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Welcome to BuffyGuide.com, home of The Complete Buffy Episode Guide, the most detailed episode guide available. We've got loads of features besides the episode guide itself, so take your time and explore. If there's something specific you're looking for, feel free to search the site.
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What's the What
Serenity on DVD
Dec. 19, 2005 8:16 PM PST

Serenity DVDSERENITY — For those not already aware (and eagerly awaiting), Joss Whedon's Serenity (the Firefly movie) comes out on DVD tomorrow, December 20. It's price on Amazon.com as of this writing is just $16.98 (retail price $29.99), so hurry up and order it from Amazon!

p.s. If you're lucky enough to have a dollar or two left in your Christmas budget, consider a wee holiday donation to BuffyGuide.
New BtVS DVD Box Set - The Chosen Collection
Oct. 2, 2005 12:20 AM PDT

The Chosen CollectionTHE CHOSEN COLLECTION — FYI: A new DVD box set is being released containing all seven seasons of Buffy, plus some new extras. The Chosen Collection, due out on November 15, 2005, will be presented in fancy new packaging (see image). As far as the season DVDs go, these are the same DVDs that have previously been released in individual season sets (same extras, same commentaries, same transfer). However, the set will include an additional disc containing new extra features, a booklet filled with episode listings and Buffy quotes, and a letter from Joss Whedon. The letter, booklet, and bonus disc won't be available anywhere else.

Amazon currently has it priced (and available for preorder) at $129.99 - so if you don't yet have the existing BtVS DVDs, this is a steal! [Note: That is the price as of Oct. 2, 2005; it will fluctuate over time. Check your favorite retailer for current price.] If you do have some or all of the existing sets, and you want this new one, I suggest selling your old sets on eBay.-

p.s. Serenity is fantastic! (That's Joss Whedon's movie based on his short-lived series Firefly, if you weren't aware.) Run out and see it!

p.p.s. Still thinking about donating to BuffyGuide? Please do! (See below for links/info.)
Sept. 20, 2005 11:53 AM PDT

HOSTING BILL DONATIONS — Updates or no, the hosting costs to keep the site up and running are still ongoing. Those of you who don't find the existing content useful and only seek updates, I certainly don't expect anything from; I understand. But I know (from emails) that a lot of you find the information that is here useful and enjoyable. If you are one of those people, please consider making a donation. My husband and I have recently had to move to a new city (due to his acceptance into grad school), and thus are currently unemployed, which means hosting bills are one of many things I really can't afford right now - without donations, I may be forced to take down the site. Any help that you can offer is greatly appreciated. If you can spare any amount, tiny or large, please consider it. The best way to donate is via PayPal - click here. To donate via the Amazon Honor System, click here. (Note that Amazon takes a 15% cut, whereas PayPal takes only 3%.) You can also send a money order, check, or cash — please contact me for the mailing address to use!

Full details about donation methods can always be found here.
Veronica Mars - Weds. 9/28 - 9:00 p.m - UPN.
Sept. 19, 2005 2:51 AM PDT

Veronica Mars DVDVERONICA MARS — Okay, so I haven't exactly been throwing out fast and furious updates. Or any updates. At all. Sorry about that! But I'm still here, albeit busy, and I still plan to tackle that episode guide sometime this millennium.

But in the meantime, console yourselves with Veronica Mars, the best show on TV since the heyday of BtVS. I once saw someone sum it up with the following: Buffy - vampires + Nancy Drew = Veronica Mars. Veronica, played by the delightful Kristen Bell, certainly has some similarities to Buffy - she's strong yet vulnerable, she's quippy, she's small/blonde/dead cute. She doesn't slay vampires (there's no supernatural element here), but she does solve mysteries (her dad's a private investigator and she's inherited the genes). [Read UPN's summary of the show for more details.] It's not a redo of Buffy - that would be lame anyway - but it does share a certain something, and I'm encouraging all Buffy fans (those who aren't already die-hard VM fans, that is) to give it a shot.

Here are three bonus reasons to try it:

1. Charisma Carpenter is joining the show this season (Season Two).
2. Joss Whedon loves it, too, and he wants you to watch it! [Click to read his raves about the show.]
3. According to VM creator Rob Thomas, Joss is going to cameo in an episode this season.

So, you're interested, but you're concerned about not having seen the first season? Well, first, slap yourself for that mistake. Next, I suggest one of two things:

1. Use your pal the internet to find out what you missed. Start with Mars Investigations - a beginner's guide to Veronica Mars. Read their episode recaps and give the rest of the site a good read-through. Perhaps read some other recaps, and watch UPN's video recap of the first season (click the link on the right that says "NEW TO VERONICA MARS?
Watch the Season One Recap - 7:26"). Google the show if you're still hungry. Make a stop at the site of creator Rob Thomas (click Enter and click on the Veronica Mars section.)
2. Start videotaping and/or Tivoing the upcoming season. It starts on Weds, September 28. But don't watch it yet - buy Season One on DVD when it comes out on October 11. Have a Season One Marsathon, and then dive into the episodes of Season Two that you now have on tape or Tivo. (But for heaven's sake, don't lose the tapes, or let your Tivo delete the episodes, or you'll be left in a painful situation!)

Whatever you do, be sure to tune in one way or another, and tell all your friends and family:

Wednesday, September 28th, 9:00 p.m., UPN

p.s. If you want to say "thanks!" for turning you on to the joys of VM, buy me a birthday present! My bday is this weekend, but I don't mind if it arrives late after you wait to see if you like the show.

p.p.s. Also of note this Fall:
Bones, a procedural drama starring David Boreanaz. Tuesdays at 8:00 on FOX; already premiered.
How I Met Your Mother, a sitcom co-starring Alyson Hannigan. Mondays at 8:30 p.m. on CBS, premiering September 19.
Kitchen Confidential, a sitcom co-starring Nicholas Brendon. Mondays at 8:30 p.m. on FOX, premiering September 19.
(Yep, Aly and Nick are facing off. Aly's show seems to be getting better reviews, for what it's worth.)
Merchandise, Fundraiser
Aug. 30, 2004 9:10 PM PDT

MERCHANDISE >> US DVDs — Added Buffy Season 7 and Angel Season 4.

HOSTING BILL FUNDRAISER — Even though the site hasn't been updated much recently, the hosting costs to keep it up and running are no less. (As a by the by, for those wondering, I haven't actually abandoned the site! I'm still reading emails, popping into the forums, and making myself to-do lists for real updates. I'm still aiming to finish off the episode guide. But, in the meantime, the hosting bills are calling my name and I'm having a hard time responding...) So... fundraiser. Any help that you can offer is greatly appreciated. The goal of this fundraiser is $300. If you can spare any amount — $2, $10, $25, $50, what have you — please consider it. You can donate via PayPal - click here. To donate via the Amazon Honor System, click here. (Note that Amazon takes a 15% cut, whereas PayPal takes only 3%.) You can also send a money order by using PayingFast.com or by mailing it directly, or you can send a check or cash — click here for details/address(es). Full details about donation methods can always be found here. I'll keep a running tally of donation totals here on the main page. Thank you!
Upcoming Episodes
May 14, 2004 9:56 AM PDT

UPCOMING EPISODES — Updated through May 19.
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