Do you have problems with your story or just need some help with grammar/ spelling or your story-plot? Here's a list with some very nice people who would love to help you. Or if you want to be one of those nice guys too, no problem, just e-mail me.



Name:  amyvamp


Specialty:  Good with grammar and spelling.  Good with dialouge, or so I have been told.

Time Available:  3-4 hours per day, evening.  But can make exceptions for really good fic.

Ratings:  G-NC17, but prefer R or NC-17 (What can I say? I like smut!)

Preferred Characters:  W/S/A or S/A.  Other characters welcome if pertinent to plot.



Name: Angel


Speciality: I have a great handle on grammar and spelling, and I'm pretty good with dialogue, and knowing what a character would or would not say

Time Available: I have like a million hours a day to use up, and I would much rather be reading then watching TV

Ratings: all and everything

Preferred Character(s): I'm up to reading anything



Name: Angelus' Girl 


Specialty: Everything...characterization, plot, grammar, punctuation, whatever it is, you name it. 

Time Available: All the time Ratings: All ratings, but mostly like R-NC-17 

Preferred Character(s): Angel(us)/Dawn, Spike/Dawn, Willow/Kennedy/Angel(us), etc...all pairings except with Gunn, Lorne, Lilah and Cordelia. Not really much fan of those four.



Name: Anna


Specialty: spelling, grammar, characterization, general flow of a piece.

Time available: maybe 3-4 hours a day, but I can always make time :)

Ratings: anything, but fluff is appreciated

Preferred character(s): I'm a huge W/S 'shipper, but W/A is good too. No femslash, unless it involves Willow & Tara breaking up ;)



Name: AverageJoe


Speciality: Spelling, grammar, brainstorming, unusual *cough* positions...

Time Available: I'm awake for at least 18 hours a day... o_O

Ratings: G through NC-17 (but I'm with amyvamp, smut is a very goooood thing)

Preferred Character(s): W/S, W/S/A, W/F (why should Slutty the Vampire Layer get the good girl?), W/Dru, W/C, W/Amy, W/Tara... anyone sensing a pattern?



Name:  bunnycharlotte


Specialty:  Good with grammar and spelling.

Time Available:  Whenever school's out, but probably only three or four hours a night. Potentially more on weekends

Ratings:  G-NC17, but I like at least PG-13.

Preferred Character(s):  Willow/Angel, Willow/Spike, Spike/Angel, W/S/A, and anything at all where Anya has lotsa lines.



Name: Ceilidh


Specialty:  Grammar/Spelling & Plot

Time Available: 2/3 hours + and weekends, especially during the summer

Ratings:  PG-13 to NC-17.  Preferably R or NC-17

Preferred Characters:  W/S/A, W/S, W/A, W/Aus W/Aus/S



Name:  Dani


Speciality:  ?

Time Available:  ?

Ratings:  ?

Preferred Character(S):  ?



Name: Danielle


Specialty: Being English, one of my main strengths is Spike characterization and dialogue. I'd love to help with any slang, endearments or historical issues you're having with him. I can also do *general* proof reading (although don't ask me about anything too specific - arghh!) and plot continuity. And I'd love to just have a chat about your fic if you want it, as well. I'm doing English Language, English Lit and History A Levels, so I should be helpful in some way :)

Time Available: A few hours a day. It varies. EMail and I'll let you know how it stands.

Ratings: Anything, but no PWP. I like smut if there's a plot and a build up, but PWP is tedious.

Preferred Character(s): I love Willow and Angel fluff. I also adore Spike in any way, shape or form. I love both Xander and Buffy, so no bashing of them! It's okay if you don't like Dawn though, I'm with you on that one ;) No Cordelia/Angel stuff. Yuck. But Fred's a sweetie, although I don't like her in the romance way. No femslash and I prefer any S/A slash to be light and not too graphic... it gets icky otherwise. I'll consider most pairings but Willow, Spike and Angel are my favourite characters. I also love OC's. But make sure you check if you're doing a cross over, so I can say whether I've seen/read it.



Name: Ellie


Specialty: Grammar, flow, plot, spelling, tons of history trivia (Angel's time, Spike's time), Greek/Roman/Aztec/plus more Mythology, Buffy/Angel referances.

Time Available: Depends, I'll probably take no more than four days to Beta.

Ratings: PG-13 to NC-17, no PWP's I'll take smut if it has some kind of plot.

Prefered Character(s): Willow, Angel, Spike stuff. Pairings I love Angelus/Willow, Spike/Willow, Spike/Xander, Wesley/Fred, and Buffy/Faith.



Name: Epiphany aka Stephy


Specialty: want to help with everything

Time Available: I am available about 22 hours a day 

Ratings: any rating

Prefered Character(s): I prefer anything to do with Spike. Willow/Spike, Angelus/ Willow, Willow/ Angel, Willow/Angel/Spike, Spike/Other



Name:  Gabrielle


Specialty:  My specialties are grammar, spelling, and character-continuity (or at least I've been told so)

Time Available:  I'm available at all times

Ratings:  Any rating

Preferred Characters:  I prefer Willow/Angel or Willow/Angel/Spike



NAME:  Hope


SPECIALITY:  Anything that doesn't involve two guys together

TIME AVAILABLE:  During the weekdays-mostly the hole day.  During weekends-usually at night. 

RATINGS:  Anything except R. I like to read them, just can't seem to correct them.  I get to involved with the stories.

PREFERRED CHARACTER(S):  I like them all, just prefered Willow and Angel(us)



Name:  Ice Angel


Speciality:  I'm good with grammar, excellent with spelling, and seem to have a feel for the English language. Plus, I adore fan fiction (BtVS or AtS, that is), and my editing skills aren't too shabby

Time Available:  on most Sundays

Ratings:  all

Preferred Character(S):  I'm fine with every character



Name: Jamie


Specialty: Description, spelling, etc.

Time Available:  3-4 hrs a day

Ratings:  all

Preferred Character(s):  Angel/ Willow



Name: Jen


Speciality: sex scenes, dialog, grammar

Time Available: anytime after 12 noon

Ratings: any prefer R & N 17

Preferred Character(s): Angel(us), Willow, Spike but will read anything you send 



NAME:  Jessi



TIME AVAILABLE:  1-3 hours/day

RATINGS:  All ratings

PREFERRED CHARACTER(S):  Nothing with too much of Buffy in it. Everything else is cool.



NAME:  Kendra A.


Speciality:  Spelling and grammar; general BtVS and A:tS accuracy checks; plot flow

Time Available: Any holidays that means days off school (LOL), weekends; I can be more specific if you just ask! It's likely I'll be able to do stuff anytime

Ratings:  G through NC-17, but PG-13 and above preferred

Preferred Character(s): Willow, Faith, Cordelia, Angel, Spike, Gunn, Kendra. My favorite pairings (that I read and write the most, and will therefore be more help to you on) are combinations of the above characters, but I'm willing to read almost everything.



Name:  KimberlyFDR


Specialty:  Grammar, spelling, plot holes, characterization, flow, etc etc

Time Available:  Depends on the fic and how available the author is for feedback

Ratings:  G - NC17

Preferred Character(s): Spike/Buffy!!



NAME:  Lenka a.k.a. Elena


SPECIALITY:  spell-checking, and if anyone needs help with Dutch or Russian, I'm also happy to help

TIME AVAILABLE:  6 hours per week maybe more

RATINGS:  G to NC-17

PREFERRED CHARACTER(S):  W/S, W/S/A, but willing to try something new



Name:  Maria (Phoenix Moon)


Specialty:  Spelling, Grammar, and Plot

Time Available: any

Ratings: any

Preferred Characters: any



Name:  Red Rayne


Specialty:  Strong suits include grammar, spelling, continuity, plot flow.

Time Available:  At least 1-2 hours per day - oftentimes more, rarely less.

Ratings:  All ratings, all genres.

Preferred Characters:  Anything W, S, A, and all combinations of those characters.  Any other characters involved with them, EXCEPT BUFFY.

NOTE:  Please email me before sending fic to establish contact.



NAME: Ruby Phoenix 


SPECIALITY: I'm good at checking content, spelling, grammer...ect. I get all A's in Literature. 

Time Available: Alot of the time.  I'm online almost everyday and if you want to check if I'm on my Aim screen name is RubyPhoenixCirce. Ratings: Anything.

Preferred Character(s): I love reading so I'll read anything. My favorite stories involve Willow and Spike but I like the other ones too.



NAME:  Sam


SPECIALTY:  pretty good with grammar and spell-checking

TIME AVAILABLE:  a few hours per week

RATINGS:  all ratings

PREFERRED CHARACTER(S):  W/A and W/A/S. I'm not too fond of W/S but I'd give it a try



Name: Shellie


Specialty: grammer/spelling, flow of story, characterization, mythology references (especially greek/roman gods/goddesses).  writers block!  i'm good with that, if it's not mine.  m/m i'm really bad at describing, though  

Time Available: mon-thur--3-6, or just send it to me.  i work fridays from 1-6, saturdays from 7:30-3:30, and my other time is usually beta-ing stories, sleeping, or doing assignments for evil, horrific professors that should die horrible deaths by disembowelment.   

Ratings: all   

Preferred Character(s): Any and all   

Other: I like torture and words.  Please send me things in finished stories or chapters, my only request.



NAME: Silvie


SPECIALITY: grammar and spelling (i may be helpful in use of english sayings since i am british)

TIME AVAILABLE: every evening (i have no social life)

RATINGS: G to NC-17 

PREFERRED CHARACTER(S): Any (i aint picky)



NAME:  Sinayah


SPECIALTY:  Brainstorming to final editing, I'll help with any stage of the writing process.

TIME AVAILABLE:  4-8 hours a day on weekdays, 2-3 hours a day on weekends.

RATINGS:  G to NC-17.  Anything except dark/depressing fics.

PREFERRED CHARACTER(S):  Any unconventional 'ship between main characters on either show. Slash, threesomes, foursomes, and original character fics welcome.



NAME:  Sonya


SPECIALITY:  excellent spelling skills and fairly good grammar for writing

TIME AVAILABLE:  4-5 hours per week

RATINGS:  G to NC-17

PREFERRED CHARACTER(S):  W/S, W/S/someone, but I'm willing to be flexible



NAME:  Susi


SPECIALITY: Everything from plot to grammar-check

TIME AVAILABLE:  2-3 hours a day on weekday, 5 hours a day on weekends

RATINGS:  All ratings

PREFERRED CHARACTER(S):  Angel, Willow, Spike, Cordelia. But no slash between Xander/ Wesley/ Gunn paired with Angel or Spike *eeewh*



Name: vallkiran [hilary - either one]


Speciality: great with grammar/spelling, american/british english, fluent in french [with bits of others], sex scenes, b/d and s/m, historicals [especially edwardian/victorian england], british/american/french slang since the early 1800's, work well with those who's first language is not english 

Time Available: busy schedule [one of my jobs is as an editor], but I love reading and don't really sleep, so will therefore make time [at least a few hours late at night]

Ratings: anything, but R and NC-17 preferred [Yea Smut!] -am also ok with reading the 'non-consentual' type stuff-

Preferred Character(s): any characters or pairings or groups, but some combination of spike and/or willow preferred



NAME:  WiccanSlayer


SPECIALITY: flow of the story and i know some french

TIME AVAILABLE:  a few hours per week


PREFERRED CHARACTER(S):  Spike but I'll read all