This page lists the responses to the prompt chart.  They'll be listed numerically.


Prompt #1: Moan

Title: Dreams

It was the stuff of his dreams, that sound she made when she came.  A mixture of moan and prayer that had his undead heart yearning to beat so as to join her in the rhythm of her lifeblood. 

He watched her as she tumbled over into the abyss: her eyes were hooded, glazed, the eyelids fluttering as she struggled to keep herself together.  Because the Slayer never fully relaxed her guard, never fully allowed herself to just be in the moment.  It was a pity, because that moan?  That delicious little sound would be a roar of pleasure if she’d just let herself be his completely. 

Still, Spike would take whatever she gave, any time she gave it.  He’d waited so long for a crumb that every stroke of her skin and taste of her tongue was like a banquet to a starving man.  And he couldn’t get enough of her. 

Satiated, Buffy fell forwards onto his chest, her hardened nipples raking across his flesh as she panted into his neck.  The warmth of her breath against his cool skin heightened the sensations thrumming through him, tingles of satisfaction that raced along his dead veins and fooled his heart into thinking he lived.   

The moments passed, Spike starting to tense as the flush of arousal left Buffy’s body and the harsh reality of her calling, her family, her friends, seeped back in.  It was only a matter of time now.  He held on to her, stroking her hair and willing her to lie beside him and prove him wrong.  

Ah.  There it was.  

Buffy turned onto her back, the damp tendrils of her hair dragging across his throat.  She lay on his arm beneath her and Spike tensed for the inevitable exit scene.   

One.  Two. Three…. 

This was new.  By three she was usually half-dressed, avoiding meeting his eyes and heading for the door.  He risked looking at her.  Hazel eyes met his and he started, shocked by the hunger he found there and the swirling emotions that were usually so deeply hidden.   

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +  

Buffy licked her lips as she stared up at his cerulean orbs.  Her heart was racing, partially from the post-orgasmic glow but mostly from fear.  She didn’t know why she wasn’t halfway to Revello Drive already but somehow she just couldn’t leave him. 

Why was that?  What was different? 

Tentatively, Buffy reached out a shaking hand and cupped sharp cheekbones, her thumb tracing a path along from his cheek to his lips.  Her eyes were wild and frightened, terrified of the intimacy of the moment.   

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + 

Spike’s gaze burned with fierce and as yet unnamed emotions and he shook as she touched him, unsure what to do next for fear of breaking the spell. 

Oh what the hell….. 

Before he could change his mind, Spike parted his lips and sucked Buffy’s thumb into the moist cavern of his mouth.  He swirled his tongue around it, nipping gently at the flesh as he grabbed her wrist to keep her captive.  His free hand slowly trailed down the valley between her breasts, his palm cupping the rounded flesh and his thumb and forefinger tweaking her aching nipple to impossible hardness.  Another moan….god he was good! 

Spike threw his leg over hers, nudging her thighs apart so that he could wriggle between them; his erect cock rested on her sensitive thigh and she felt the hard weight slide along her flesh.  Buffy shivered, her skin raising to goose bumps and becoming hypersensitive as he swept his hand across it.  His cool fingers played across her abdomen and down as he reached between their bodies to slide them inside her wet pussy.  Buffy shivered again, her teeth chattering, her mind shattering into a million pieces and giving over control to her instincts.  She brought her legs up and around his back, locking her ankles together behind him and pulling his groin in line with hers so that his cock slid a sensuous inch or two inside her aching quim.   

He started to move slowly inside her, stretching her deliciously so that pleasure was always on the point of pain, his fingers leaving her clit to be sucked into his mouth and licked clean of her juices.  Buffy bucked up towards him, aching to be fulfilled, to feel something that she never knew she’d yearned for until he gave it to her.  Her fingernails dug into the soft flesh of his butt spurring Spike on, to fuck her harder.  This thing between vampire and slayer was often brutal in its intensity and yet still Buffy tried to deny that it was anything other than a good rut.   

Spike grunted, his hips angling to hit her clit on every downward thrust, and Buffy moved faster to meet him, her legs tingling as sensation overwhelmed her.  Her eyes closed, she let her head fall back and gave in to the pleasure of his touch, forgetting everything but the here and now – the scent of his skin, the texture and taste of him; it was all around her.  He became her whole reality. 

With a gasp of anticipation, Buffy opened her eyes and looked at the creature moving above her.  And yes – she did feel something, felt everything….the sensation was elusive and scuttled off when she tried to grasp it and dissect it but she craved it from just that brief moment. 

Blue eyes met hers and pierced her heart with the utter devotion she allowed herself to see fleetingly in their depths.  And just for a second, she let her own walls down and gave him the crumb he’d begged for, let her growing feelings show on her face and all but consuming him. 

Their joint orgasm exploded through their bodies, Buffy whimpering phrases that Spike chose to interpret as incoherent babbling.  And if he thought he heard his name on her lips, he must have been mistaken, his mind playing tricks on him as he stifled the urge to declare his love even as he knew it would be his end. 

It was what it was.  And it would be enough.  It had to be.   

Spike moaned.


Prompt #2: Writhe

Title: Still Life


She was really, really trying to stay still.  Was using all of her Slayer strength and training not to wriggle.  But the more she tried the more she became aware of her skin, bare in the cool air of Spike’s crypt, and every inch of it itched. 

“Spike” she whined, “how much longer?” 

“Patience, pet.  And did you move your leg?” 

Buffy tried to look down without moving her head.   

“Um……no, I don’t think so.”  As she spoke, the limb in question suddenly became the focus of her attention, the nerve endings along its length sensitised to almost painful intensity.   

“Yeah, you did……see, lemme fix you.” 

Spike checked the canvas in front of him, smudging the charcoal with a sooty finger before moving away to arrange Buffy’s nude form to his liking once more.  He’d become obsessed with the idea of drawing her for two reasons.  The obvious one was that he’d have something to remember her by on the cold nights – well, days – when she wasn’t in his bed.  The second, that the notion of her captive and helpless just by his word as she posed for him inflamed his desire to fever pitch.   

Big bad vampire has Slayer captive and at his mercy.  Delicious.  

Oh, it was all just role-play, he knew that, but the demon was happy to play along and soak up the endorphins. 

He was all business-like and detached as he pulled her knee and pushed her ankle into a position that pleased him.  He gripped her fingers and rested them on her thighs, caressing her skin as he let go and took two steps back.   

And he would have left it at that and returned to his sketching if it hadn’t been for the little gasp of indrawn breath and the aroma of aroused Slayer that assaulted his nostrils.  His ice blue eyes bore into her and Buffy felt the heat engendered by his penetrating stare centre on her chest and spread out to flush her skin. 

Once again, she fought the urge to shift on the padded stool on which she sat.  Her breath was coming in little pants as Spike prowled towards her, eyes smouldering and promising bruises of an erotic nature in the not too distant future.  The urge to squirm was almost overwhelming; she’d never been much good at sitting and waiting and given the tempting vampire oozing sex in front of her she was struggling against the devil!Buffy sitting on her shoulder and whispering seductive suggestions in her ear.  She tensed her muscles to pounce him but before she could move Spike’s cold hands were wrapped around her biceps holding her in place. 

“Ah, ah, ah Slayer!  Like I said………don’t move.” 

His voice caressed her naked skin like velvet cloth, dark chocolatey tones that triggered a Pavlovian response at her groin.  Heat.  Moisture.  Desire. 

That he could do that to her simply with words amazed her. 


He growled it, his expelled breath moving the tendrils of hair curling around her ear.  Buffy swallowed, hard.  Of all the erotic things he did to her, the sound of his rich voice uttering her name was the one that got her off.  Nobody else spoke those five letters with such intensity.   

Spike’s thumbs were softly caressing the tender flesh on the inside of her arms.  Goosebumps stood up all over her skin and she almost screamed with need.  His eyes were still focused on her face, holding her captive with more than just the iron-hard grip of his fingers. 

The sweep of his hand across her nipples had her arching her back and hissing through her teeth.  It was taking superhuman effort for her not to kick and claw and drag him to her but she was determined not to give in.  He’d told her not to move….. 

The scant gulps of air she was managing to drag into her lungs were expelled in a rush as she was scooped off the stool, Spike striding through the crypt towards the bedroom downstairs.  The easel and canvas upon which Spike had begun sketching clattered to the floor as she caught it with her foot on the way past.   

She looked over her shoulder at the half-drawn sketch now lying on the floor.  It was amazing already…. 

The air whooshed past them as Spike leapt down into the lower level.  He reached the bed and flung her on it, following her down to pepper her skin with kisses and nips. 

Buffy writhed.


Prompt #3: Satin

Title: Bound

She knew by the feel of the cloth that the ties binding her hands and feet to the bed were satin and therefore easily escaped from.  She knew that Spike would have chosen scarlet cloth to tie her, his favourite colour after black.  She knew also that his heightened sense of smell would have alerted him to the fact that she revelled in the freedom that being bound gave her. 

Odd though it was, once bound and blindfolded Buffy could relax and let Spike’s mouth and hands worship her.  It was a trick she allowed her mind to play, a sleight of hand that meant she could believe that she had no choice other than to submit to Spike’s passion and mastery of her.  

Because what else could she do?  She was helpless, bound – at his mercy.  Uh huh, you better believe it. 

She squirmed on the bed, her face wrinkling up with pleasure, her groin pushed forward unconsciously seeking his touch. 

Spike leant against the wall of the crypt and watched the Slayer as she turned her head this way and that searching for him, her eyes covered by the red satin cloth that he’d liberated from the store room at the Magic Box.  For a second he shuddered recalling rows and rows of dolls all lined up with their eyes hidden and Drusilla keening and wailing in disjointed sentences.  Not a memory he relished just at that moment. 

His sensitive hearing picked up the swishing of the cloth as it rubbed against her ankles, her wrists and the bed posts.  Her heartbeat was loud in his ears as were the raspy little gasps of air she drew in over hastily moistened lips. 

He knew his Goldilocks loved this.  The fact that the all-powerful Slayer could just let loose and let somebody else make the decisions for once.  He knew that this was the closest she would come to letting herself love him; for now, anyway. 

Spike pushed himself away from the wall and prowled towards her, his naked form pale and perfect in the candlelight.  Buffy’s face turned towards the sound of his footsteps, her mouth open on a gasp as he reached the bed and trailed some more of the red satin material along her open legs, her pussy, up and across her hardening nipples.  A whimper escaped her lips followed by his name barely audible on the indrawn breath. 

“What, kitten?  You like this?”  His voice was whisper soft against her skin as he bent to place kisses along her exposed and vulnerable neck.  Buffy nodded, tugging at the restraints that held her still. 

The bed dipped as Spike placed his knees either side of her hips, his cock brushing her curls as he sat back on his thighs and looked at her, tied to his bed as she had been in so many of his dreams.  Thud.  He would swear his long-dead heart started and died again at the sight of her.  If only she knew what she did to him….. 

Moving swiftly, he ripped off the cloth covering her eyes, Buffy blinking up at him – her pupils huge as they adjusted to the light – and licking her lips. 

He kissed her, hard and hungry and desperate for her. 

Spike shifted himself so that he lay between her legs, nuzzling at her neck and drowning in her scent.  His cock slid into her heated channel, her pussy tight and familiar along his length.  He moved, slowly at first then faster as he began to lose control.  Buffy ripped herself loose of her satin imprisonment and wrapped her arms around him, her fingers tugging at the curls she found at the nape of his neck.  Her legs locked his hips in place against her and she bucked, furiously, desperate to feel the release that only Spike could give her.  

She moaned, asking him wordlessly to give her what she needed, her hands now running along the length of his spine, her nails raising welts of reddened skin in their wake.  The coppery tang of his own blood scented the air and Spike fought hard to control the urge to bite down at her neck.  Not time, not yet.  His tongue snaked out to lick her flesh and savour the taste of her in his mouth.  It was almost enough… 

Buffy’s movements became frantic as she neared her orgasm, her nails tearing at Spike’s flesh and driving him wild with her feral hunger.  He thrust deep inside her losing all control as her pussy fluttered around him and she screamed his name. 

+ + + + + 

Buffy panted beneath him, Spike draped across her with his full weight in the aftermath of passion.  His hands caressed her lazily, both of them drifting off into contented sleep as their limbs grew heavy.  One thought went through Spike’s mind as he drifted off. 

Her skin felt like satin.


Prompt # 4: Lube

Title: Over the Line

Well, she’d bought it.  She cringed as she clutched the brown paper bag to her chest and made her way to the bus station.  She could have bought it in Sunnydale, no doubt, but she didn’t want to take the chance of bumping into somebody she knew in the pharmacy.  Because she was under no illusion why she’d been sent on the little shopping trip. 

She was thoughtful the entire journey back, replaying in her head all the bites and scratches she’d given and received since the first time she’d virtually jumped Spike and they’d wrecked the already derelict house. The journey flew by; they’d certainly made up for lost time since then, and she had memories galore to keep her warm.  Her heated cheeks were evidence of that. 

Her heart skipped a beat as she headed back to Spike’s crypt.  She wasn’t seeing him until later on but there was no way she was taking her little package back to Revello Drive and the inquisitive eyes of her sister.  No, she’d drop it off then try not to panic until the time came to head back over and open Pandora’s Box. 

+ + + + + + + +  

Spike heard the door to his crypt open and the fashionable feet of the not so stealthy Slayer clomp across the stone floor.  The crackle of paper and the sound of something being placed on the old stone sarcophagus made him smile.  He hadn’t actually thought she’d go through with it.  Maybe he should have suggested something a little more depraved.  Next time, definitely next time.  He closed his eyes, thoughts of luscious Buffy backside and her tight, tight denim jeans filling his thoughts. 

+ + + + + + + + + 

Dawn had looked at her askance a couple of times as Buffy lost her grip and dropped stuff.  Her fork, pieces of food; her hands were shaking that much that she was having trouble even holding her glass of juice.  Was it excitement or apprehension?  Buffy had to admit that it was a little of both.  It was still light out and Spike would be residing in dreamland for another couple of hours at least.  Just enough time to do a little research…. 

“Dawn, I’m heading out.  Don’t wait up.  Gonna do some research then patrol.  Will you be alright until Willow gets home?” 

“Buffy.  Not a kid.  Am perfectly capable of nuking myself a bowl of popcorn and working the tv.  Not like it’s the first time I’ve been on my own anyway.” 

Buffy ducked her head, guilt clouding her vision.  She didn’t have any more of herself to give and yet Dawn needed more.  She would end it tonight, spend the time she was kidding herself was making her feel real with her sister instead of her dead lover.  Tonight. 

+ + + + + + +  

Clutching a grande mocha latte with hazelnut syrup in one shaking hand, Buffy worked the mouse with her other.  She was seriously nervous, looking over her shoulder every time she clicked on a link that took her to another website.  Thing was, she felt like she had a flashing neon sign above her head that said “searching for anal pleasure” and that any time soon the cops would swoop in and take her away for looking up obscene websites.  In fact, for that very reason she’d entered very clinical search words into the Google search engine and was shocked into blushing when she clicked on the first link. 

She took another swig of her drink, eyes never leaving the screen.  A whole new world was opening up to her…or should that be hole new world.  She giggled, spewing hazelnut flavoured coffee onto the screen and furtively wiping it with the sleeve of her top.  Damn.  Coffee stain on her white sweater.  Well, no doubt it would get a lot dirtier before the night was through.  If it even survived. 

Ah.  So that’s why he needed it.  She’d wondered why it was necessary, as they'd never had any problems before in the lubrication department.   But there was a whole section on first times with stories and pictures.  Buffy felt her heart thump in her chest.  She was definitely feeling the heat, squirming a little in her seat.  Was it time yet?  A quick glance out of the window showed her that the sun was about to hit the horizon so she erased her history and closed down the browser.  See, she did listen to Willow when she gave her internet tips!  And she’d used a pseudonym; wicked as she was it had been Insane Faith. 

Time to go…. 

+ + + + + + + + +  

Spike sensed her at the door, hesitating on the threshold, her heart beating wildly.  He smiled, lopsided and pouty.  She was going to crave him even more after tonight once he’d loosed the wanton Buffy that lurked just beneath her surface.  She had a dark streak; in fact it was more like a dark chasm, but she refused to own up to it.  He was going to make her feel it. 

The door slammed open and bounced off the crypt wall, hesitant Buffy was put back into the box and in-charge Slayer was in the house.  She stood, hands on hips which were tilted forward, defiant face and flowing blonde hair, outlined in the open doorway.  He loved this bit; the bit where she pretended he was nothing to her and she was only there under sufferance and could leave at any time.  Her eyes said otherwise.  So did her scent. 



Buffy’s eyes shifted to the sarcophagus, obviously looking for the bag she’d placed there earlier. Spike stifled a smile.  It wasn’t there; it was presently resting in a bowl of warm water down in the lower cavern.   

Buffy gulped.  This was really happening.  What had happened to the cheerleader and apple pie, all-American girl of yesteryear?  Absent, obviously, as she rocked her hips and walked towards the hunk of undead sex god suddenly sporting tight trousers. 

He held out his hand and dragged her to him as soon as she came into reach.  She made that little gasp of surrender that was the soundtrack to most of his wet dreams and he covered her warm lips with his, snaking his tongue inside her open mouth to taste her.  Buffy melted into his embrace, her legs bending so that her groin bowed into his, Spike taking full advantage of the chance to grind his erection against her. 

There was no way that was going to fit. 

Buffy pushed him away, hands on his chest and eyes luminous.  Her lips were already swollen where he’d kissed her and she licked them adding to his torment.   

“What’s up, love?” 

She dipped her head, struggling to voice her fears.  She wanted it; she wanted everything.  She was the Slayer, short expiry date, and she wanted to pack as much as she could into her remaining years.  She’d cheated death twice already and didn’t really hold much hope of a third time lucky.  But this….this was scary. 

Spike pulled her head down to rest on his chest.  He kissed the top of her head, smoothing her hair.  He sensed her fear, understood it even.  The first time he’d had this experience he’d been gagged, tied down, not prepared.  Even with that rider, he’d got off on it.  Hell, as a young fledgling, he’d begged Angelus to hurt him every day.  But he remembered the pain… 

“Buffy; we don’t have to.  It was just a crazy idea.  Come on, let’s see what’s on the telly.” 

He turned and tugged Buffy after him, stopping in his tracks when she uttered a husky “no” and pulled him to a halt.   

He looked at her quizzically, head tilted and eyes thoughtful.  “Buffy?” 

“I want you.  Every.  Which.  Way.” 

Spike, bemused, became the follower as Buffy made her way to the ladders leading to the lower level.  She turned to him at the opening and smiled, her eyes revealing more than she’d care to admit to in the morning.   

The poet in him felt compelled to escort her home and leave her with her virginity intact, so to speak; but the demon was stronger and slapped him down.  He followed his sultry siren downstairs and over the edge. 

+ + + + + + + + 

Shouldn’t the heady excitement of Spike kisses have worn off by now, after all they’d experienced together?  Yet kissing Spike remained one of her favourite pastimes and she often closed her eyes in the middle of the day and ran her tongue and fingers over her lips trying to recapture the feel of his mouth on hers.  It never worked; nothing could come close. 

“You drifting away from me, love?”  Spike whispered in her ear, huskily. 

“What? No……..just thinking is all…” 

“Well now.  I’m right offended; here I am all hot and groiny for you and your mind’s elsewhere.  Must be losing my touch.” 

Spike pulled away from her, his eyes glittering with amusement as he looked down on her where she lay on his bed.  Buffy shook her head slowly, smiling and biting her bottom lip. 

“Nuh huh” she managed to grunt out as he popped the button on her trousers and slid his hand down the front of her panties.  He teased her curls, delighting in her hitched breath when he finally stroked a finger swiftly over her swollen clit, her hips rising off the bed to prolong the contact.   

"Greedy little minx, aren't you, Buffy?" he growled and she nodded, helpless, her eyes drawn to watch his hand dipping inside her jeans.  Somehow it always seemed sexier when he touched her while she still wore clothing, like they were just sneaking a furtive five minutes of illicit sex. 

Which, of course they were.   That's what she told herself every day... 

And now she was about to cross a boundary or two.  

Suddenly she spied the bowl on the upturned crate that served as a dressing table; inside the bowl was the bottle she'd purchased that afternoon, surrounded by water.  She swallowed, nervously, Spike picking up on her mood and stilling his hand. 

“You alright, love?” 

Was she?  Buffy wondered, feeling slightly embarrassed now that she was laying there with a vampire's fingers buried between her legs.  A vampire that intended to fuck her ass.  But a vampire that would never, ever do anything to harm her. 

“Yeah.....just a little wigged.  I've know…”  Buffy blushed; Spike adored her even more. 

“Never thought you had, love.  In fact, I'd be seething with jealousy unless I was the bloke to see to you.  Gonna make you feel real good, Buffy.  I promise.” 

“I know.” 

She leant up to kiss him, dragging him back down to lie with her, his fingers once more working her up into a frenzy. Their jeans came off with minimal loss of contact, tops and Buffy's underwear following quickly.  There was no time for finesse tonight; this would be hard and brutal and real, and just what they both needed.  

Cool hands parted her legs and swept up the inside of her thighs, Spike sliding down her body and stabbing his tongue between her pussy lips and deep inside her.  She was wet and ready for him; but that wasn't where he wanted to be tonight.  Buffy rolled her hips as he licked her, moaning and begging for more.  Tentatively, Spike coated his index finger with her juices and slowly inched his way along to her puckered hole.  Buffy tensed as he inserted the very tip and pushed.   

It felt strange, uncomfortable – for about three seconds.  Then she wanted more.  She almost screamed with loss as the finger was removed, but Spike didn't leave her wanting for long.    He palmed Buffy over to lay on her front, her head resting on her bent arms and her ass high in the air.  She was panting, from pleasure and apprehension, the mixture of fear and arousal like nectar to the vampire's nose. 

She heard the tinkle of dripping water, the sound of a cap being unscrewed, the squish of the tube as Spike squeezed some of the gooey substance into his hand. 

No turning back. 

The mattress dipped as he knelt between her open legs, Buffy turning her head to watch as he prowled closer.  She tensed when she felt the pressure of his finger again, but it slid in easier this time coated as it was with top grade lubricant.  He pushed against her tight sphincter, his digit sliding all the way in as Buffy pushed back against his hand. 

“You like this, Slayer, what I'm doing to you?” 

Buffy nodded, words failing her.  He was pumping in and out of her ass now and it felt wonderful and decadent and wrong and oh so right.  Her eyes widened as she felt him add a second finger then a third, her clit tingling and throbbing as she neared orgasm.  Then the fingers were gone and she held her breath, knowing what was coming next.  Dreading it and aching for it in equal measure. 

Spike shifted his knees, moving closer to her and gripping one hip to steady her and stroking his erect cock with his free hand.  He coated himself liberally with warm lube and positioned the swollen head at the entrance to her nether passage.  He closed his eyes to gain control, seriously near to losing it as he realised what he was about to do.  That Buffy would let him...well, it meant a lot that she'd trust him enough not to hurt her. 

He pressed forward, the hand on her hip circling slowly to calm her racing heartbeat.  The pressure on his cock was almost unbearable as he breached her tight sphincter and she whimpered.  He almost pulled out right then, not wanting to hurt her – but his demon turned the words of apology into a growl of need and he thrust further, sliding easily inside once the tight ring of muscle was stretched.   

Buffy felt her body turn to hot, liquid fire as he filled her ass.  Was there a reason she hadn't tried this before?  Because right now she couldn't think of a decent one.  She was incapable of speech, managing a few guttural grunts that Spike took as encouragement and spurred him into moving his hips and setting a steady rhythm. 

OH GOD!  What was he doing to her?  She felt so........she just felt so good.  More than ever before.  Full.  Loved.  Wicked. 

“You okay, Slayer?” 

She managed a grunt and brought one hand round to grip his butt and keep him close to her.  “Don't stop!” she gasped, pushing back against him and wiggling. 

That was it for Spike.  He had the Slayer bent over on his bed, her ass filled with his throbbing cock and begging him for more.  He'd died and gone to heaven.  Well, figuratively speaking, of course. 

Reaching beneath her whilst keeping up a steady pace and leaving fingerprints on her hip, he slid his finger along her sodden slit and caressed her clit, her asshole tightening at the delicious thrumming that ran through her and almost strangling his dick.  God she was amazing this woman, never ceased to amaze him.  

Dru was a rank amateur at lovemaking compared to the Slayer. 

When he drew back she scooted away from him; it was his turn to whimper.  She flipped over onto her back and reached for him, hands clawing at him and tearing his flesh.  With Slayer grace, she gripped her knees and pulled them towards her chest, her curls glistening with their mingled secretions and the moisture running down her cleft and rimming her asshole.   

Spike looked down on his girl opening herself wide for him and swallowed hard.  He was about to combust, he was sure.  Definitely the way to go though... 

He buried himself in her ass once again, slumping forward to cover her body with his own and nuzzling her neck.  Buffy shuddered beneath him, breath hitching in her throat and her hands gripping the soft hair at the nape of his neck fiercely.  One thrust, two...three. 

Spike roared her name as he flooded her passage with cool semen, Buffy's orgasm gripping him and squeezing him dry.  

Satiated now beyond his wildest imaginings, Spike withdrew his cock slowly, wary of causing her any pain and nervous now that it was over that she would revert to Puritan Buffy and stake him for violating her.  They fell in an exhausted tangle of limbs back onto the bed, Buffy's heartbeat slowing as her breathing settled down. 

So when she snuggled against him, kissing him softly on the lips and mouthing “wow” before resting her head on his chest – well, quite frankly he was stunned.   

She never ceased to amaze him...


Prompt # 5: Ring

Title: Ring the Changes

Now she was really intrigued.  What on earth was this device?  She'd rummaged through the toy chest once or twice before but hadn't found this one.  Leather straps, fasteners, a large metal hoop.  She'd no idea what it was but she shivered in anticipation of the demonstration she knew would come.   

The straps were stiff and new; she brought it to her nose and inhaled.  Just leather, no essence of Spike anywhere.  Digging deeper she found other items that looked unused.  Looked like Spike had  been spending his ill-gotten gains at Sunnydale's finest sex shop.  She blushed at the thought.  A few scant weeks ago and she wouldn't have even known that Sunnydale had a sex shop; now she knew the owner's name.  And had an account there...  

But what was this?  How did it work?   

She was fingering the leather thoughtfully when Spike appeared down the ladder with her juice.  Buffy was naked on the bed surrounded by toys galore, but his lips twitched when he spotted what she held in her hand.  It was an impulse buy and to be honest he hadn't ever thought of using it.  But it looked like the Slayer had other ideas. 

He could handle that.  Could she? 

Buffy tilted her head in question, holding out the gleaming accessory and shaking it so that the metal jingled.    

"'s a cock ring, love.  Makes me harder and thicker, stops me coming.  Makes it all the better when I  do."  He smiled, a lazy, sexy grin that promised pain and biting and pleasure.   

"Bigger?"  Buffy was genuinely freaked; she still got nervous sometimes at his girth and the fact that she was so tiny.  They did fit together extremely well, but if he got larger...well, maybe she'd have to do exercises or something. 

"Yeah.  Can you deal with that, Buffy?  More of me?" 

Eyes soft, her guard well and truly down in the aftermath of their earlier lovemaking and her introduction to lube, she let him see how she truly felt.  More of him would be just fine.  Would be almost perfect in fact. 

All of him would be better.


Prompt # 6: Restraints

Title: Trust me?

Buffy knelt in front of him adjusting the fit of the leather straps.  It looked painful but he assured her that it was just snug.  Yeah, he said that now, but what about when he got that look in his eye and stalked towards her? 

Straps fastened, Spike's cock and balls encircled by the cock ring, Buffy moved behind him to the chest.  In exchange for her eager participation in her earlier lesson, Spike had encouraged her to play her own game and given her free rein.  She'd been shy for about a second, then got a gleam in her eye and bounced off the bed in search of props. 

She muttered to herself, the sound dipping in and out of the range of Spike's hearing as she delved deep and selected her weapons of choice.  A whip.  Numerous restraints.  A gag.  A blindfold.  More. 

This was going to be great.  She'd told him to face the wall, but her soft giggling was too much. 

Spike turned to face her, gulping audibly as he was met by her bare ass as she rifled through the chest.  He eyed the soft curls that covered her cleft, glistening with their joint spendings, and felt himself harden in anticipation of burying himself deep within her again.  And that's when he felt the restriction of the cock ring make itself known.   

Strange feeling.  Kinda pleasant.....mostly.   

Buffy got to her feet and turned, her treasures in her hands. 

"Face down on the bed, Spike.  Now." 

Her voice was commanding, very erotic, and brooked no disobedience.  Spike took the few steps to the bed and fell forward onto its surface, his stiff cock rubbing across the satin coverlet and causing more strain from the cock ring.  He let out a strangled cry.  Buffy knelt on the bed, her knees on either side of his hips, and reached for his hands.  She'd heard his moan; her lips curved in a predatory grin as she revelled in the power trip she was indulging herself with.   

Manacles snapped round his wrists, the length of chain attached to them tightening as Buffy looped it around the bedhead to pull his hands up above his head.   

"Hey!  Careful, love.  I know I'm stretchy but I'll be needing my feelers later; cut me some slack, huh?" 

"Quiet.  I'll decide when things are too tight."  With a vicious tug, Buffy looped the chain one more time drawing Spike's arms further up and jarring his arms in his shoulder sockets.  Damn!  He should have remembered Slayer strength when he'd introduced the girl to restraints.  Buffy was taking to it all too quickly.  He couldn't stifle a smug grin of pride. 

Buffy moved off the bed and beyond his sight, something jingling in her hands as she knelt behind him on the mattress.  His legs were pulled apart roughly by warm hands on each ankle, the warmth of her flesh replaced with the bite of leather and buckle as he was secured to the bedposts.   

And there he lay, open and vulnerable, the straps of the cock ring digging into his flesh and making him aware of every nerve ending where it tingled across his body.  His balls were throbbing where they were encircled by the cold steel and god the pain felt good! 

The crack of the whip as it licked across his bare butt drew a groan of pleasure from his lips followed by her name, husky and raw.  Another stroke, another; Spike tugged on the restraints testing their efficacy in keeping him bound.  The manacles would take a fierce yank, but the leather ankle cuffs would just need a little kick.  He'd show her who was boss soon enough, tie down her sun-kissed body and mark her ass with his handprints and the stripe of his whip. 

For now though, he was content to let her experiment with him, see how free she could let herself become by learning her limit.  He knew he should be wary of her, what with him being a vampire and her being the vampire slayer.  Natural enemies, each designed to see off the other without a second thought.  But he trusted her, knew that she wouldn't harm him.  Oh, she'd leave him bruised, no worries, but no more than he could tolerate – and she knew he'd give back as good as he got. 

Counted on it in fact. 

"Have you been a bad boy, Spike?  Shall I punish you?" 

"What can I say, baby – I've always been bad."  Spike smiled as he spoke into the covers, remembering another time when he'd told her that.  The whip cracked again, followed by the soft touch of her lips as she kissed the marks she'd left on his pale skin.   

The pressure at his groin was becoming unbearable as his cock thickened against the restriction.  He  tugged again at the manacles wanting desperately now to tear the thing off and bury himself inside her hot passage.  Either passage actually.  Both. 

He keened, long and loud, when her tongue rimmed his asshole and delved beneath to lick his balls.  Her lips parted and she sucked one weighty testicle into her mouth, releasing it moments later with a soft pop. 

"Buffy!" Spike gasped, his back arching at the sensation.  "Oh, bugger this -" 

He began to tug harder meaning to get free and fuck her senseless but she stopped him, pushing his head down roughly into the pillow to stifle his words. 

"I told you, I'll decide what happens.  Now, are you going to behave, or do I have to hurt you?"  Her mouth was now close to his ear and she nipped his earlobe with her sharp teeth to reinforce her threat.   

She allowed him to turn his head slightly and shoved the next toy she'd selected in front of his eyes. 

"You wouldn't..." 

Buffy's laughter echoed round his crypt.

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