It's Just Lust

by Spikesdeb

Spike was waiting for me, as I knew he would be.  I felt guilty leaving Dawn again, but she was dead to the world, the angst of the past few days having worn her out.  Me too, truth be told but I just...oh hell, I needed to see him. 

Don't ever repeat that to anyone.  I mean it; I'll do very bad things to you if I hear one word of this. 

Anyway, I shut the back door behind me and peered out.  I could just make out a shape in the darkness, perched on the back stoop, blue smoke curling from the cigarette dangling from fingers I knew intimately.  I shivered.  I desperately wanted those fingers to touch me.   

Since he'd gripped my hand and placed it on his seemingly ever-present erection in the hallway I'd had a hard time concentrating on anything.  Even the crisis of being locked in the house and the revelation that Dawn was a klepto didn't stop the lust from racing through me. 

Because it was only lust.  It is only lust.  Stop looking at me like that! 

So, I'm standing there, just outside the door and he lifts his head and turns towards me...and I swear, right at that very minute, the moon shines through the clouds and oh my god!  He was just bathed in ice blue light; I nearly passed out on the spot.  Monochrome perfection, like a piece of sculpture you'd see on the History channel.  But hotter.  Much, much hotter.  Who was that guy, the one who did the one-armed man that everybody goes on about?  Oh, Michaelangelo, I remember.  Well – he would have died to sculpt something that looked like Spike tonight. 

I couldn't stop my feet from walking towards him.  It was like I was bewitched or something, I felt like I had when Willow had me betrothed to Spike. I still get a flutter in my stomach every time I think about it.  That whole time was magical.  I know, I know – I wiped off my lips and made sick noises, but inside...well inside I was aching because it had ended.  I tell you, there is nothing better than sitting on Spike's lap and kissing his face off.  Well, maybe there's one thing.... 

Stop distracting me!  I'm telling you about tonight... 


He stood up, all lean and lithe, the ever present duster settling on his form like a second skin.  His scent washed over me, all masculine and drool-making and I could feel my pulse racing.  Oh, he knew it, gave me that Spike smirk combined with a head tilt, and finished it all off with that stupid thing he does with his tongue.   

God, that tongue should be classified as a secret weapon... 

Next thing I knew, he had me up against the back wall, his hands following every curve of my body, whispering dirty little words in my ears and biting and nipping at me like a wild animal.  I was biting him right back, couldn't help myself – he just gets me all horny and filthy, you know? 

I'm grabbing at him and practically jumping his bones, right there on my back porch with Dawn inside the house and Willow and Tara out 'talking' somewhere about their relationship and liable to return at any minute – and I didn't care.  I had to have him, right there, right then.  He'd gotten me all inflamed with his jealous snark and possessive glances.  I loved that he got almost fangy and grrr about me – not that I'd ever tell him that, and if you do I'll make you wish you hadn't… so don't. The vampire's got an overinflated ego as it is.  It really got my blood pumping. 

We're deep into third base territory, my skirt long since lifted and bunched up in his cool fingers, his other hand busy beneath my panties; I could hardly breathe I was kissing him so hard.  I could tell my lips were swollen and his were all bitten, bloody in parts.  I got a bit carried away, I know...  Hey, you try kissing Spike and see if you don't lose it. 

Oh, by the way...kiss Spike and you'll never walk again.  Just thought I'd let you know. 

I had him unzipped and free by this time, pumping my hand up and down his rock hard cock, one leg thrown about his waist so that he could thrust his fingers inside me.  God, it felt so good!  And naughty; very, very naughty out there where anybody could see us. 

Hey, I can talk filthy if I want to.  This is my story...

He was on his back before he realised what I was doing.  I shrugged his jeans further down his hips; I knew he was shocked – hell, the back door was right there! - but he didn't put up too much of a fight as I pulled my panties over to one side and sank down on him.  I was more than ready for him, starting up with a fast rhythm straight away.  I just couldn't wait.   

The first orgasm made my legs shake as I straddled him.  I bit my lip to stop from crying out – Dawn's window was just above us!  I'd dropped my pace a bit, my limbs suddenly not what they should be, Spike bucking up into me and gripping my hips fiercely.  I could feel the bruises already, and I loved them.   

I fell forward onto him so that I could kiss him some more.  Did I tell you how good a kisser he was?  Yeah?  Oh, well he was. Is. Like snacking on molten chocolate. Sweet and naughty, his lips making you feel good and bad at the same time.  Oh god, he makes you feel so bad... 

We were all tangled up, me writhing on top of him, my skirt up round my neck, bouncing about so hard the deck was creaking beneath us.  Spike bit down on my lip just as he came, me following hard on his heels because I do have a slight bitey kink.  Not that anyone knows – and they'd better not find out because a Slayer with a bite fetish is so not a good thing. 

Just as I'm getting the feeling back in my legs, splayed out on top of him with my butt on show, who should come in the back gate but.... 

“Holy frijoli! Buffy! What are you doing with...Spike!!!  Oh god, my eyes, my eyes!” 

Yeah, Xander.  Just my luck...the worst Scooby of the lot to catch me with my legs akimbo, doing a vampire.  And not just any vampire: Spike – the creature he loathes above any other. 

Stupid Xander.   

So, that's why I'm sitting up here in my bedroom talking to you, and why everybody downstairs is freaking out and on the phone to Giles.  Because you always listen to me, don't you?   

And now I'm scared what they'll do to Spike.  Well, not scared.  Concerned.  It's not that I care, really. It's just lust... 

He'll be alright though, won't he, Mr Gordo?