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This is the essay section of the page. Mainly it's my exploration of the writing process. Short essays, examples, explanations, etc. about my experience with writing, and my opinions about writing-related topics. None of these little essay type things are intended to teach anyone how to write. Everyone's process is different. This is just my attempt to give people a glimpse into how I write. If you like my writing, and you're looking for help, this is the best writing advice I can give you.

In addition to the writing process, there may be some essays about Buffy or Angel, issues raised by the show, my opinions about the show. As well as Buffy-related stuff like convention reports.

The non-active links are topics that are coming soon.

Story Development
About the writing process of specific fics. How the plot developed. The purposes of the stories. Problems I had while writing. Etc.
WARNING: These contain major SPOILERS for the fics in question.
The Sighing Game Series
Buried Alive
Three Doors

General Advice
My opinions and thoughts on general writing topics.
Writer's Block

Convention Reports
Pictures and celeb panels/Q&A stuff.
Vulkon 1999
(James Marsters)
Metrocomics 2000
(James Marsters & the Buffy set)
Dragoncon 2001
(Andy Hallett, Bailey Chase, and Mark Lutz)

If you have a writing topic you'd like me to address:
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