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05/18/17 04:16 am
pj! I remember wishing one of your stories would be finished seriously about a decade ago. Amazing. I just tried an old password I used to use and amazingly got in too. Memories!
03/20/17 01:20 am
10 yrs later, i finally rem my username and password. Pari, you rock. Hope you are well.
12/23/16 01:12 pm
I donate every month. Please donate to keep this site up!
10/06/16 08:34 am
Great post.
08/31/16 03:45 pm
And anyone else who loves this site, it's worth mentioning there's a nifty little "Donate" option just below the shout box here! ;)
08/31/16 03:43 pm
Just wanted to take a moment to thank Pari and all the mods for maintaining such a great site!


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Authors Chapter Notes:
I wanted to say this before the story really started but believe me this isnt going to be a very happy fic and if any of you have issues with graphic sexual abuse id stay well away from this story

Spike shifted, rubbing his arms frantically trying to keep warm. Wilkins had set up the meeting at an abandoned warehouse and Willie was supposed to have met him over twenty minutes ago but he still hadn’t showed. A big hold-all holding Spike’s clothes lay at his feet and he glanced at his watch once again groaning from the cold. He was about to just give up already and go back to the agency when bright lights blinded him and he held his hand up to shield against the light watching as a pickup truck rumbled towards him. The car pulled up next to him and Spike stared up at the weasel looking guy looking him up and down.
“What’s the number?” Willie asked.
“8906734” Spike drawled looking down at the floor bored. He had gone undercover loads of times and knew that Willie set up that question to be sure he approached the right guy.

“So your Spike huh?”
“The one and only mate now can I get in or what im freezing my dick off out here.” Spike grumbled putting his usual cocky attitude on. Willie nodded and studied Spike as he jumped into the truck slouching in his chair comfortably.
“Wilkins said you worked for him?”
“Yer for the last 10 years now are we gunna have a chat or are you gunna take me to where I got to be?” Spike grumbled.

“Sure sure. I can see why your in a hurry…i'd be too.” Willie grinned.
“What you talking about?” Spike asked with a furrowed brow.
“Man you get to spend two months fucking some hot chicks…i'd kill to be where you are right now…and im being serious.” Willie snorted shaking his head not believing the luck of the guy next to him. Spike just clenched his jaw and turned to stare out the window.

Almost 9 hours later and Spike was laying in the back of some van with a blindfold on and his hands cuffed to a pole next to him. Angel really did take his privacy to the extreme didn’t he? Spike had gone undercover in crime lords houses before but none had had security this tight. Just as his ass had begun to numb and his wrists started aching from their awkward position the van rolled to a stop and Spike sat there stock still as he heard the van door open and someone get in with him. His blindfold was pulled off and he stared up into the dark and smirking eyes of Liam O’Connor.

His Irish accent was barely noticeable and the deep voice immediately had Spike on edge. He sounded so sure of himself and cocky Spike felt like punching him even more than he already did.
“Oh yeah this is better than first class. You gunna get me the fuck out of here or what?” Spike shot back. Angel smiled in response and immediately unchained the blonde. He was impressed. He wasn’t gunna say it but he was impressed. No one spoke to him like that and here was this new guy who was staring at him with a cocky smirk and a raise eyebrow.
“This could be the begging of a beautiful friendship.” Angel smirked clapping him on the back and leading him from the van.

“This is your room it has cable before you ask.” Angel said watching Spike critically as he sat down on the bed looking around the room.
“Right then.” Spike replied blandly staring down at the bedspread disinterestedly.
Angel frowned and felt a flutter of annoyance at the blonde in front of him. Every single person who had had the honour of gracing his home had always been shocked and impressed by his home and here was this punk who seemed uninterested in anything.
“So how did you know Wilkins?” Angel asked crossing his arms and taking a seat on the chair next to Spike’s bed.
“I worked with him on and off for the last ten years. I got a call from him from jail the other day asking for a favour and here I am.” Spike shrugged.
“Yeah pity about him getting caught…he was one of the few people I could trust…it’s the only reason I’ve let you stay here.” Angel revealed truthfully.
“Oh yeah well that’s Wilkins for you…loyal as hell.” Spike said trying desperately to hide his smirk.

Loyal my ass.

“So did Dick explain what you’d be doing?” Angel asked seriously.
“Roughly yer…” Spike trailed off.
“Well…how bout you start now then.” Angel smirked evilly watching the panicked look wash over Spike’s face.
“Now?” Spike asked in surprise.
“Yeah why not? Your not scared are you Spikey?” Angel laughed amused by Spike’s clear discomfort.
“Course not just surprise dim going straight into it.” Spike shrugged.

“Yeah well the girl your gunna be working on has been here for four days just sitting in her cell so you’d better get started…you have done stuff like this before right?” Angel asked curiously.
“What? train girls to be slaves?” Spike asked chuckling.
“Well not that specifically. Im talking about torture, rape, submission?” Angel reeled off as if it was nothing. Spike gulped silently and nodded his head.
“Very good well im gunna let you get comfortable dinners at 7.” Angel said before stalking out of the room leaving Spike alone. The hardness he had placed around himself dropped and he sighed deeply looking down at his hands in resignation. He was most definitely in hell. He spent all afternoon walking around the house taking note of everything he saw. He knew Giles would need every bit of information he could get him and he didn’t want to waste this time. When he looked out the window of his room that’s all he could see was trees and fields for as far as he could see and the weather looked the exact same as it had when he left los Angeles so he didn’t really have a clue where the place was situated which was definitely one of the things he’d have to work on. Spike had wandered onto the floor below his hours later and was staring at a picture of Angel on the wall when he heard someone shout.

“HEY! Who the fuck are you?!”
Spike swivelled around to see a huge farm boy standing behind him glaring at him suspiciously.
“The names Spike.” he replied slipping back into his bad guy persona.
“Oh you’re the new guy.” the man muttered looking at the shorter punk looking man in front of him critically.
“Yeah that would be me and you are?” Spike asked. This guy looked like a typical college guy on a football scholarship, defiantly not the evil mastermind guy.
“Riley Finn.”
“So you work here too?” Spike asked trying to act as if he couldn’t care less while deep down he was interested.

“I’ve worked here for almost 4 years now.” Riley grinned and it was in that moment that Spike saw the mans true nature. Even though he was grinning it was cold. His eyes reminded stony and his mouth looked like he was smirking not smiling. Spike was about to ask something else when another man walked through a door to their right.
“Hey Riley dinners served man!”
Spike stared at the man as he ran past in surprise. He was African American and obviously well built but that wasn’t what Spike noticed at first. No…it was the huge scar that ran down the right side of the man's face from below his eye right down to the collar of his shirt. He stared after him long after he had disappeared downstairs with a horrified look on his face.
“First rule here Spike. Don’t let your guard down. Those bitches may seem tamed but there a chance they aren’t. Forrest didn’t pay attention and turned his back on a girl and that’s what she did to him.” Riley warned in a knowing voice.

“That’s why Forrest’s girls are usually the best…cause now…whoever is unlucky enough to end up with him? Boy is that girl in trouble.” Riley laughed before walking off down to the dinner hall downstairs, Spike trailing behind him
When they got to the bottom floor Spike was surprised to see a few guys hanging around near the doorway into the dining room. When he had first entered the house there had been no one around and Spike didn’t expect Angel to have so many people employed to work for him and looked around curiously studying each and every man . They all looked so different and he shook his head in disgust.

Spike looked up to see Angel striding towards him full of confidence and oozing power. Spike smirked at him ij greeting nodding in greeting.
“So settled in?”
“yeah im good.” Spike nodded noticing that every man in the room had turned to look at him he looked right back at them meeting each and every one of their stares until they backed down.
“Okay then I want you to meet Parker.” Angel grinned clapping a young boy on the back as he steeped forward. Spike raised a brow at the kid in obvious surprise. This kid couldn’t be more than 19 and looked like a little sappy bastard.
“He may look innocent but believe me this is one twisted fucker. He’ll be teaching you the ropes and you’ll be working on the same girl.” Angel told him before walking off to take his seat at the dining table leaving Parker and Spike standing there eyeing each other.

“So you found the holy land huh?” Parker laughed.
“Man this is pussy central! You must be stoked to be living here.” Parker whistled lowly.
“Uhh yeah I guess.” Spike shrugged brushing off the little twerp and making his way into the dining room. After everyone had sat down he noticed that there was one spare seat and knew it was meant for him. He was about to ask Riley who was sitting next to him where the food was when a woman appeared at the door clutching a steaming jug in her hands. She was absolutely beautiful with long wavy red hair and bright blue eyes she was a definite stunner but Spike barely noticed that. What he did notice was the girl was topless and only wearing a tiny thong.

He stared in surprise as she walked forward to every man who was seated pouring what looked like vegetable soup out of the jug and into their bowls. What surprised Spike the most however was how absolutely no one paid attention. It was as if the woman had walked in with a suit on not one even raised and eyebrow and Spike assumed that this must be a regular thing. Soon another two girls joined the first, serving drinks and food and Spike shifted uncomfortably.

Man are those girls hot!

“This is the high life huh?” Riley grinned grabbing a girl as she walked past and sitting her in his lap. Spike watched as Riley gripped the girls hair puling her neck back as far as it would go before absolutely devouring the woman’s mouth eagerly. Spikes attention was focused so completely on Riley and his girl that he barely noticed that a few others had done the same. He felt someone’s eye on him and turned to find Angel staring at him obviously checking to see how he was reacting so Spike grinned at him raising his glass and downing it before signalling to a girl to refill. Angel grinned in response and raised his own glass.
“Welcome to Angels Harem.” He laughed missing the uneasy look that passed across Spike’s face as he knocked back his drink.

The meal carried on like that for over an hour and they had just finished desert when Riley stood up next to him, grabbed the red head who he had molested earlier and left the room with her walking obediently behind him. One by one man after man disappeared from the table till eventually only Angel, Parker and himself remained and Spike shifted waiting for Angel who clearly had something to say to him.
“Well I think its time you two meet Elizabeth.” Angel grinned looking between them.

“What? Tonight? Now?” Spike asked a little shocked that Angel was already letting him see where the girls were kept. He had been hoping he’s have a bit of time to prepare for what he would have to do and the thought he would have to start tonight terrified him. They were talking about the complete breaking down of someone’s life and he knew this was gunna be the hardest job of his life.
“Yes now. Tonight can be parkers though…no offence blondie but you aint ready for it so I’ll let Parker work alone for tonight but she’ll be all yours tomorrow.” While Angel spoke he had already began walking out of the room and Spike and Parker followed behind. Spike was confused when they actually left the house and he glanced at Parker who clearly already knew where Angel was leading them and was looking at his shoes uninterestedly.
“So how hot is this one?” Parker asked already licking his lips at the thought of getting his hands on this girl.
“So hot that im not selling her.” Angel replied.
“Huh? Well what will you do with her?” Spike asked in confusion.

“The girls who served us today are mine. I let them live in the house they cook clean and are always available to the men who work for me. They have already been trained of course and I only keep the best in my home which is why it is a must that you condition Elizabeth perfectly. She is going to be my own private girl so she has to be the best.” Angel informed them stiffly and Spike looked between Parker and Angel when they both stopped and stared at each other. Angel with a blank look on his face and Parker with a shocked one.
“Your keeping her as yours? Privately yours?” Parker gasped.
Angel nodded and Spike could tell he was uneasy about something and raised an eyebrow in interest.

Hmmm am I sensing a sensitive spot.

“Fucking hell she must be gorgeous! Out of the hundreds of girls we’ve had here you’ve only ever kept 8! What’s she like?” Parker asked defiantly eager now.
“You’ll see soon enough.” Angel said coldly before storming off. Parker winced and realised he had said the wrong thing. Rule number one was never question the boss and he could tell that he was supremely pissed.

Spike carried on after the two men frowning the further they went from the house. He couldn’t even see the house anymore. And when the men suddenly stopped in front of him he looked around wondering why they had stopped until of course Angel leant down and pulled on a metal ring that had been hidden beneath the grass. Spike stared in shock at the now huge hole in the ground with steps leading down into what looked like a brightly lit room. Angel saw the surprise on his face and smiled proudly leading the way down the steps and into the ground. Spike stared up and down the corridor he was now in that was lit by overhead lights in complete disbelief. This corridor was even bigger than the ones in the mansion and he couldn’t believe that Angel had had this built. Wilkins had been right. If the police and agency had stormed the mansion there would be no way they would have found this place.

Angel walked a bit further down the corridor and opened a door waiting for Spike and parker to enter. Spike went first and as soon as he steppe through a small shudder wracked through him. The walls were painted black a stark contrast from the white corridor and the floor was a plain stone. What Spike was focused on however wasn’t the decoration but what was in the room. There was a bed against one wall with a head board that had handcuffs attached to it. A table was in the middle of the room and against the far wall was what Spike was mostly focused on. There was a rack with literally hundreds of items hanging from it.

Some Spike recognised and some he didn’t but it was obvious what they did. There were the things that Spike already knew about dildos in every size imaginable, paddles, chains, whips, nipple clamps…but then there were other things that Spike didn’t even want to think about. He heard the two others walk in behind him and plastered a smirk on his face before turning around the grin at them.

“Well this room is designed for some fun aint it?” He laughed rolling his tongue against his teeth and rocking on the balls of his feet. He saw Angel’s look of admiration before he could cover it and congratulated himself on a good over up.
“well then…I guess its time you two meet the girl.”

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