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05/18/17 04:16 am
pj! I remember wishing one of your stories would be finished seriously about a decade ago. Amazing. I just tried an old password I used to use and amazingly got in too. Memories!
03/20/17 01:20 am
10 yrs later, i finally rem my username and password. Pari, you rock. Hope you are well.
12/23/16 01:12 pm
I donate every month. Please donate to keep this site up!
10/06/16 08:34 am
Great post.
08/31/16 03:45 pm
And anyone else who loves this site, it's worth mentioning there's a nifty little "Donate" option just below the shout box here! ;)
08/31/16 03:43 pm
Just wanted to take a moment to thank Pari and all the mods for maintaining such a great site!


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Authors Chapter Notes:
Hugs to Ariel Dawn for beta this and never once complaining about it’s length.

Chapter Two: History Lesson

Nikole reappeared after 20 minutes, freshly cleaned and dressed. Spike was watching TV and looked up as she entered. She started to pack up her toiletries, zipping her bags closed within a few minutes, and disposing of her ruined clothes in the trashcan.

“Alright, I think I’m ready to go,” Nikole said picking up the 2 bags she had. Spike nodded his head at her and then led the way out of the room. Nikole checked out and joined Spike outside where he was waiting for her, smoking a cigarette, his puffs of smoke disappearing into in the darkened sky.

“So where’s your car luv?” he asked flicking his cigarette down and crushing it beneath the tip of his Doc.

“This way,” Nikole answered as she began to walk to the small parking area. Her car was one of the 5 cars sitting in the lot. It was a Honda Del Sol, painted blood red, the windows tinted.

“Nice ride pet,” Spike commented as Nikole popped the trunk and put her stuff in.

“Thanks. The windows are a special kind that let me drive it during the day. It’s my favorite of all my cars,” she commented, closing the trunk and pressing a button on her keys to unlock the door. Spike raised an eyebrow at her which she answered with a smile as they slipped into the car. With ease, Spike directed her to Clem’s house.

Within ten minutes they rolled to a stop outside of Clem’s house, Nikole parking in front. Spike waited patiently for her by Clem's front door as she locked her car up. Their vampiric hearing told both of them that Clem and a bunch of people were inside. Nikole had to suppress her laughter as she heard Clem try to quiet the group on the other side of the door.

“You ready?” Nikole asked Spike her hand resting on the doorknob.

Throwing open the door, Nikole braced herself for the one word she expected to hear from the assembled guests.


“Nikole come in,” Clem said grabbing her arm and pulling her in.

Spike followed after her and shut the door behind him. The mysterious vampire was soon lost in the crowd as they welcomed her and introduced her to new people.

An hour later Nikole had managed to meet everyone in the room and find a spot to sit down at the kitchen counter, where several bottles of liquor sat. Grabbing a glass, she poured herself a shot and gulped it down.

“So this is some party for you,” Spike remarked as he approached her, surverying the room. There were a handful of different demons milling about and a couple of vamps.

“Yeah, was kind of hoping the Clem wouldn’t do this. Most of them I know,” she said nodding her head to the groups that were gathered. “There are only a few here that I don’t.”

“How is it that all of ‘em know you and I have no sodden clue who you are?” This got a chuckle from Nikole.

“Spike, they all know me because I’ve either helped someone they know or I’ve helped them. Or in a special case, such as Clem, they have helped me.”

“So, you still want to try and talk to the Slayer tonight?” Spike asked.

“No, I’ll do it tomorrow. I have a feeling this is going to go on for a while,” Nikole replied, taking off her jacket and rolling her shoulders.

“Hey Nikole!” Clem shouted and motioned for her.

“Duty calls,” Nikole said, getting up, leaving Spike at the counter.

It was a couple hours later when Nikole caught up with Spike again. The party was starting to wind down and almost everyone had left, save for a couple of demons. She found Spike sitting with a couple other demons, and Clem, playing kitten poker, his forever faithful duster hanging off the back of his chair.

“Hey,” she greeted, sitting down at the empty spot.

“Nikole, you should join in,” Clem suggested.

Spike raised his eyebrows at the idea and continued to play.

“Clem, are you that willing to be that much more in debt to me?” Nikole asked with a smirk.

“I was hoping that I would be able to win some of the debt,” he said shuffling his cards around.

“And you know how well that always works out. Each time you come out in more debt then when we started.”

“Hey you never know, I could get lucky,” Clem shot back and Nikole snorted with laughter.

“So how much does he owe you?” Spike asked, his winning hand receiving a groan from the other players.

“Why don’t you tell them Clem,” she said smugly.

“100 Calico,” Clem grumbled and Spike almost spit out the drink he had just taken.

“Yeah, and he should just be grateful that I’m his friend and would never make him pay, right Clem?” Nikole prompted.

“Yeah, yeah,” Clem mumbled.

“Does he really owe you that much?” Spike asked unbelieving.

“Yes,” she answered looking him straight in the eye. “You don’t believe me.”

“Never said I didn’t pet,” Spike answered back.

“I don’t need you to say anything, I can see it in your eyes. You don’t believe that I can play. Fine, deal me in Clem,” she ordered.

By the end of the night, Nikole held most of the winnings to Spike’s dismay. Clem couldn’t help but grin as Spike underestimated Nikole.

“You cheated,” Spike accused as Nikole won another hand.

“I did not. You would be able to feel it if I cheated. Magic isn’t off our radar. Watch, I’ll use magic to make the top card an ace and you will be able to feel it.” The room got quiet as Nikole concentrated on the deck of cards. Spike felt the air change for a split second before the feeling was gone.

“Flip the top card, it will be an ace of spades,” she commanded. Spike gingerly picked the card and flipped it over: it was an ace of spades. “So did you feel me change it?” she asked.

“Yeah luv, I did.”

“Told you,” she snapped at him. “Well here you go Clem,” she said pushing her kittens to him. “For letting me stay the night. I don’t need it anyways.”

“Thanks babe,” Clem said with a wink.

Nikole yawned and Clem took it as an opportunity to begin to clear everyone out, announcing the party over.

“So is everyone gone?” Nikole asked after a few minutes.

“Looks like it,” Spike answered as he returned to his seat, his right hand nursing a shot of whiskey.


“I’ll get cleaning,” Clem said, getting up from the table.

“No, just leave it. It’ll give me something to do tomorrow. You know how I get restless. But since your up, you want to get me a bottle?” she asked gesturing to the counter where the mostly empty bottle of liquor sat.

“Sure. Just promise me it will be this one bottle?” Clem questioned as he grabbed a random bottle. She nodded, grabbing the bottle as Clem handed it out to her.


“No problem. We’ll I’m off to bed. The guest room is down the hall and last door on the left.”

“Okay. Night Clem.”

“Night,” Clem said disappearing into a room, leaving Spike and Nikole alone. She immediately took a swig from the bottle, downing about half of the amber liquid.

“So pet, when are you going to tell me your story?” Spike asked leaning back in his chair so only two legs touched the ground.

“I told you, tomorrow when I tell everyone else. You’re just going to have to trust me for a little while,” she said taking another swig.

“All right, but don’t get your knickers in a twist when the Slayer goes bonkers on you,” Spike said holding up his hands.

“She won’t.”

“Whatever you say pet. I’m going to leave before it gets too late.” Spike got up and slid on his duster. Nikole chugged the rest of the bottle and set it on the table with a clunk.

With exaggerated effort she rose from her seat and exited the building, intent on reaching her car, Spike following behind her.

“I’ll come tomorrow once the sun goes down,” she stated, grabbing a bag from the trunk of her car.

“Sure luv, look forward to it,” Spike replied sarcastically. He just hoped the chit was being honest and it didn’t come back to bite him in the ass later.

“Whatever Spike. See you later.”

“Yeah, later,” Spike said walking down the road with a swirl of leather.


Nikole woke up late the next afternoon to find herself alone. She took a quick shower and dressed in a black skirt and a red blouse. She paced around for a while, before succumbing to the need to do something and began to clean Clem's house.

The afternoon crept by slowly, the ticking of the clock echoed in her ears. Her senses told her she still had a half an hour left till sundown. Still she couldn't stay still any longer. She figured she could make it to her car unharmed and decided to explore a bit before grabbing Spike.


Her afternoon proved helpful, discovering the layout of her new temporary home. She knew where most of the major buildings were, and had even found a place she could possibly rent.

Nikole arrived at Spike’s crypt five minutes after the sun had gone down. She knocked briskly on the door, waiting a few minutes for an answer. Tapping her foot lightly, she gave up waiting and entered anyway.

“Spike?” she called out into the darkness.

“Yeah luv, I’ll be right up,” Spike yelled from the lower level.

Nikole resumed the pacing she had ceased at Clem's house as she waited for the peroxide vampire to emerge from the hole in the floor. When he finally climbed up, a few minutes later she could tell that he had put extra care into how he dressed tonight, her instincts telling her it had nothing to do with her and all with a particular Slayer.

No words were spoken as they departed from his crypt and got into her car. The drive to the Magic Box was quick and Nikole concealed her nervousness with practiced confidence. The truth was she wasn’t sure how this was going to go. She could walk in and the Slayer could stake her, or they could not believe her and stake her still.

“You ready to face the cavalry?” Spike asked with a bemused smile.

“Sure,” she responded with a sigh, following Spike inside.

The shop smelled like different spices and herbs. Her senses told her two witches, a human, a slayer, a watcher, and an odd one that smelled half-demon were in the shop. She stretched out her senses to find their location. She found the Slayer and the Watcher in the back, the two witches were up on the balcony, and the human and the odd one were sitting at a table in front of them.

“Oh did Spikey make a wittle fwiend?” Xander asked mockingly, drawing the attention of the two witches who were descending the stairs. Tara looked up to see what was going on and dropped the book in her hand. She made quick work of the stairs and flung herself into Nikole’s arms.

“Nikole,” Tara whispered into her hair.

“Tara. Hey honey, I haven’t seen you in a while,” Nikole said pulling her back. “Wow, you’re all grown up.” It was then that Nikole noticed the anger, confusion, and jealousy waves coming off the red head. “Might be a good idea to introduce me before she decides I look better as dust,” Nikole whispered to Tara.

“Oh, Willow, this is my great aunt Nikole,” Tara introduced them and the jealously and anger coming from the red head ebbed; the only thing she felt was confusion and curiosity.

“Hello Willow, it’s a pleasure to meet you,” Nikole said shaking her hand.

“Hi, same here. It’s nice to meet some of Tara’s family,” Willow replied trying to be as friendly as she could.

“Well pet, you didn’t say anything about knowing Glinda,” Spike commented from his spot on top of the counter.

“I didn’t know she was here. It’s been a while since I have seen her. Willow, if you could please get the Slayer and the Watcher from the back I can start at the beginning and get everyone up to speed.”

Willow went to carry out her order when she stopped dead in her tracks and turned back to look at Nikole. “Wait you know about Buffy?” Willow asked confused.

“Just trust her,” Tara said quietly and gave her a smile. Willow nodded her head and disappeared into the back. Everyone was watching Nikole with keen attention. She spent a few seconds catching up with Tara before the Slayer and Watcher appeared. Buffy instantly stopped in alarm as she took note the new comer was a vampire.

“Now before you try to stake me, please listen to me,” Nikole pleaded.

“Why would she want to stake you?” Willow asked confused.

“Because she’s a vamp!” Buffy stated, pulling out a stake.

“Buffy, please, she’s okay. She has part of a soul. She won’t hurt us,” Tara spoke up, placing herself in front of Nikole.

“Fine, you have five minutes or until I get tired,” Buffy agreed, crossing her arms and taking a defensive stance.

“You must be Mr. Giles, it is a pleasure to meet you,” Nikole said sticking her hand out to the older man. He raised an eyebrow and didn’t say anything.

“Is it okay to talk freely among them?” Nikole asked, nodding her head to the human and the odd one at the table.

“Yes, it’s all right to talk in front of Xander and Anya,” the Watcher answered.

“Anya?” she repeated. “Anyanka is that you?”

Anya looked up from counting her money, her eyes sparking in recognition.

“Nikole, wow. I haven’t seen you in ages. What has it been 85 years or so?” She asked coming over and giving her an odd hug.

“Are you human now?”

“Yes, my gem was crushed by Mr. Giles. But I am not so upset about it now. I have Xander. He’s all nicely shaped,” Anya said returning back to her spot next to Xander.

“No wonder I didn’t recognize your presence. It still has a demon touch to it,” she stated.

“Oh. That’s nice,” Anya replied flippantly before returning to her money.

“I’m getting bored here,” Buffy said tapping her stake.

“If you would continue please,” Giles pressed stiffly.

Nikole took a deep breath before beginning her tale. “Okay. I lived in a small village with my clan people, the Emol,” she started before Giles interrupted her.

“Yes, I have heard of them, it is said that they were all killed off in 1683,” Giles said taking off his glasses and cleaning them. She gave him a nod before continuing.

“Yes, we were. As you know, we were a quiet resident witch clan that kept to ourselves. I was twenty two at the time. Our clan was thriving and we were almost upon the summer solstice. We were preparing for it. Everyone was busy and no one thought that anything bad could interrupt our celebration.

“In the dead of the night, our village was torn apart. Some evil group who had been rumored to be roaming in the countryside came upon our village. Most of my people were killed outright; others were tortured to death. The leader found me and made me his personal obsession, for what reasons, I’m not sure. They tortured me, found the members of my family that were still alive and killed them in front of me. When I was on the brink of dying, they changed me but something went wrong. I was left with half a soul. My Sire was disgusted with what he had created and left me to die. I don’t even know how I survived.

“I somehow made it to the shade of the forest before sunrise and managed to survive. For a couple of years I lived there, feeding off the animals and nursing them back to health. After a couple of years, I ventured out into the world and found that I didn’t exactly fit in. So I kept to the shadows and lived half a life.

“When I found out about the Slayer, I went to see if I could help. You can imagine that it didn’t go to well. Realizing I couldn’t be out with everyone else, I moved on to towns where there were bad forces and fought against them. I never stayed long enough to get to know anyone and moved from time to time. I lived in a solitary life, doing my little bit to help.

“About 100 years after I was turned, I met a young witch by the name of Siena, she was Tara’s great-great-great-great-great, well you get the idea; it was Tara’s great grandmother. She belonged to the Kishma clan. I saved her from being attacked by a Glimpnar demon. In return for that small service she took me in. Her clan helped me further my magic and I pledged that I would protect them for as long as I lived. I stayed with them, traveling from place to place, keeping my identity a secret. Had a big tragic love story, watched family and friends die and met a lot of people. Made a lot of connections.

“I continued to try to contact the Council to see if they could help me figure out why I still had my soul but as you know, they aren't very forth coming. The clan couldn’t figure out why either and considered it as a blessing in disguise. When I heard of Buffy’s interaction and relationships with Angel and partnership with Spike, I figured that I had finally found the Slayer and Watcher who would be willing to help. That and something’s coming that I have to help you defeat. So now I am here,” she said finishing.

Almost everyone sat dumbfounded. Tara and Anya were the only ones looking slightly bored. Spike had a strange expression on his face and the Watcher looked deep in thought. Buffy on the other hand looked like she didn’t know whether to believe Nikole or not.

“So you’re saying that you still retain part of your soul?” Giles inquired.


“And we’re just suppose to take your word for it?” Buffy asked incredulously.

“Ask Willow if you don’t believe me. I can sense her magic skills are advance enough to sense if I have a soul or not, and as a Watcher,” she looked over towards Giles, “I believe that you should be able to tell if you really tried.”

Giles looked over at Willow, who closed her eyes and concentrated for a bit, murmuring words underneath her breath. Her eyes shot open after a few seconds and she gave Nikole a smile.

“Giles, she does have part of her soul,” she confirmed.

“Yeah Watcher, even I can see it when I look her in the eyes,” Spike added.

“But you have no clue why you have retained it?” His fingers were itching to grab the closest paper and pen and take note.

Nikole shook her head. “No, I was turned and I still retained a part of my soul. My Sire couldn’t figure out why either. I was hoping you might be able to find out why. I should also tell you that holy water and crosses don’t bug me.”

“Really? Would you care to give us a demonstration?” Giles asked getting up and retrieving a bottle of holy water and a cross and setting them on the counter.

“Sure,” she said grabbing the cross in one hand, and then transferred it to the other to show no burns. She could feel Spike’s eyes on her and the confusion radiating off him. She picked up the bottle of holy water and opened it. Spike moved further away from her and watched in amazement as she began to pour it on her hands with no effect.

“That’s remarkable,” Giles exclaimed, coming over to Nikole to examine her hands closely and suddenly let them go. “You’re warm!”

“Oh yeah, I always forget that little part. Sorry,” she offered, but the smirk on her face belied her sincerity.

“The warmness isn’t a residual effect from the cross or holy water?”

“No. I’m always warm.”

“The cross and holy water have never had an effect on you?” he asked grabbing her hands again and turning them over to look at her unblemished palms.

“No, but I have to say that’s it’s saved me in more times than I can count.”

“What about sunlight?” Spike asked.

“I have a high tolerance of it. It takes me a minute or two before I start to even smoke. I don’t know about stakes and beheading because I haven’t cared to try those yet,” she answered with a smirk.

“Hey, I would always be willing to give it a try for you,” Buffy volunteered. Giles gave her a look and Buffy rolled her eyes before flopping down in a chair.

“You must understand that this is a lot to take on faith,” Giles said.

“She’s telling the truth if that helps any. You all know I don’t lie so when I say something, it’s the truth and Nikole is telling the truth,” Anya added in and Nikole gave her a smile of thanks.

“I will also vouch for Nikole. I have known her all my life and I have never felt in danger from her,” Tara said quietly and stood next to Nikole.

“I’m not asking you to trust me immediately but at least give me a chance. I really am here to help you,” Nikole said giving Tara’s hand a squeeze.

“Wait, if you were turned in 1683, that would make you 317,” Willow said with wide eyes.

“Yes. I’m aging well, aren’t I?” Nikole joked.

“That would make you the oldest living vampire to date, but there is no record of you in the Watcher Diaries. I have read most of them and I have never come across a vampire named Nikole,” Giles murmured picking up a couple of books.

“No, there isn’t anything written on me,” Nikole clarified. “Do you really think the Council would document about a vampire who still has part of their soul and goes out and kills their own kind every night?”

“Well, I suppose no they wouldn’t,” Giles thought aloud.

“Watcher, the Council aren’t too keen on Angel. Doesn’t make her situation any different,” Spike cut in, adding his two cents worth.

“Yes, but the fact that you have associated with him and he helped you on a regular basis gave me hope that you would be able to help me.”

“Well, I suppose I could look into it,” Giles decided.

“Thank you,” Nikole said sincerely. “So I’m not going to get staked?”

“Not until you give us a good reason to. Now you were saying about a threat coming to Sunnydale?” Giles said getting back to business.

“I would prefer to talk to you and the Slayer alone. The less people that know about it the better.”


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