Ménage à trois by harrisxander2
Summary: Spike/Buffy/Faith threesome fic. Porn without Plot people. Just some smut. Everyone is happy. Especially Spike. The lucky sod.
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Chapter 1 by harrisxander2
Author's Notes:
Smut. Smut. Smut. Smut.
Chapter 1
The Morning After.

Buffy hugged the pillow tightly, rubbing her cheek against it, vaguely aware of being awake. She fought it. She was tired. So tired. And she had no idea why. No sense of self. All she wanted was to fall asleep. After a few seconds she gave up. Her eyes fluttered open. The first thing she saw was that she wasn’t resting on a pillow, but a muscular chest. Her eyes widened as she took in the perfectly ripped stomach and looked up slowly.

“Morning luv,” he whispered, in that silken voice, smiling. It made her shiver. Buffy’s mind whirred even as she stared into his blue eyes. His name dammit. What’s his name, she thought frantically. “Morning,” she managed to croak, her voice raspy. He touched her cheek, dipping to taste the sweetness of her mouth. At first, she hesitated, but soon her arms wound around his neck. Buffy sighed into the kiss, even as she began straddling him.

I’m drowning, she thought feverishly. I’m drowning and I don’t care.
It was so soft and tender. And just what she needed right now. She didn’t know his name, but she knew she wanted. She knew she wanted, no needed to touch him. All of him. She needed him inside her. Craved him like…

“Well ain’t that a sight,” she heard a familiar voice say. Buffy broke the kiss, craning her neck to see her best friend lying behind them, all wrapped up in the bedsheets. “Oh,” Buffy said as she looked Faith straight in the eye. And then the realization of what she had done-no, what they had done last night hit her. “Oh my god,” she gasped, disentangling herself him.

He made no move to stop her “Morning B,” Faith said casually, as Buffy crawled to the far side of the bed, clutching the comforter to her body. “Love the ‘just been fucked’ look you’ve got going. But I guess that goes for all the three of us,” she laughed. “Am I right blondies?” Spike chuckled when he saw Buffy blush, knowing that she was remembering what had transpired the night before. Spike. His name is Spike, Buffy remembered suddenly.

“Not gonna go coy on me are you goldilocks?” Spike asked, resting his head on his hand. “Shut up,” Buffy muttered weakly, trying not to look at either of them. Spike observed her with amusement. God she was adorable. Was this the same filthy mouthed wench who had whispered taunts into Spike’s ears last night?

Spike had thought he lucked out when he met the sultry brunette at the bar. But when she introduced him to her snooty blonde best friend who was just begging for a good seeing-to, Spike knew he had hit the jackpot. Somehow, the three of them had landed back at his place.

“You don’t get to fuck me,” he remembered her saying bossily, smiling at the disappointment in his eyes. “Unless you make Faith scream,” she whispered.
Her remark had turned Spike positively feral and given Faith an orgasm for the ages. The thought of letting the tasty blonde dish slip from right under his nose had been too much for him to bear. Buffy lay beside them in her underwear, watching him pound Faith into the mattress. The look in her eyes when Faith had screamed her pleasure to the high heavens had made him instantly hard again.

“Clothes….” Buffy said suddenly jerking Spike out of his reviere, “I need my clothes.” Faith and Spike shared a wry look. “You need to relax,” Faith said, sighing deeply, angling her head towards the blonde. Spike crawled to Buffy then lay a hand on her leg through the sheet.

“What are you doing?” Buffy squeaked. Spike gave her a languorous smile.
“Just…thought….” he said, in a hypnotic voice, “we’d……pick…..up….” he said, lifting her quickly, making her gasp. Spike silenced her mouth with a kiss ,all the while laying them both down next to Faith. “Where we got off,” Faith whispered, throwing off her own sheets to display her ample breasts and luscious ass as Spike unwrapped the sheet that covered Buffy’s lithe body.

Spike broke the kiss with Buffy, leaving her gasping, then leant over to remind himself of the taste of the brunette’s sweet mouth. Faith however stopped him. “You don’t get to touch me,” she told Spike, “Unless you make her scream,” she chuckled wickedly, looking down at Buffy.
End Notes:
And now for the night before....
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