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05/18/17 04:16 am
pj! I remember wishing one of your stories would be finished seriously about a decade ago. Amazing. I just tried an old password I used to use and amazingly got in too. Memories!
03/20/17 01:20 am
10 yrs later, i finally rem my username and password. Pari, you rock. Hope you are well.
12/23/16 01:12 pm
I donate every month. Please donate to keep this site up!
10/06/16 08:34 am
Great post.
08/31/16 03:45 pm
And anyone else who loves this site, it's worth mentioning there's a nifty little "Donate" option just below the shout box here! ;)
08/31/16 03:43 pm
Just wanted to take a moment to thank Pari and all the mods for maintaining such a great site!


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Authors Chapter Notes:
Moving back and forth in time. Yeah, i know it can be a bit annoying, but it's a plot device. So sue me. Wait. I'm a struggling writer so please don't sue me. As Dave Chappelle hilariously says in Chappelle Show. "I'm broke. I'm broke."

Buffy walked down the hallway, in her blue nightgown, her bare feet stinging cold against the marble. She could feel her heart beating wildly. Her eyes felt as if she was seeing through a haze. She knew she shouldn’t be doing this, but she just couldn’t stop herself. She found herself staring at Dawn’s door. Her hand shook as she reached for the knob, trying to turn it as gently as she could. It was locked. She bit her lip, wringing her hands, nodding her head until she came to a decision. She reached into her pocket for the manor masterkey. She managed to slip it in on the second attempt and turned it, her eyes widening at the clear clicking sound. She took a deep breath, and opened the door as quietly as she could and slipped in.

She heard before she saw. Heard frantic voices crash and roll against each other, like waves against a cliff face. Spike was sitting upright on the edge of the bed towards the other side of the room, his back to hers. Buffy looked around for Dawn, when suddenly she heard Spike curse. She took a step closer and saw a Dawn’s blonde head bob up and down in Spike’s lap.

“Ride me,” she heard him order gruffly, a few seconds later, pulling Dawn to her feet and into his lap. The blonde lotused Spike’s waist and slid down his cock. Dawn brought Spike’s head down, allowing him to feast on her breasts, then began bouncing up and down, her eyes rolling back in pleasure. Spike turned them around, placing Dawn in the middle of the bed and began desperately thrusting into her, making her whine. Spike kissed her roughly as roughly as he took her, his tongue and mouth silencing Dawn. They fucked harder and harder and suddenly Dawn screamed.

“Buffy!!!!!!!” Dawn screamed. And again, this time softer, but in a male voice. And then Buffy opened her eyes to find her husband lying behind her, his hand on her shoulder. “Buffy,” he whispered, his eyes dark with lust. He smelled freshly scrubbed and clean, his hair still damp, from a bath. “Uhhhh,” she whispered, gasping when she felt his fingers slide inside her.

“You’re so wet love,” Spike smirked, bringing his mouth down to her neck. “Havin’ sweet dreams kitten?” he whispered in her ear, undoing her nightgown to expose her breasts to his hand.

Buffy shook. It was a nightmare. A nightmare, she thought frantically. Spike mistook her reaction for ardor and slipped his mouth over hers. Buffy let him kiss away the bad thoughts. But a small part of her noted that he’d showered and brushed his teeth before he came to bed.

Six years ago….

“I don’t understand,” Buffy said, lounging on the couch. “How the hell could it take four years for us to get a baby?”

Wesley, who was sitting next to her, touched her shoulder. “That’s how the system works Buffy. It takes time.”

“Four years???????” Buffy said incredulously.

“Are you sure about this Wes?” Spike said, from behind the desk in his den.

“Quite,” Wesley said curtly. The one thing he couldn’t stand was being told he wasn’t doing his job properly. It offended him immensely.

“There isn’t anyone we can…….talk to?” Spike asked. “Any favours we can call in?”

“I’m afraid not.”

“So what do we do?” Buffy asked, biting her lip.

“We put your names down. And then we wait,” Wesley said.

Spike rose, walking over to the couch and kneeling.

“Let’s do that then” he said, taking his wife’s hand in his.

“Kay,” Buffy whispered, looking away, disappointed.

Wesley shifted uncomfortably. “There is……perhaps….another……avenue.”

Buffy glanced at Wesley curiously then exchanged a mystified look with her husband.

Wesley took a long pause.

“If you were willing to accept…….an older child perhaps…”

“How much older?” Buffy asked.

“Well that depends…..but if you said you would be…amenable……to welcoming an older child in your home…..a few months perhaps.”

“A few months?” Buffy said, confused.

“Older children are…….how shall I put this…more…available.”

“Oh,” Buffy said.

“We’ll have to discuss this,” Spike said, and Wesley knew what that meant. “By all means,” he said, gathering his things.

“Wesley,” Buffy said, looking up at him. “Thank you.”

He smiled down at her kindly, nodded to his cousin and left.

“Let’s just wait,” Spike said.

“I can’t wait the four years Spike,” Buffy said sullenly.

Spike sighed. “How about we go down to the hospital and just steal a sodding baby?”

Buffy smacked him on the shoulder, but she couldn’t hold back a giggle. “Stop that.”

“So….what do you wanna do?” Spike asked, after a long moment..

“Let’s do it,” Buffy said quickly.

“Are you sure?” Spike asked and his wife nodded.

“Okay,” Spike said, kissing her on the forehead.

Three months later…

“They’re here,” Wesley said, knocking on the bedroom door. “Be right out,” Buffy called. She looked at herself in the mirror. She was in a long flowing yellow dress that she deemed mom appropriate. “You look lovely,” Spike said, kissing her on the shoulder.

She looked him over critically. “Button up,” she said, pointing at his shirt.

“Yes ma’am.”

They took each other by the hand and walked out of the room and down the staircase. Spike felt her nails digging into his hand, but he said nothing. Their social worker and a skinny girl were sitting on the couch. The girl looked to be about twelve years old, wide eyed and her legs swinging off the floor.

When they saw the couple approach, the woman got to her feet, gently nudged the girl, who stood up at once, smoothening her clothes. As they came closer, Spike felt his hand being squeezed even tighter by his wife.

“Hello Buffy,” the woman said kindly. “William.”

“Mrs Calendar,” Spike said, nodding his head.

“This is Dawn.”

She turned to Dawn. “Dawn, say hello to the Pratts.”

“Hello,” the girl said, shyly, looking at the ground.

Buffy took the girl’s hand. “Hi Dawn,” she said, “I’m Buffy. And this is Sp….William.”

“Hello sweetheart,” Spike said kindly. Dawn looked up at him with wide eyes then looked back at the ground.

“Don’t be afraid love. This is gonna be your home now. Buffy and I are gonna take care of you.”

“Okay,” the girl said, staring at the floor.

“Why don’t we go see your room?” Buffy asked.

“I have my own room?” the girl said, her eyes lighting up.

Buffy laughed. “Is that a yes?”

Dawn nodded and Buffy locked arms with her.

“Have fun,” Spike said, calling after them. Dawn and Buffy just looked back at him and smiled.

“I think Dawn has a crush on you,” Buffy giggled, closing the bedroom door. Spike looked up from Wesley’s deathly dull analysis of the Pratt family’s financial holdings. He rubbed his eyes, once again thankful for his cousin’s penchant for the boring side of ‘the family business.’ Spike smiled at his wife, enjoying her good mood. She seemed genuinely happy. The comment about Dawn barely registered.

“Where is she?” Spike asked.

“I gave her dinner and put her to bed early,” Buffy said, plonking down next to him. “We have a big day of shopping tomorrow.”

Spike smiled softly, touching her face. “You look happy love.”

Buffy smiled, “I am. I really am. I know it’s not exactly wanted. But…it’s nice. It’s like having a little me.”

Spike chuckled. “A little bitty Buffy. God help me.”

Present day…….

God help me Spike thought, turning the knob twice, springing the lock into place loudly, underlining the solemnity of what they were about to do. Dawn shivered when he turned to look at her, his eyes dark with lust.

This is really happening. This isn’t a dream.

Spike quickly tossed away his shirt, showing his perfectly sculpted upper body, which made Dawn smile appreciatively even as she remembered the incident a few months ago, which had set this all off. Spike had come down the pool to find it already occupied.

“Hello ladies,” Spike said, standing over the pool in just his swim trunks. Janice and Dawn were frolicking in the pool.

“Hi Spike,” Dawn said quickly. Janice raised a brow at her friend. “Janice, this is Spike. My stepdad.”

Janice looked up at Spike, smiling broadly.

“Dawn never told me you were such a total hottie Mr Pratt” she said, coming up to the ledge and eyeing Spike lustily as she toyed with the string on her red bikini.

“Janice!!!!” Dawn hissed, her cheeks flushing. “Shut up.”

Spike chuckled. “Don’t worry lil bit. I don’t scare easy.” He looked at Janice, “And Dawn never told me her friend was such a…..beautiful young lady,” he said carefully.

“Wanna join us Mr Pratt?” Janice asked, biting her lip, “there’s plenty of room.”

Spike raised a brow, looking at Dawn. “We were just leaving,” Dawn said, shooting a pointed look at him, elbowing her friend in the side. “Come on,” she said.

“Suit yourselves,” Spike said.

“You can go if you want,” Janice told her friend.

“You don’t mind if I soak up the sun do you?” she asked Spike flirtatiously, staring at his muscular chest.

“Can’t say I do,” Spike said, already halfway into the pool.

The girls exited the pool and Dawn quickly picked up a towel, wrapping it around her blue bikini. Janice sat back on the chair, her eyes never leaving Mr Pratt, who was now doing laps of the pool.

“You’re drooling,” Dawn said wryly, shaking her head and picking up a magazine.

“Dawn, you’re my best friend” Janice said seriously, adjusting her bikini to show as much breast as she possibly could, “But that won’t stop me from fucking your step-dad. In fact, I think it’s a turn on.”

Dawn laughed incredulously, “You’re such a ginormous whore.”

“Jealous?????” Janice teased, which made Dawn scoff,

“As if.”

“Fine,” Janice said, “Then I’m going to take my top off.”

Dawn scowled. “Don’t you dare.”

“Why?” Janice said, enjoying her friend’s apparent discomfort. “It’s not like you care.”

“I don’t care,” Dawn said, gritting her teeth and Janice undid her top, tossing it aside.

“Oh Mr Pratt,” Janice yelled, drawing his attention. Dawn panicked, throwing her towel over Janice as Spike swam over.

“What is it?” Spike asked, wiping the water off his face with his hand.

“Dawn wants to know if you like her new bikini?” Janice suggested coyly, hugging the towel to herself. Dawn blushed when Spike looked at her. She knew if she tried to cover up, it would only make things worse. She tried to feign nonchalance but when Spike’s eyes linger on her for a moment longer than appropriate, she felt goosepimples emerge on her flesh.

“I like it just fine,” he said, before he swam away.

Janice burst out laughing and Dawn turned to her with a deadly look on her face. “I’m going to kill you.”

Janice grinned getting to her feet, tying the bath towel around her tightly. “You’ll have to catch me first.”

Dawn lunged at her, but Janice was prepared. She ducked and dodged as Dawn gave chase, into the house, up the stairs and into Dawn’s room.

Dawn pushed Janice onto the bed, wrestling with her and until she squealed and screamed for mercy.

“Crazy bitch,” Dawn said panting, shaking her head as she let up. Janice’s body shook with laughter.

“You so want him,” Janice said, lying on her back, gasping. “I can’t wait to tell everyone that little miss perfect has it bad for her step-daddy,” she added wickedly.

Dawn gasped. “You wouldn’t.”

Janice smiled, “Gotcha.”

Dawn’s face turned serious. “Janice…..….”

Janice sighed, “As if I’d ever tell anyone.”

“There’s nothing to tell,” Dawn insisted. “I don’t want Spike.”

“Tell that to Mr and Mrs pointy,” Janice said, pointing towards Dawn’s nipples.

“The water was cold,” Dawn said huffily, folding her arms over her chest.

“Fine,” Janice said. “Don’t admit it to me. Just yourself.”

Dawn bit her lip. “Spike still thinks of me as a little girl. And he always will.”

Janice grinned. “Nuh-uh. I saw the look on his face. He wants you. Bad.”

“He’s my stepfather,” Dawn said, almost as if she were trying to convince herself.

“That’s why it’s so hot,” Janice giggled, wiggling her eyebrows.

“I don’t wanna talk about this anymore,” Dawn said firmly. “Ever.”

Janice smiled knowingly, “You should know. When you call to tell me you totally did the nasty with your stepdad. I’m going to say ‘I told you so. Ya big ho.’”

“God, you’re such a perv!!!!!” Dawn exclaimed, “Why are we even friends?”

“I’m not the one in luuuuuuuuuuuuvvvvvvvvvvvv with my step-daddy” Janice teased and Dawn made a sour face at her.

“When you make your move, use the daddy thing,” Janice suggested which made Dawn goggle.

“Read it in Cosmo,” Janice said flippantly. “Gets older guys hot.”

Call…..Janice….tomorrow…. Dawn thought mindlessly even as she felt Spike’s soft hands curl around her waist and pull her into a searing kiss.

Chapter End Notes:
And now we get to the good stuff. :)

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