How do I become an affiliate of The Buffer?

I've decided not to get involved in the affiliate thing. If you want to link to my site I'd be thrilled, and if you let me know I'll add you to my links page as well, but I don't have any affiliates or any plans to be an affiliate to any other site. It's not that I'm anti-affiliate, I just don't have the time to deal with it.

How do you make your graphics?

I use Adobe 5.0

Can I use your graphics on my site?

Please don't. I'd really appreciate it if you'd respect my time and effort spent making the graphics by not taking them without permission.

Can I use the fanfic on this site?

That's up to each individual author. You can find their e-mail addresses on their stories.

As far as my fic (Rebecca Carefoot's fic) I usually give permission if it's asked for. But I do limit people to about 5 stories per website. E-mail me about it.

Can I link directly to the fanfic on this site?

If you have permission from the author to use the fic, and if you let me know about it, then it's fine with me if you link directly. This doesn't mean you don't have to get permission from the authors...please, please do that first.

Also...if you do link directly, you take the risk of losing the fic if I move things around which I have done quite a bit lately.

Why don't you update more often?

I update as often as I can. There's not regular schedule but I try to do at LEAST one update a month. I apologize to anyone who gets tired of waiting for the updates, but they'll be done when they're done so all you can do is wait. You can join the update mailing list if you're sick of visiting the site only to find there's no updates.

What if you didn't answer my question?

Ask me.