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"Take A Stand" is a little thing I started because I love Riley and got so sick and tired of people bashing him. Seriously, I know what it's like to hate a character, because there always seems to be one I can't stand... but there is a way to deal with that hatred. Harrassing those who do like them is not it! Plus, I just thought they were extremely disrespectful, not only to Riley, but Buffy and especially Marc Blucas.

So this is my way of retaliating. I can't force people not to hate Riley. Even if I could, I wouldn't. The world would be boring if everyone had the same opinions. However, I do think it's wrong when people have little things on their sites. From fics about Riley having sex with cows (honest to God, there are scuzzy people out there that write that crap) to lists with ways to kill Riley. Those are the people that inspired me to create this.

What does that mean? If someone with one of the aforementioned sites applies for one of my awards or wants to be affiliates with me or just exchange links, I say no. They have the right to have whatever they want on their site and so do I. If they want to put stuff like that up, they're going to lose out as far as I am concerned.

That's what "Take A Stand" is about, essentially. A bunch of people who also do not appreciate the more immature members of the Buffy fandom and want to make a statement. The requirements are simple. You don't have to love Riley, you just have to object to they way he is treated by certain people (Why else would you want to join?). You don't have to have a site, but if you do, you can post one of the buttons there (which means you don't have to). And, obviously, you can't have Riley bashing material on your site!


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