1You Know You Want To by Sarah Aless
Summary: 6-part PWP. Someone loses a bet, someone else takes advantage. Please read warnings
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1. You Know You Want To by Sarah Aless

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You Know You Want To by Sarah Aless
Author: Sarah Aless

Contact: give_it_to_me_spikey@yahoo.co.uk

Title: You Know You Want To

Rating: NC-17

Spoilers: Season 6 post Smashed/Wrecked if anyone STILL hasn't seen that far.

Disclaimer: They're not mine *big sigh* Joss and Mutant Enemy own them I'm just having fun......and wishing

Distribution: 'I'm just a girl who can't say no.......' But please tell me where it's going :)

Summary: Was originally started for the fanfic challenge at Heat......Desire. However the hard drive crash of May 03 and the subsequent floppy drive stubbornness of June 03 prevented me from finishing in time to submit it. Therefore I gave up writing the third part and fitting some elements of the challenge (namely the use of a song) in and am just sharing what I had.

WARNING: This fic deals with a degree of BDSM. It's all consensual but if that's not your thing don't bother with part two.


"Come on baby, just let it out, you know you want to" Spike's lips brushed Buffy's clit as he spoke making her twitch. He'd been going down on her for what seemed like forever now and she truly thought she would burst soon. She knew that her wetness must be seeping out onto the sheet. She was gritting her teeth so hard she was sure they'd be worn away to nothing before this was over.

Buffy had no idea how she had managed to stop herself from coming for this long, but she knew she had to keep it up. She'd stupidly made a bet with Spike earlier that evening.........It was all his fault he'd been giving her one of his oh-so-cocky 'you crave me' speeches. When he'd gone so far as to say he didn't even need to lay a hand on her and he could make her come she'd finally bitten back. "Oh yeah" she'd taunted "cos I get off just thinking about you. Ego-trip much Spike? You're hardly the greatest lover in the world you know."

"Best you've ever had pet, and you know it. 'Fact I reckon you do get off just thinking about me."

Buffy had merely snorted in response, no need to let the bloodsucking fiend know how close to the mark he was. Spike had moved in closer and proceeded to slowly lick the scar on her neck left by Angel and Dracula. A shiver ran straight down Buffy's spine, hitting her too quickly for her to even try to cover it up. Damn him! Why did he always seem to know how to get her going? Spike had grinned as he took a step back from her watching her trying to breathe normally.

"Like I said honey," he had smirked, holding his hands up and waggling his fingers "don't even need my hands. I'd dare bet I could make you come just with my tongue." As he said this he had run his tongue over his teeth and leered at her.

"You wish Spike" she said indignantly, already feeling stirrings of arousal.

"Sounds like fightin' talk to me Missy" Spike had said trying not to laugh, he wanted to see where this could go. Laughing now would completely derail the plans forming in his mind. "Care to make a small wager on that?"

"What?" said Buffy, honestly wondering if she'd heard him right. He wanted to bet on being able to make her come? Part of her had begun to rise to the challenge, just to wipe that stupid self-satisfied grin off his face. Another part of her was nonchalantly pointing out that if she agreed to the bet but gave him a time limit she couldn't lose. She wasn't about to gamble with her life or anything. If he did manage it within said time limit she got at least one orgasm out of it. If he didn't then his forfeit would be to give her as many orgasms as she liked for as long as she liked. Her thoughts had been interrupted at this point by Spike.

"I said would you like to make a wager on the question of the orgasmic power of my tongue, luv?"

"One condition..." Buffy had said, smiling at the look on Spike's face as he realised she was actually about to agree to this.

"And that would be?" Spike had been desperately trying not to bounce around like a child on Christmas morning.

"You have a time limit. If you can't make me come within 7 minutes, you lose and you have to give me as many orgasms as I tell you to for as long as I tell you to."

"Easy" Spike had scoffed. "Done" he had said spitting on his hand and holding it out for her to shake.

"Eww Spike" Buffy had looked at his hand in disgust.

"What? Getting all squeamish on me Slayer? We both know you've had worse bodily fluids belonging to me in your mouth, on your br...."

Buffy had grabbed his hand and cut him off saying "Fine, whatever, it's a bet. Just stop talking. Now!"

Spike had almost giggled as he looked down on her all blushing cheeks and flaming indignation. After everything they'd done to one another she still managed to honestly get embarrassed when he talked about it. His diversionary tactic had worked too, but he waited until she started gloating about how many orgasms she'd make him give her before he dropped his bombshell. As Buffy was in mid-flow about why he didn't stand a chance he quietly said

"Don't you want to know what happens if you lose Buffy?"

Buffy could have kicked herself. What kind of an idiot shakes on a bet without knowing what's at stake before they do so? She was already planning ways to back out of it as she'd feigned disinterest and said "I suppose you might as well tell me if you want to, it's not going to matter anyway, I will win."

"Trying to convince me or yourself there pet?......Ok, here's the thing, when I win, I get.........you.........completely. We spend 24 hours doing whatever I want, I choose what we do for the entire time and you cannot disagree."

"Yeah right" Buffy had said "you think I'm gonna give up any say in what you do to me? "You'll probably bite me, forget what you're doing and drain me. I was idiot enough to take the bet without hearing your terms Spike but I'm not stupid enough to give up all my control."

"For God's sake Buffy" Spike said in exasperation "what the hell do I have to do to convince you that I would never hurt you?"

"We both know you like hurting me Spike. Have you forgotten our little pre-match warm-ups? Geez when do we ever do ............any of those.............y'know......things we do, without a little fight first?"

"You know what I mean Buffy. I'm not talking about foreplay. I'm talking about seriously hurting you, you know, with malice involved and such. Besides, you think I wouldn't have done it by now if I wanted to?" He had moved so close as he spoke that his presence made Buffy's stomach do that funny flippy thing Spike always brought about in her. "You know, when you're all weak, right after I've made you scream."

Buffy's mind was in turmoil. His words and the fact that he was so close were turning her on no end. However she was desperately thinking of how to back out of this bet without losing too much face.

It was as if Spike read her thoughts. "You shook on it Slayer you can't back out. I'll give you another option though, instead of me having you for 24 hours you can tell your friends about us if you lose. Those are the terms but if you back out I will tell them. I haven't pushed this up 'til now but I think it's time we stopped hiding. Of course if you win, or if you agree to my original terms I'll leave it to you to decide when your ready to 'come out'."

Bastard! Buffy had thought. She so wasn't ready to tell anyone about her trysts with the Spike. She had punched him in the mouth in her temper that he had her over a barrel. "Fine whatever" she had said standing over him where he'd fallen from her punch "I made the bet without thinking of the consequences, I'll go with your first offer, DO NOT even think about telling my friends. It doesn't matter anyway" she had added her chin up in defiance now "you aren't going to win"

With that she flounced off across the graveyard. Spike had watched her go, a slow smile spreading across his face. When Buffy had realised he hadn't followed her she turned around and hollered "Well come on Spike. What are you waiting for? I've got a bet to win!"

They'd headed straight for his crypt and down to the bed in the basement cavern. Without further ado Spike's tongue had come out to play. Now here she was trying not to bite right through her lip as Spike's tongue teased between her legs. He'd actually only been going down on her for five minutes but he was so damn good at it that it felt like much longer to Buffy. He took his tongue away from her throbbing clit and started to plunge it in and out of her now dripping hole.

When Buffy's hips bucked towards him uncontrollably he stopped entirely and looked up at her. She was so close he could tell, a quick glance at the alarm clock told him he had two minutes give or take. "You enjoying this luv?" He asked giving her clit a quick lick before raising his head again. He smirked at her writhing and biting her lip obviously too scared to open her mouth to answer in case she groaned. "Sure felt like you were getting into it there. God you're so beautiful when you need to come Buff. All sweaty and panting. You know I could make you scream in a second if I wanted to. I'm just playing with you." He was pleased to see Buffy close her eyes in desperation as his words washing over her did nothing but make her more horny.

He dove down again and rapidly licked and suckled her clit. When he heard a tiny whimper escape her he grinned and looked up again. "You know Buffy it'd be worth giving up on the bet just so's I could keep you on the edge and hear you make that noise over and over again." He pretended to muse for a minute. "Yeah maybe I should just stop worrying about the time limit. I like having the power to make you this horny and desperate. Could just do this all night." He slowly licked her from top to bottom and Buffy shuddered and bit down harder on her now very sore lip.

She might have been OK if he hadn't gone and gloated about having power over her. He knew she had a thing about that. She was so in-charge and in-control in her life outside Spike's crypt and she'd found with him that having someone else take control could be a real turn-on. Spike looked up at her again and said in a low but commanding voice "Buffy look at me" reluctantly Buffy looked him in the eye. "I like you like this. Don't you dare come" he immediately sucked her sensitive nubbin into his mouth and sucked hard.

The combination of being ordered not to come and the unexpectedly quick movement of Spike to her clit made Buffy howl. Her thighs tightened around Spike's ears as the orgasm she'd tried so hard to hold back bowled through her like an express train. She was in no state to care what Spike's face was doing, and she couldn't see it anyway with his head trapped as it was. Between her legs however, Spike was grinning. He'd known ordering her not to come would do it, and the alarm hadn't gone off for time-up. His grin became the biggest he'd had in his life, or unlife. Poor little Slayer lost the bet! Now he'd have some fun!
YKYWT Part 2 by Sarah Aless
Author: Sarah Aless

Contact: give_it_to_me_spikey@yahoo.co.uk

Title: You Know You Want To

Rating: NC-17

Spoilers: Season 6 post Smashed/Wrecked if anyone STILL hasn't seen that far.

Disclaimer: They're not mine *big sigh* Joss and Mutant Enemy own them I'm just having fun......and wishing

Distribution: 'I'm just a girl who can't say no.......' But please tell me where it's going :)

Summary: Was originally started for the fanfic challenge at Heat......Desire. However the hard drive crash of May 03 and the subsequent floppy drive stubbornness of June 03 prevented me from finishing in time to submit it. Therefore I gave up writing the third part and fitting some elements of the challenge (namely the use of a song) in and am just sharing what I had.

WARNING: This fic deals with a degree of BDSM. It's all consensual but if that's not your thing don't bother with part two or beyond.


Buffy stomped across the graveyard, now and again starting to run a little then stopping and purposefully stomping on at a walking pace. She was late getting to Spike's crypt. One of the things that was making her angry was that she was actually bothered about the fact that she was late. Every time she started to run she stopped herself thinking 'What do I care if I'm late. Stupid vampire!' The thing she was really angry about however was that she was even in this situation at all. It was herself she was angry with not Spike but she wasn't about to admit that to anyone least of all herself. So she continued across the graveyard muttering to herself about how inconsiderate people were in burying their dead relatives without leaving her a direct path to Spike's crypt.

Eventually she reached Spike's crypt and burst through the door ready to tell him where to shove it if he even dared comment on her being late. What greeted her was what appeared to be an empty crypt. "Spike!" She hollered "where the hell are you? I didn't come here for my health you know. Get your ass upstairs." She yelled down into the entrance to his cavern/bedroom. When there was no reply Buffy sighed in exasperation and was about to turn and leave when she received an open handed blow round the back of the head. Spike had been behind the door to his crypt when she came in and had been standing there watching the obviously grumpy slayer with growing amusement.

"Hey" Buffy started to protest when Spike grabbed her and pulled her round to face him. He held her hands behind her back and looked down at her with a very unamused face. "You're late Slayer" he said, simply.

"I know, but I'm here now so why don't you let go so we can get on with this?" Buffy still sounded grouchy.

"First of all Buffy I want to hear an apology for your tardiness"

Buffy looked at him incredulously. "You sound like Giles, you know that?"

"Let's not bring him into this" Spike said "Just apologise and then I'll explain what we're doing today."

Buffy rolled her eyes and said in a bored voice "Sorry I'm late Spike".

Spike sighed, grumpy slayer was not what he'd signed up for. "I suppose that'll do for now. I'll get a better apology out of you later anyway."

"Wouldn't hold your breath for that" Buffy muttered as he let go and headed for the ladder down to the basement.

"I heard that Slayer" Spike's voice floated up from halfway down the ladder.

Buffy grinned in spite of herself. Whatever Spike had planned she'd lay bets it was gonna involve getting groiny and she could really use a good round of sexploits to work off the tension she'd built up for herself. She followed Spike down the ladder and almost went straight back up it when she reached the bottom and saw the things Spike had laid out on a table down there. The table held handcuffs, paddles, a blindfold, a riding crop and a few things that Buffy had no comprehension of from just looking at them. What held her gaze however was the cane that Spike was gently tapping on his upturned palm. It was long and thin and bent over at one end like a walking stick.

Although her first instinct at seeing the table had been to bolt back up the ladder and run Buffy found herself rooted to the spot mesmerised by the cane gently swinging up and down. She swallowed heavily and looked up to Spike's face. Although he was grinning she thought she detected a slight indication of anxiety in his eyes. As if he was scared she would be too freaked out by this and do exactly what her instincts had told her. "As long as I'm the one getting to use these things, this should be a fun day." Buffy said attempting a smile. She knew, though from the glint in Spike's eyes now that she'd have no such luck. Then she realised that she was actually ok with that, Spike had never done anything kinky to her that she hadn't loved instantly or grown to love very quickly. Could she trust him in the sort of situation she assumed he was suggesting here? With a start she realised she probably did. As usual however, there was no way she was gonna let Spike know this.

"I'm afraid you lost the bet Buffy," Spike said "so I get to have my wicked way however I choose and I don't foresee me being on the receiving end of anything but lots of blow jobs this next 24 hours."

"Ok I'm not agreeing yet" Buffy said " first of all how kinky are we talking here? Cos I don't foresee you getting anywhere near me with that thing without serious damage occurring to your person."

Spike grinned and put the cane down on the bed next to him. Buffy was going to go for this he could tell. He moved over to stand before her towering over her "No, Buffy" he almost whispered "the way this works is you will let me as close to you as I want with anything I want. You lost the bet and you are my little whore for the day. You'll damn well just do as your told."

Buffy's stomach lurched in a strange but kind of pleasant way at his breathy words. Then she felt herself start to grow moist thinking about what Spike was saying. "So I'm your whore? What do I call you? My most high and exalted master, lord and majesty?" She giggled.

Spike slapped her across the face, not hard enough to even sting but it did it's job in stopping her laughing. " 'Sir' will do just fine" he said.

"You've got to be kidding me" Buffy half-laughed "Spike I am NOT calling you...." She stopped as Spike raised his hand as if to back hand her face and said in a dangerously quiet voice "It will hurt next time Slayer. You will do as I say. Do not address me as anything other than Sir from now on. Do you understand?"

"Y-yes Sir" Buffy blushed furiously as she said it, she was actually giving in to him. Spike grinned as he backed away a little. She was catching onto this faster than he'd expected. And if his nose didn't deceive him she was definitely going to enjoy it. "Good, lose the clothes" he ordered.

Rolling her eyes in a 'I knew that was coming' gesture Buffy did as he said, quickly stripping and laying her clothes in a neat pile on the floor out of the way. As she stood up she became acutely aware of how naked she was and how clothed Spike was. This was reinforced as Spike ran his eyes over her body appreciatively. "Now, Buffy" he said "I don't want to really hurt you, you know this is just for fun. But it will be so much better for both of us if we take it seriously. For now at least, my job is to help you become the perfect little slave. Is that Ok with you?"

Buffy struggled to bite back a snarky response and said as submissively as she could manage "Yes Sir". As she dropped her eyes to the floor she felt a rush of pure lust. 'Oh dear God,' she thought 'I'm a goner. I can tell I'm gonna enjoy this.'

Spike was very pleased with her humble demeanour "Good girl" he smiled at her "you're making a good start. I'm already a little proud of you. I know submission goes against the very core of what you are, but I promise if you make me even prouder I'll make sure you love this."

It was new to Buffy to feel so happy that Spike was pleased with her. They usually had their best sex when one or both of them was pissed off with the other. At Spike's praise she looked up at him and grinned. Spike almost grinned back but he'd had years of experience with these games and the experience kicked in, his face going stony.

"However, you have already displeased me today and you must be punished."

"But how could I? I haven't done anything wrong," Buffy whined "you told me to strip and I did, I haven't done anything wrong."

"Silence!" Spike barked "Don't you dare question me girl. You have just doubled your punishment........and if you don't lower your head and take that defiant look off your face I shall have no choice but to triple it."

Buffy's stomach did the flippy thing at Spike's order and she grew even more moist. Dropping her head again she did her best to look submissive and not tell Spike he was a prick and was being unfair. Spike almost burst with glee watching her obvious struggle to do as she was told. "Now, I said I didn't want to really hurt you so if at any point something hurts too much or you can't handle the situation use your safe word which is 'Wacko'. Only use it if you really mean it though because once you say it this game ends and I'll have to think of something else to do with the rest of my time. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir" Buffy replied immediately

He moved over to the bed and said "Come here please Buffy". Buffy moved over to him trying to avoid looking at the cane which lay within his reach. It felt like it had a magnetic pull for her eyes. "Don't worry luv," Spike said catching her gaze "We'll work up to that." This made Buffy shudder but she didn't know if it was from fear or the ache growing between her legs.

Spike sat on the edge of the bed and grabbing her wrist deftly pulled her face down over his knee. "What the....what do you think you're doing?" she squeaked. Then she realised what was going to happen and stopped talking not wanting to make it any worse. She'd known when she lost the bet that Spike would make her pay but she hadn't envisaged him literally taking it out of her hide.

Spike gently stroked her ass cheeks and was delighted when he felt her start to tremble. "Have you ever been spanked like this before Buffy?" He asked placing his arm on her back with his elbow between her shoulder blades to hold her down.

"N-no Sir" Buffy stuttered.

"Explains why you act like such a brat most of the time" he said "someone should've taken you in hand a long time ago."

Buffy's indignance flared at being called a brat "Hey!" She protested trying to get up. Spike pressed down harder on her back digging his elbow in until Buffy stopped struggling.

"You've just earned yourself five more for trying to move and speaking out of turn. You only speak to answer a direct question or to clarify an order."

Buffy wanted to argue but realised that in her current position she'd better just keep her mouth shut.

The first spank took her completely by surprise but only stung a little.

"Count them out for me Slayer. Ten for being late, ten for questioning me and another five for your little rebellion just now."

"One" Buffy huffed

Smack "Two"

SMACK "Thr-EE" the third was harder than the first two causing a hot sensation after the initial sting. This burning quickly spread to her pussy and she felt a rush of juice flowing.


"Don't be such a baby" Spike said "I've hardly touched you yet and you're the slayer for God's sake. I'm counting on you being able to take much more than this."

The next six got progressively harder and always landed in a new place. Buffy was hot and wet as she panted out "ten".

Spike reached between her legs and toyed with her clit finding her entire slit becoming very wet. "I knew you'd like this" he gloated "my kinky little Slayer" H e stroked her as he spoke and Buffy was squirming as she got wetter and wetter. "Start counting again from one for the next ten" Spike ordered.

These spanks came in very quick succession. Buffy almost couldn't keep up what with the panting and the fire now burning in her pussy. At ten Spike gently stroked her ass cheeks with one hand the other teasing her clit until she squirmed like mad on his lap.

'All going according to plan' he thought smugly to himself. He listened to her panting and stroked her now cherry red cheeks a little more vigorously causing her to jerk upwards. She gasped at the renewed sting on her tender skin and her hand flew back to try to stop him from rubbing. Spike tutted and grabbed her wrist pinning it to the small of her back. He then tipped her forward slightly so he had better access to the backs of her thighs.

"Now, Buffy, I don't want you to count out these last five" he said "In fact you won't move or make a single sound unless I tell you to. If you do Ii will make you very sorry. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir" Buffy said panting even harder and trying to still her hips which seemed to have a mind of their own. A mind focused on trying to rub her clit against Spike's denim clad thighs.

Spike waited until her breathing started to settle ever so slightly and she finally stopped moving. Then he spanked her hard where her left thigh and butt cheek joined. The force of the blow on such a sensitive and untouched area and the pain/pleasure it elicited meant that Buffy had to use all of her willpower not to squeal or move. The second fell where her right thigh and butt cheek joined and Buffy fought the same battle. The third mirrored the first and when Spike smacked her a fourth time on the right thigh again Buffy had to bite her tongue to keep from screaming. She was melting between her legs and she knew she was very close to coming. 'Just one more' she kept repeating in her head 'then surely you can get him to make you come.'

The next blow didn't come though and the waiting did nothing but excite her more. Spike could see this and waited a beat before quickly standing up and grabbing her by the nape of the neck. He bent her forward over the edge of the be. Still holding her down by the neck he ordered "Spread your legs Buffy"

Without a moments hesitation Buffy did so, anticipating his cock entering her dripping passage. This wasn't Spike's plan however. Aiming carefully he landed the final smack hard against her clitoris and labia.

Buffy exploded. Her orgasm shocking her in it's intensity. Although he had not told her not to make a sound it was impossible given how hard she was coming. "Ohgodohgodohgod Spike!" She babbled. Spike grinned as he let go of her neck and she stayed exactly where she was as she recovered from her climax.

As her senses returned Buffy gave up any pretence that she was merely doing this because she lost the bet or that this wasn't her scene. She stood up and turned to Spike. "Thank You Sir" she said smiling sweetly. Spike was so proud of her, but being Spike decided to push the envelope a little further. "While I appreciate the sentiment slayer, if you want to thank me you do it on your knees and without the impertinence of looking me in the eye. Know your place."

To Spike's amazement Buffy dropped immediately to her knees and lowered her head, the very picture of submission.

"I'm sorry I displeased you Sir" she said still staring at the floor "and now that I can do it from the correct position Ii want to thank you again for my punishment."

"You are welcome. However you will have to thank me again soon. I distinctly remember telling you not to make a sound. Yet you just screamed blue murder. This, I might add you did while you were coming....I did not give you permission to come. You need to learn patience and control girl. You also apparently STILL need to learn to do as you are told. When I give you an order you obey it!"

Buffy amazed herself by not kicking Spike's ass and by realising she was actually becoming aroused again! So soon after her orgasm. Sneaking a peak from beneath her lashes, she noticed with some satisfaction that Spike was very obviously aroused too.

A wicked thought popped into her head. "Well seeing as I'm down here anyway.....Why don't I thank you in advance and show you how sorry I am." As she spoke she moved forward still on her knees and freed Spike's rock hard cock. She then moved her mouth towards it grinning.

Spike jumped back from her. "Why you insolent little...." Buffy looked up at him still smiling but looking a little puzzled. "You DO NOT just reach out and grab whatever you want girl!" Spike thundered " you do nothing until you are told to! As I said you need to learn patience and control! And by God I'm going to teach you them after that little display!"

Buffy suddenly felt very uncomfortable, it seemed she had really upset Spike. And he usually loved blow jobs! She realised with a shudder of desire that at this moment in time she would beg, plead, do whatever he wanted to get Spike to stop looking so angry. Her stomach was also going crazy at this threat/promise to 'teach her' patience and control. How would he do that she wondered. She'd bet money it was going to hurt.

"Up" he barked at her clicking his fingers. This caused most of Buffy's submissive feelings to evaporate. 'Ok' she thought 'now he's clicking his fingers at me like I'm a dog or something.' However it was as if her mind and body were two separate entities. She found herself doing as he bade her regardless of her mutinous thoughts. Spike saw the fire flashing in her eyes though.

"Didn't like that did you my little spitfire?" Spike said smirking slightly "but it's like I said pet. For twenty four hours you are mine. You're MY little whore and I will have obedience from you. Now bend over and touch your toes."
YKYWT Part 3 by Sarah Aless
Author: Sarah Aless

Contact: give_it_to_me_spikey@yahoo.co.uk

Title: You Know You Want To

Rating: NC-17

Spoilers: Season 6 post Smashed/Wrecked if anyone STILL hasn't seen that far.

Disclaimer: They're not mine *big sigh* Joss and Mutant Enemy own them I'm just having fun......and wishing

Distribution: 'I'm just a girl who can't say no.......' But please tell me where it's going :)

Summary: Was originally started for the fanfic challenge at Heat......Desire. However the hard drive crash of May 03 and the subsequent floppy drive stubbornness of June 03 prevented me from finishing in time to submit it. Therefore I gave up writing the third part and fitting some elements of the challenge (namely the use of a song) in and am just sharing what I had.

WARNING: This fic deals with a degree of BDSM. It's all consensual but if that's not your thing don't bother with part two or beyond.


Spike saw the fire flashing in her eyes though.

"Didn't like that did you my little spitfire?" Spike said smirking slightly "but it's like I said pet. For twenty four hours you are mine. You're MY little whore and I will have obedience from you. Now bend over and touch your toes."

Buffy looked up at Spike, his finger clicking still rankling in her chest, just who did he think he was? "And if I don't?" She said raising an eyebrow and her chin in defiance.

Spike looked at her and sighed in exasperation. "Buffy if you don't want to continue with the game, if you don't like any of this then just use the safe word. If you're not going to use it though I suggest you get over this urge to fight me every step of the way.......it'll only go worse for you pet."

Buffy shuddered with lust, but still said nothing. She knew perfectly well, and was sure Spike knew too, that she was not about to say her safe word. Much as she hated to admit it that cane lying on the bed kept pushing itself to the front of her thoughts and it scared her a little. Yeah, she was the slayer and had a very high pain tolerance but she didn't know what her tolerance for the humiliation of bending over and being caned would be.

Spike watched Buffy closely he could see she was struggling, but he could also smell her arousal. He actually wanted nothing more than to cuddle her and tell her everything was ok and it was just a game, but he stopped himself. If Buffy would just give herself over to this he knew she would love it. "You're not answering me Buffy" he boomed making her jump, "either say the safe word or bend over." Still Buffy didn't move, but she didn't say the word either.

"Ok pet, if that's the way you want to play it" as he spoke Spike moved purposefully towards her. The movement had an electric effect on Buffy and she yelped and without thinking any further bent over, her face flushing in embarrassment.

Spike grinned as he reached her "Too late luv." He said "I don't expect to wait that long to be obeyed." He slapped her hard across the ass which was already losing some of it's rosy glow because of her accelerated slayer healing. "You just lost any chance you had of me going easy on you. I'm just going to take my pleasure as I see fit and you needn't expect me to care if you're getting any pleasure, or if you're just getting frustrated as hell." His words were calculated to make her hornier, which, judging by the sudden increase in the smell of arousal he detected, was exactly the effect they had. Spike knew it was bullshit though. He'd walk over hot coals for this woman and he knew that she'd get a whole heap of pleasure today, and every day she'd let him give it to her. 'Just means I get to play for a little longer first' he thought 'I'm going to drive her insane before she comes again.'

"On the bed, on your back, now bitch!" Was all he said. He waited for at least a dirty look from her for the 'bitch' part but she merely straightened up, and keeping her eyes on the floor scuttled over to the bed. 'Good girl' he thought 'just go with it, you'll be so glad you did.' Spike took a leisurely walk over to his table of goodies. He could feel Buffy's eyes on him the whole time and he could practically taste her apprehension and tension. He picked up the handcuffs and strolled back over to the bed where she lay waiting. "Arms above your head" he instructed. Buffy complied immediately raising her arms and trying not to squirm as heat began to rage anew between her legs. Spike quickly secured her wrists in the handcuffs and attached them to the headboard. He climbed onto the bed and straddled her legs pinning them down.

"Lesson one." He said his face stern again, making Buffy just melt "patience and control. You WILL NOT move, make a sound, or come without my permission. You may not ask for permission, I will decide when to grant it. This is the last time you can speak until I say so. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir" Buffy said surprising herself with how breathlessly the words slipped out.

Spike parted her legs and half lay, half knelt over her. His rock hard member was straining at the leather pants he was wearing and he positioned it between her legs. Maddeningly slowly he rubbed himself against her wet heat. As he did so, his hands went up to her hair and stroked and tugged gently as he began to place feather light kisses on her now close eyelids. He peppered her face with these kisses all the time rubbing his erection into her groin. When he had covered her face he moved up to her right hand and proceeded to gently kiss and lick his way right down her arm. He stopped just as he was about to reach her breast and moved up to her left hand and repeated the pattern. Buffy was breathing heavily now at the torture of his lips barely touching her and his cock, slowly rubbing at her.
When Spike reached her breasts this time he raised his hips off her so there was no contact of the nether regions. He sucked her right nipple into his mouth grazing it slightly with his teeth. With his right hand he tugged at her left nipple. As he circled one with his tongue and the other with his thumb Buffy mewled and lifted her hips trying to get his cock in contact with her clit. Her eyes were glazed and she was practically hyperventilating and was barely even conscious of what she had done.

Spike immediately broke all contact with the slayer lifting himself right off her. "Bad slayer" he growled at her "Now we'll have to start over." He went back to kissing her face just as he had before. This time he kept his cock well out of the way, not wanting to drive her over the edge just yet. He followed the same path as before, covering her face then slowly down her arms. This time as he sucked and tugged at her hard nipples Buffy managed to stay still and quiet apart from the fact that she was panting heavily, which thankfully Spike didn't seem to count as making noise. He moved from her breasts down to her stomach alternating between kisses, licking and tiny nibbles. He reached her navel and licked round the outside before thrusting his tongue into it. Buffy lost it "Oh God" she moaned almost out of her mind with need. Again Spike lifted up off her, this time he grabbed her hip rolling her just enough that he could give her a quick hard spank. "Bad Slayer!" He repeated. "Oh well off we go again."

The torture started over again and this time Buffy managed to still any reaction whatsoever again apart from her very ragged breathing. Spike got all the way down to her pussy this time and found it completely sopping. He grinned and slowly licked her inner lips, then evilly licked round her clit but never actually touched it. That was his biggest test for her and she did him proud. Although she closed her eyes and sounded like she was having an asthma attack she didn't move or say a word.

With a quick movement Spike freed his cock and thrust it to the hilt into her. He began to pump hard and fast lifting her hips so he could get deeper. He knew he wasn't going to last long. For all his game had been effective in winding Buffy up he had done a good job of winding himself up too. Buffy still wasn't making a sound but he felt her vaginal walls begin to flutter and her muscles all started to tense, her bodies involuntary response to her impending orgasm. Judging it just right Spike pulled out before she came. Buffy knew that to her dying day she'd never work out how she didn't cry out in disappointment, but she didn't. "Almost went there Slayer. You're not getting to come until you deserve it."

He cupped her breasts together and thrust his cock between them. He began to pump furiously against her chest, not helping her state of mind any by groaning loudly. Just as Buffy thought she was actually going to come just from seeing him fuck her tits Spike spurted up over her upper chest and lower face. As his last convulsions passed she looked at him with such pleading in her eyes that Spike took pity. Rolling off to the side he savoured the sight of her lying there covered in his cum. But reached between her legs, four fingers entered her hot passage and the other hand rubbed furiously at her clit. As he did it he said "You may come, as hard as you want baby. I want you to scream for me baby." He didn't really need to ask, Buffy went off like a rocket. Her hips grinding down on his hands she screamed out "S--P--I--K--E!"

Spike let her come down a bit before he spoke, he loved seeing her all flushed and spent like this. As she began to settle he said "Well done. You managed to wait for permission, so you got to come. You can speak now if you want to. BUT ....... And correct me if I'm wrong here, I could swear you addressed me by my name just now. What did I instruct you to call me?"

"Sir" Buffy said still gasping a little "I'm sorry sir. It's just that you were so good and your always so sexy, I couldn't help myself. I couldn't think clearly because of how wonderful you are."

"You little minx" Spike didn't even try to hide his grin. "I'm going to let you rest for a minute or so but I can't overlook your impudence. I'm afraid I'll have to tan your hide for that."

"Yes sir" Buffy said throwing her head back on the pillow and dragging in a ragged breath.

"Ok" Spike said "Five minutes then we'll move on. You better be ready to obey me by then. If not you'll either get a thrashing or a repeat performance of what just happened. If you don't obey though you will not get to come like you just did.

"Yes sir" Buffy said excitedly, ready for the next round already and loving this more than she ever would have thought possible.
YKYWT Part 4 by Sarah Aless
Author: Sarah Aless

Contact: give_it_to_me_spikey@yahoo.co.uk

Title: You Know You Want To

Rating: NC-17

Spoilers: Season 6 post Smashed/Wrecked if anyone STILL hasn't seen that far.

Disclaimer: They're not mine *big sigh* Joss and Mutant Enemy own them I'm just having fun......and wishing

Distribution: 'I'm just a girl who can't say no.......' But please tell me where it's going :)

Summary: Was originally started for the fanfic challenge at Heat......Desire. However the hard drive crash of May 03 and the subsequent floppy drive stubbornness of June 03 prevented me from finishing in time to submit it. Therefore I gave up writing the third part and fitting some elements of the challenge (namely the use of a song) in and am just sharing what I had.

WARNING: This fic deals with a degree of BDSM. It's all consensual but if that's not your thing don't bother with part two or beyond.


Spike removed the cuffs from Buffy's wrists but left them attached to the headboard in case he wanted them later. He rubbed her wrists to make sure the blood was flowing properly then reached under the bed and came up with a box of baby wet wipes. He threw these to her saying "Clean yourself up then close your eyes and rest for a while. Just stay exactly where you are, don't want to wear you out too quickly." Buffy did as he said and then closed her eyes. She felt Spike lie down next to her but although her eyes were closed she was anything but restful. Her mind raced over and over what had happened already today and the possibilities for the rest of the twenty four hours.

She was almost shell-shocked at how much the kinky shenanigans had turned her on. She was trying to analyse why Spike getting all masterful made her pussy leak and her stomach flip over with a delicious nervousness. Eventually she gave up after arriving at a semi-conclusion that it was down to the fact that she had to be such a 'take-no-shit' kind of a person and she had so much power that she relished the thought of someone breaking her. Not literally but in a nice safe environment like this. She'd been in too many of the chain-the-slayer-up-until-we-kill-her type situations to actually want to be broken. With a safe word and Spike doing the chaining up though she could explore her darker side without fear.

Did Spike want her to fight back more? she wondered, remembering with embarrassment how she'd slipped so easily into calling him Sir and letting him do whatever he wanted. She didn't need to fight back, she reasoned. Both she and Spike knew she could kick his ass if she had to. Sighing loudly as her mind kept on racing over questions she just didn't know the answer to Buffy chanced opening an eye. Spike was lying with his back to her and didn't seem to have moved when she sighed. Tentatively she sat up watching Spike the whole time in case he woke up. He'd told her to stay put and although her ass was no longer stinging she didn't much fancy another spanking quite yet. Spike stayed quite still however, she carefully leant over him to see if his eyes were closed. At that point Spike purred, proving to her that he was asleep. Buffy fought back a giggle, she loved it when he did that, just like her own big pussy cat. 'Oh well' she thought to herself, 'I suppose it is kind of the middle of the night for him, what with it being daytime and all. Let him sleep for a while. Funny how vamps are just like human men, wham bam, no 'thank you' ma'am then roll off and go to sleep.

Slowly, so as not to disturb him she inched her way off her side of the bed. Feeling irresistibly drawn to the table where Spike had laid out his toys. Her eyes swept the table and she realised she was holding her breath. Spike purred again and she realised she really should get back to the bed, he could wake up any moment. She grabbed the riding crop from the table, fascinated by the thought of it striking anything but a horse. As she crept over to the bed she realised that the way Spike was lying his ass was sticking out towards her. Lying on her side facing him she aimed the crop at his ass, pulling the tip back with her fingers until it was straining. Maybe next time she'd be the one wielding the crop, 'should get some practice in' Buffy thought to herself 'better not actually hit him just now though, just get my aim in.

Just then Spike flailed an arm and began to turn over. The sudden movement startled Buffy and the fingers holding the end of the crop back slipped. There was a brief swishing noise then the crop smacked onto Spikes ass. In the same instant that Spike bellowed and jumped up off the bed Buffy flung the crop away from her as if it was on fire. It landed at the foot of the bed as she thrust her hands underneath her behind her back. Feeling as she did this like a naughty child. A child who having been caught with their hands in the cookie jar, takes them out and hides them as if to say 'it couldn't have been me.'

Spike who had actually been awake and listening to her movements but was not expecting a blow to the ass looked down at her in anger. His furious expression then melted into a truly evil smile. "Oh, you've gone and bloody done it now Slayer. Don't bother trying to look innocent, you're not getting away with that one. In a flash he was at her side of the bed hauling her up off it by one arm. Still holding her arm high in the air he smacked her on the ass as he pulled her across the room. He stopped momentarily when they reached a chair beside the table and bent her over the back of it. "I suggest you hold onto the seat Slayer" he threatened "this is gonna be a rough ride."

"Spike please, I'm sorry, just let me explain." Buffy squeaked out. Her head was in turmoil not least because of how quickly he had propelled her to the chair and how hard he'd spanked her on the way.

"Do. Not. Call. Me. Spike." He said punctuating each word with a fierce blow to each buttock in turn. "Learn your place Slayer."

Buffy opened her mouth to apologise for the slip of the tongue but just then he landed a blow so hard on her upper thigh that she honestly thought it was on fire. All she could do was gasp as he rained down blow after blow on her lower back, ass and the backs of her thighs. This was worse than the previous spanking, at least she'd known how many she was getting then. All she could do now was try not to cry or call him Spike again and wish for it to be over. To her astonishment though she realised that all the heat near her groin was making her moist. 'Again!' She thought, 'Is there something wrong with me?'

Pretty soon Spike was smacking already wounded flesh as there simply wasn't an inch left from lower back to upper thighs that wasn't burning deep crimson. This was pure agony and although he'd gotten pissed at her for it earlier she couldn't stop her hands from flying back to try to protect her burning skin. He didn't pin her hands to the small of her back this time however, he merely said, in a tone of voice that promised dire consequences for non-compliance. "Put your hands back on the seat of the chair. NOW. Don't you dare move them again bitch."

"I'm s-sorry S-sir" Buffy babbled gripping the underside of the chair seat for all she was worth. Spike continued the punishment for about another fifteen blows then stood back and admired the rosy red glow he'd created. Buffy stayed exactly as she was, bent over the chair. She was trembling and her knee's felt weak. The real reason she didn't move however was she didn't dare. There was no way she wanted to provoke another spanking like that. As wet as it had gotten her, she didn't think her ass could take any more whuppin'.

"Spike reached between her legs" grinning as his fingers came back dripping with her inner fluids. He reached for the baby wet wipes and proceeded to rub one gently over her flaming ass. Buffy gasped and tried to pull away from and push towards the coolness at the same time. While he was doing this Spike's other hand found her swollen clit. He rubbed it gently in time with his ministrations on her bottom. As he kept applying more soothing wipes he continued to rub her clit. First of all to help her body learn to associate the pain with arousal. Second of all to drive her wild. Being an expert on Buffy and her orgasms he listened for the tell-tale gasp and hitch of breath that signalled her approach to climax and took his hand and the wipes away.

"Oh god, please Sir, I need to come." Buffy said almost crying with frustration.

"Your needs are not important Buffy. Especially after you've been such a bad girl. Stand up and face me."

Buffy did so, still wanting to cry from her aching need for release, and keeping her eyes on the floor.

"Look at me Buffy." Spike said in a gentle tone of voice which surprised her but compelled her to obey as much as his harsh voice. As she looked up he said "Tell me you've been a naughty girl."

"I've been a naughty girl." Buffy said blushing with shame that he could make her say that and dropping her eyes.

"Again, but look at me this time."

"I've been a naughty girl Sir." She said looking into his eyes and wanting to die on the spot as her stomach did somersaults.
"Good." Spike said, the evil grin back on his face "Now that you've been punished for your cheek earlier and calling me by my name. Just how AM I going to punish you for taking my own crop to me?"
YKYWT Part 5 by Sarah Aless
Author: Sarah Aless

Contact: give_it_to_me_spikey@yahoo.co.uk

Title: You Know You Want To

Rating: NC-17

Spoilers: Season 6 post Smashed/Wrecked if anyone STILL hasn't seen that far.

Disclaimer: They're not mine *big sigh* Joss and Mutant Enemy own them I'm just having fun......and wishing

Distribution: www.geocities.com/spikeaholic20 & onegoodlay anyone else..... 'I'm just a girl who can't say no.......' But please tell me where it's going :)

Summary: Sheer PWP set in the wonderful days when Spike and Buffy were ruttin like rabbits. Was originally started for the fanfic challenge at Heat......Desire. However an indecent amount of computer crashes meant I couldn't finish in time. Decided to just carry on anyway and boy has it grown.

WARNING: This fic deals with a degree of BDSM. It's all consensual but if that's not your thing don't bother with part two or beyond.


Spike started to slowly circle Buffy looking her up and down in a leisurely way that made her shudder. When he was behind her it strangely felt to Buffy like her ass got hotter, just from his gaze. Spike sucked in one of his pointless breaths as he admired his handiwork. "I wish you could see what I can slayer" he said in a low voice which was almost a growl "it's bloody lovely. Your bum's always beautiful but all glowing like that it's so much better."

Buffy wondered if Spike had found some way to limit the oxygen supply down here as she found breathing becoming a very difficult thing to do again. His word's and his circling and appraising of her body were riling her up nicely again. 'God' she thought 'how can he be so damned sexy no matter what he does or says.' Spike continued circling, his face thoughtful, as if contemplating all the possible punishments which could fit the crime.

"Well," said Spike "I think it's definitely going to be the crop pet. Seeing as you saw fit to use it on me. Only right I should return the favour."

"Please Sir," Buffy said turning desperate eyes to Spike "I'm enjoying everything I really am, and I really want to go on. I don't want to say my safe word but I just don't think I can take any more on my ass. It'll heal real soon, but it's still so hot.....please I can't."

"Poor little slave." Spike said gently, moving in he cupped Buffy's chin in his hand. "You know you brought it on yourself, don't you? You know I can't let you get away with what you did. You just said yourself, you've been a naughty girl."

A bit of Buffy's usual fire flared suddenly in her. "Look Spike I know how much you're enjoying this and honestly I am too but if you try to use that crop on my ass like you just did your hand I will scream the safe word to kingdom come and I'll never let you do this again."

Spike couldn't help but grin, as much as he loved having her subservient a large part of the reason he loved Buffy so much was her fiery temper and sometimes downright irritation with him. He loved it when she was annoyed with him, he could usually talk her round and it just added so much heat to any exchange they had, even before they had started shagging. "Ok. I hear you Slayer" he said now gripping her chin "I'm going to overlook the audacity of your last speech just this once. Can't expect to break you in straight away, Rome wasn't built in a day and I've never tried to tame a slayer before."

Although Buffy shot him a filthy look she felt a twinge in her sex at his words. "But your doing so well sweetheart. I promise not to go as hard on you as I just did." He continued softening his voice and his grip. "How's about you take one on each lovely breast. That's double what you gave me. Then double that again for your sheer barefaced cheek and disobedience and take two on your ass. I'll promise not to give you any more than that?"

'My breasts?' Buffy thought 'that's weird........but apparently it's making me horny thinking about it! This could be interesting.' Buffy really didn't want to say the safe word and as long as Spike kept his word she thought she should be able to handle what he suggested. Spike watched her closely he could tell her mind was whirring over something. "What do you say pet? If you can do it I'll give you a reward."

'Could get VERY interesting' thought Buffy and quickly nodded saying "Yes Sir".

"Good girl" Spike beamed fighting an urge to hug her, he knew she'd come through. I t had been touch and go for a minute. She was new to this and she was a slayer after all. It did go against all her natural instincts, but her inner kink had won through. The game was well and truly back on. "Ok but first things first. I need to see if that spanking taught you any obedience. On all fours now please."

She wavered, she really wanted to go on, but Spike just kept changing the rules. She'd been expecting to take her punishment quickly then move on to the reward. 'Should've known Spike would never be that straight forward.' She thought to herself. 'What the hell is he planning now? Should I do it or just give up now?'

While she was thinking and without her noticing Spike had picked up the riding crop. "Now." He commanded. Buffy hesitated for another second, it was a second too long for Spike's liking. There was a swish as the crop slashed through the air then a loud crack as it struck Buffy directly on the back of her knees. Buffy wasn't sure if it was the force of the blow or shock but she dropped instantly to her knees. Once there she quickly dropped onto her hands too before Spike could find an excuse to use that thing on her back as well. As Spike walked round from the back of her to the front she found herself cringing away from him, the pain behind her knees a constant warning of what he might do. Spike sneered slightly, just for effect. Buffy tried to get a grip on herself. 'Honestly!' She thought 'cringing away from Spike! Like some big fraidy cat.'

Spike stood in front of her, she looked up at him almost defiantly. "Head down." He commanded. Buffy immediately dropped her head. 'Geez, he's practically got me conditioned not to think anymore.' She thought.

"Kiss my feet slave." Spike said. Again Buffy found herself hesitating, it was just so demeaning, at least when he was spanking her she could tell herself 'he was holding me down'. If she did this it would be entirely her choice, because she could kick his ass if she wanted to even from her current position. Suddenly an image of herself kissing Spike's feet flashed into her mind, giving her such an erotic charge that she lowered her mouth to his feet without further thought. So driven by her own erotic imagery was she that she began to really get into this. Spending a few seconds on each foot before switching she ardently kissed and licked, and sucked at his toes. The sight of not just any Slayer willingingly subjugating herself like this but HIS slayer almost did for Spike. His cock became painfully erect and he almost groaned.

"Good." He forced out "Stop now." Buffy however, now that she'd gone for it, was too far gone to even hear properly. Spike pulled the foot she was currently working on back just out of her reach. As she began to crawl forward to follow it he said sternly. "If I say stop. DO IT. Next time I will kick you for that." Buffy immediately froze at such a terrible promise. Spike had seemed to have softened a little since the spanking but the last sentence just sounded so.....violent. Buffy suddenly had the urge to giggle. She and Spike had spent so long trying to kill each other and here she was getting horrified at the thought he might kick her?! Fortunately for her, she fought the urge to laugh and dropped her head again awaiting further instruction.

"Kneel up. I'll give you the first strokes." Spike said a little more gently. Buffy did as he said. "Cup them together luv" he said. Again, Buffy complied holding her breasts together. Spike stood to her left and as he raised the crop Buffy screwed her eyes up, knowing this was gonna sting. Sure enough as it struck she gasped and really had to fight her instinct to cover her breasts with her arms and not let him anywhere near them. Spike quickly moved to her right side and repeated the action. This time Buffy cried out at the burning of the two welts which had instantly risen on the tops of her breasts. "Good girl." Spike said "Next time you earn that punishment it'll be your nipples that get it, so I suggest you do as your told."

"Yes Sir" Buffy just about managed to gasp out. 'Holy crap!' she thought 'if my breasts hurt this much what the hell is that gonna feel like where I'm already sore?' She didn't have to wait long to find out. "Back on all fours Buffy." Spike ordered. Buffy dropped to her hands and knees, eyes screwed up again trying to steel herself for the first blow. Spike slowly ran the crop up from the welt at the back of her knees to her buttocks. As it came into contact with the tender flesh Buffy hissed and the muscles in her ass tensed. Although the burning was fading a little, the crop rubbing over the abused flesh really stung and Buffy found herself trying to pull away from it.

Without warning there was a loud 'swish -crack' and Buffy's arms collapsed as she cried out from the blow. If anyone had asked her what it felt like she doubted she could have found the words to describe it. She was resting on her elbows and knee's now which to Spike's glee lifted her ass in the air as if begging to feel the crop again. Buffy strangely wanted nothing more than to squeeze hard at the long thin welt across her backside. Spike took aim again and this time sliced the crop down on the spot where her thighs and butt joined, making Buffy cry out again and bite down on one of her arms which she had been resting her forehead on. The position she'd been in when this blow struck was such that the crop had also struck just on the outside of her moist entrance. It was almost like she could feel her clit swelling from such unexpected stimulation close by. Spike hadn't let her come for ages and she was really starting to feel desperate.

Spike listened to her panting and smiled. "Ok. You can get up now" he said "go and lie on the bed while I go and get something that I need for your reward." Buffy got shakily to her feet and shuffled over to the bed wincing just from the feeling of air moving over her weals. She got to the bed and started to lie down on her back. When her ass touched the bed though she yelped and fairly shot up off the offending surface. Spike had been moving towards the ladder and turned at the noise. "You can lie on your front Buffy. Sorry pet should've told you that." He said sounding genuinely sorry and even a little concerned. Buffy raised her eyebrows at the kind words. "I want you to carry on enjoying this honey." Spike said simply "You're taking to it like a duck to water. I don't want to cause you unnecessary suffering....unless you deserve it." He winked as he turned and swiftly climbed the ladder.

Buffy closed her eyes and tried to forget the searing pain in her ass. Concentrating instead on how weird this whole thing had turned out to be. Who would've thought that arguably one of the toughest and most effective slayers ever would get so damn hot and bothered by bondage and domination. Delivered by a vampire no less! And not a vampire who was playing before he killed her, one who at every opportunity every day professed his love for her. She couldn't help feeling that fate was up there having a really good laugh. 'Oh well,' she thought 'if I'm getting lovin' and some of the best orgasms ever out of it who am I to complain.'

She opened her eyes as she heard Spike coming back down the ladder with something which was tinkling. He came over to the bed depositing a bowl on the bedside table. He perched on the edge brushing her hair back from her face and planting a gentle kiss on her cheek. Buffy was surprised but decided if Spike wanted to play nice for a while she wasn't going to complain. He took an ice cube from the bowl and ran it over the first welt he had created on her ass. The shock of another new feeling in the now hyper sensitive area caused her to arch her back and try to push herself up. Spike gently pushed her back down saying, "Just relax kitten, it'll help." He began to run the cube over the sorest spots. Again Buffy hissed but after the initial shock the coolness was a relief. As the cube started to melt from the contact with her heated skin a trickle of water ran down between her butt cheeks causing her to squirm. Spike's hand which was still on the middle of her back pressed down more firmly.

"Relax luv," he said "just let me do this. Unless of course you want me too cuff you to the headboard again." He smiled as he smelled her arousal as fluid gushed between her legs. "I think you want me too" he teased "well, do you?"

"No Sir" Buffy said smiling lazily and lying completely still again trying to relax.

Spike took a cube in his hand and one in his mouth. Slowly and methodically he licked and rubbed ice over her lower back where the skin was already starting to fade to a bright pink rather than red. Buffy lay still but groaned at the delicious coolness of the ice and her lovers mouth. He slowly moved down proving he was as skilled in the gentle relief of painas he was at causing it. The lower he got the more excited Buffy got, and the more she could think of nothing but having his cock inside her. Despite all the spanking getting her wet and the fact that he had let her come earlier, she'd been almost painfully aroused for quite a while now and he'd only had his cock in her once. Even then he hadn't come inside her or let her come with him inside and she ached to be joined with him.

As Spike reached the welt from the second blow of the crop he stopped for a moment to crawl onto the bed straddling her legs. Slipping his hands underneath her hips he gently tugged her to her knees in front of him. 'God Buffy thought' in her hazy state 'he sure does like me on my knees.' Spike took another piece of ice and using his tongue traced the angry mark of his blow. Buffy groaned louder than ever as the ice passed over the entrance to her sex. Spike had intended to go all the way down to her upper thighs with the ice but when Buffy groaned like that and pushed back towards his mouth he knew he had to be inside her. 'Besides' he thought to himself ' she's got slayer healing and her thighs don't really look very inflamed any more.'

With that thought he turned Buffy over so she was lying on her side facing him. He took her left leg behind the knee making her wince a little and placed it over his thigh. Agonisingly slowly (for both of them) he slid inside. "Ohh Buffy" he groaned "you're so hot and wet.....so tight. Oh I love the feel of being inside you."

Buffy joined him in the groaning as she tried to shift herself down on his cock. When he was all the way in Spike kissed her lovingly before starting the again agonisingly slow motion of pulling out. "Oh Spike....feels so good." Buffy panted "love your dick in me". Spike moved in and out slowly and tenderly driving Buffy slightly mad from the feeling. She needed him to go faster and began to clench and release her inner muscles with the plan of getting him to lose the self-control he was now displaying. "Jesus slayer" he groaned "you have to stop that if you want me to last long enough to make you come." Buffy stopped as Spike grabbed her hips and turned them so she was sitting astride him.

"Go for it baby" he smiled up at her. Buffy started slowly again. For all she had wanted Spike to go faster she wanted to enjoy the feeling of moving herself up and down his shaft for as long as she could. "So beautiful" Spike said reaching up and tugging her down to kiss him. "My beautiful girl." He moved his mouth to her ear and bit almost to the point of pain on her lobe. "Ride my dick baby" he growled into her ear. Buffy did not need telling twice she began to increase her pace but still taking him as far in and out as she could, sitting up a little more to better control her movement. Spike put his hands up to her breasts, tracing the line of the crop and making her shiver. "You look so beautiful bearing my marks" he breathed. He couldn't resist and gave her nipple a hard tweak. His words and the tweak sent Buffy almost over the edge and she began frantically humping up and down on his big hard cock. Moaning and panting, Spike could see how close she was. He reached between them, rubbing her incredibly swollen nubbin. It only took a few seconds more before Buffy was moaning and gasping out "oh god......oh.....yes.......oh.......my.......god.....yes....unnnnggghhh!!!".

As she collapsed onto him Spike who still hadn't come flipped them both so that he was on top. Quickly grabbing Buffy's legs he almost threw them over his shoulders. Lifting her hips so her ass wasn't on the bed he began to thrust fast and hard into her. As he neared his release he grunted out "So beautiful....so wonderful....Buffy.....you're mine, mine, MINE!" He shouted this last as he spurted inside her. Still thrusting as his last spurts died out he lowered her to the bed and to Buffy's surprise she found that most of her ass didn't hurt anymore. They both lay there grinning stupidly for a while. Then Spike turned to Buffy his hand playing with the strands of hair around her face. "You know I love you kitten, don't you?"

Buffy rolled her eyes "Yes Spike, and I'm fine. Don't look so worried. Haven't said the safe word yet have I? I'm a big girl. Also I regularly fight 'big bads'....." she raised her eyebrows knowing full well the effect of what she was about to say "You haven't come close to hurting me."

Spike was immediately assailed with memories of the first night they had spent together in the building they had knocked down in their passion. "Oh Slayer" he said, swiftly climbing on top of her and pinning her hands high above her head, "you're playing a dangerous game now pet. I'm not nearly finished with you yet little girl."
YKYWT Part6/6 by Sarah Aless
Title: You know you want to (6/?)
Author's Name: Sarah Aless
Author's E-mail: give_it_to_me_spikey@yahoo.co.uk
Disclaimer: They're not mine *big sigh* Joss and Mutant Enemy own them I'm just having fun......and wishing and definitely not making any money.
Distribution:www.geocities.com/spikeaholic20, One Good Lay, & Near Her Always. Anyone else..... 'I'm just a girl who can't say no.......' But please tell me where it's going :)
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: S/B
Feedback: Yes please.....pretty please.
Author's Notes:Sheer PWP set in the wonderful days when Spike and Buffy were ruttin like rabbits. Was originally started for the fanfic challenge at Heat......Desire. However an indecent amount of computer crashes meant I couldn't finish in time. Decided to just carry on anyway and boy has it grown.


Buffy rolled her eyes "Yes Spike, and I'm fine. Don't look so
worried. Haven't said the safe word yet have I? I'm a big girl. Also
I regularly fight 'big bads'....." she raised her eyebrows knowing
full well the effect of what she was about to say "You haven't come
close to hurting me."

Spike was immediately assailed with memories of the first night they
had spent together in the building they had knocked down in their
passion. "Oh Slayer" he said, swiftly climbing on top of her and
pinning her hands high above her head, "you're playing a dangerous
game now pet. I'm not nearly finished with you yet little girl."

Buffy grinned up at Spike and tried to pull her hands free of his grasp. Spike pressed down harder on her wrists before transferring them both to one of his hands. He grabbed her face hard enough to make the grin disappear. "Haven't come close to hurting you have I not pet?" He questioned, his free hand finding one of the welts left on her chest from the crop. He pinched the inflamed skin cruelly. "Not what it sounded like when you were practically begging me not to use the crop on you. 'I just don't think I can take anymore on my ass'" he mimicked. "Not what it sounded like when you yelped when I gave you your deserved punishment. Was that all play-acting Buffy?"

"No Sir" Buffy squeaked out "I'm sorry I didn't mean it, I won't say anything like that again." Again she grinned at him, showing she was playing her part again.

"Not a satisfactory explanation Slayer." Spike said shaking his head slowly. "I think you want me to hurt you more. Well, do you want me too?" Again he pinched the welt then her nipple. A bolt of lust went straight to her pussy and Buffy arched up towards his cruel fingers.
"Oh yes Spike please do." She moaned.

"Bloody hell Slayer!" Spike exclaimed. "This is supposed to be punishment to make you learn your place. You could at least try to come off as a bit reluctant. Maybe I should give up with all these silly little punishments. Maybe I should get my bullwhip out and make you bleed. Or fuck you up the ass without any lube."

Buffy's smile and playfulness vanished. 'He wouldn't,' she thought 'surely he wouldn't'.

"Oh, don't forget what I am pet. I'd do it." Spike said as if he'd read her mind. "Wouldn't be the first time."

Buffy looked away stung a little by him making such an obvious point that he was far more experienced at this. She also felt a little jealous of whoever the other girls he'd done this stuff with were. She was pulled out of her reverie by Spike grabbing her chin again, forcing her to look at him. "What's it to be luv? You going to behave?"

"Yes Sir." Buffy said "I promise to be good."

Spike grinned now. He let go of her hands and stood up from the bed. He clicked his fingers as he said "here" pointing to the spot in front of him. Buffy repressed her annoyance at the finger clicking thing and got up and stood before him. "On your knees" he said curtly. Buffy knelt in front of him. "Suck my dick" he ordered. Buffy reached out to bring his cock to her mouth. "No hands." Spike ordered. Buffy looked up at him and pouted "I can do a much better job if you let me touch you" she said.

Spike put his head back and sighed loudly. Why couldn't she ever just do as she was told? "You're still questioning me" he stated "I don't think you understand the rules here. I OWN you Slayer. All you need to do is EXACTLY what I tell you to and nothing else. I don't want your suggestions."

"I'm sorry Sir. I understand, it won't happen again. I just thought...."

She was cut off by Spike growling in frustration. "It doesn't matter what you think." He almost shouted "You obviously don't understand. I think you need a constant reminder of your status here." Buffy looked puzzled as Spike walked over to his table of goodies "Come here" he ordered. Buffy started to stand up. Without even looking round Spike said " No-one told you to stand up slave. I want you to crawl to me."

'Oh god help me,' Buffy thought 'how can that make me wet again. How?' But it had and she felt herself get wetter as she crawled towards Spike. When she reached his feet he turned to her smiling with what looked like a human size dog collar in his hands. "Kneel up" he clicked. Buffy obeyed and he quickly secured the collar round her neck fastening it at the back with it's belt like fastener. "Beautiful" he said clipping a leash to the ring on the front of it. Buffy's hands went up to try to loosen the leather round her neck a little. "A-a-ah" Spike said swatting her hands away "bad girl. You're not choking or anything and the tighter it is, the easier it'll be for you to remember who's the Master here."

"Yes Sir" Buffy flushed and dropped her gaze. Spike was impressed, this was the one part he'd thought might give him the most trouble. That was the slayer though. Always surprising him. He tugged down on the leash and Buffy dropped to her hands and knee's and followed him back to the middle of the room. Once there a sharp tug brought her back to an upright kneeling position again and Spike grinning widely said "Now....where were we? Oh yes. You were about to suck me off. Well don't let me hold you up luv. On you go."

Buffy rolled her eyes looking up at Spike incredulously. He was just loving this, she could tell and she couldn't even say anything about the completely unwarranted crudeness his orders were now containing. Spike pulled upwards on the leash bringing her mouth right up to his cock. Grudgingly she took the end of his dick in her mouth, even though she was really into this now, she was still Buffy. Her subconscious motto was still 'never give Spike anything too easily'. Sensing the slight reluctance Spike wrapped a hand in her hair and pulled just hard enough to assert a little authority. Buffy smiled round his cock, the fact that they were both fighting for dominance even now when she was arguably in a far lower position was just so typical of their whole relationship. Neither ever really wanted the other to have the upper hand.

She slowly circled the head of his dick with the tip of her tongue. An action which caused Spike to groan and unwittingly tighten the grip he had on her hair. 'Hah!' Buffy thought 'who's got the power now? I'm going to tease you mercilessly before you come, just like you did me.' She slowly slipped more of his dick into her mouth her tongue swirling round the underside as she did so. Spike groaned a little more and Buffy stopped taking him in, sucking powerfully she pulled her head back until he was almost out of her mouth and flicked her tongue rapidly back and forth over the head again. Spike now sounded as if he wouldn't know a coherent thought if it jumped up and bit him. She started to take him back into her mouth prompting a moan of approval from Spike. His vocalisation caused her to smile again as she stopped sucking his dick in and went back to teasing the head with her skilled tongue, frustrating the vampire no end.

Buffy was sure now judging by his groaning that Spike was well and truly carried away on this. She lifted her right hand and began to caress from underneath his balls to the base of his dick. She was just about to use her hand to pump him as she sucked him in and out of her mouth when Spike regained the power of speech. "I said, no hands Slayer." Buffy froze, if she had been able to form a thought she probably would have been wondering whether she really had been trying to control the situation; or had she really been trying to get Spike to punish her again. Judging by the tone of his voice she certainly wasn't getting away with this.

Spike relinquished his hold on her hair and removed his cock from her mouth striding quickly over to the bed. He picked up the cane which had been lying there taunting Buffy the whole time and was back in front of her before his movement had even registered properly. He grasped her hair again tipping her head back and thrust his dick at her mouth. Buffy opened up on reflex and took him in. That was all she did though as she was now transfixed by the cane in his hand. "Get back to sucking honey, no reason I should suffer because you chose to disobey me AGAIN." As Buffy got back down to the job Spike said "and I think we've had enough of your teasing, pleasurable as it was. Take it all this time Slayer." 'Damnit!' Buffy had thought she was being so clever teasing him and taking the power back, but he'd been on to her the entire time. She moved position slightly so that she could get the right angle to deep throat him, a trick she and Spike had spent a lot of time perfecting. She assumed the presence of the cane was to act as an incentive for her to perform well at this task. Well if it meant less pain she was going to make damn well sure she did a good job. He was almost all the way in when he said "Good. That's right take it baby. Oh and hold your right arm out to the side."

Puzzled but not stopping the blow job for a second Buffy did so holding her arm out palm upwards. With amazing speed Spike swished the cane down on her lower arm. The crack as it made contact was louder than with the crop and for a second she didn't feel anything. Suddenly it felt as though someone had placed a red hot poker against her skin and was holding it there. Her cry of "OWWW!" was muffled due to her mouth and part of her throat being extremely full, but it's effect for Spike was felt rather than heard. Her cry of pain resonated against his dick in a very pleasurable way. It was so good in fact that he immediately struck her again twice in quick succession.

This time Buffy pulled her head back, his dick popping out of her mouth. "No fair Spike" she pouted "I only touched you once. You hit me three times!"

"Well done luv you can count." Spike smirked "I decide the punishments here Buffy not you and I happen to think your blatant disrespect called for more severe chastisement than one piddling little blow. Besides, it feels so nice when you scream with my dick in your mouth." Spike grinned that boyish mischievous grin of his and Buffy pouted some more.

"What's wrong my little slut?" he said in mock concern "Would you rather I use it on your ass? Or your tits maybe? Well don't worry cos you might end up getting your wish if you don't start giving me head in the next few seconds. Never take your mouth off my dick until I tell you to. Now head down and arm out please, don't make me make you do it."

Buffy quickly resumed her task at Spike's threat. As she deep throated him Spike caned her another four times. Buffy moaning in pain, and Spike in ecstasy with every blow. By the last stroke though Buffy's moans were more than a little from arousal too and she was eagerly sucking on Spike. Spike was perfectly happy to come this way until a wicked thought popped into his head.

Pulling back from her he took the end of the leash and tugged her to her feet. "I think you enjoyed sucking dick like a whore" he said "in fact I think it was getting you all wet. Let's see shall we?" Very carefully Spike drew the end of the cane up the inside of Buffy's thigh. When it was positioned between her legs he rubbed it back and forth between her slickened lips. It was cold on her slit and Buffy shuddered and whimpered with desire at the sensation so similar to the feeling of Spike's cold hands touching her. As she began to gasp a little Spike pulled the instrument of torture away. Buffy's eyes followed it as he lifted it to the light and smirked saying "soaking wet, just like I thought." Buffy flushed and looked at the floor. Spike pulled her by the leash over to a corner. "Face the wall and put your hands up high where I can see them" he ordered "don't want you bringing yourself off before I'm done with you."

"You know, teachers used to do this at school when I was a child." Spike mused as Buffy positioned herself in the corner. "Only they used to make us wear a dunces hat if we had to stand in the corner. Pity I don't have one. I think you'd look cute in a pointy hat with a big 'D' on it. Showing all the world that you are too stupid to do something as simple as follow your masters orders. What do you think Buffy?"

Sometimes Buffy wondered about Spike's sanity, he was forever seeming to ramble off with no obvious point. She didn't trust herself to actually tell Spike what she thought of his latest idea, so she kept quiet. "Answer me when I ask you a question" Spike bellowed bringing the cane down hard on her ass, which was now almost completely healed from her earlier spanking.

"I'm sorry Spike" Buffy hissed "If that would please you I think it would be a very good idea." Spike smiled. Finally she was bloody getting it!

"Good answer, for once Slayer. Now I wonder, do you actually mean that, or are you just trying to avoid more of this?" He caned her ass three times in quick succession.

"No Sir, I promise I wasn't" Buffy, gasping slightly tried to stop the pain and arousal coming through in her voice "I only want what pleases you.

"Oh so you want more of this do you?" Spike said ruthlessly repeating the three stokes. The smell of Buffy's arousal became almost tangible.

"If you think I deserve it Sir." She said meekly knowing she couldn't win by answering merely in the positive or negative.

"Hall-e-bloody-lu-jah luv" Spike said gleefully "maybe you're cleverer than I was giving you credit for. You finally soddin'well caught on! You are my plaything and all that matters here is what I want. Took you long enough to learn your lesson mind."

"I'm sorry if I displeased you Sir" Buffy said really letting go now and starting to wonder whether it was actually possible to orgasm just from saying these things out loud. She was startled out of her reverie by the feeling of the cane creeping up her inner thigh again. Her breath hitched as it got closer to her hot and dripping sex. It slid between her lips then Spike angled it upwards so that it was rubbing her clit as he began to move it back and forth. Buffy began to gasp as she felt an orgasm building.

Spike pulled the cane away finding it soaked with Buffy's juices he grinned as he rubbed it over her ass, leaving it glistening. He pushed it back between her legs for a couple of seconds and brought it back wet again. "You know you get a much better stinging sensation on wet skin, with a wet instrument" he informed her. "Seeing as you've been good enough to provide enough juice to wet your ass and the cane I think it only right you should experience that."

Buffy shuddered with desire at the thought of her own excitement contributing to such pleasurable suffering. Spike cracked her hard across the ass with the cane, laughing softly as Buffy cried out helplessly. He'd been right it wasn't like it hadn't hurt before but this stroke just had a little extra sting to it. "Let's see if we can't get a little more juice going." Spike said.

He slipped the cane back up to her pussy following it with his hand and making sure her clit was positioned right on one of the knot's of the bamboo. He drove his cock into her from behind and Buffy lifted onto her tiptoes to take as much of him in as possible. He immediately started a fast and hard rhythm sawing the cane back and forth over her clit as he thrust. Buffy didn't know whether to laugh, cry, scream or all of the above. As he pounded into her his hips smashed again and again against the bruised flesh of her ass causing a pain/pleasure that was only surpassed by the feeling of the knobble of bamboo punishing her clit.

"Do you like that luv?" Spike grunted in her ear "You love my cock up you don't you?"

"Oh god yes Sir" Buffy panted out.

"Say it" he demanded

"I- love -your cock -Siiirrr!" she ground out

"No, say the whole thing. Say you love MY cock up you."

"Oh- oh- I do Sir I love your cock up me, pounding into me."

"Who do you belong to?"

"You Sir, you - you - you! I'm yours. I'm your---ohmygod--your whore, your bitch, whatever you want me to be."

That was it for Spike. The hand which wasn't manipulating the cane reached round and grabbed the front of her neck as he hammered into her. He squeezed just tight enough that she'd feel a little light headed and frantically increased the pace of his cock and the cane. His grip on her neck had the desired effect on Buffy, her sudden light headedness made her come harder than she thought she ever had before, and she just kept coming.

Spike grunted as he jerked his semen up into her. "Fucking hell- slayer-" he grunted out "tightest little bitch-- I ever stuck it in. Fuck!"

Buffy collapsed to her knee's in the corner almost sobbing from the strength of her orgasm. Spike was now leaning on the wall above her. He regained his composure long before Buffy did. He reached down and unfastened the collar. Buffy looked up at him with a puzzled expression. "You were bloody fantastic for your first time with S&M luv. Consider our little scene ended for the time being" he said.

Buffy grinned then winced a little as she shifted position and caught her ass with her heel. "Honestly Slayer, you came such a long way in one go. But be warned, if you want to play this game again, we can't go back to the disobedience and questioning. I want you to be as submissive as you were at the end there."

"Oh I think I can manage that." Buffy smiled and winked adding "Sir".

"Consider yourself bloody luck I already took your collar off luv." Spike said "winking at me like that you little minx, I'd have skinned your arse for that."

Buffy giggled as she said, "Maybe we can save it up for next time." Spike's face lit up he'd almost been worried he'd pushed a little far, but nope she was going to let him do it again. "Well. What we going to do now?" Buffy interrupted his thoughts. "You got me for a whole twenty four hours you know. Do I get to use any of your toys on you now?"

"Hmm" said Spike screwing his face up in contemplation "Give a feller a minute to think about that one."

The End (or maybe not ;))
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