A Strange Love by Hottie
Summary: This is a Buffy/Spike/Angel fic. Spike and Angel have been dating for over five years and are completely happy with eachother however one night at a party they meet Anne Winters and everything changes
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Chapter 1 by Hottie
Author's Notes:
I dont know whether many people are going to enjoy this story as thsi is a spuffy site and this story involves a lot of Angel lovin too but i hope you all enjoy it anyway
Spike moaned into his Angels mouth swirling his tongue sensually across his. He loved the taste of him it was a mixture of everything Angel and Spike felt like he could get lost in his kiss if he truly wanted. They broke apart panting for breath and Spike stared up at his boyfriend with a look of awe in his gaze.
“I love you,”
“I love you to Spike but damn you’re a pain in my ass…im late for work again cause of you.” Angel laughed clambering up off Spike and striding to the bathroom completely confident in his nudity. Spike’s heated gaze followed the sway of his ass with a smirk plastered on his face.
“Actually im not a pain in your ass…you said there wasn’t time for that.” Spike laughed when Angel shot him an annoyed look form the bathroom door. Spike flopped back onto his back scratching his chest idly and smiling goofily up at the ceiling.
Five years and he was still amazed and shocked that everyday he loved Angel a little bit more. They had gotten together in college not that it had been smooth sailing then of course. Neither of them would have even guessed that they could ever have a relationship with another guy and as a matter of fact they both had had girlfriends at the time but they had ended up sharing a dorm room together and hit it off immediately. They had become best friends but both knew there was something missing but neither were brave enough to admit it. Then one night they had been to a party and gotten completely drunk, went home and kissed. Well it had been a revelation and within a week they were out and proud not giving a damn what some people thought of them and here they were 5 years later and still going strong.
Angel came out of the bathroom then dressed in his expensive Armani suit looking as delicious as always.

“Im gunna be at the office till about seven okay? We still on for tonight right?” Angel asked strapping his watch on and picking up his suitcase.
“Yep movie night all planned and ready to go.” Spike nodded.
Angel walked over and give him one last lingering kiss before striding away and out the door, ready for the day ahead.
Spike sighed sadly and got out of bed looking out the window to watch Angel get into his car and drive off. Spike hated watching him go. Spike was an author so he was always at home and he missed Angel every second he was away but he couldn’t complain because when he was home he lavished his attention on him remarkably.
“Oh well…guess its just you and me.” Spike grumbled looking down at his hardened cock and wincing.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“So O’Connor got any plans tonight?” Gunn asked slapping a file onto his desk and sitting down on one of the chairs facing his friends desk.
“Hmm…oh not really me and Spike are having a movie night.” Angel replied distractedly typing on his computer.
“Oh yeah so how is your bum chum?”
Angel stopped typing and glared at Lindsey McDonald who stood n his doorway grinning cockily.
“Why are you here?” Angel sighed. He hated Lindsey with a passion and was sick at his constant jibes at his sexual prefrences.
“No need to get touchy! Not as much fun anymore is it?” Lindsey laughed.

Angel didn’t even reply choosing to ignore that cocky bastard.
“Look all im saying is I couldn’t imagine never having sex with a woman! How do you even know your gay if you’ve never even tried pussy?”
Angel and Gunn both turned incredulous looks at the disgusting man in front of them. Angel was speechless. Sure Lindsey who had been at the firm for about a month now and had said some crude things when he found out about Angel's relationship with Spike but he had never been that sickening before.

“Not that its any of your business but I have dated girls.” Angel said stiffly shifting uncomfortably. He loved Spike he really did more than anything but it always made him uncomfortable when people brought that question up because it confused him. When Angel had met Spike he had been the only man he had found attractive but the problem was even after five years he hadn’t really fancied another man except Spike.
“Wow colour me surprised…so what happened? You liked girls Spike came along and suddenly women turn you off and a cock in your ass makes you all tingly?” Lindsey laughed.
“Get out.”
“Ooo someone’s angry.” Lindsey laughed again not realising just how far he had pushed Angel.
“GET THE FUCK OUT O FMY OFFICE!” Angel roared standing up threateningly.
Lindsey visibly flinched and backed out of the room with a terrified look in his eye. After he had left Angel sat back down and glared angrily at his computer monitor breathing heavily trying to get rid of the pure rage that was flowing through him.
“Im sorry about him Angel. He’s a dick pay no attention to him.”
Angel cast a grateful look to his friend and went back to his computer sighing as he went back to work.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * *

Angel trudged into the apartment with a deep frown on his face. Lindsey had completely ruined his mood and he had been moping all day.
“Hey I missed you.”
A little smile broke onto his face when he felt Spike’s arms wrap around him from behind and he leaned backwards into Spike loving embrace. Angel turned in Spike’s arms and captured his lips. Spike moaned as Angels needy little mouth opened wide allowing his tongue to enter after about a minute Spike pulled away and stared and Angel in surprise.
“What’s the matter?”
“Nothing…just had a bad day.” Angel sighed placing a soft kiss to Spike’s throat before flashing him a grin and moving to sit on the settee.
“Right then where’s the movies?” Angel grinned all his worries from the day disappearing now that he was home and with Spike.
“Urm well I got Faith to pick them up so I don’t know what they are.” Spike laughed when he saw the dread filled look on Angels face when he mentioned Faith. Faith was a little ahem…forward and Spike could guess what kind of films Angel thought Faith had rented.

“Don’t frown, we don’t want your pretty face ruined by wrinkles do we? Anyway I guess we’ll have to wait and see what these films are like init?” Spike shrugged
Spike went over to the bag and lifted out the first film chuckling when he saw the title. Wild things

It had Faith written all over it.

Spike put the film in and went to sit next to Angel leaning into him and laying his head onto Spike’s lap and settled in to watch the film. Angel groaned as soon as Spike put the film in already knowing what kind of film it was but perked up when he noticed Denise Richards in it. He had always taken a particular liking to her and started to get into the film.

Until of course her top came off.

Angel watched in fascination as her character and another dark haired woman began to undress and lead Matt Dillon onto a bed. He shifted uncomfortably when her top came off and he tensed up when champagne was poured all over her breasts. He shut his eyes in embarrassment when he felt Spike tense and lift his head away form the obvious tent in his pants. He stared at Angel in surprise and raised an eyebrow.
“See something you like?” Spike asked looking at the TV and then back at Angel.
“What? No…just…cant help…you know.” Angel shrugged nervously.
Spike grinned in response and kissed him gently.
“Angel please! Like I care that you get a hard on watching a film! There aint anything wrong with that I wouldn’t mind having him in our bed.” Spike laughed deeply thinking that Angel had been turned on by Matt Dillon but seeing Angels wide eyed nervous look Spike finally realised.

“Oh! it’s the girl.” Spike said in surprise looking back to the screen and eyeing up the woman’s assets.
“im gay.”
Spike turned back to Angel with a surprised look.
“Okkkay…and you blurted that out because?” Spike laughed again.
“Well I thought…cause I find a urm…woman attractive I thought you might think…that im…you know…not happy with you when I so am. I’ve never been happier.” Angel assured him.
“Angel seriously I know that of course, and besides I always assumed you were bi not gay I mean you loved that Cordelia before you met me right. The way I see it is, you fell in love with me not my body so it doesn’t matter what sex they are…when you meet that person…you just know it.” Spike smiled understandingly stroking a hand down Angel’s face.

“Really…thank god! I always thought you’d freak out if I said I was attracted to girls too.” Angel sighed in relief.
“Not at all I always found it weird you just stopped talking about birds when we got together when before you always said how hot they were.” Spike smiled.
“Wow and it only took five years for me to finally tell you I was Bi.” Angel laughed teasingly.
“I know…that shows great communication skills.” Spike smiled leaning in to leave a sweet kiss on Angel’s lips. Angel however had different ideas and held Spike’s head to his devouring his mouth like he was starved of him. He moved forward rubbing his hand up Spike’s thigh and gently squeezing the bulge that was tenting the front of Spike’s levis. Spike whimpered and Angels stood up holding his hand out to Spike before leading hi into the bedroom. They fell onto the bed in a tangle of limbs and Spike’s clothes seemed to evaporate into thin air. He found himself on his back and gasped when he heard the tell tale sign of metal clicking that meant Angel had decided to bring out the handcuffs again.
Spike smirked up at Angel with a knowing smile.

“Like chaining me-”
“Shut up.” Angel’s voice broke no argument and Spike immediately went quiet. Angel always did like a bit of S&M.

Spike whimpered when Angel licked and sucked his way down Spike’s body until he reached his achingly hard cock. As soon as Angel’s talented tongue set to work on him Spike was mindless with need and he bucked and withered beneath him groaning and grunting his way closer to orgasm and just as he was about to go over the edge Angel did something that he knew Spike hated.
“Oh Angel no!” Spike cried out when he felt the cock ring snap around his member.
Angel’s answering smile was absolutely sinful.
Chapter 2 by Hottie
Author's Notes:
Sorry about the lack of Buffy so far she will be in the next chapter lol and if you really dont like Angel and SPike together im sorry but i'd avoid thsi story lol because although Buffy plays a huge part in this the guys also play a big part
“Hey my best buds! How’s it hanging!?” Faith grinned running over and pulling Spike and Angel into a tight hug.
“Its hanging fine.” Spike smiled
“Always good to hear. Come on meet my friends. Chris, Steve and Chantelle meet Spike and Angel.” faith introduced gesturing between her two friends and her other three friends. They all smiled in greeting and gave little waves.
“Angels a lawyer just like you Steve.” Faith said conversationally.
“Oh really what firm you with?” Steve asked curiously.
“Wolfram and Heart you?” Angel asked leaning in interestedly. It was rare he got to talk about his job with someone who actually understood.
Spike watched in jealousy as Steve and Angel seemed to get on brilliantly and sunk he whiskey back quickly.
It was gunna be a long night.

Three hours later and Angel was out on the dance floor. Dancing. Actually dancing to fast music and everything. He turned to find Spike and spotted him at the bar looking depressed. Angel frowned in worry and excused himself before rushing over to his boyfriend.
“Spike are you okay?”
“Im fine.” Spike mumbled staring into his glass and grinding his teeth together.
Angel could sense that something was wrong and moved closer to Spike wrapping an arm around his waist.
“Come on what’s wrong?” Angel asked worriedly.
“Bugger off back to your little girl friend is it.” Spike snapped standing up and walking away his anger was starting to take over and he didn’t want to make a scene so he climbed the stairs onto the balcony and stood there in the shadows ready to mope for the rest of the evening. Unlucky for him however Angel was just as stubborn as he was and Angel soon appeared in front of him.
“What do you want now?” Spike sighed.
“I want you to explain what the hell you said down there.” Angel snapped back. He was pissed off and he wasn’t gunna hide it.
“Nothing went on.” Spike sighed again.
“What the hell were you talking about girlfriend?” Angel growled.

“Im talking about you and that Chantelle bird being all over each other.” Spike finally revealed storming off to the ledge of the balcony to look down into the crowd. He stood there glowering for a full minute before he felt Angel’s hard body press into his back and his large arms came around him griping onto the bar in front of him effectively trapping Spike where he was.
“please tell me your joking.” Angel’s voice held no emotion and Spike closed his eyes. He hated it when he couldn’t read how Angel was feeling.

“Im not…its just…since that film and all…I mean I’ve told you already im Bi. I still like women and everything its just lately….you seem to be taking more interest in them than ever.” Spike said quietly.
“Spike, the only reason it seems like Im taking more interest in women lately is because I thought still liking women was wrong. I still like men Spike otherwise I wouldn’t be with you would I? I love you Spike and as you’ve heard on lots of occasions I also love Johnny Depp, Orland Bloom James Masters. You think some women are nice to right?” Angel whispered in his ear. Spike nodded and sighed.

“yeah im sorry its stupid as long as you love me I shouldn’t care who you think is attractive. Hell I’d shag that Jessica Simpson any day so who am I to judge. Im sorry its just I saw you practically hanging all over that Chantelle and thought you were having doubts about us or something.” Spike shook his head at his own stupidity. Angel had spent 5 years showing him nothing but devotion he was just being stupid thinking he was converting or something.
“Spike Chantelle is already deeply in love.” Angel chuckled in his ear as he moved his hand down Spike’s side to his hip.
“She is?” Spike asked in surprise.
“Spike….take a look at the dance floor.”
Spike’s eyes roamed the dance floor and spotted Chantelle with her mouth fused to Steve’s who was currently grinding with her for all he was worth.
“OH! I thought he was gay!” Spike laughed.

“No he’s Bi…that’s where Chris comes in.” Angel smirked when he heard Spike’s gasp. Spike was about to turn around to stare at Angel in surprise when he saw Chris walk over to the humping couple and took his place behind Chantelle rubbing himself suggestively against her ass.
“Are you kidding me?” Spike gasped his dick hardening at the sight of the three stunning people who were currently involved in an orgy on the dance floor.
“No…that’s why Faith asked them to come. She wanted us to see how happy they are in the hopes that she’d convince us to let her join in on our fun.” Angel smiled when he felt Spike tense.
“Now you’ve got to be kidding!” Spike gasped.
“Nope not a word…why…you don’t like the idea of the three of us…together.” Angel whispered seductively in his ear. His hand suddenly moved from Spike’s hip to Spike’s crotch. He groaned when Angel started stroking his erection through his jeans and he bucked against his hand closing his eyes.

“You like that thought don’t you? You were always more open to ideas than me…bet you’d love to be inside a pussy for a change.”
When Angel whispered that last part in his ear Spike’s eyes widened comically and he whimpered as he felt himself explode. His knees give up and he would have fallen to his knees if Angel hand wrapped his arms around him.
“Jesus Angel. Where did that come from.” Spike gasped.
“I…I don’t know.” Angel stammered suddenly feeling embarrassed by his dirty talk. Sure he liked to tie Spike up sometimes but apart from that he was pretty embarrassed to try anything in the bedroom and he never used dirty talk so he had no idea where that came from and wanking him off in club was to shocking to think about.

“Don’t be embarrassed that was fucking great.” Spike grinned goofily.
Angel just coughed completely embarrassed and sat down next to him.
“So Faith really wanted to have a good ole gang bang?” Spike asked in amusement. In the years Angel they had done a lot of things together including having another guy share their bed for the night but they had never had a girl with them before and it had always been Spike who took the lead gently easing Angel into what ever he planned.
“Well that’s what Chris said. He said Faith's exact words were. Please come out tonight I have two hot studs who need a good old rumble in the bedroom and I wanna be there to do it.” Angel grinned when he finished shaking his head at how forward Faith could be.

“Huh…never saw that coming.” Spike laughed sarcastically he had always known Faith wanted a bit of them but Angel had never shown an interest in women before so they had never really discussed it.
“So…would you…I mean…” Angel stammered nervously and abruptly stopped when he realised there was no way he could even say the words.
“Would I shag Faith?” Spike asked the question for him with a smirk on his face.
“Yeah.” Angel nodded his face a beetroot red.
“If im honest. No. I love Faith she’s been my best friend for as long as I can remember but that’s the problem. She’s like a sister to me I could never think of her that way.” Spike shook his head firmly at the idea of sharing Angel with Faith.

“But you’d wouldn’t object to another girl?” Angel asked in a voice so quiet Spike had to strain to hear him over the loud music.
Spike just raised and eyebrow and smiled in response.
Chapter 3 by Hottie
Author's Notes:
thanks for the reviews hope u enjoy :)
“Spike where's my damn tie!!” Angel bellowed from the living room he stormed into the bedroom and stopped when he saw Spike standing there in his tux looking beyond hot.
He lost the ability to speak and just stopped and gawked at his lover who was grinning at him. He had forgone the hair gel instead leaving it dry naturally curly and the black suit made his bright eyes shine like lasers.
“See something you like honey.” Spike said in a sweet voice batting his eyelids playfully.
Angel didn’t answer and instead stepped forward smashing his lips to Spike’s.
“Hmmm we have to go Angel. We’ll be late for the party,” Spike managed to get out between kisses.
“I don’t care about the stupid party.” Angel groaned when Spike pulled away.
“Hey! Today’s my birthday and I wanted to spend it with you preferably in bed your the one whose dragging me to this works ball so you better care about it cause im loosing out on birthday kisses.” Spike scolded him lifting Angel’s tie up from beneath the bed where he must have thrown it during one of their more desperate sessions and handed it to him. Angel had the decency to look sheepish and looked at Spike with apologetic eyes.
“Im sorry. I wish i could i spend your birthday the way you want to spend it.” Angel sighed.
“Don’t worry about it as long as im with you it’s a happy birthday.” Spike smiled.

* * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“That’s Roger Drawling he works on the sixth floor and the girl on his arm is Anya an 18 years younger secretary.” Angel whispered to Spike smirking when he saw Spike’s amused expression.
“And that is Mr Thompson my boss with-”
When Angel voice suddenly stopped Spike looked up to see what had stopped him and his eyes widened when he saw what Angel was staring at. She was fucking gorgeous and Spike stared in astonishment as the man whose arm she was attached too led her over to them.

“Angel! Glad you could make it and you must be William!” Mr Thompson smiled charmingly.
“yep that’s me.” Spike replied not taking his eyes off the breathtaking blonde that stood next to the much older man. Her long blonde hair fell in waves down her back and her green eyes shone out due to the smokey makeup she was wearing. Her skin shone golden against the emerald green dress she was wearing and Spike couldn’t help but gawk at her beauty. Not that he was the only one of course. Angel along with every other man in the room had saliva practically pooling at their feet.
“This is Anne Winters my lovely date for this evening.” Mr Thompson introduced beaming proudly.
“Hi.” she smiled sweetly showing off her perfect white teeth.

“Urgh Angel….is me…that’s my uh name and uh this is William.” Angel chocked out his words not once taking his eyes off the blonde.
“Its nice to meet you both.” She replied before pulled away by the man who seemed glued to her side. Angel and Spike stood there in awe and they both looked at each other before grinning.

Sometime later Spike sat at the bar watching as Angel smoothly worked the crowd. Man was he a sight. Normally Angel was classed as a hunk but give him a tuxedo and Jesus! He was so busy in his watching of Angel that he didn’t notice when someone walked up to the bar close to where he stood until she spoke.
“Excuse me can I have a Cosmopolitan please.”
His eyes snapped to the woman next to him and he smiled when he recognised her as Anne.
She turned to him and smiled when she saw it was the hottie from earlier.

“Well hi.” She smiled flirtingly not being able to stop herself as her gaze swept over his body. He was lean buts he could tell he would have a body to die for, his lips were soft looking and pouty, his cheekbones would make a model jealous and his eyes….were looking right at her. She saw him smirk as he watched her eye him up and she give him an apologetic look before taking the seat next to him.
“So who you here with….im sensing your not the lawyer type.” She smiled at him as she sipped from her drink.
“You can sense a lawyer?” Spike asked with a raised eyebrow.
“Well in my line of work I actually meet a lot of them.” She laughed.
“And what do you do?” Spike asked curiously.
She didn’t answer however and just stirred the olive in her drink.
“You didn’t answer my question. Who are you here with?” She asked curiously.
“Im with my boyfriend.” He answered watching as she choked on her drink. She coughed and stared at him wide eyed.

“Wow! I so did not get the whole gay vibe off you.” She said in complete shock.
“Well im not technically gay. Just fell in love with a guy.” Spike sighed happily.
Anne watched his eyes lock onto something and she followed his gaze to the other sexy guy she was introduced to earlier and her mouth watered at the thought of the two of them together. One light one dark. God she got wet just thinking about it. At that moment the brunette guy straightened and turned to face them She saw his eyes soften when he saw Spike watching him and e gave him a soft smile before going back to his previous conversation. Her smiled faltered and she looked down into her glass sadly. She wished she could get someone to love her like that.
“So pet. You didn’t tell me what you did for a living.” Spike turned back to her grinning. She looked up at him with a unreadable look in her eyes and smiled at him. The drink had already loosened her up and for some reason he put her at ease so she decided to go with the truth. She stepped up really close to him and pressed her lips to his ear.

“Im a prostitute.” She whispered in his ear before stepping back just in time to see the shocked look on the mans face.
“Are you kidding me?” Spike gasped.
“Please…like I’d willing sleep with a guy that old.” She muttered watching as her “date” for the evening chatted to some other guys.
“Oh my god…he paid you to come here?” Spike asked in surprise.
“I was on the street and a big fancy limo pulled up he leant out the window said he had a party and didn’t have a date and said he’d pay me £300 to come. He had the dress and makeup all there. Lucky it was all in my size I guess. I wasn’t gunna pass up the opportunity to earn so much in one night without even having to sleep with someone” She shrugged.

“Wow.” Spike said in complete smile. As weird as it sounded she looked to good to be a prostitute. She was stunning and had a classic beauty about her. He would never guess she sold her body for money. He was about to say more when Angel approached them.
“Hey.” He smiled holding his hand out for the blonde to shake. She took it and smiled up at him sweetly.
“Hey back at you, just getting to know your boyfriend a bit better.” She smiled looking Angel up and down the same way she had Spike and finding him just as appealing.

Damn why couldn’t one of these guys have needed a date.

Anne sighed and looked over to where the old timer was standing waving her over. She turned back to Spike and rolled her eyes in annoyance.
“He didn’t pay me enough for this crap.” She sighed.
“See ya around William.” She smiled before heading off to take her place at her dates side.

Half an hour later and Angel still hadn’t picked his jaw up off the floor.
“You got to be fucking with me right?” He asked once again his eyes trailing Anne’s every move.
“I told you no. She just told me herself.” Spike chuckled. He was amused by the news because he was honestly shocked himself but at the same time he was saddened. He hated the thought that that woman who seemed pretty nice when he talked to her had to work the streets and it made him feel a little ill the way she so casually dismissed it as nothing.
Spike was busy ordering his drink so he didn’t notice Angel studying the blonde with a tilted head. When he turned around he saw the torn look in his eyes and looked between him and Anne curiously.
“What’s the matter?” Spike asked.

Angel turned to look at Spike and took a deep breath to calm his nerves at what he was gunna ask. The drink he had already consumed helped a little but he was still terrified.
“Okay Spike if you don’t like the idea tell me and Its okay its just I know how you wouldn’t mind trying it so…” Angel trailed off.
“What is it?” Spike asked in amusement.
“Well maybe we could ask her to join us.” Angel blurted out quickly.
Spike didn’t really understand what Angel was talking about but then it hit him and his mouth opened in surprise. He turned to look at Anne again and at that exact moment she looked up from her conversation and give them both a silly wink.

“You really want too?” Spike rasped out. His mouth had gone dry as soon as he had imagined being in bed with both that hot little number and his Angel.
“Well, she’s beyond beautiful and it can be no strings attached. Its not like Faith is it? neither of us know her…it can be your birthday present.” Angel smirked but his blush contradicted it showing Spike that the idea was affecting him just as much as Spike.
“Okay…how are we gunna ask her?” Spike asked biting his lip.
They both shared a panicked look and they both held out their hands simultaneously ready for a battle of rock paper scissors.
Chapter 4 by Hottie
“Hello again luv.”
Anne turned around and smiled when she saw the blonde guy standing there again.
“Hey again. This party is really livening up isn’t it.” Anne laughed when she indicated the dozens of men who were sitting drinking brandy and murmuring lawyer talk.
“Yeah that it is.” Spike chuckled nervously tugging on his collar. How the hell am I supposed to ask this?
“Are you okay? You look a little sick.” Anne asked in concern watching the tint of red that graced his cheeks.
“Yeah im fine…just a little hot. So Anne…”

“Huh?” Spike asked looking at her in bewilderment.
“My names Buffy. I’ve already told you my profession you may as well know my name.” Buffy shrugged. She had never been so honest with a person she had just met in her life and she just kept surprising herself the more she talked to this charming man.
“Oh right ….that’s a nice name.” He stammered and scolded himself for sounding so much like his inner William she just smiled though and raised an eyebrow.
“Thank you for lying.” She laughed
“Okay urm…this is awkward…” Spike struggled to get out he glanced back at Angel and saw him nod his head eagerly and he turned back to a very amused Buffy with a sheepish smile.
“Me and huh…Angel…are sort of wondering if…you know if…are you free tonight?” He panted when he finally got it out and looked down at his shoes not daring to look at her. He was usually a cocky git never showed fear or nervousness but this situation was just weird and for some reason this tiny slip of a girl got him all nervous.

Well that I was not expecting.

She stared at the man in front of her and looked behind him to see his boyfriend standing there also looking nervous. She had met her fair share of kinky guys but she never would have guessed that these two would be in for threesomes especially with a prostitute. She giggled to herself when she realised that she had judged them from their looks. She should have known that men were all the same and she should never have been surprised by this.
“What about your boy toy?” She asked curiously enjoying the blush that seemed to spread all over the devishly hot man in front of her.

“Actually it was his idea…I mean I don’t know if you do…that stuff but…urm…he would be there I mean he would be involved….I see this as a-”
“Okay breathe. I do know what your asking.” She laughed again putting him at ease.
“Thank god I was so close to drawing a diagram.” He joked giving her his boyish grin.
“Okay well lucky for you two boys Mr dull over there only paid me for the party and after that im free.” She said putting on her seductive voice that she always used with clients.
“Really? Wow I never expected you too agree.” Spike sighed in relief.

“Why wouldn’t I. I get to leave with the two hottest guys in the room and I get paid.” She said with a shrug.
“You’re really casual about this aren’t you?” Spike said in surprise. For some idea when he imagined approaching a prostitute he would never have imagined them being so flip, she just acted as if he was asking her to go for dinner or something.
Buffy bristled at that and he could see the cold mask come over her face and knew he had said the wrong thing.
“Yeah well when you’ve been doing it as long as I have. You don’t think about it much…now excuse me I need to get another drink.” She spoke without the warmth Spike had felt earlier and he watched her walk away berating himself for being such an ass.
“What she say?”

Angel appeared in front of him as if out of nowhere with an excited yet scared look on his face.
“She said yeah.” Spike smiled.
“I cant believe we’re doing this.” Angel babbled but Spike tuned him out he was too busy watching Buffy down her glass of cosmopolitan and order another.

“Thank you for this evening you served your purpose well.” Mr Thompson said stiffly handing her her heels to put on. She left the car without another word and made her way back to the lobby of the hotel the party was held at. She grimaced at the difference between the silky and elegant ball gown she had just been wearing to the tiny skirt and tank top she was now wearing and looked down at herself in distaste. She couldn’t mope for long however because her soon to be clients were walking over to her all the while casting nervous glances around them.
“So boys…where ya taking me?” She asked playfully using the smile she practised everyday in the mirror and following them as they led her too an awaiting limo.

“Wow.” She repeated for the tenth time glancing around the penthouse apartment in awe. The living room was two sizes bigger than her entire apartment and it was decorated so perfectly it was amazing. It was decked out in brown and crème with brown leather couches that screamed money and Buffy’s eye’s bugged out when she saw the huge plasma screen hanging from the wall.
“You like what we done with the place then huh?” Spike laughed at the awed look in her eye.
“Its amazing…your carpet probably cost more than every piece of furniture in my place.” She said seriously looking down at the thick crème carpet before looking up at Angel and Spike with a smile. When she had heard their names she had burst out laughing but when Spike had kindly reminded her of her name she had shut up and admitted defeat.

Despite their weird names however man were they perfect. She honestly couldn’t picture a more attractive couple and she found herself actually looking forward to tonight. What she didn’t understand however was how they were a couple. They seemed complete opposites not to mention the fact that they both seemed too manly to be homosexual. They looked like the womaniser type not gay in the slightest. She smiled at Angel and had to fight back the giggle when she saw him practically choke. That was another huge difference between them Spike seemed outgoing and funny whereas Angel seemed the quiet shy type.
“So…urm do you want a drink or something?” Spike asked with his host smile in place.
“I’ll have what ever your having.” Buffy smiled in thanks.
“I’ll have a vodka…the bottle preferably.” Angel mumbled changing his mind and digging through the cupboards to get to the bottle quicker.
Spike and Buffy both watched with raised eyebrows as Angel drunk a good quarter of the bottle in about two seconds.

“Okay…im taking a wild guess and saying you’ve never done this before?” Buffy asked sarcastically.
“Well we kinda did….about two years ago a uhh friend joined us….he got blathered then too.” Spike shrugged watching in amusement as Angel made the funniest face ever.
“Look urm why don’t you pay me to begin with?” Buffy suggested looking up at the clock.
“Okay how much?” Spike asked taking to Angels wallet and pulling out some bills.
“Well it’s a hundred an hour so how long do you want me for?” She asked suggestively.
Spike swallowed and just handed over the entire contents of the wallet. She counted out the bills and smiled when she counted $600.
“6 hours?” Buffy asked with a raised brow.
“No offence honey but do you honestly think your gunna last that long?”

“Okay one hey!! I could so last that long and two…don’t have to have sex all the time! We can have rests.” he said unsurely biting his lip.
“Okay then you booked yourself six hours of fun…either of you boys wanna show me the bedroom?” She asked looking from one to the other. Spike nodded and led her down the hall to his and Angels room. She gasped once more when she entered the room and went straight to the bed running her fingertips over the silky sheets.
“Wow this bed is gorgeous.” She practically moaned sending a shiver right down Spike’s back.
“Yeah it serves its purposes.” Spike laughed walking further into the bedroom.
Buffy looked up at Spike and tilted her head studying him for a second.

“How do you want to work this? You two aint anything like my regular johns. They would have had me naked and probably upsides down by this point. Your friend in there especially looks nervous.” She told him moving closer to him as she spoke she began to untie his dickie bow. Spike gulped nervously when he felt her warm fingertips graze over the hollow of his throat and he gasped when she expertly undone the top three buttons on his shirt and kissed his chest softly.
“Cant think straight with you doing that pet.” Spike gasped.
Buffy stepped backwards and sat down on the bed waiting for his instructions.
“Okay when we did this before I urm…well Angel came in like a bit later on…he was more calmer then seeing me already….it took the pressure off him I think…so if we start…urm..”

He babbled on and Buffy shook her head at how cute he was and simply ended his little speech by grasping his hand and pulling him down on top of her. He groaned at the close contact and his eyes rolled backwards when her sweet tasting lips met his in a bone melting kiss. They both scooted up the bed so they were both laying spread out with Spike on top and he let his hands roam freely down her body gently smoothing over her curves. He growled playfully when her hands stared rubbing circles on his chest and she moaned into the kiss before nibbling at his lip. She had done this more times than she could count but for some reason this time felt different but she shrugged it of focusing her complete attention on the man above her. Somehow she managed to get his shirt off and hers soon followed leaving her in just her skirt. They were so busy that they didn’t notice Angel walk into the room and sit on the chair next to the bed until they heard a soft moan. They both broke apart instantly turning to the noise and they both cast grins at the brunette who was staring at them in obvious excitement.

“You gunna come over here and join in?” Spike asked his voice a suggestive purr. Angel nodded dumbly and stumbled over to the bed shedding his shirt along the way before swooping straight in his tongue seeking out her nipple. Buffy moaned at the double sensation of Spike at her mouth and Angel at her nipple. She was practically out of her mind already and she didn’t even have her skirt off yet…that didn’t stay that way for long however and the two made quick work of her skirt leaving her completely nude. When she was completely bare both of them pulled back and stared down at her in complete awe. It had been years since they had seen a naked woman in the flesh and they drank in the sight of her. She was fucking gorgeous!
Her skin was golden brown all over and there wasn’t a flaw anywhere on her body. She was perfection wrapped up into a tiny package.
Buffy shifted nervously under their gaze and moved her hands as if to cover herself. No one she’d been with had stared at her like that and she didn’t know how to take it. Normally they’d just get right in, screw her into the mattress for about 2 minutes before letting her go but these two just sat there their eyes glazed over and their mouth hanging open. Just as her hand came up to cover her boobs Spike’s hand snatched at her wrist and shook his head.

“Don’t hide luv. Your gorgeous.” Spike’s voice sounded hoarse even to his ears and he shook his head to clear the fog that had settled over his brain.
Angel couldn’t agree more and stared down in amazement at the stunning beauty laid out before him. What scared him was it wasn’t just physical either there was just something about her that drew him in and he leant back in kissing her softly on the lips. While he did so Spike lost his pants and shimmied down till he was face to face with her centre. Buffy was too busy with Angels mouth to notice where Spike’s head was so when his tongue finally made itself known she practically flew off the bed.
“Ohmygod!” She moaned into Angel’s mouth her eyes widening, being met by amused brown ones. He pulled back to watch her face and smiled when he saw her eyes roll.

“You… don’t have to…do that…im…here…for you….not me.” She managed to gasp out.
“I know but your just too delicious.” Spike grinned before diving back in again. Her head rolled sideward in utter ecstasy and her half lidded eyes caught sight of Angel who was staring at where Spike’s tongue was working its magic with a pained look on his face as he stroked himself. Buffy snapped awake instantly and leant forward lapping at the tip of his dick as best she could at such a distance. He looked down at her with a question in his eyes and she nodded watching as he straddled her upper half so he was positioned right in front of her face. She gave him one last look before taking him in right to the hilt and swallowing. At Angel’s almost inhuman scream Spike’s head snapped up and he grinned when he was greeted with the sight of Angel’s thrusting ass.

Guess he’s having fun.

Not one to miss out on the action he got to his knees and lifted Buffy’s legs so they were thrown over his shoulder before pressing the head of his condom covered erection at her entrance and sinking in.

Ohhh fucking Hell!!!!
Chapter 5 by Hottie
Author's Notes:
Thanks for all the reviews gusy glad your enjoying:D
“Jesus that was….wow!” Angel grinned staring up at the ceiling in happiness. Spike whose head was nestled against Buffy’s breast nodded in agreement and lifted his head to look down at Buffy.
“You okay pet?” Spike asked.
“Never better.” She giggled using her fingers to comb through the curls that had sprung up.
“Thought we might have broken you after the second time.” Angel laughed moving sideways to leave teasing licks and kisses at her throat. She sighed in contentment at the treatments she was being given and mover her head to give him better access.
“Nope not broken.” She moaned when Spike’s fingers began tracing circles around her nipples.
“Cant believe how much I missed these.” Spike smiled roguishly staring at her breasts as if for the first time.

“I know never thought i'd missed them that much until now.” Angel grinned sucking her nipple into his mouth once more. She hissed at the sensation and her eyes widened when she felt a hard on pressed against her hip she stared up at Spike in complete shock and then down to Angels to see that he was hard again too.
“My god do you guys ever get tired!?” Buffy asked in surprise.
“Nope not at all.” Spike laughed attacking her neck playfully. Buffy giggled when Angel pushed Spike off her and he went tumbling to the bedroom floor but her giggle was cut short when Angel thrust inside her. All thoughts of Spike laying on his ass on the floor evaporated and she melted into the body on top of her. She never enjoyed sex. Never. It was always a chore and she shut her entire body down during her time with a customer but something about these two completely changed her.

She was acting like what she used to be like before working the streets and for once she planned on enjoying it. Angel rolled them over and Buffy sat up moving up and down on him, placing her hands on his chest to stable herself. Her eyes shot open and she stared down at Angel in shock when she felt something wet nudge against her back entrance and she twisted her head around to see Spike looking up at her hesitantly.

“Is this orite luv?” Spike asked worriedly. The last thing he wanted to do was make her uncomfortable. She nodded at him before turning back to look at Angel closing her eyes for the expected pain. She had only done it with two guys at once twice but she knew that it had absolutely killed both times. She was surprised however when she felt Spike’s fingers working their way into her gently. The fact he was beings so soft added with the large amount of lube had Buffy moaning in pleasure and she leant forward kissing Angel as she did so. Spike soon give in and kneeled behind her. He rubbed soothing circles on her back as he slowly pushed the head inside of her.

Buffy grunted and groaned as he began pushing further into her and Angel’s quiet whimpers soon mingled with hers at the added sensation of feeling Spike’s dick rubbing against his through the thin wall that separated them. After Spike had finally buried himself completely he had to close his eyes and count backwards just to stop from cumming. He looked down at Buffy’s smooth back and placed a feather soft kiss on her shoulder.
“Are you okay pet?” Spike panted out.

Buffy just gurgled in response. There was no way she was capable of real speech at this point and she simply gasped into Angel’s shoulder as they both began moving at the same time. They moved fluidly together timing it just right so as soon as Spike left Angel entered. The sensation soon had Buffy shooting off into the biggest multiple orgasm of her life and Angel followed soon after. Spike’s thrust sped up as he searched for his release and he howled when he finally went limp.
He rolled to the side not wanting to crush Buffy between him and Angel and reached for a cigarette from the bedside table.
“I don’t know about you two…but that was un-fucking believable.” Spike grinned.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Buffy awoke slowly, shifting slightly trying to stretch out her muscles. She opened her eyes and smiled when she was greeted by the beautiful and thoroughly innocent face of Spike. She was nestled in between the two very hard yet comforting bodies and she could feel Angel’s hands wresting on her hips.
Hmmm this feels amazing.
She took a minute to bask in the moment. She felt so warm. So comfortable. So loved.

As soon as that thought flittered through her mind her eyes widened and she managed to stumble out of bed without waking either man. How could she be so stupid! The main rules she had set herself when dealing with clients was never ever get to know them, never go back to their place and never fall asleep with them and here she was breaking them all. She was pulling her top on when she heard a moan sound from the bed and she turned just in time to see Angel awaken.

“Hey.” he greeted softly. His hair was all mussed up and she could see the sleepiness in his eyes and it all added up to one very appealing image.
“Hey.” She said back awkwardly glancing at the clock on the wall.
Angel saw her do this and frowned.
“You leaving?” he asked.
“Uh yeah I have too…its getting late.” She mumbled out indicating the clock that said it was seven thirty.
“Late? For what?” Angel laughed. Since when do people have to get up at eight thirty on a Saturday morning especially hookers.
“I just got somewhere I need to be.” She said quietly.
“So you don’t want breakfast?” Angel asked curiously. For some reason he didn’t want her to leave and he got out of bed himself tugging on a pair of sweat pants and a white t-shirt.

“No I urm better be going.”
She was half way to the elevator when Angel aught up to her. She looked up at him in confusion and he waggled his car keys at her.
“I can drive you.” He said simply not letting her say no and she had to hide her small smile at that.
“SO where too?” Angel asked as they both got into his black Mercedes.
“I’ll guide you turn left once you get off this street then carry on straight till I say so.” She told him relaxing into the leather seats.
The trip was made in silence except for the directions that Buffy mumbled out every now and then. Angel frowned when they pulled up outside some shoddy broken down apartment building in a part of town where Angel wouldn’t have gone down even if he was armed to the teeth.
“Well see ya around.” Buffy said her version of goodbye before getting out.
“Wait…where do you normally work?” Angel asked his face flaming when she smiled at him. Even after all the stuff they had got up to last night he couldn’t help but blush.

“I work down at Penter road…near the Espresso Pump” She said with a light tone in her voice. She walked away from him and opened the door of the building without a backwards glance and Angel took off immediately not wanting to spend another second in this place.
Buffy watched him take off laughing at the terrified look he had in his eye when he spotted a gang of teens hanging around one street corner. She made it too her apartment and opened the door, taking off her shoes and flopping down on the dilapidated sofa.
“And where the fuck have you been?”
Buffy’s tired eyes snapped open and she stared up at the man in front of her in fear.

Oh shit

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Wakey wakey Spike.” Angel grinned jumping on the bed next to a fast asleep Spike.
“Hmmmph sod off fat arse.” Spike growled snuggling further into his pillow. Angel carried on grinning and simply pulled the sheet that was keeping Spike all snug and warm away. Spike groaned and finally sat up giving Angel a death glare.
“You’re a bastard.” He growled rubbing the sleep from his eyes.
“You’re a lazy bastard.” Angel replied.
“I drove her home.” Angel answered already knowing by the confused look on Spike’s face that he was thinking of their blonde bedtime companion.
“Oh…I didn’t get to say goodbye.” Spike muttered feeling weirdly crestfallen>She was a hooker for Christ sake why would you want to say goodbye? Spike mocked himself. He shook his head to get rid of the disappointment that had settled on hi and looked up at Angel.

“Okay so what’s the reason you got me up so early?” Spike asked with a raised brow.
“oh nothing..” Angel said breezily moving around the room and pretending to take interest in the drapes.
“Just didn’t want you too miss our flight.” He threw out casually.
Spike simply nodded before snapping his head up when he realised what Angel had said.
“Huh?” He questioned.
“Me, you, flight in 6 hours, Hawaii, two weeks.” Angel said with a grin.
The blinding smile Spike give him was enough to make all thoughts of the blonde from the night before disappear and they both rushed to pack up their things for the holiday ahead.
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