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05/18/17 04:16 am
pj! I remember wishing one of your stories would be finished seriously about a decade ago. Amazing. I just tried an old password I used to use and amazingly got in too. Memories!
03/20/17 01:20 am
10 yrs later, i finally rem my username and password. Pari, you rock. Hope you are well.
12/23/16 01:12 pm
I donate every month. Please donate to keep this site up!
10/06/16 08:34 am
Great post.
08/31/16 03:45 pm
And anyone else who loves this site, it's worth mentioning there's a nifty little "Donate" option just below the shout box here! ;)
08/31/16 03:43 pm
Just wanted to take a moment to thank Pari and all the mods for maintaining such a great site!


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Author: Sarah Aless

Contact: give_it_to_me_spikey@yahoo.co.uk

Title: You Know You Want To

Rating: NC-17

Spoilers: Season 6 post Smashed/Wrecked if anyone STILL hasn't seen that far.

Disclaimer: They're not mine *big sigh* Joss and Mutant Enemy own them I'm just having fun......and wishing

Distribution: 'I'm just a girl who can't say no.......' But please tell me where it's going :)

Summary: Was originally started for the fanfic challenge at Heat......Desire. However the hard drive crash of May 03 and the subsequent floppy drive stubbornness of June 03 prevented me from finishing in time to submit it. Therefore I gave up writing the third part and fitting some elements of the challenge (namely the use of a song) in and am just sharing what I had.

WARNING: This fic deals with a degree of BDSM. It's all consensual but if that's not your thing don't bother with part two or beyond.


Buffy stomped across the graveyard, now and again starting to run a little then stopping and purposefully stomping on at a walking pace. She was late getting to Spike's crypt. One of the things that was making her angry was that she was actually bothered about the fact that she was late. Every time she started to run she stopped herself thinking 'What do I care if I'm late. Stupid vampire!' The thing she was really angry about however was that she was even in this situation at all. It was herself she was angry with not Spike but she wasn't about to admit that to anyone least of all herself. So she continued across the graveyard muttering to herself about how inconsiderate people were in burying their dead relatives without leaving her a direct path to Spike's crypt.

Eventually she reached Spike's crypt and burst through the door ready to tell him where to shove it if he even dared comment on her being late. What greeted her was what appeared to be an empty crypt. "Spike!" She hollered "where the hell are you? I didn't come here for my health you know. Get your ass upstairs." She yelled down into the entrance to his cavern/bedroom. When there was no reply Buffy sighed in exasperation and was about to turn and leave when she received an open handed blow round the back of the head. Spike had been behind the door to his crypt when she came in and had been standing there watching the obviously grumpy slayer with growing amusement.

"Hey" Buffy started to protest when Spike grabbed her and pulled her round to face him. He held her hands behind her back and looked down at her with a very unamused face. "You're late Slayer" he said, simply.

"I know, but I'm here now so why don't you let go so we can get on with this?" Buffy still sounded grouchy.

"First of all Buffy I want to hear an apology for your tardiness"

Buffy looked at him incredulously. "You sound like Giles, you know that?"

"Let's not bring him into this" Spike said "Just apologise and then I'll explain what we're doing today."

Buffy rolled her eyes and said in a bored voice "Sorry I'm late Spike".

Spike sighed, grumpy slayer was not what he'd signed up for. "I suppose that'll do for now. I'll get a better apology out of you later anyway."

"Wouldn't hold your breath for that" Buffy muttered as he let go and headed for the ladder down to the basement.

"I heard that Slayer" Spike's voice floated up from halfway down the ladder.

Buffy grinned in spite of herself. Whatever Spike had planned she'd lay bets it was gonna involve getting groiny and she could really use a good round of sexploits to work off the tension she'd built up for herself. She followed Spike down the ladder and almost went straight back up it when she reached the bottom and saw the things Spike had laid out on a table down there. The table held handcuffs, paddles, a blindfold, a riding crop and a few things that Buffy had no comprehension of from just looking at them. What held her gaze however was the cane that Spike was gently tapping on his upturned palm. It was long and thin and bent over at one end like a walking stick.

Although her first instinct at seeing the table had been to bolt back up the ladder and run Buffy found herself rooted to the spot mesmerised by the cane gently swinging up and down. She swallowed heavily and looked up to Spike's face. Although he was grinning she thought she detected a slight indication of anxiety in his eyes. As if he was scared she would be too freaked out by this and do exactly what her instincts had told her. "As long as I'm the one getting to use these things, this should be a fun day." Buffy said attempting a smile. She knew, though from the glint in Spike's eyes now that she'd have no such luck. Then she realised that she was actually ok with that, Spike had never done anything kinky to her that she hadn't loved instantly or grown to love very quickly. Could she trust him in the sort of situation she assumed he was suggesting here? With a start she realised she probably did. As usual however, there was no way she was gonna let Spike know this.

"I'm afraid you lost the bet Buffy," Spike said "so I get to have my wicked way however I choose and I don't foresee me being on the receiving end of anything but lots of blow jobs this next 24 hours."

"Ok I'm not agreeing yet" Buffy said " first of all how kinky are we talking here? Cos I don't foresee you getting anywhere near me with that thing without serious damage occurring to your person."

Spike grinned and put the cane down on the bed next to him. Buffy was going to go for this he could tell. He moved over to stand before her towering over her "No, Buffy" he almost whispered "the way this works is you will let me as close to you as I want with anything I want. You lost the bet and you are my little whore for the day. You'll damn well just do as your told."

Buffy's stomach lurched in a strange but kind of pleasant way at his breathy words. Then she felt herself start to grow moist thinking about what Spike was saying. "So I'm your whore? What do I call you? My most high and exalted master, lord and majesty?" She giggled.

Spike slapped her across the face, not hard enough to even sting but it did it's job in stopping her laughing. " 'Sir' will do just fine" he said.

"You've got to be kidding me" Buffy half-laughed "Spike I am NOT calling you...." She stopped as Spike raised his hand as if to back hand her face and said in a dangerously quiet voice "It will hurt next time Slayer. You will do as I say. Do not address me as anything other than Sir from now on. Do you understand?"

"Y-yes Sir" Buffy blushed furiously as she said it, she was actually giving in to him. Spike grinned as he backed away a little. She was catching onto this faster than he'd expected. And if his nose didn't deceive him she was definitely going to enjoy it. "Good, lose the clothes" he ordered.

Rolling her eyes in a 'I knew that was coming' gesture Buffy did as he said, quickly stripping and laying her clothes in a neat pile on the floor out of the way. As she stood up she became acutely aware of how naked she was and how clothed Spike was. This was reinforced as Spike ran his eyes over her body appreciatively. "Now, Buffy" he said "I don't want to really hurt you, you know this is just for fun. But it will be so much better for both of us if we take it seriously. For now at least, my job is to help you become the perfect little slave. Is that Ok with you?"

Buffy struggled to bite back a snarky response and said as submissively as she could manage "Yes Sir". As she dropped her eyes to the floor she felt a rush of pure lust. 'Oh dear God,' she thought 'I'm a goner. I can tell I'm gonna enjoy this.'

Spike was very pleased with her humble demeanour "Good girl" he smiled at her "you're making a good start. I'm already a little proud of you. I know submission goes against the very core of what you are, but I promise if you make me even prouder I'll make sure you love this."

It was new to Buffy to feel so happy that Spike was pleased with her. They usually had their best sex when one or both of them was pissed off with the other. At Spike's praise she looked up at him and grinned. Spike almost grinned back but he'd had years of experience with these games and the experience kicked in, his face going stony.

"However, you have already displeased me today and you must be punished."

"But how could I? I haven't done anything wrong," Buffy whined "you told me to strip and I did, I haven't done anything wrong."

"Silence!" Spike barked "Don't you dare question me girl. You have just doubled your punishment........and if you don't lower your head and take that defiant look off your face I shall have no choice but to triple it."

Buffy's stomach did the flippy thing at Spike's order and she grew even more moist. Dropping her head again she did her best to look submissive and not tell Spike he was a prick and was being unfair. Spike almost burst with glee watching her obvious struggle to do as she was told. "Now, I said I didn't want to really hurt you so if at any point something hurts too much or you can't handle the situation use your safe word which is 'Wacko'. Only use it if you really mean it though because once you say it this game ends and I'll have to think of something else to do with the rest of my time. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir" Buffy replied immediately

He moved over to the bed and said "Come here please Buffy". Buffy moved over to him trying to avoid looking at the cane which lay within his reach. It felt like it had a magnetic pull for her eyes. "Don't worry luv," Spike said catching her gaze "We'll work up to that." This made Buffy shudder but she didn't know if it was from fear or the ache growing between her legs.

Spike sat on the edge of the bed and grabbing her wrist deftly pulled her face down over his knee. "What the....what do you think you're doing?" she squeaked. Then she realised what was going to happen and stopped talking not wanting to make it any worse. She'd known when she lost the bet that Spike would make her pay but she hadn't envisaged him literally taking it out of her hide.

Spike gently stroked her ass cheeks and was delighted when he felt her start to tremble. "Have you ever been spanked like this before Buffy?" He asked placing his arm on her back with his elbow between her shoulder blades to hold her down.

"N-no Sir" Buffy stuttered.

"Explains why you act like such a brat most of the time" he said "someone should've taken you in hand a long time ago."

Buffy's indignance flared at being called a brat "Hey!" She protested trying to get up. Spike pressed down harder on her back digging his elbow in until Buffy stopped struggling.

"You've just earned yourself five more for trying to move and speaking out of turn. You only speak to answer a direct question or to clarify an order."

Buffy wanted to argue but realised that in her current position she'd better just keep her mouth shut.

The first spank took her completely by surprise but only stung a little.

"Count them out for me Slayer. Ten for being late, ten for questioning me and another five for your little rebellion just now."

"One" Buffy huffed

Smack "Two"

SMACK "Thr-EE" the third was harder than the first two causing a hot sensation after the initial sting. This burning quickly spread to her pussy and she felt a rush of juice flowing.


"Don't be such a baby" Spike said "I've hardly touched you yet and you're the slayer for God's sake. I'm counting on you being able to take much more than this."

The next six got progressively harder and always landed in a new place. Buffy was hot and wet as she panted out "ten".

Spike reached between her legs and toyed with her clit finding her entire slit becoming very wet. "I knew you'd like this" he gloated "my kinky little Slayer" H e stroked her as he spoke and Buffy was squirming as she got wetter and wetter. "Start counting again from one for the next ten" Spike ordered.

These spanks came in very quick succession. Buffy almost couldn't keep up what with the panting and the fire now burning in her pussy. At ten Spike gently stroked her ass cheeks with one hand the other teasing her clit until she squirmed like mad on his lap.

'All going according to plan' he thought smugly to himself. He listened to her panting and stroked her now cherry red cheeks a little more vigorously causing her to jerk upwards. She gasped at the renewed sting on her tender skin and her hand flew back to try to stop him from rubbing. Spike tutted and grabbed her wrist pinning it to the small of her back. He then tipped her forward slightly so he had better access to the backs of her thighs.

"Now, Buffy, I don't want you to count out these last five" he said "In fact you won't move or make a single sound unless I tell you to. If you do Ii will make you very sorry. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir" Buffy said panting even harder and trying to still her hips which seemed to have a mind of their own. A mind focused on trying to rub her clit against Spike's denim clad thighs.

Spike waited until her breathing started to settle ever so slightly and she finally stopped moving. Then he spanked her hard where her left thigh and butt cheek joined. The force of the blow on such a sensitive and untouched area and the pain/pleasure it elicited meant that Buffy had to use all of her willpower not to squeal or move. The second fell where her right thigh and butt cheek joined and Buffy fought the same battle. The third mirrored the first and when Spike smacked her a fourth time on the right thigh again Buffy had to bite her tongue to keep from screaming. She was melting between her legs and she knew she was very close to coming. 'Just one more' she kept repeating in her head 'then surely you can get him to make you come.'

The next blow didn't come though and the waiting did nothing but excite her more. Spike could see this and waited a beat before quickly standing up and grabbing her by the nape of the neck. He bent her forward over the edge of the be. Still holding her down by the neck he ordered "Spread your legs Buffy"

Without a moments hesitation Buffy did so, anticipating his cock entering her dripping passage. This wasn't Spike's plan however. Aiming carefully he landed the final smack hard against her clitoris and labia.

Buffy exploded. Her orgasm shocking her in it's intensity. Although he had not told her not to make a sound it was impossible given how hard she was coming. "Ohgodohgodohgod Spike!" She babbled. Spike grinned as he let go of her neck and she stayed exactly where she was as she recovered from her climax.

As her senses returned Buffy gave up any pretence that she was merely doing this because she lost the bet or that this wasn't her scene. She stood up and turned to Spike. "Thank You Sir" she said smiling sweetly. Spike was so proud of her, but being Spike decided to push the envelope a little further. "While I appreciate the sentiment slayer, if you want to thank me you do it on your knees and without the impertinence of looking me in the eye. Know your place."

To Spike's amazement Buffy dropped immediately to her knees and lowered her head, the very picture of submission.

"I'm sorry I displeased you Sir" she said still staring at the floor "and now that I can do it from the correct position Ii want to thank you again for my punishment."

"You are welcome. However you will have to thank me again soon. I distinctly remember telling you not to make a sound. Yet you just screamed blue murder. This, I might add you did while you were coming....I did not give you permission to come. You need to learn patience and control girl. You also apparently STILL need to learn to do as you are told. When I give you an order you obey it!"

Buffy amazed herself by not kicking Spike's ass and by realising she was actually becoming aroused again! So soon after her orgasm. Sneaking a peak from beneath her lashes, she noticed with some satisfaction that Spike was very obviously aroused too.

A wicked thought popped into her head. "Well seeing as I'm down here anyway.....Why don't I thank you in advance and show you how sorry I am." As she spoke she moved forward still on her knees and freed Spike's rock hard cock. She then moved her mouth towards it grinning.

Spike jumped back from her. "Why you insolent little...." Buffy looked up at him still smiling but looking a little puzzled. "You DO NOT just reach out and grab whatever you want girl!" Spike thundered " you do nothing until you are told to! As I said you need to learn patience and control! And by God I'm going to teach you them after that little display!"

Buffy suddenly felt very uncomfortable, it seemed she had really upset Spike. And he usually loved blow jobs! She realised with a shudder of desire that at this moment in time she would beg, plead, do whatever he wanted to get Spike to stop looking so angry. Her stomach was also going crazy at this threat/promise to 'teach her' patience and control. How would he do that she wondered. She'd bet money it was going to hurt.

"Up" he barked at her clicking his fingers. This caused most of Buffy's submissive feelings to evaporate. 'Ok' she thought 'now he's clicking his fingers at me like I'm a dog or something.' However it was as if her mind and body were two separate entities. She found herself doing as he bade her regardless of her mutinous thoughts. Spike saw the fire flashing in her eyes though.

"Didn't like that did you my little spitfire?" Spike said smirking slightly "but it's like I said pet. For twenty four hours you are mine. You're MY little whore and I will have obedience from you. Now bend over and touch your toes."

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