I decided to include a brief description of the purpose of this website, why I created it, etc. just in case people were confused or curious. First of all, the website was originally created in 1997 as a place to house my own fanfic. I added The Story of the Week as a way to expose people who enjoyed my fic to fic by other authors I had enjoyed. That idea expanded and I ended up adding the author archives based on the same authors I thought were producing quality fic a place to house their fic.

Basically, The Buffer is intended to provide a place where readers of Buffy fanfiction can find a wide ranging selection of well-written fic. All the authors who have archives here are hand chosen by me. And all the fic in the themed archives is either hand-picked or personally approved. There are plenty of general submission sites out there, so The Buffer is intended to be more selective. What ends up on this website is determined by my personal tastes, but my hope is that there's enough variety to provide something for everyone.

And that's far as the explanation goes.