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I admit to not being the best at keeping my own site updated, but if you're looking for my most current updates, I always update at the Bloodshedverse, so feel free to check there!

Updates and so forth

Wow, long time between updates here! I'm working on getting those old fics of mine back up, but it's like torture for me. Torture, I tell you. But look *points* new layout! I am currently working on Stranded and hope to have it back up shortly.

Thank you to however nominated my fics at the Love's Last Glimpse awards!!

Chapter 23 of Dreams and Desotos

Many new chapters of Dreams and Desotos Chapter 17-22
I won awards at VK awards, Loves Last Glimpse awards and Breathless Awards several awards sites for Lonely in your Nightmare, Dreams and Desotos, and Double Order of Toast. Thank you soo much! I also won runner-up best author at Loves Last Glimpse awards. I am in awe here! Thank you to whoever nominated me!!

New Dreams and Desotos,  Chapter 16

Won a few more awards from Lost in Spike Awards, Vampires Kiss Awards and Loves Last Glimpse. Thank you! Also picked up a few nominations from LLGA, thank you nomination fairy!
Updated With a Rebel Yell Chapter 26
I've been writing a Spike/Willow fic for Fall_for_Spike, you can check that out here

Won a few awards at Vampire's Kiss! Best Original Character for Christine and Runner-up Best WIP for Lonely in Your Nightmare and Runner-Up for Best Revamped. Thank you so much!

Yes a new layout! I've also taken down several fics for re-editing with the help of several people (thank you chicklet and coquine!) and hope to have them up and pretty much completely different and rewritten shortly. Beware the odd colored/broken links until I go through and clean everything up!

Three months later, I finally get around to finishing my site. The links page is not quite finished at this time and the fiction page might be a little wonky but I'm working on it. Please note that several fics I have taken down for re-editing.

Wow. Oops, this "new" site was SOOO was not ready to be viewed before. This is me very embarrassed.  And wow, it only took almost a month to discover the wrong link had been used. *coughspikeskatcough* :P So uh, until I can finish this new site, I'm putting it on hiatus. Most of my fics can be found through the Bloodshedverse

Finally getting around to redoing my site. I know, shocked me too!!