Angelus Pain by Jerzeyanjel
Summary: After I wrote I only have eyes for you I was asked to do some Angel pain so here ya go. My sequel to I only have eyes for you.
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Angelus Pain by Jerzeyanjel
Angelus watched from the shadows becoming increasingly angrier at each touch, each kiss, each caress. Spike’s hands moved over Buffy’s body as though they were made specifically for that task. Angelus gripped the side of the desk he was standing next to, his strength threatening to break it in half. He wanted so badly to run over and drag his childe off of his girl and break his neck in one swift move, laughing as he watched Spike’s dust land on Buffy’s naked body.

Angelus struggled not to giggle hysterically at the images as they formed in his mind. Killing Spike would be so easy, or so he thought as Spike swung around, his yellow eyes gleaming in the dimmed light of the music room.

“Can I help you, mate?” he snarled at Angelus as Buffy’s arms and legs surrounded him.

“I think the better question is can I help you, William,” he said menacingly. “I see you have already helped yourself to my girl.”

“Your girl?” Spike practically spat at him. “She hasn’t been your girl for some time now. Last time I checked Dru was your girl, or are you tired of her already?”

“You know what? I think you’re right. Maybe it is time I re-acquaint myself with dear, sweet Buffy again, our first time was so long ago.” Angelus took a deep breath catching a whiff of Buffy’s arousal and of their combined sex.

Spike looked at Angelus disgusted with the elder vampire, wanting to lunge at him and tear him limb from limb.

“Now, now my childe, there’ll be no need for violence. Just stand up and walk away from the slayer,” Angelus said condescendingly.

Spike turned back and locked his eyes with Buffy’s. She looked slightly miffed, but not at all scared at suddenly being caught by her ex as she and Spike lay naked together, their bodies currently connected in the most intimate way. She glanced at Angelus, his eyes meeting hers as she leaned forward and caught Spike’s lips with her own.

Spike smiled behind his kiss knowing this was a show of her preference for him, and that it would royally piss Angelus off. Buffy’s eyes didn’t leave Angelus’ the entire time her lips danced with Spike’s. Spike groaned against her mouth, his lower half moving slightly against hers. Buffy eyes grew wider as she felt Spike slide in a little deeper with each move. She was still amazed that he had managed to stay hard within her while Angelus was in the room.

Spike put his hands on her hips and pulled her flush against him, his length sliding home inside her. Buffy gasped and closed her eyes, her head falling back slightly. Spike knew Angelus was watching, could feel his eyes on him, smell his arousal. Spike kissed his way down Buffy’s neck to the fresh set of marks on her neck and licked them. Angelus growled from the other side of the room noting that Spike had placed a claim on the slayer, the very same one he wanted for himself. Spike fought the urge to gloat as Angelus became more agitated. Angelus charged over to them and fell flat on the ground knocked out. Spike’s arm had come out of nowhere and landed a solid punch to Angelus’ head knocking him out in one shot.

“Damn, Spike,” Buffy said breathlessly as she heard Angelus fall.

“Hold on, baby,” Spike reluctantly said as he pulled himself out of her. He placed her on the desk and pulled Angelus up by his arms. Spike dragged him over to the teacher’s desk that sat in middle of the room. He threw Angelus in the chair and looked around.

“Buffy look for something we can use to tie him up.”

Buffy got up and located some rope in the middle of a bunch of instruments stashed in the corner of the room.

“I don’t wanna know why that’s there,” she said as she handed Spike the rope.

Spike smiled at her. “Maybe it’s used to tie the instruments together so they don’t get lost ‘Miss Mind in the Gutter’.”

Buffy slapped him lightly and went to work on one of Angelus’ arms, tying it tightly to the metal chair. They tied his legs up as well, wrapping the rope in 3 tight circles around his legs, chest and stomach.

“I don’t think he will be going anywhere soon,” Spike mused as he pulled her up against him on the desk.

“And to think we did all of this bare-ass naked.” Buffy smiled and kissed Spike gently.

Spike groaned low in his throat and kissed Buffy deeper, opening his mouth to allow his tongue to dance with hers. She sighed against his lips and pressed her body flush against him, pushing him down on the desk with her above him.

“I see you haven’t lost your excitement,” she observed as the hardness of his erection poked her in the stomach.

“How could I bloody well do that with you on top of me?” he asked as he grabbed handfuls of her hair and pulled her mouth down to his. Buffy lifted herself up slightly as she moved a hand in between them and aimed him at her dripping slit. Spike thrust himself inside her just as Angelus woke up. Not two feet in front of him his childe and the slayer were fucking. Buffy rode him like a prize stallion, her head thrown back, her hands on her breasts fingering her nipples.

Spike’s hands were on her hips; his thrusts meeting those of hers as he sat up slightly and grabbed a gentle hold of one her rosy nipples with his teeth. He sucked hard, his tongue twisting around the hardened peak within the confines of his mouth. He let go of her nipple and kissed his way over every inch of her chest. He vamped out and bit her flesh. Buffy cried out, her head falling back as Spike drank from her breast. Angelus groaned aloud at the sight of his childe suckling. The smell of fresh blood, slayer blood, was too much.

Spike pulled on her breast, her blood flowing down his throat. Buffy’s hands were cradled around his head, holding him to her breast. He stopped sucking and licked the fresh wound he made, sealing it. He grabbed hold of her hips once again and picked her up, his body never leaving hers as he placed her down on the desk right in front of Angelus. He pushed her legs down to her chest and held them there as he slid deeper and deeper inside her.

“Oh God, Spikeeeee,” Buffy moaned as she tossed her head to the side. She opened her eyes slightly and stared into those of Angelus. She noticed the tent that was forming in his pants and felt slightly bad about making him watch them. Spike saw Buffy look at Angelus and he sped up his thrusts making Buffy move down the length of the desk. She grunted and writhed underneath him, her body becoming tighter and tighter around him.

He let go of her legs and pulled her back down the desk again, laying himself on top of her. Buffy wrapped her legs around his waist as he pounded relentlessly inside her. Spike started kissing her neck and moaning her name.

“Sweet Buffy, my Buffy…”

Angelus was struggling in his chair. He tried to break free from the ropes but found he couldn’t. He was so turned on all he could think about was sinking himself inside Buffy or Spike it didn’t matter as long as he got the release he sought. He realized after a couple minutes of agonizing rope burns that he couldn’t break free and was going to have to endure the sight of them fucking. Angelus closed his eyes and thought about everything except them. He tried to block out the sound of their bodies slapping together and the squish of Buffy’s juices as Spike pounded deeper inside her. He finally thought he had it under control when Spike started moaning.

“Oh god,” Angelus groaned as his hips started a dance of their own. His eyes shot open just in time to see Spike vamp out again, this time biting her neck. Buffy screamed in pleasure as wave after wave of her orgasm slammed through her. Spike pulled hard on her blood as her body started to contract around him. Spike removed his fangs from her neck and lifted his head.

“BUFFY!!” He yelled as he started to cum, his body shooting his dead seed inside her warmth.

“OH…MY…GOD!!” Angelus yelled as he came, his cock straining against his tight pants. He glanced at Spike who was still cumming, his face red, his lips and mouth bright with Buffy’s blood. Angelus threw his head back as his hips thrust faster.

Buffy moaned as Spike lowered his head to lick at his fresh bite mark. His body slowed and then finally stopped, he lifted his head and looked into her eyes. Buffy looked sheepishly at him and kissed him gently, her fingers moving against his curly bleached locks. They smiled at each other and turned to look at Angelus.

He glanced back at them with unblinking eyes. At the same time, all three sets of eyes looked down to see Angelus’ cum-soaked pants.

“Fucking hell.” Angelus said as Buffy and Spike started to laugh. The sound of them laughing could be heard throughout the school.
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