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05/18/17 04:16 am
pj! I remember wishing one of your stories would be finished seriously about a decade ago. Amazing. I just tried an old password I used to use and amazingly got in too. Memories!
03/20/17 01:20 am
10 yrs later, i finally rem my username and password. Pari, you rock. Hope you are well.
12/23/16 01:12 pm
I donate every month. Please donate to keep this site up!
10/06/16 08:34 am
Great post.
08/31/16 03:45 pm
And anyone else who loves this site, it's worth mentioning there's a nifty little "Donate" option just below the shout box here! ;)
08/31/16 03:43 pm
Just wanted to take a moment to thank Pari and all the mods for maintaining such a great site!


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Authors Chapter Notes:
Some of the night before

The night before…….

Faith laughed as Buffy gasped after downing her second vodka martini.
God she’s such a lightweight.

“Drink up B,” Faith said, “this is what freedom tastes like.”
“To freedom,” Buffy croaked, fanning herself. Faith had finally convinced her to get out and about. And she was tired of just sitting around the house, moping about her ex. So here they were, at Faith’s favourite pick up joint, ready to have some fun. As always, the offers for free drinks kept coming. Normally Buffy would have refused with a pleasant smile, but dammit she was pissed. Angel had hurt her, running to that blonde slutbag. Oh he had apologized and apologized, claiming that he wasn’t himself. Liar. So here was the rarely seen bitchy Buffy, ready to take it out on the men of the world.

“Hi,” said a perfectly pleasant looking hulk of a young man, taking the stool next to her. “I haven’t seen you in here before.”
Buffy snorted rather unattractively, looking him up and down. “At least he’s original.”
Faith chuckled at the confused look on his face, leaning against the bar, “It ain’t your night farmboy. Scram.”
“O-kay,” he said, still confused, turning away, going over to a bunch of friends in the corner and shrugging.

“Let’s dance some more,” Faith suggested, taking her arms. Buffy shook her head. “No more dancing,” she said, pulling back until Faith was behind her.
Faith wrapped her arms around her friend. “Oh come on. You promised.”
“I promised nothing,” Buffy said, which made Faith sulk.

“Oh fuck,” Buffy heard Faith say after a minute. She looked over her shoulder to see that familiar smile on her friend’s face. The look that said she’d spotted “the guy.” The guy for the next few days that is.

“Hottie at nine a clock,” Faith gestured with her head. She pretended to check her watch. “Gonna fuck him by twelve a clock.”

Buffy almost gasped. He was gorgeous. Shocking blonde hair. High cheekbones. A roman nose. Piercing blue eyes. Well defined muscles under the tight black shirt and skin tight jeans. He was everything she’d ever have dreamt up in a dark room on a cold night. Not for the first time she felt jealous of Faith’s love em and leave em attitude towards sex. Not that she wanted to try it, it’s just that it seemed so…..uncomplicated. Dammit, life wasn’t fair. She felt bitchy Buffy coming out again.

“If you like the wannabe 70’s rockstar type,” Buffy snipped, watching him navigate his way through the crowded dance floor. Faith grinned, “the only number I’m interested in is 69.”
Buffy laughed. “God, you’re so bad.”
“Here he comes B,” Faith whispered. “hopefully not for the first time tonight.”

“I’ll….be right back….” Buffy said, quickly, leaving her stool as he approached the bar. For some reason she felt nervous. Perhaps she was afraid of what she’d say. Or do. Faith didn’t have time to interject. She shook her head and turned towards the stranger, who was now bracing against the bar, trying to get the barkeeps attention.

“Hey blondie,” Faith said in her most sultry voice, when he looked at her. “Buy me a drink?”

Spike smiled at the gorgeous brunette, taking in her curvaceous figure and her ample breasts. He’d noticed the pair of knockouts at the bar when he’d first come in. Even from afar they looked breathtaking. He’d been disappointed when the blonde had all but fled from the scene. But this looked promising.

“And why would I do that?” he asked, his eyes glittering dangerously.
Faith smiled. Oh an accent. Delicious.

“To get me drunk,” she said leaning forward to show some cleavage, intending to throw him off balance. “So I’d sleep with you.”
“No,” he said as cool as ice, his eyes flickering to her breasts.
“No?” Faith asked, raising her brow, skeptically.
“I’d prefer you nice and sober when we sleep together luv,” Spike grinned confidently.

Faith grinned. So you enjoy cutting through the bullshit too. But let’s play a little first.

“I’m not,” Faith said.
“Sober?” Spike queried, feigning disappointment. “That’s tragic.”
“Nice,” Faith whispered, and they shared a small laugh.

“So you’re a bad girl eh?” Spike smirked.
“Damn straight,” Faith chuckled. “Know the type?”
“All my life,” Spike said, smiling a wry smile.

“Oh I get it now,” Faith said grinning. “You’ve been hurt.”
“Haven’t you?” Spike said, shrugging his shoulders.
“Nah,” Faith said. “I just follow kiss.”

“Kiss?” Spike chuckled, “The band?”
“Keep. It. Sexually Simple,” Faith counted on her fingers, in a way that made Spike want to suck on them.
“I like the sound of that,” Spike agreed, his deeply masculine voice making Faith shiver.

“So how about that drink?” Faith said, looking him up and down.
“How about it,” Spike declared, eyeing Faith.
“Name’s Spike.”
“Faith,” she said, extending her hand.
Spike took it, then turned it over to bring it to his lips, staring into her dark eyes.
Faith quivered when she felt his soft lips against her hand. She could have sworn she felt the slightest hint of tongue.

When he leant over the bar to get the bartender’s attention, Faith checked out his ass, smiling at what she saw. Oh yeah, she thought, grinning wide to show her pearly whites. Nice and firm. Come to momma.

Suddenly a thought hit her. Wonder where B got off to?

Buffy meanwhile had made it to the bathroom. She was currently in the stall, wiping the sweat from her neck. For some reason She felt uncomfortably, oppressively hot. She fanned herself, but found her breasts straining against the fabric of her dress. She squirmed against her panties, irritated at the barely minimal friction the scraps were generating.

Oh my god, she realized suddenly, I’m horny. Part of her felt horrified, but a much bigger part of her just didn’t care. She blamed Angel for treating her with kid gloves. She wasn’t a naïve young girl anymore. She was a woman and wanted to be treated like one. The antsy feeling made its way through her until she felt her entire body. Her hands made their way down under her dress to tug at her panties.

Just a little lower, she thought, then sighed with relief as she pulled them down. So here she was, in a bathroom stall with her panties at her thigh. Somehow her fingers found their way to her pussy. Buffy gasped when she inserted a finger into herself, shocked at her own brazenness. She paused, holding her breath, but found only silence. She closed her eyes as she began to masturbate. Suddenly Angel flashed before her eyes. Big. Broody. Sulking. She shook her head. No. Not him. Someone else. Anyone. Suddenly the figure of the blonde haired stranger flashed before her. That hair. Those cheeks. Those muscles.

“Oh,” she whispered, adding another finger, speeding up. “Oh yeah.”
She gasped, pumping her fingers in and out of her, building herself up.
“Uh…..uh……..” she whimpered. Things looked to be getting on track when suddenly a loud female voice broke through.

“Is anyone in there?”
Buffy opened her eyes. No. No. Please No. Let me just have this. Please.

“Hello,” the voice said again. “I need to use the stall please. It’s an emergency.”
“Just a minute,” Buffy said gritting her teeth, pulling up her panties. She almost screamed in frustration when she felt the fabric rub up against her.

“Hello,” the loud insistent voice said again.
“I’m coming,” Buffy said harshly.
Not. No thanks to you.
She flew past the woman standing outside, who had folded her arms, never once looking at her.

I need to get outta here, she thought.

Buffy hurried past the staircase, meaning to make a break for it, when her eyes fell on Faith. And him. The stranger. They were at the bar, talking, laughing and making eyes at each other. Buffy barely suppressed a childish howl. She knew that Faith would sleep with him and she’d have to make do with the fantasy. She’d accepted that. Until she’d got a good look at him. At them. And now she knew that no fantasy could ever measure up to what she was seeing. She wanted the real thing too.

Why does Faith always get to have fun? I wanna have fun too. Why can’t I have fun?

Buffy didn’t mean to, but somehow she ended up making her way towards them. She knew she wasn’t being rational, that there were a ton of guys here she could choose from, but dammit she wanted him. She wanted the mysterious blue eyed stranger.

“Hey,” Buffy said, coming up behind Faith, whispering in her ear.
“Hey B,” Faith said, looking back at her “where you been?”
“Around,” she said, in a bored tone.
Jesus, Spike thought, as his eyes ran over the blonde. Jesus Christ Almighty.

She was just as gorgeous as Faith, but in a completely different way. Her body was leaner, tighter, her curves more taut, breasts more firm. Faith’s eyes were provocative, whereas her eyes were disdainful. Her cute little nose was turned up- as if he were a lowly creature, not worthy of her time. The fact that she had glanced at him and dismissed his very presence was turning him on. His stiffy, which was already uncomfortable, was now downright raging.

I’m bleeding fucked, Spike thought.

Chapter End Notes:
Next stop Smutville. All aboard.

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