Most of the links below are offsite. I've tried to link to index pages rather than the individual stories because I am linking to the stories on other people's pages and I don't want to just mooch off their work. Anyway you may have to scroll down in the indexes to find the right story, but it's worth it and you get to see some other great fanfic pages.

I realize that some stories are missing from the list...that's because I didn't know of any pages that have the fic up.

Playing with Fire by: Lady Jayd
A Buffy/Angel angst piece

Bloodlust by: Hannah R.H
Another Buffy/Angel angst. Buffy offers Angel her blood..but there are consequences.

Apocalypse Pow by:SaxMan
A Buffy parody...involving a giant Master head hurtling towards the Earth and an unbelievable secret weapon.

Dream a Little Dream of Me by: Danielle
Willow chooses between her unrequited love for Xander and her newfound feelings for Oz.

Necessary Alliances by: Anya
Willow power story. Willow finds herself transported to another world, complete with an evil wizard. To defeat him she'll need the help of an unlikely ally.

Death imitates Art by:Saraswati
The Buffy actors and their characters meet as parallel worlds collide.

I'll Remember You by:Becca
Buffy/Angel angst after Surprise/Innocence.

A happy Buffy/Angel phone conversation. No angst allowed.

For I Have Sinned by: Lex
Buffy finds a momentary haven from her sins.

Love Knows No Bounds by: Skylar
You can think of this as an alternate to Becoming.
It was written before the episode aired...and it has a much happier ending.

Smoochies by: Sheila
Ever wonder why Willow and Oz don't get lots of smoochies like Buffy and Angel, or utility closet scenes like Xander and Cordy? Well, in this story they get the smoochies they deserve :)

Girlfriend Bails Out Werewolf by:tj thwaites
It's the full moon, but Oz has more to worry about than the usual hairyness. He's been arrested, and it's up to Willow to get him out.
I linked to this story at The Labyrinth

I'll Have Another Barkeep by: Karen
Spike and Harry the barkeep share a moment..of sorts.

Love and Hate by: Sandra Schimmel
Spike and Buffy must work together to escape a bad situation.

Getting to Know You by: Tracy
The beginning of the Oz/Willow relationship from Oz's point of view.
I linked to this story at The Labyrinth

Even the Nights are Better by: Alex Queirolo
Buffy catches a virus when El Nino pounds Sunnydale.
Happy, funny Buffy/Angel story with a tiny bit of angst thrown in.

Comparisons by: Erana
Angel gets into hot water when he makes a little slip of the tongue and Buffy wants an explanation.
Happy Buffy/Angel fic.

Star Crossed: A Slayer's Sight & An Angel's View by: Amy
Amy's retelling of the Angel episode. It fills in the blanks and retells the parts we all love. Really two stories in one: A Slayer's Sight is from Buffy's POV and An Angel's View is from Angel's POV.

Truthfully by:Rachel Brody
Cordelia confronts her feelings for Xander in a diary entry.

Having Fun...Willow Style by: Mylenn
Willow's having a bad day, and the vampire that messes with her is about to find out just what 'the quiet ones' can do.

Scars by: Sandycat
Post-Becoming, Spike muses, thinking about Dru, Angelus, and that scar on his eyebrow.
Very beautifully written. Anyone with any interest in Spike should check it out.
I also recommend A Halo in Reverse which is an unconnected, but also beautiful, Drusilla POV.

Passion Never Dies by:Tricia Stewart
The events of Passion from Jenny Calendar's eyes.

Reflections by: Jessice Nasca - link broken
A short journey into the future, and the past, through the eyes of one of the characters

To Wish Impossible Things by: AutumnSun
Angel tries to deal with what he's been through while he and Buffy work on maintaining their relationship.

What's Mine is Yours by: Catoninetails and Ayelle
Xander and Angel find themselves in an odd position.
I love this one. It's hilarious, but it's well-written and has a good plot, character development, etc. too.

As Heaven is Wide by: Tiki
This takes place in the alternate universe of "The Wish."
It happens before the events of the episode, and it involves the vampire versions of Willow and Xander.

To Kill This Girl by: Dare H.
Spike must kill the Slayer to win back his Princess.
But like Angelus said, to kill this girl...he has to love her.
I linked to the main page here because of the NC-17 warning...once you're inside go to Fanfiction and then Fanfic by Dare H and then Spike Stories.

Know Who I Am by: Felicity
Buffy travels back in time and meets Angel before he was a vampire.
But if she saves him from his fate, will she lose him forever?
Here's a link to the main page of Buffy's Passions so you can get to the other sections besides the fanfic.

Riley Who? by Gem
An injury in the line of duty gives Buffy a new perspective on her recent choices in life.
Visit The BAFFA for more Gem fic.

Inside by Gyrus
While confined in a supermax prison, Faith must deal with her own demons as well as the plotting of Wolfrham and Hart.

The Stone by Ducks
Set after BtVS: Triangle, AtS: Redefinition.
Two warriors lost in darkness show one another the light.

Nothing Gold Can Stay by Diane Harris
Cordelia tries to draw Angel out of his depression and help him reconnect with the gang.

Ave Misere by Trixie
As Buffy dies in "The Gift," she remembers the people who've had an effect on her.
Beautiful writing.

Coming Together by Fic Reader
When a new evil strikes, Buffy and the scoobies must team up with an unlikely ally to release a reluctant champion from the clutches of hell.
This is a long one, but it's worth it.