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Guess what? I don't own "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" or "Angel." They are property of Joss Whedon (my God!), 20th Century Fox, Mutant Enemy and Sandollar... and probably more people... all of who aren't ME. I'm just a huge fan (of "Buffy," that is... I am definitely not an "Angel" fan). This site is not designed to profit off the show or denegrate it in any way. It's more like a shrine, where I worship the show and actors. <g>

As for the design of the site, that IS mine. All the layout and stuff was done by yours truly using Photoshop and images from the sites below, for the most part. The TV Guide ads, amazingly enough, are from TV Guide.

I got my pictures from quite a few sources, including mailing lists and the following sites: Buffy Online, Glamorous SMG, The Buffy Cross & Stake, SMGFan Message Board, And You Thought YOU Were Obsessed With BtVS and Buffy Unlimited. They are free for the taking, but I do ask that you please credit me with a link back to

Other than the featured fanfics (whose author's names and emails are listed), all the stories belong to me. The characters and certain situations are again property of the people at the top, but I created the plots and stuff. Don't steal them, because that will REALLY piss me off. If you want to post them on your site, email me and ask. I've never said no!


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