Eye of the beholder - last update 05/06/05
Pairing:B/S (W/T A/X J/G)
Rating:let's say it's gonna be R for now
Timeframe:Season 5, during Crush
Summary:Dru shows up earlier and Spike decides Buffy needs to know about Darlas actions. This leads to changes that affect the Glory-situation as well as the relationships between the Scoobies. At the same time Buffy and her friends learn what having or not having a soul really means.
Thanks:To Oracleholly and Always_jbj for doing an amazing job of betaing this for me!
To my sis' for telling me the idea might be interesting enough to publish it.
Through another's eyes - Series - last update 02/27/05
Timeframe:Season 6, after Entroy
Summary:Response to Challenge #20 at the BSV
Xander is a chipped vampire, the Initiative is back, Anya is AWOL, Buffy realizes something -- Read the Challenge-requirements for more info
Thanks:To AmyBnNYC who offered to be my BETA for this, even after I told her that I wanted to finish it in one week!
To Bloodshedbaby for the lovely banner.
Comment:This was written for Alwaysjbj's birthday.