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Welcome to The Chosen, a continuation of Buffy the Vampire Slayer that picks up where the real thing left off — when you find something so sweet, the last thing you want to do is let go. Thanks to the wonderful world of fanfiction, you never have to. We're here to help you feed that never-ending addiction with episodes airing every other Tuesday at 8pm ET.

Following on the heels of our first successful year, all of us at The Chosen (all three of us) have returned to continue bringing you the ongoing adventures of Buffy, Willow, Xander, Giles and a few of their friends. Things in Trillium show no signs of slowing down, and life for the Scoobies promises to be as hectic as ever.

The Chosen began with a few very simple mission statements, and we remain dedicated to those: to craft stories in the style and mindset of Mutant Enemy (while still allowing ourselves the creative freedom to put our own personal spin on things), and to return to the days where the Scoobies were a family and not just a bunch of co-workers. In other words, all the stuff that made you love Buffy so darned much in the first place.

The show is over, but that's not the end. Far from it. The story's not done yet.

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News & Updates :: 8 August 06

Feel that? That's the heady rush of New Episode Week.

Yes, "Campfire Tales" is coming along extraordinarily well, and is still on-target for delivery before this week is out. The exact time of release on Thursday may be dependant upon editing, but it'll be here, and I feel damned good for saying that.

But we still have a few days to go yet, so why am I updating now? Because every day this week, leading up to the new episode, The Chosen will "air" reruns. Not just any reruns, but these are episodes with which you should probably reacquaint yourself. Yeah, I'd definitely do that.

Having those rerun episodes at the front of your mind won't necessarily be important for "Campfire Tales" and it may not be all you need to know for after it, but ... well, you know how I've been saying how we're approaching the top of the roller coaster? Let's just leave the metaphor there.

For today, please once more enjoy "Many Happy Returns".

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Now Airing: Tues, 8 August 06

(Re)Read the episode.
9x06: "Many Happy Returns"

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