I know most of you were probably wondering whether or not this site would ever be updated. I truly apologize this is so long in coming. I don't want to be all TMI, but I do feel the need to explain myself so here's my list of excuses:

1. In November, I went on vacation for a little over a week.
2. While on vacation, I was involved in a car accident. Everyone involved was okay (which was remarkable, looking at my grandmother's car) but I found out a harsh truth: airbags hurt. I had two black eyes and headaches for a while.
3. I celebrate Christmas and LOVE to shop. I was like a serial killer surrounded by horny teenagers in a slasher flick. And I have the credit card bills to prove it.
4. We put our house up for sale. We haven't moved yet, but we had to clean this house to make it look like either nobody lives here or Monk does. We also have to maintain it, which requires massive cleaning every morning.
5. I'm tired.

But anyway, I finally do have an update for you guys. A new layout, of course, the schedule, fanfic and updated the rant responses. Also, just a question... does anyone in the US get Buffy on the weekends (or on any channel besides FX?). I haven't gotten it for a while, so basically I am guessing on the schedule. Anyway, if you get it, please let me know.


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