A Bit o Blarney by mel
Summary: Summary: An unknown big? bad begins wreaking havoc on Sunnydale, particularly on the Slayer. Even though the trouble it causes isn't life threatening, it does leave a lot of mischief in its wake. For some reason though, no one can figure out what is causing the mayhem. What's a Slayer to do?
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Chapter 1 by mel
A/N: Set sometime later half of Season Six after Buffy breaks it off with Spike but before the Not Wedding. Read, enjoy, tell me what you think. B/S implied at first then later an eventual Spuffyfest.

Disclaimer: No characters portrayed in this short story are mine except Aelwyn (AL win), Gaelargh (Gale are), Brandubh (Brawn doov) McDonogh, Kyle McTavish and Eamonn (AY mun) and whoever else pops up along the way from the past.


Glen of Cloongallon, Ireland, Spring 1602

The graceful white warrior dashed swiftly through the field of clover, wielding a long sword in her delicate but deadly hands. A bow and a quiver full of arrows hung on her back, bouncing up and down with the rhythm of her brisk gait. Her blonde locks looked almost white as the full, frosty moon shimmered across the enchanted glen, making everything come alive and glow.

A mighty stallion carried yet another warrior on its back and followed the young lass on land closely. The fiery red haired witch, long mane flowing behind her in the crisp night air, rode the equine beast harmoniously. The fair maiden's silver robe matched the shade of the horse so that any clearly seeing body would not have been able to decipher where one ended and the other began.

The animals of the forest: deer, rabbit, fowl, skittered and fluttered about, trying their best to stay out of the way of the Slayer's quest. She was not giving up on the chase of the evil demon she was tracking. She never gave up without a fight.

Knowing the thing would lead her to the magical hollow, the hollow where mystical entities floated all around, was just its attempt to distract her from performing her sacred duty. Aelwyn was focused though and her companion, Gaelargh, was a powerful sorceress whose white magicks never failed to aid the Slayer in her call to rid the world of all evilness.

Aelwyn stumbled over a clump of sod and fell, tumbling over elegantly and coming to a complete stop on one knee. She held her hand up quickly, silently expressing to the white witch to still her steed, all the while cocking her head slightly and straining to hear any sound coming from the vampire that gave chase.

To their right, voices carried over the glade on the soft breeze and reached the overly sensitive ears of the Slayer. Someone or something was with the vampire, non-human she was sure and squabbling about something that was clearly insignificant.

"Ye come out and face ye destiny, vampire." The voices stopped and the two warriors waited for any sign of a yield. She slowly stood, sword brandished high, waiting and watching.

A wee man appeared in front of them, a leprechaun or possibly a distant relative of such. It was too hard to really distinguish out in the middle of the night with only the light of the pale full moon dancing over him.

"Blimey, lass. Just being only meself out here, lookin' for me jug of poteen layin' about. Havin' a habit of keepin' meself company, blathering away." The wee man sounded nervous.

The Slayer scowled at the leprechaun, waving her hand in the air. "Away with ye. I have no concern with ye, little man."

Just as she finished, the vampire she had been chasing barreled into her, knocking her over and taking her by surprise. The horse reared and if it were not for the agility of the witch, would have tossed her to the plush ground.

The little man squealed and tried to run off but Gaelargh threw a spell in his direction, keeping him bound and rooted. He began to ramble incessantly as the Slayer and vampire battled.

Aelwyn's life seemed to be hanging precariously in the balance as the vampire pinned her down by the throat, but the witch threw magick at him, causing him to fly through the air and landing hard next to the leprechaun. This seemed to rattle him senseless for a moment while Gaelargh righted herself. She continued to chant, holding her arms up in the air while the Slayer regained her wits about her.

Aelwyn stalked towards the vampire and with one felled swoop of her blade, sliced the head of the creature completely off. A bright flash of white light caused her to fall back onto the ground, and the air sizzled around the three left in the vale of clover.

The wee man was huddled in a ball, eyes covered, rocking and mumbling to himself. The young women glanced at one another, both seemingly stunned at the sudden disappearance of their foe as well as the ghostly light still hovering around the tiny stranger. Usually decapitated or staked vampires turned to ash, but it seemed circumstances were different in this case. However, what to do with the traitorous goblin still shuddering in front of them was a question plaguing both of their thoughts.

Aelwyn stood, dusted off her hands after sheathing her weapon. "So, what be ye excuse?"

He didn't answer her and Aelwyn grew irritated, her voice raising an octave. "Leprechaun is it?"

The funny looking man slowly peered out between his fingers at the two warriors who stood assessing him. "Nay, lass. I be not a leprechaun. They be a distant relation. A cluricaun is what me be."

Gaelargh sighed and Aelwyn waved her hand in the air, impatiece already getting the best of her. "Does not matter. Ye shall be punished for helping the wicked and evil creature. Ye were a diversion, meant to keep us preoccupied so the foul beast could get away."

"Nay, nay. He threatened me, aye he did. Said I'd make a fine morsel to dine on if I didn't distract the ones who pursued him. Please, please. I'm begging ye. Let me be free and I will grant ye both a wish."

Silence punctuated the misty glen air. "Aye, I know of ye and your mischievous pranks, wee man. Better yet, ye shall tell us why that medallion around ye neck is gleaming?"

The man stood abruptly, eyes wide, mouth gaping. He shook his head back and forth.

"Aye, it be a long tale indeed. Ye are the slayer, are ye not? I was cursed to live out me life aidin' the chosen one. I cannot disclose the whole truths until further down the road, aye, but I am now bound to ye and yours, lassie."

Both warriors laughed softly, "Ye have no choice? Ye are now bound to us, and all slayers who shall follow? And what pray tell can a wee man such as yeself have to offer in our crusade of righteousness?"

"Only time will tell, lass. I do have a few tricks up me sleeve." the little man smiled mischievously.

"If ye ever cross me, wee man, remember what happened this eve with the demon. Ye will suffer a greater fate than the vampire." The slayer tried her best at sounding threatening.

He looked down at the ground and mumbled something indistinct before taking the life changing offer.

"Aye, I will follow ye and the witch and the others to come, no strings attached. Swear on me da's grave."

"Come then," she hesitated looking at him imploringly. "What be the name you were graced with?"


Gaelargh gently scooped him up to sit behind her on the mount. The two warriors and their companion rode out of the Glen of Cloongallon once again the victors of good over evil.


Sunnydale March 2002

"At least she picked green for us to wear at the wedding. It's quite fitting, don't you think?" Willow stated matter-of-factly.

Buffy looked at her friend sideways, wondering what in her right mind would make her say something like that.

"Uh, I guess." Buffy paused before questioning her friend. "Will, do you mind telling me what in the world you're talking about? Is there some special meaning, some special tradition about wearing green at a wedding?"

"No, silly. They're getting married on the 17th."

"Oookay, knowing that bit of information already." Buffy glibly added.

"March 17th?" Buffy's face still held the same confounded expression.

"Buffy, St. Patrick's day. March 17th, the same day every year." Willow looked at her in astonishment.

Buffy rolled her eyes. "Oh, I see now. Color me confused. I thought there was some kind of ritual or whatnot we were going to have to perform. Well, at least no one in their right mind will be able to pinch us, right?"

"That's right. There will be no pinchage going on---well, of course if Mr. Harris has one too many there just may be."

"Ach, the booties will be protected. I vow now I will be the protector of our sacred rumps at said wedding and reception and whatever else we have to attend with parents of the groom." Buffy cringed slightly.

"Good. Protection of the bums is important." Willow agreed. "Hmm, what with Anya's extensive wedding guest list, I wonder if she knows any leprechauns to invite?"

"Will, you do know there are no such thing as leprechauns. This I know. They're a fable, Irish lore. All of it is. Faeries, leprechauns, banshees, all of it." Buffy giggled.

"Yeah, yeah you're probably right. The same goes with vampires, witches, trolls and demons?" She quirked her brow at the slayer.

Buffy stood and stared at Willow, mouth hanging open. "Yeah, you're right…no, no. There just isn't, I know there isn't. I even asked Giles about it a couple years back and he said that leprechauns do not exist."

"Yeah, because Giles is the all knowing and all powerful mighty Watcher. Buffy, he learns about things from books and sometimes he doesn't even know things exist until he gets the chance to see it for himself. So I wouldn't let my guard down. I can just bet somewhere out there, the wee people are living their lives day in and day out, out of human sight. Mark my word."

"Gah, just one more thing I have to worry about in this everyday monotony of slayage. Little, scary troll looking thingies that run around playing pranks on us. If they are real, they better stay out of my town."

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