Faith crook a finger at Spike.

“Dinner first,” the brunette said, beckoning Spike to her, a naughty smile on her face.

Buffy watched as Spike crawled over to Faith, his muscles rippling with every motion. He looked like a lion on the prowl. Faith put a hand on his chest, trying to push him down and climb over him, but he shook his head. He wasn’t going to let Faith be the one who called the shots. Not tonight. He suspected that she did that enough. She wanted someone who’d take charge of her.

That’s right baby, Faith thought, deliciously, when he used his body weight to pin her under him. You know what I want. What I need. Give it to me.

“Wait,” Buffy blurted out.

Spike and Faith paused, turning to look at Buffy, who realized she was supposed to say something. Spike had a concerned look on his face, as if he expected her to say she’d changed her mind. But Faith just grinned at her friend. Buffy scowled. She knew Faith had guessed what she was about to say, which made her want not to say it. But she had to.

“What is it love?” Spike asked.

“Yeah,” Faith drawled. “You got something to say B?”

Buffy’s eyes narrowed. Faith’s smugness pissed her off a little and gave her some courage.

“How come Faith gets to go first?” Buffy asked, looking straight at Spike.

Oh bloody hell, Spike thought. Here we go.

“Because I saw him first,” Faith said, a wicked smile on her face, “remember?”

Dammit, Buffy thought. Faith was right. She did see Spike first. But Buffy wasn’t giving up without a fight.

“Whom did Spike see first?” Buffy asked.

Spike considered his answer carefully. He’d seen them both, but he’d focused in on Buffy. He’d always had a thing for blondes.

“I saw you both,” Spike said truthfully, making Buffy give him a glare.

“Come here kitten,” Spike said seductively, patting the space that lay by him and Faith, once again thankful for his extra large bed, then held out his arm. Buffy shivered at the sound of his voice.

I won’t she thought childishly, but then pushed herself forward on her knees, giving Spike an excellent view of her cleavage.

Buffy took up position right next to Spike as Faith watched with amusement. Buffy put up the flimsiest of resistance as Spike brought her to him, then scratched his shoulder with her nails, making him hiss.

“My my my,” Faith said, biting her thumb, “Isn’t this interesting.”

“Shut up Faith,” Buffy said cursorily, not even looking at her friend. She tried to push Spike away, half heartedly, but he only smiled, and firmed up his grip on her waist.

I don’t think so, Spike’s eyes told Buffy.

“Wanna wrestle B?” Faith offered. “Winner takes all...”

She emphasized her point by running her hands down Spike’s chest and stroking his abs. “Loser takes a cold shower.”

“I think not,” Spike chuckled. As much as he was intrigued and turned on by that particular idea, he wasn’t about to let either of them slip away from his bed.

“Come on kitten,” Spike said, gently nuzzling Buffy’s face. “Let’s not get hung up on the small stuff.”

“How small are we talking exactly?” Faith teased, locking her eyes on Spike’s impressive looking bulge. Spike shot her a look that said she’d be eating her words soon enough.

“Yeah, how small exactly?” Buffy said, hooking her arms around his neck.

Spike’s pursed his lips. Now this was getting too much. His manhood was at stake. So he caught Buffy’s hands and gently moved them to the fly of his jeans. Buffy bit her lip, then placed her hand flat against his hardness.

Oh, Buffy thought, her eyes widening, as she felt him through his jeans. Oh. My. God.

Spike responded with a knowing smirk and slipped a hand inside her panties, delighting to find them sopping wet.

“Uhhhh…..” Buffy gasped when she felt his palm cup her pussy, making her arch into him. And then a finger was experimentally probing her and she was rotating her hips to make herself more comfortable and allow him better entry.

So tight, Spike savoured. So snug. Can’t wait to be inside her.

Faith watched as Spike planted kisses on Buffy’s neck, his fingers working their magic. And then Spike’s face turned so that his eyes caught hers, conveying a message.

This is hers. You’ll have yours soon enough.

Faith watched Buffy’s hand. It was still on Spike’s groin, gently stroking him through the denim. Faith shook her head, almost absentmindedly.

Good old B. Still playing it coy.

“Hunnnhhhhhhhhh,” Buffy moaned, her eyes shutting as Spike’s fingers began pistoning out of her faster and faster. Faith sat up, deciding to speed things along. Her hands impulsively moved to Buffy’s bra, expertly unhooking it. Spike did the rest. He quickly tugged it off, exposing Buffy’s breasts to his hungry eyes. They were a perfect golden handful, topped by strawberry pink nipples.  Buffy gasped loudly when felt Spike’s mouth on her breasts add to the sweet torture of having his fingers sliding in and out of her.

 “Oh,” she whimpered, when his tongue flickered out to languidly tease her nipple, cutting off any rational thoughts, his hand speeding up to bring her pleasure. “Oh my god.”

Spike decided he was going to worship her sweet breasts. He licked her nipple with his tongue, drawing it into his mouth to suck on it. He felt her hand on the nape of his neck urging him on, so he playfully nipped at her breasts with his teeth.

“Hunnnnnhhhhhhhhhh,” Buffy squealed, making Faith chuckle.

“Oh she likes that,” the brunette declared, drawing Spike’s attention back to her.

I like that too, her eyes told him. Do it again.

So he did, smirking all the while as Buffy squealed.

Faith rewarded Spike by taking a finger in her mouth, sucking on it deeply before tantalizingly dipping it into her cleavage. Spike lustily eyed Faith’s breasts, even as a part of him pondered the competitiveness between the best friends.

It made for all sorts of interesting possibilities, he thought, grinning.

 Faith’s finger moved to stroke circles over her curvy stomach, and reached down until it was over her panties. She tapped her finger against her lace covered quim, playing as if it were a piano.

“Take them off,” Spike said, his mouth slurring as he sucked on Buffy’s nipple.

Faith put one hand on her panties and the other behind her back, as if to obey. She gave Spike a long amorous look, then playfully shook her head.

“Come and take them off,” Faith teased. “If you can.”

Minx, Spike chuckled, giving Faith a look that told her he’d get back to her shortly. Spike sat up, nuzzling Buffy’s face with his own as his magic fingers brought the blonde closer and closer to the edge.

“Yeah?” Spike asked cockily. Buffy nodded, hooking her legs around his waist and rubbing herself up against him, her hooded eyes giving into him entirely.

Oh god Spike, Buffy thought. So good. So good.

“Say it,” Spike ordered, making Buffy turn her head away.

Dammit, Spike thought. He quickly corrected the situation by touching her cheek to make her look at him.

“Say it,” Spike implored, reading the thoughts in her eyes.

“Mmmmmm,” Buffy said, attempting to deny herself one last time. But then her eyes opened and she gave Spike a naughty smile.

“Yeah,” Buffy said, pulling his mouth to hers and tongue kissing him thoroughly. Moments later, her body began to shake. Spike pulled back from her lips to note the look in her eyes. She looked wild eyed and glazed.

“God….,” she whimpered, rubbing his arms. “So close.”

“Yeah,” Faith added. “Make her cum baby. I wanna see her cum.”

Spike looked back to Faith. The brunette’s hand was moving inside her own panties, pleasuring herself furiously. Spike twisted his fingers and flicked Buffy’s clit with her thumb, making the blonde howl her orgasm.

“Ahhhhh…..ahhhh,” Buffy mewled.

I can’t stand, she thought in a daze, as she slung her hands around Spike to hold onto him for support. Buffy rested her head on Spike’s shoulder for a few moments, but then the silence was broken.

 “Fuck,” Faith hissed, lifting her legs and spreading them apart, her dark eyes gleaming.  “Me.”

Chapter End Notes:
More to come. Pun intended.
Chapter 8 by harrisxander2
Author's Notes:
I'm back baby....
Spike knew he had to handle things delicately. Buffy was still clinging to him, slowly coming down from her high. But Faith was running her heels down her legs. She was waiting. And watching.

“Come here baby,” Faith declared, reaching out to stroke Spike’s muscled chest, licking her lips.

“Wait,” Buffy gasped, looking at Faith.

Faith looked at Buffy incredulously. The sheer nerve of the blonde had stilled her hands. She was about ready to fight her for real.

You’ve got to be shitting me.

“If Faith get to……..” Buffy said, taking a deep breath to compose herself. “Go. First.” And then Buffy turned to look at Spike who raised a brow in question.

“Then I think,” Buffy responded, planting a gentle kiss on Spike’s chest.

“It’s. Only. Fair,” she added, kissing his pecks, then heading south as Spike looked on.

“That,” Buffy slurred, her tongue lapping at the salty, steely skin, making Spike hiss.

Yummy, she thought.

“I Get. To….” she rasped, nibbling on his abs.

“Taste,” she declared, dropped to her knees, making Spike inhale deeply.

“Only fair,” she said, her teeth tugging at the fly of Spike’s jeans. “Right?”

“Right,” Spike gulped, his mouth suddenly dry. He somehow managed to play it cool, though his cock was all but bursting at the thought of what was to come. Not to mention where.

So many delicious possibilities, he thought wickedly.

Faith didn’t bother to argue. Spike sure as hell wasn’t going to turn that down. Besides she could afford to let Buffy have her small victory. She’d still be the one who’d ‘bag’ Spike first. And then something occurred to her that sealed the deal.

“Sounds fair,” Faith shrugged, surprising her friend. And then Faith crawled over to them.

“Don’t worry B,” Faith whispered, when Buffy locked eyes with her, giving her a sharp look.

“Look. Don’t touch. Got it.”

“Hey, don’t I get a vote?” Spike chuckled, half put out.

“No,” Buffy and Faith chimed, in perfect unison, looking up at Spike.

“Go ahead B,” Faith said, glancing at Buffy, then grinning up at Spike. “This I gotta see.”

“You and me both pet,” Spike said, winking at Faith.

“Shut up,” Buffy huffed, taking a last moment to gather herself. And then she put her hands on his fly. Her fingers shook as she undid his button. She carefully unzipped him, her breath quickening as she noted the bulge up-close. And then Buffy began unwrapping Spike.

Inch-by-inch Buffy peeled away, her eyes getting wider and wider as he got thicker and thicker. When his jeans were finally pooled around his ankles, Buffy just stared, her mouth agape. He looked like one of those Greek statues at her mom’s museum. His cockhead was proud and swollen. It looked like delicious white marble. Her mouth watered.

Except freaking huge, she thought, trying to keep from hyperventilating.

Oh my god. I can’t. He’s too…..freaking huge. I……can’t.

But Buffy knew that there was no way in hell she was going to let Faith taste Spike first. She ran her eyes over him again, marveling at his beautiful skin.

Steely. Silky. Clean shaven. Like a fucking porn star. And hung like one too, her lust addled brain added.

“Christ blondie,” Faith hissed, licking her lips, her eyes lighting up, making Spike grin. “That’s a gorgeous prick you’ve got there.”

Faith felt a flood of renewed lust run through her, along with more than just a hint of jealousy at having to share. She’d always gotten a thrill out of regaling Buffy about her one night stands and gauging Buffy’s reaction-mostly irritation underlined by a tiny speck of interest. This would have been one for the books.

Piece of art like that deserves better than little miss inexperienced, Faith thought. And then she remembered her earlier thought.

Yeah, Faith reminded herself, watching Buffy part her lips and lean in. Let her have her little fun. Then I’ll show her how it’s really done. And her little dog too, Faith thought, looking up at Spike.

Big doggy, Faith corrected herself, eyeing Spike with relish. Big bad doggy.
Chapter End Notes:
Review. That's all i ask. And patience. All good things come to those who wait.....
Chapter 9 by harrisxander2
Spike inhaled deeply. Buffy was looking up at him with those gorgeous green eyes. Her glossy pink lips just inches away from where he wanted, no needed them to be. He could see the want in her eyes. But there was something else. A hint of holding back.

Spike resisted the rather ungentlemanly urge to take matters into his own hands and help her along. Buffy noticed that his hands were by his side and he was biting his lip. She wanted to hold off for a few more seconds, but was afraid she’d lose her nerve. So she planted a sweet kiss on Spike’s cockhead.

“Fuck,” Spike swore, the sensations going through him, right down to his toes.

The snooty, uptight, gorgeous blonde who’d so cruelly dismissed him from her presence earlier that evening was on her knees in front of him. Her emerald eyes shining with lust, her shiny pink lips sucking around his cockhead.

“Christ,” he swore, his hand gently stroking her cheek.

“So good luv.”

“Like that do you?” Buffy asked, amused, looking up at him. All she’d done is given him a little kiss. This was a lot easier than she thought. And a lot more fun. Celebrating her new found confidence, Buffy decided to experiment a little, giving his cockhead a small lick, as if he were an ice-cream cone, remembering the instructions of every girly magazine she had ever read.

“Good little cocksucker is she?” Faith asked, waggling her brows, gaining Spike’s attention for a moment.

“Am I?” Buffy asked playfully, trying to hide her annoyance at Faith’s interjection. “I can always stop….”

“I’d be happy to take over,” Faith said huskily.

Hurry up B, Faith thought, licking her lips and playing with her hair, her dark eyes dreamily glazing over at the thought of being pounded by this magnificent British specimen.Faith completely missed the dark look that Buffy shot her.

Because she’s too busy eye-fucking Spike, Buffy thought, watching Faith bite her lip. Un-fucking believable. Trying to divert Spike’s attention. When I’m doing this. Bitch.

To her chagrin, Spike glanced at Faith, grinning at her and giving her a wink.

Bastard, Buffy huffed, deciding to punish Spike by giving his cock-slit a tongue bath.

“Buffy,” Spike hissed, his hips twitching in warning.

God, he didn’t….well he did, but not yet. Not just yet

“Not my fault if you can’t hold it,” Buffy said acidly.

And then she slowly ran her tongue down the length of his cock. And back up again.

This time, he didn’t look away, she noted with satisfaction. Bastard.

Spike sighed, his hands as Buffy opened her mouth to take him in a little, then gently began sucking him off.

“Mmmm,” Faith said, mentally critiquing Buffy’s technique. “Not bad.”

I’ll have to give her a few pointers. And a practical demonstration later. Bet Spike will love that.

Buffy somehow managed to scowl at Faith with her mouth full, giving her a look Faith was only too familiar with, as she ran one hand up his stomach to scratch his abs, the other hand digging ainto his perfectly firm ass and squeezing.

“I can’t wait for you to cum,” Faith whispered in Spike’s ear. “All over that pretty little face.”

Faith smirked when Spike turned his face ever so slightly to look at her. That got his attention. As Faith knew it would.

“Think she’d let you?” Faith asked, glancing down at Buffy, then shook her head.

“I would,” Faith confided. “And I’d love it.”

Buffy saw Faith take Spike’s hand and place it on her breast. Spike gave Faith’s boobs a tender squeeze, weighing them in his hand. Faith responded with a mocking smirk. Spike’s eyes darkened. He squeezed again, this time hard. And Faith quivered.

Oh I got you, Spike thought as his fingers tweaked one of Faith’s perky nipples. I got you good baby.

Spike looked down to see Buffy carefully watching them. Spike gently stroked Buffy’s cheek with his fingers, making sure she knew she wasn’t forgotten. When Buffy shook his hand off her head, Spike knew right there that that wasn’t going to cut it. So he grasped Buffy’s shoulders then gently brought the blonde up to lay against him. He used his other hand to pulled Faith’s mouth to his for a fierce kiss, as his hand reached behind the brunette.

Faith thrust her tongue out at Spike, attempting to overwhelm him. It was just one of the many little mind games Faith loved to play in the sack. She got off on making guys bend to her will.

To her surprise and delight, Spike merely chuckled into her mouth. He unhooked Faith’s bra, then slid his hand down to cup her ass, playfully smacking one of her pretty ass cheeks, chiding her playfully.

Faith doubled her efforts with her mouth and tongue, attempting to wrest control by but Spike twisted his tongue around hers and kneaded it in a way that made her moan into his mouth.

Spike lay back against the headboard, pulling Faith until she was lying against him, on his right hand side. Spike slung his other arm around Buffy, maneuvering the tiny blonde on top of him, even as he continued to tongue kiss Faith.

Buffy rubbed herself against Spike to get his attention, her beautiful golden breasts drawing circles on Spike’s chest. Spike broke the kiss with Faith, took a gasp of precious air then turned his face to Buffy, swallowing her mouth in his.

Faith reaching out to gently brush Buffy’s hair off her face, then watched the blondes kiss. Buffy and Spike were kissing each other like the world was about to end. Maybe it was, Faith reflected. What a fucking way to go.

“Oh that’s what I like to see,” she rasped, reaching out to stroke Spike’s chest as he sucked on Buffy's tongue with his own. “Makes me all wet.”

“Mmmm,” Spike sighed, running an arm down Buffy’s back as the blonde dipped down to kiss his chest, running her tongue over her nipple. “Bet you’re not the only one.”

“Shut up Spike,” Buffy said, biting his chest as Faith and Spike exchanged a wicked smile. Faith laughed, slipping her bra off and tossing it away with a flourish, then touching Spike’s face to draw his attention to her.

“Come and get it baby,” Faith cooed, stroking Spike’s hair.
Nice, Spike thought, bending his head, his face nuzzling Faith’s cleavage.

Bigger than Buffy, he thought as he leisurely kissed the swell of Faith’s breasts, noting how enticing her large rosy nipples looked. Not as firm though, Spike thought as his tongue teased one nipple, before lapping at it. Still though. A right fantastic pair.

Mine are perkier, Buffy thought childishly as she watched Spike delighting in Faith’s breasts. She’d always known that she couldn’t compete size wise. But she thought that on the whole, her ‘package’ was more appealing.

Buffy’s eyes narrowed. Faith was putting on quite a show. The brunette was gasping, moaning and squealing as Spike’s tongue drew circles on her nipples. Spike glanced at Buffy. The blonde was stroking his chest with her fingers, and then tweaking his nipple a little too hard, glaring at Spike for good measure.

Spike chuckled, sitting up, using his strength to pull both Faith and Buffy into his lap, right next to each other. The girls slung their hands around Spike’s shoulders, their fingers meeting and locking behind him.

“Bloody fantastic view,” Spike grinned, his face smack dab between the two pairs of breasts. He rubbed his cheek against them then began taking turns to plant kisses, nip and lick both pairs. God, this was doing wonders for his ego.

Faith reached down to grasp Spike’s cock, but found Buffy’s hand already at the task. Faith ran her hand against Buffy’s but the blonde simply ignored Faith.

Oh, that’ll cost you, Faith thought, glancing at Buffy, who had shut her eyes and was moaning Spike’s name as he feasted on her breasts.

Spike cupped Faith’s pussy through her panties, earning a loud approving moan from the brunette. He smirked around Buffy’s breast, then switched to nuzzling Faith’s cleavage as he slipped his hand inside her panties.

Oh yeah, he thought, as his fingers experimentally stroked Faith’s quim. Tight, warm and wet.

Faith was impressed when Spike began pistoning a finger in and out of her then added another finger. Then he scissored his fingers inside her, making Faith squeal.

“F…Fuck,” Faith moaned as she grasped Spike’s wrist, then maneuvered him in the way she liked.

“That’s right,” Spike smirked. “Cum for me kitten.”

Faith howled in orgasm, grabbing Spike’s head and smashing her mouth to his for a deep tongue kiss.

God Faith was obnoxiously loud, Buffy thought as Faith came down from her high, sighing and stroking Spike's hair.

Spike turned his attention to Buffy gently bringing the blonde’s face down to his for a gentle kiss.

“We’ve had ours,” Faith said sighing deeply and stroking Buffy’s shoulders. “I think its Spike’s turn to cum.”

Buffy and Spike turned to look at Faith, with very different expressions. Spike looked as if all his dreams were about to cum true.

“You wanted to taste, remember,” Faith challenged Buffy, then looked squarely at Spike. “I wanna taste too.”

And with that Faith stroked Spike's chest. She came forward to plant kisses down his chest until she had slid down and onto her knees in front of him. And after a moment of hesitation, so did Buffy.
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Chapter 10 by harrisxander2
Spike spread himself wide onto the bed as Faith and Buffy climbed in behind him, slowly kissing their way down his chest.

Torturously slowly, Spike thought, running his hand down their smooth soft backs. They'll bloody pay for that later. He shuddered at the thought of making them pay, then closed his eyes to regain control.

Faith drew his attention by capturing a rippling ab between her pearly whites.

“Mmmmm,” Faith purred, biting the skin and mock chewing it, then inspecting her handiwork with pride. His flesh had turned a pretty shade of red. “That looks tasty.”

Faith confirmed her suspicions by lapping at his skin with a helping of tongue, making him growl. Her eyes shined with dark content and she let out a low husky laugh.

She-devil, Spike thought.

He looked over at Buffy, who was planting more of a chaste kiss on another ab, but with the slightest hint of tongue. Buffy's eyes were dancing with mischief, as if she couldn't believe she was getting away with this.

Like an angel falling to temptation, Spike thought.

“But this,” Faith said, dropping until she was resting easily over Spike's left thigh. Faith let her lips kiss his slender hip bone, then turned her face to admire his cock. “Now this is a fucking feast.”

Holy Shit, Faith thought, her eyes lighting up at the magnificent,
throbbing beast. It looked even better up close.

“Looks like Christmas came early this year B,” Faith grinned.

And hopefully blondie won't, she thought.

Buffy somehow managed to blush as Faith gently wrapped her fingers around the fat, bulbous tip, drawing a 'Christ' from Spike, then proceeded to give him a few experimental strokes. Faith made sure to flip her hair over her shoulders, wanting Spike to enjoy an unobstructed view of the proceedings.

Buffy's breathing quickened. Faith's hands were moving slowly over Spike's dick. Up and down. Down and up. Her palm spreading to massage him, then gently fondling his balls. All the while wearing a wicked smile.

Oh my god, Buffy thought once again. I can't believe I'm watching this. Doing this.

Buffy had never thought she'd be the kind of girl who'd do something so.....so...like Faith. And yet, she didn't want to stop. She was here. She was enjoying this. What was one wild night in a lifetime of safe, vanilla fun. That was what being young was all about right?

But Buffy remained where she was for the moment, planting kisses on Spike's smooth stomach, loving the feel and taste of his alabaster skin on her lips.

Delicious, she thought. She felt Spike's hand on her back, imploring her to go a bit lower and she did, nipping at an ab just shy of his stomach.

“Sucking first pet,” Spike reminded Faith, reaching his hand down to fondle one of Faith's large breasts. He pawed at one diamond hard nipple with his fingers, then rolled it, making Faith hum. “Then fucking.”

“Greedy bastard isn't he?” Faith quipped, positioning her mouth over Spike's cock.

“Coming B?” Faith asked, the slightest hint of mockery in her tone.

Buffy gave Faith a sharp look, understanding the challenge in her friend's eyes. Faith expected Buffy to chicken out. Buffy glanced up at Spike, seeing unabashed lust in his eyes but also understanding. She knew that he was dying for her to do this with Faith. And that she didn't have to. And that made her want to.

So Buffy put on a determined face and lowered herself so that she was balanced over Spike's right thigh. She even imitated Faith, flipping her golden hair back over her shoulders to let Spike enjoy the view.

The lucky son of a bitch in question sat up on his elbows, so that he could better watch his ultimate fantasy come true. Christ in heaven, he thought as he saw the girls' eyes run eager, lustful eyes over his cock. That only made him harder, which he thought was impossible.

Spike took a deep deep breath. He was about to experience what every red blooded male could only ever dream of. Two women worshipping at the altar of his manhood. And not just any two women. These magnificent goddesses. Now he knew what a bloody king felt like. Hell, right now he felt like a roman emperor.

Faith found her mouth watering. Normally she'd draw it out a little. Tease him until he begged for it. But not tonight. God, he was magnificent. Like a piece of marble.

“Sit tight B,” Faith said, reminding Buffy that she'd already tasted him earlier and that Faith wanted a little solo action before she joined in.

Spike let out a little growl of disappointment at that. He was desperate to see the visuals he'd conjured up in his mind ever since the three of them had left the bar together. The bloody sooner the better.

“Remember that saying about good things and waiting?” Faith asked, giving his dick a few not-so-gentle strokes, locking eyes with Spike, promising him that his ultimate fantasy would come true soon enough.

“It's all about the cum part,” Faith confided, before she planted a kiss squarely on the tip of his cockhead.

“Fuck,” Spike swore, unable to take his eyes off Faith's pouty red lips, which were at that moment were holding his manhoodin a tender embrace.

Faith held him between her lips for an interminable length of time before her lips parted, drawing him just a fraction deeper into her mouth.

Spike's hand was at the back of Faith's head in record time, bunching her hair up over her head. Faith shot Buffy a look that said 'such a
gentleman' even as she drew him deeper into her mouth, moaning as if her pleasure was as much as his.

Buffy alternated between watching Spike and Faith. She felt her body heat up even more and idly fanned herself. Buffy hadn't thought this would be possible, but she was dripping wet now. Just by watching Faith. And by the rapturous look on Spike's face as he watched Faith suck him off. Listening to his breathing. Watching his perfectly carved stomach muscles constrict and release with every bob of Faith's head.

Buffy couldn't held but lay a hand across those muscles, gasping when the little muscles flexed under her touch. It was like watching ripples across a pond. Buffy couldn't help but dig her fingernails in and leave little claw marks that made Spike hiss.

Meanwhile Faith was giving the performance of her lifetime. Sucking Spike's cock like it was all she'd ever wanted. Slowly. Sensually. Her lips parting wider and wider as she took him deeper and deeper. Moaning from the back of her throat. As if it were ambrosia.

And the Oscar goes to.... Buffy thought, her eyes narrowing slightly.

Faith's let Spike's cock 'pop' out of her mouth for a moment, then let her tongue flicker all over his cockhead, a smile curling around the corner of her mouth. Spike moaned, and his hips twitched, but he managed to keep himself from cumming.

Colour me impressed, Faith thought. Blondie's got some staying power.

Most guys she'd been with had shot their load at that first dance with Faith's talented tongue. Faith hadn't bothered sticking around too long after she'd gotten off her rocks. But this one seemed like a keeper.

“Yummy,” Faith declared, even as she peppered his cockhead with small soft kisses. “Now I'm not sure if I want to share.”

Buffy scoffed at Faith's declaration. Loudly.

"Just kidding B,” Faith said, directing Spike's cock in Buffy's direction.
“Cum and get it.”

Buffy couldn't believe it. The nerve of Faith. The bitch.

“I'm not your whore,” Buffy retorted, peeling Faith's fingers off Spike's cock even as Spike raised an eyebrow at that thought.

“Not yet,” Spike quipped, gasping.

“Shut up,” Buffy said, never looking up at Spike.

“Make me,” he grinned.

So Buffy did. The only way she knew how. By drawing his cock into her warm willing mouth. Slowly. Spike shuddered, then moaned, when she began drew in her cheeks, sucking him off.

Spike couldn't believe how innocent she looked at this moment. It was beyond him. how she could look so innocent while she was doing this. Her eyes as wide as a kitten. That cute as a button nose breathing heavily. Her still glossy lips moving lower and lower and lower. And just as that thought hit him, he felt it. Her tongue lapping at his cockhead. Hungrily. And Spike was moaning her name.

Buffy let him 'pop' out of her mouth, then wiped her excess saliva with the back of her hand. She waggled her brows at Faith as if to say 'your turn.'

Faith was offended. Who did little miss goody-too-shoes think she was dealing with? Faith had been giving head since she was a freshman. When Buffy had been practicing waving her pom-poms, Faith had been 'servicing' the captain of the football team under the bleachers. And the assistant coach if need be. Anything for school spirit right?

So Faith redoubled her efforts. This time she even took his balls into her mouth, which made Buffy roll her eyes. And then it was Buffy's turn and she was lapping at Spike's balls too. And rolling them around in her mouth.

The lucky sod hadn't said a word since this little contest began. He'd been more than content to let the girls pass him around from mouth to mouth. He'd kept his hand busy, massaged their beautiful breasts, stroked their cheeks and playing with their shiny hair.

But suddenly, Spike felt the urge to take control. That was when Spike pushed their heads together. The girls turned to look at him with raised eyebrows, then each other. Their 'can you believe the nerve of this son of a bitch?' expressions perfectly mirrored each other.

Faith shrugged it off first, as Spike knew she would. She came forward, to kiss and suck at the left side his cock. But this time, she left enough room for Buffy to join her, crooking her finger at Buffy in a come hither motion. Buffy sat there for a moment, watching her best friend. And then, she looked at Spike. Never taking her eyes off him, Buffy leant forward to kiss the right side of his cock.

Spike had no words. No thoughts. The feeling of their soft mouths on his manhood—together—was indescribable. The sight was beyond intoxicating. It was all he could do to draw breath and shudder. Spike was in heaven. He just knew it. He'd died and gone to heaven. There was no other explanation. Not for this moment.

Buffy and Faith were kissing his cock. Together. Looking at him. Spike couldn't take his eyes off them. Or off his lucky prick, which was, at this moment, the centre of the universe, as far as he was concerned.
What happened next nearly undid him.

Faith's eyes flickered to Buffy, who, feeling Faith's eyes on her, angled her face towards Faith's a little. A look passed between them as they came to some sort of understanding. Faith began enveloping Spike's large bulbous tip in her mouth, even as she allowed her lips to brush up against Buffy's. And if that wasn't enough to make things clear, Faith caressed Buffy's cheek with the back of her hand.

Kiss me B, Faith's eyes said. I want you to kiss me.

Buffy, who was already on the edge, decided to fall over. So she spread her lips wide and kissed Faith, letting their mouths surround Spike's cock completely.

“Fuck,” Spike moaned, as he watched the girls suck face in the middle of the blowjob.

Faith took it up a notch, wrapping her hand in Buffy's hair, kissing her passionately. With enough tongue to make a frenchman blush. Buffy, never one to back down, returned Faith's tongue bath with her own.

Spike hissed. Too much, he thought.

Their hot little tongues were flickering around his cockhead as they teased each other. Hungrily. Spike opened his mouth to speak, but he could only find a strangled sob. That drew their eyes to him, even as they french kissed around his cock. Spike's eyes watered. His body began to tremble. His cock felt like it was aflame. Every muscle flexed as tight as a cord. He held on for as long as he could Until he could take no more. And then Spike was spilling his load—right between their tongues.

Buffy froze when she felt his jizz splash onto her tongue. She could swear she heard it sizzle. It was pleasantly warm. Her second thought was that there was so much of it. Enough to quickly fill her up her mouth, that was for sure. It seemed like Spike had an endless supply. Enough to make her pull back to avoid gagging.

Buffy knew she'd be outraged if she were in her right mind, which, the last time she checked, she certainly was not. Buffy rolled her tongue, trying to determine his flavour.

Tasted a little like chicken, she thought, at first reflection, then licked lips, leaving a shiny coating of cum on her lips.Huh, she thought. Seems a little fruity to me. I wonder why I thought it was chickeny?

Faith, meanwhile, hadn't skipped a beat. She didn't blink, or do a double-take. No, little miss muffet went right for the tuffet, opening wide and letting his cum fill up her mouth, swallowing as much as she could.

“Tasty,” Faith declared, swirling her tongue around her own mouth. “I see somebody's been having a lot of fruit in their diet.” Faith found herself wanting more. And since Spike was in no position to do anything other than sigh, she decided to take matters into her own hands. Faith grabbed the base of Spike's cock and began pumping, squeezing every last drop out of him, gratefully swallowing.

Buffy couldn't help but feel a little left out. She'd barely tasted him. It was as if Faith had practically run her over at the buffet table. Greedy bitch, she thought. Not that it was Spike's fault. He was practically unconscious at this point. He was watching Faith and Buffy with a smiling, half-sleepy look on his face. But still, Buffy reflected.

“Bloody......” he croaked, cleared his throat and took a moment to catch his breath, as he ran a shuddering hand through his hair. “That was......Christ.”

“That was just the appetizer,” Faith grinned.

“Then I can't wait for dinner,” Spike chuckled, grabbing Faith by the arm and pulling her up and into his arms as Faith let out a sultry laugh. Buffy was about to point out something about being chopped liver when Spike interrupted.

“Not to mention dessert,” Spike said, grabbing Buffy and pulling her to him as well.

Ew, Buffy wanted to protest, when he kissed her deeply, massaging her scalp. Now his tongue was in her mouth and he was tasting his own cum. But it didn't seem like Spike cared all that much. So after a brief moment of protest, Buffy caved. Faith watched the heated kiss with a smile.

Fuck yeah, Faith thought. Now that's what I call a party.

A moment later, Spike had turned his face to Faith, grabbed her face and smashed his lips to hers. This time it was Buffy's turn to watch, with heated breath and a glazed over stare. And then Buffy and Faith were kissing again. And on and on it went. Until the three of them found themselves joined at the mouths. Again.

Spike directed the girls to the bathroom, then went to fetch some water for the three of them.

“Grab my purse B,” Faith said, as the girls used a whole heap of tissue paper to clean themselves up. When Buffy returned she was greeted by her friend smiling like a cheshire cat.

“Having fun B?” Faith said.

“Actually....yes,” Buffy giggled.

“Hand me my purse,” Faith said. “Quickly.”

“What do you want?” Buffy asked.

“I need to fix my makeup before Spike gets back,” Faith said, examining her reflection in the mirror. “God I'm a hot mess.”
Buffy scoffed.

“You could use a little sprucing up yourself,” Faith added.

“Please,” Buffy rolled her eyes. “Like I'm that shallow. I don't have to look perfect all the time.”

Buffy turned to the mirror, running her hands through her hair, then seemed to think the better of it. She leaned over and began rifling through Faith's beauty care products.

“Shut up,” Buffy grumbled.

“I didn't say anything,” Faith shrugged.

“Slut,” Faith added, under her breath.

“Bitch,” Buffy responded, under her breath, as she capped her lipstick.

“Whore,” Faith retorted.

And then both girls were laughing.

When Spike returned with the water. the girls were waiting for him in bed. After a few greedy sips, they settled in against the headboard. For the next few minutes, they rested. Snuggled up together. Exploring each others' bodies. Exchanging soft kisses. Buffy and Spike. Faith and Spike. Buffy and Faith.

Spike felt his cock beginning to stir as he watched Buffy and Faith play an extended one-on-one game of tonsil tennis. Not that he was feeling left out. If this shit was on pay-per-view he would be hooked for life. Hell, the girls seemed pretty into kissing each other. Part of it, he knew was for his benefit. However, it seemed as if there was an underlying current of sexual tension between Buffy and Faith.

Especially Faith. The way Faith had been kissing Buffy suggested she'd had her share of naughty thoughts about the blonde and had been waiting for an opportunity to cut loose. And Spike was more than willing to help fan those flames. After he'd shagged them so hard they'd have trouble walking for a month.

Speaking of which.... Spike furrowed his brow. Something seemed to occur to him.

“Bloody hell,” Spike swore. “You're still wearing your panties!”

He shook his head, as if to wonder when he became such a big poofter. As incredible as the double blowjob had been, Spike could think of nothing better than making love to one of these beautiful women as the other watched and waited her turn. He could barely believe he'd waited this long. The incredulous look on his face caused the girls to giggle and break apart, momentarily.

“I guess you're right,” Faith said. The brunette put her arms around Buffy's shoulders, then pulled Buffy close, letting their breasts mash together again. It was an intoxicating sight.

“I love your panties B,” Faith said, stroking one long blonde strand of Buffy's hair, twirling it around her finger. “So pink and pretty. So Buffy.”

This time Buffy didn't need a hint. She decided to play along.

“Yours are nice too,” Buffy said. “Red is so classy.”

The girls noticed that Spike hadn't said a word. When they looked back at him they noticed that he was too busy stroking his cock. With a gleam in his eye.

“Well, well, well,” Faith said. “Looks like little Spike is back in action.”
“Doesn't look so little to me,” Buffy said, her eyes dropping to watch him stroke himself.

“Lose the panties,” Spike said. Ordered, really.

“Which one of us you talking to?” Buffy asked, a teasing lilt in her voice.

“Both of you,” Spike said.

The girls whispered into each others ears, giggling as they did so. Teasing him was so much fun.

“Nuh-uh,” Faith said. “These panties don't come off for just any Tom, Dick and Harry Mr.”

“Well, maybe dick,” Buffy quipped, which made the girls titter with amusement.

“If you want em...” Faith taunted.

And Spike was more than happy to oblige, reaching out to grab them both and bring them to him. The playfulness turned serious as the three of them exchanged looks, reaching an understanding that left absolutely no doubt as to what was going to happen next.

Spike kissed Buffy first. For a long time. Running his hands all over her body. Especially through her beautiful blonde hair. Only when he was satisfied that Buffy was completely under his thrall did he guide her to lie on her side

Only then did he turn to Faith, gently disentangled himself from Buffy, even as he stole a soft kiss from her beautiful lips, vowing to return.

“Come here,” he ordered Faith.

“Make me,” Faith said, taking two steps backwards and away from the bed.

Spike knew she wasn't going to come quietly. That she'd put up a fight. It's what she'd wanted, of course. What she'd needed. What she'd been looking for. He could see it in her eyes. She wanted to be taken.

Spike stalked Faith. Playfully. She moved to the right and he cut her off. Ditto with the left. Finally, Faith left the bed, moving backwards. When her back hit the wall, Spike smirked. She was his.

When he moved to take her in his arms, Faith let him. Or pretended to, at the very least. She pushed him off with surprising strength, then spun away, laughing.

Buffy found herself frozen in place. As if she were in a trance. Watching them with a mixture of fascination and ardour. Her eyes were fixated on his form. He moved like a predator. Like a lion seeking its prey. Which at that moment was Faith.

“Tch tch,” Faith mocked, shaking her head. “Did you really think it would be that easy?”

“No,” Spike grinned. “Counted on it.”

Faith feinted left and Spike stepped to his right. She darted right, grinning when he cursed under his breath, his arms grasping nothing but air.

Man, she was enjoying this way too much. At this point, sex would only be a let down. Faith was in the middle of that thought when suddenly she found herself airborne.

What the hell? she thought. A moment later she realised that he'd moved faster than she'd believed was possible, and plucked her from mid air and slung her over his shoulder caveman style.

Faith wasn't ready to give in yet. She fought as he walked towards the bed. Tried to wriggle free. Clawed at him with her perfectly manicured nails. Leaving scratches all over his body. Cursed him.

But Spike remained undeterred, carrying Faith back to the bed.
Finally, he slamming Faith down onto the mattress, driving the air out of her. Right next to Buffy. Then he climbed on top of Faith.

“Bastard,” Faith swore, struggling to throw him off. But Spike knew she couldn't. He'd pinned her down. Besides, she was enjoying this. He could see it in her eyes.

Spike hissed, feeling a surge of anger when Faith used her nails to rake at his face, which drew a gasp from Buffy. Spike grabbed Faith's wrists, then locked her hands together and placed them over her head.

“Bitch!,” Spike said, his eyes taking the sting out of the harsh word.
“I ought to draw you across my lap and give you a good old fashioned spanking.”

“Later,” Faith said. “But right now it seems like we're having a good old fashioned Mexican stand off.”

“Although I wonder how long you can keep....standing,” she taunted, “Not too long I bet.”

Spike's jaw twitched.

“Buffy,” he said. The blonde seemed to snap out of her daze. She'd gone AWOL for a moment there. It was as if she'd been watching a movie. A filthy, filthy movie.

“Yes,” Buffy croaked.

“Take Faith's panties off for me,” Spike said.

“Huh?” Buffy blinked. Once. Twice. Thrice. Did he just ask her to....

“Take em off,” Spike said, gesturing to the offending garment in question.

Buffy was dumbstruck. She was struck dumb. Take Faith's panties off? For him? “Oh,” she said, aloud. Stupidly. As the realisation
struck her. Faith's voice interrupted the conversation she had going in her head.

“Oh that's rich,” Faith snorted. “Recruiting Ms Goody Two Shoes for help in the kink department. Keep dreaming blondie.”

Buffy raised her brows so high they almost disappeared from her face.

“I mean, no offence B,” Faith said hastily. “This just doesn't seem your line of flavour. Some people like chocolate. Others prefer vanilla.”

“Vanilla?” Buffy said. “I'm fucking vanilla?” Her voice rose an octave
with every word. “I'll show you fucking vanilla.”

And with that, Buffy raked Faith's stomach with her nails. Hard enough to draw a cry of pain from the brunette and leave a sinister smile on Spike's face.

“B,” Faith warned. “Think about this. He's playing us against each other.”

Buffy paused. Contemplating her friend's words.

“Are you?” Buffy asked Spike.

“Me?” Spike said, putting on an innocent face. “Why I never....”

Buffy's eyes narrowed. “Shut up Spike,” she said, glaring at him.
Faith let out a little whoop of celebration. “Go B. Now get him off me so we can get both the fuck out of....”

But Buffy didn't. She just gave Faith a look that said, help yourself.

“Come on B,” Faith said. “Stop playing. Help a girl out.”

As much as Spike was enjoying this little interplay, he found himself growing more and more impatient. He was like a man starving at a delicious all you can eat buffet.

“Buffy,” Spike said. Buffy shot him a look that dared him to speak.

Spike said. After a long look, he sighed deeply. “Please,” he said.

Buffy tried her best not to, but the corner of her mouth ghosted upwards.

“Pretty please?” she asked, sliding close to him. Offering up her neck for his mouth. This time it was Spike's turn to smirk. Oh, she was playing with him now, was she?

“Pretty please,” Spike concurred, pressing gentle kisses to her flesh as her hands ghosted over his muscles.

“With sugar on top?” Buffy asked. Innocently. It was an innocent question. Nothing dirty about it. Not a smidgeon of filth. Only a depraved mind would interpret it as such.

Buffy let out a small sigh when his tongue emerged to lap her neck, then dropped to tease one of her nipples.

“Yes sugar,” Spike said. “So bloody tasty you are.”

Buffy rolled her eyes, even as he lapped at her nipple, getting it nice and stiff. So bloody subtle.

“Hey!” Faith protested. “How come she gets to...”

“Shush you,” Spike said. Then he took Buffy's nipple into his mouth and sucked on it.

“Promise me,” Buffy whimpered. “I get to be on top.”

Spike looked up at her, from around her nipple.

“I bloody promise,” Spike said, kissing her breast.

“Say it,” she ordered. “Say the bloody words.”

Seven hells, Spike thought. She was mocking him in a faux accent. The nerve of the little minx. He'd get her for that later. But right now, it was time to play nice.

Mmm, he thought, very nice indeed.

“You get to be on top,” he vowed. “The first time,” he added. Pointedly.

Buffy looked deep into his eyes. Only when determined his words were true, did she left a gentle peck on his lips. Then another. And another. Then she slid lower. Spike kept Faith pinned down, even as he made room for Buffy.

“B,” Faith said, warning her. “I swear to god,....”

“Shut up Faith,” Buffy said. She hesitated. Her hands gripped Faith's delicate panties. They were so red. So soft in her hands. So flimsy. Buffy's fingers trembled a little as she began tugging at them. Inch by inch, Buffy exposed more and more of Faith's flesh. All the while exchanging amorous looks with Spike.

“Wait,” Faith said.

“You're not in control here kitten,” Spike said. “Just the way you want it. So shut your bloody gob.”

“Take if off with your mouth,” Faith said, fixing her friend with a stare. Buffy, somehow, managed to blush. One look at Spike confirmed that he was extremely in favour of this idea. And a tad disappointed he hadn't thought of it himself.

“Yeah,” Spike said. “Let's see you put that pretty little mouth to good use.”

Buffy bit her lip, then dove in, head first. Spike's mouth watered as he saw Buffy tug at Faith's red panties with her teeth, her eyes locked on him.

Already, Spike was having visions of Buffy and Faith in the classic 69 position. As he did all sorts of delectable things to their bottoms. Oh that would be a tasty thing indeed, Spike thought. But first things first.

All he wanted was to bury himself balls deep in the pair of them and shag their pretty little brains out. Definitely more than a couple of times each. The rest could wait.

“Yeah,” Spike rasped. “Take it off. Nice and slow.”

Buffy peeled back the panties as much as she could using just her teeth before they snagged behind Faith. The brunette lifted up her bottom, abandoning all pretense to allow Buffy to drag the panties down to Faith's thighs. Buffy couldn't help but sneak a look at Faith's pussy. It was completely bare and absolutely dripping wet. For a moment she felt glad she'd shaved her pussy too. When Buffy caught a whiff of Faith's juices she was gripped by the absurd urge to taste it.

Don't be ridiculous, Buffy told herself. You're not gay. But she felt that need pulse within her. Buffy didn't know why she did it, but she kissed Faith's thigh and used her hands to tear Faith's panties off. The chuckle that Spike gave her told her he heartily approved of her actions.

Spike was keeping himself busy as he enjoyed the show. He used the distraction to transfer both of Faith's wrists to one of his hands, then grabbed a small part of the bedsheet and tore it off. He quickly tied Faith's wrists together, then looped the cloth around the bedpost.

“Free at last,” Spike said, bringing his hands up to Faith's face. Only then did Faith realise that Spike had played her. Thoroughly.

“Son of a bitch,” Faith swore.

“Tsk tsk,” Spike said. “You suck my dick with that mouth?”
And with that, he reached down to clamp one hand over Faith's pussy.

“Fuck yo....,” Faith gasped, as he expertly massaged her quim, then penetrated her with a single finger. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh.”

“So wet for me,” Spike sneered.

Or did Buffy get you all riled up? Spike wondered, keeping that thought to himself. For now. Either way, Spike didn't care. As long as Faith was screaming his name when she came, he didn't give a toss if she was bloody well thinking about the Pope taking a shit in the woods.

“In a moment,” Spike said. “That's a bloody promise.”

“Come here luv,” Spike said, beckoning to Buffy, leaving Faith high and wet. For the moment. Buffy obeyed, sliding up to him. Spike pulled her to him and kissed her with plenty of tongue.

“You wanna see it?” Spike asked, nuzzling her face with his.

“See what?” Buffy asked. She knew though. She knew.

“Come on,” Spike said. “There's no one else here. It's just us. Say it.”

“I can't,” Buffy said.

“Say it,” Spike pleaded.

Buffy shut her eyes. Rubbed her face against his.

“I wanna see it,” she whispered.

“See what?” Spike asked. Innocently. That made her mad. So she slapped his chest. Hard enough to leave a bright red welt. Spike remained unmoved.

“Say the bloody words,” Spike said.

She slapped his chest again. In the exact same spot. The welt turned a darker shade of red. This time, she kissed the spot, then soothed his ache with a whole heap of tongue.

“S'il vous plait mon cher?” Spike whispered.

Please, my love?

Buffy froze. French. Oh, he was the devil. He had to be. It was like he knew her every weakness. She was absolutely head over heels for everything French. Had been since high school. Dreamed of a Paris romance. But she wasn't ready to admit it. Not yet.

“Non,” Buffy said. Then she bit his chest. Making him yelp. But Spike was encouraged. She'd responded in kind. He was close.

“Chaton,” Spike, running his hand through her hair.

Kitten, Buffy thought. He was calling her his kitten.

“Pas votre chaton,” Buffy said.

Not your kitten.

“S'il vous plait,” Spike begged. “Je vais mourir.”

Please. I'm dying.

“Donc mourir deja,” Buffy said.

So die already.

“Si cruel mon amour,” Spike whispered.

So cruel, my love.

That made Buffy laugh. Suddenly, Buffy was gripped by a madness she couldn't understand.

“Oui,” Buffy said.


“Oui?” Spike asked. “Oui qoui?”

Yes? Yes what?

Buffy froze. What was the word? Oh god, what was the word?

“Baiser,” Buffy said, looking up at him, then looking at Faith. Fuck her.

Her best friend was watching them. Intently.

“Baiser,” Buffy said again. Fuck her.

That word seemed to bring something out in Buffy. Perhaps just the sound of it. It sounded so erotic. Besides, talking in French seemed to give her a freedom she'd never found in her own tongue. It allowed her to give voice to her most intimate thoughts.

“Baiser mon meilleur ami.” Buffy said, looking deep into his eyes.
Biting her lip.

Fuck my best friend.

“Je veux te regarder baiser Faith,” Buffy said breathlessly. “S'il vous plait.”

I want to watch you fuck Faith. Please.

Spike was speechless. Just for a moment. This was perhaps, the most turned on he'd ever been in his life. Then he regained his composure.

“Je vais baiser votre meilleur ami,” he declared.

I'm going to fuck your best friend.

“Et puis je vais vas te faire encule,” Spike promised.

And then I'm going to fuck you.

“Promettre?” Buffy asked.


“Oui,” Spike said.

“Oui,” Faith grinned, spreading herself eagle. “Baise-moi.”

Yes. Fuck me.

Buffy felt like slapping Faith. Talking dirty to Spike in French was her thing. Well, it had been, for the last minute or two. Still.

Puta, Buffy thought. Whore.

No wait, that's Spanish, she frowned.

Meanwhile Spike settled between Faith's legs, enjoying the sight of having the brunette completely at his mercy. She was a vision. All trussed up for him.

Her pussy was dripping wet. Spike lowered his face to between her thighs, then took a hearty sniff of her quim. She smelled absolutely delicious. It made his mouth water and cock throb to an almost painful extent.

Spike vowed he'd spent some quality time between those beatiful legs. Going down on a woman was something he rather enjoyed doing. But for now, he just wanted a little taste. Spike withdrew his fingers, looking at them glisten with her natural juices. He was tempted to taste her on them, but Spike decided he'd prefer to pay a visit to the source. Still, he thought. A beautiful woman's cum was a terrible thing to waste. Suddenly, an idea struck him.

“Veux gouter se chatte?” he asked Buffy, holding his fingers up to her mouth.

Wanna taste her pussy?

Buffy raised an eyebrow. Their eyes met and held. Arguing. Debating. Negotiating. Until they reached an understanding.

Finally, Buffy took Spike's hands in her own and brought it close to her mouth. Then, slowly, Buffy licked Spike's fingers. Clean.

“Et?” Spike asked, impressed. He didn't think she had that in her, to be honest.Buffy looked very much like the kitty who'd gotten the cream. Spike smirked at that thought.


Oh, she'd gotten the cream all right. Faith's cream. And I bet Faith would just love to return the favour.

Buffy seemed to consider her answer. Carefully. Then an impish smile crossed her face.

“Finger Lickin bonne,” she said, her beautiful green eyes glittering.

Finger licking good

And with a smirk, Spike took a deep, long lick of Faith's pussy.
Pumping Faith's breast with a hand as he did. His eyes never left Buffy even as his tongue penetrated deep into Faith's quim.

“Fuck,” Faith gasped, her eyes watering.

“Dans un moment, ma douce,” Spike said.

In a moment, my sweet.

“Fuck that's delicious,” Spike said, pulling back to revell in the
brunette's tangy taste by swirling his tongue around inside his own mouth.

Then he grabbed Buffy, pulling her to him for a long, passionate French kiss. This time she didn't resist. In fact, she seemed to enjoy tasting Faith on his tongue.

“Laissez-moi vous gouter ma douce,” Spike whispered, cupping

Buffy's face, tugging at her panties.

Let me taste you. My sweet.

Buffy bit her lip. Then nibbled on his.

“Non,” Buffy said. “Pas encore.”

Not yet.

Spike growled. Buffy soothed him by stroking his hair.

“Bientot,” she promised.


“Mais d'abord...” she added, glancing at Faith.

But first.

“Je veux te regarder baiser Faith,” Buffy ordered.

I want to watch you fuck Faith.

Faith saw Buffy whisper something in Spike's ear. Saw them exchange a heated look. She made a mental note to ask Buffy about it later. And with that mysterious instruction, Spike set off on his mission. He made sure to lay her Buffy down by Faith's side, giving her the best seat in the house. The girls exchanged a steamy look as Spike untied Faith's hands, then grabbed her legs and prissed them apart, making the brunette cry out in a heady mixture of pain and pleasure.

Spike knelt between Faith's legs, taking a good, long look at her. She was downright succulent. Spike noted how wet she was. How firm and stiff her large pink nipples were. The goosepimples on her skin.

Spike reached to the bedside table, then opened a drawer, pulling out a whole pack of condoms and dumping them on the table.

“You don't need those baby,” Faith said.

Spike raised his brow.

She was offering to let him fuck her raw?

“Faith,” Buffy gasped.

The girls exchanged a meaningful look.

What if you get pregnant? Buffy's eyes asked.

It's cool B, Faith's eyes told her. It's all five by five.

“You sure?” Spike asked. His brows furrowed.

“You don't need to worry about a thing,” Faith said. “Trust me.”

Spike knew he should put on the condom. That was the sane, safe thing to do. He knew that. But a huge part of him hungered to take Faith without a condom. And hell, this was a crazy night. Why not go with it.

Just for a lil bit, he told himself. Just to see what it feels like. I'll pull out and go on her stomach and use the condom next time. And Spike was planning on having plenty of next times with Faith. Perhaps almost immediately after his first time with Buffy, if he could manage it.

“Right then,” Spike said, his jaw tightening. “Time to party.”

Buffy watched Spike climb Faith's body. Slowly. Gracefully. He moved like a predator, she thought, admiring once again, how lithe and muscular he was, how his tanned muscles rippled as he moved. Buffy saw Spike position himself right on top of Faith, who spread her legs wide for him. Buffy saw him take himself in his hand, then position himself at Faith's entrance. She heard Faith gasp as he rubbed his cock against her. And then he looked at Buffy. And she, once again, found herself captivated by those fierce blue eyes.

“Yeah,” Faith grinned. “Give it to me good baby.”

Spike somehow managed to tear his eyes away from the vision that was Buffy. To the absolutely ravishing brunette that awaited his attention. Once again, Spike sent up a thank you to any gods that were responsible for his current abundance of good fortune. And then he decided to stop tempting fate.

Spike tapped his cock against Faith's quim. Once. Twice. Thrice. Making her hum with pleasure. Just the tip Willy, he thought. Just the tip. Nice and slow. Make it last.

So he nudged his cockhead inside her. Letting out a shaky, pleasurable breath as he did. His body shuddering at the wonderful feeling.

Christ, he thought. She felt like silk.

Faith gasped when he nudged his cockhead inside her. Her eyes grew as wide as saucers, then screwed shut. Damn he was filling her up real nice, she thought. He's a big un.

Buffy still couldn't believe she was doing this. Watching this.
Listening to this. But she was. She watched Spike's cock enter Faith pussy. Watched them become one being. Watched their bodies quivering with pleasure. It was she that had whispered in Spike's ear a moment ago.

And before I forget, Buffy had whispered in French. You don't get to fuck me. Unless you make Faith scream.

Spike snuck a glance at Buffy. She was playing with her shiny blonde hair as she watched them. The very picture of innocence. God, he wanted her so much it made his cock throb. Which reminded him....

He looked down at Faith. Inside whose pussy his cock was throbbing. Christ William, he thought. Focus. Focus, damn you.

But Faith was only grinning. Faith noticed that he was holding himself back. Giving her time to adjust to his size. His girth. Such a gentleman, she thought. Wickedly. We'll have to change that.

“Don't hold back baby,” Faith cooed, gripping his shoulders, her nails digging into him. “I can take it.”

“Yeah?” Spike asked.

He thrust his hips just a little, pushing his cock about an inch inside her.

“Y.....Yuh.....huh.....,” Faith moaned. “Yeah.”

“Not your first rodeo eh?” he asked as he extended his hips, driving his cock another inch deeper into her.

“Nuh uh,” Faith said, breathing heavily. “Not even close.”

“Oh god.” she gasped when he pumped his hips again, letting her pussy take another inch or two of him. Faith prepared herself as best she could. She wondered what Buffy made of their little conversation. If her best friend understood that Faith had just given Spike the green signal. To fuck her as hard as he pleased.

Much to Faith's annoyance, Spike began pulling out of her. Slowly. She grabbed a fistful of his ass and pushed hard, making what she wanted crystal clear. But Spike simply grabbed her wrist with his hand and intertwinedtheir fingers, bringing it over her head. When Faith opened her mouth to protest, Spike bought her silence with a long kiss that left them both gasping for air.

Faith looked down. He'd withdrawn from her almost completely. She could still feel his tip inside her.

Did he want her to beg? The bastard.

Well, too bad. Faith wasn't the begging kind. If that's what he was waiting for, he'd be waiting till the cows came home. And they'd be the only ones that would be coming.

Faith was about to apprise Spike of this fact, when he suddenly reared back and drove his hips forward. Hard. Burying himself
completely inside her in one stroke.

“F....F.....Fuck,” Faith gasped.

Jesus. He was big. Maybe too big. Fuck. Fuck.

“Too much?” he asked.

They were nose to nose. She could see the smugness in his eyes.

He knew, Faith thought. The bastard.

Faith resolved not to give him the satisfaction. Well, any more satisfaction than she already was.

“N.....Nuh....” Faith began, then had to pause to catch her breath.

That made him smirk.

“Not. Even. Close,” she said, through gritted teeth. And then, as if to throw out a challenge, Faith grabbed his lower lip between her teeth and tugged on it. Hard.

Spike let out a low, deep chuckle. Oh he was going to enjoy this. He sat up slightly, taking a firm hold of Faith's hips. Positioning both of them perfectly. He glanced at Buffy, then looked back at Faith. And then he began pumping away.
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