Enough is Enough

Author: Fayth

E-mail: fayth82@yahoo.co.uk

Parts: 11 - 20


~Part: 11~

"Are you sure about this Wills?" Dru asked as she looked around the dingy warehouse.

"We've been travelling for a year, I want to rest for a while and I want to set up my own business, what better way than to do something I love."

"But a night club?" Dru whined

"C'mon Dru we both love Singing and dancing and a club is a perfect front for our sideline." She smirked at Dru who rolled her eyes.

"Fighting for good. I'm a mockery of a vamp."

"Get over yourself." Willow said as she tried to envision the place as she wanted it.

"Ok." Dru consented. "I'll do it."

"Great!" Willow beamed "We'll take it!" she told the woman who'd taken them to see the house. She let loose a huge smile.

"Great choice ladies, it's a little out of the way but if you do want to make it into a club I'm sure that will be in its favour, make it that much more exclusive."

Willow nodded, not really listening. She was imagining how she could decorate; it was to be a real club, nothing like the Bronze or even Phil's place. Magic would be a heavy feature. Willow couldn't stop the shiver of delight that ran down her spine.

Dru watched as Willow went off into a trance. It was the look that said Willow was thinking deeply. After spending all this time with the Redhead she had gotten to be quite a good judge of her moods. She still hadn't got the girl figured out. It would take more than eternity for that, not for the first time she wondered if Willow would want to spend eternity with her. She still hadn't had the courage to ask. Imagine that, a Vampire over a century old too afraid to ask a human girl if she wanted to be with her forever. For the first time in her unlife she understood how much Spike had loved her, how someone could really love someone else, be prepared to do anything to keep them happy. She was prepared to give her unlife for her. She loved Willow. Was in love with her. She had tried on occasion to get the girl to progress their relationship past the friendship stage but Willow halted any advances with her sweet smile and decided tone. Dru knew that since the red head had left Sunnydale she hadn't so much as looked at any one in that way. Not for the first time, she desperately wanted to know who had hurt Willow so bad that she had seemingly given up on love.

Willow's shining eyes bought her out of her reverie "A night club it is then, ducks."


Xander stretched out on the sofa. He had had a hard day on the construction site and all he wanted to do was curl up with Anya and sleep for a while. He listened to her in the kitchen making him a snack. He felt a smile creep across his features. She was getting to be so domesticated it was scary. She insisted that she could cook him a nice dinner but that she wouldn't be a little housewife, she had employment too and it was only fair that- A crash from the kitchen made him sit up hard

"An, you ok?"


"Anya?" Xander got up, panic settling in his stomach as he darted for the kitchen "Anya?" he shouted A glass dish was in pieces on the kitchen floor but Anya wasn't in there.

"ANYA?!" Xander screamed

"In here." A weak voice called from the bathroom Xander rushed in to see a decidedly green Anya crouched over the toilet bowl, heaving. She looked up at him with tears falling down her face.

"Xander, I don't feel so good."

~Part: 12~

Willow dropped to the floor, exhausted beyond belief. Dru looked at her with worry in her face.


“I’m ok Dru, just tired.”

“Well you did insist on doing all the magic stuff by ourselves, we could have hired a coven for this part you know.” Dru stated logically as she pressed a cold hand to Willow’s flushed forehead.

“I know but I thought we could handle it. I thought *I* could handle it!” she groaned at the contact

“Someone’s beginning to believe their own press.” teased Dru “Still, it’s done now.” Anyway could feel the magic that ebbed off this place. Willow truly had done a splendid job.

The club had come together more quickly than either of them anticipated.

It was dark and rich in velvets and wrought iron but lacked the cold that other clubs had. It was warm and welcoming. The lights and sound system were the latest technology enhanced by Willow’s power. The stage was huge, more like a cat walk than a club stage, taking up a good portion of the back wall leading to the backstage area which was almost as big as the Bronze had been. There were two floors, upstairs which had many tables and seating areas and a bar and snack bar facility and downstairs which boasted an enormous dance floor, double bar and more tables. The inside was, of course, far bigger than the outsides suggested- due to the combined magical ability of the two friends. A magical barrier which prevented deaths in the club had been implemented along with various spells which allowed only the supernaturally inclined to be able to find the club.

Willow, who had read far too much Harry Potter, had be-spelled the ceiling to reveal the night sky outsides, complete with stars. That much magic had demon’s trembling all over the city and the club was already the talk of the demon circuit- and it wasn’t even finished yet!

 But the piece de résistance had been they had managed to secure one of the underworlds most talked about acts, the demon’s answer to Robbie Williams, to be at the opening night performance.

Dru watched as the bar staff unloaded all the various bottles and cartons and bags containing everything for the opening in a week’s time.

Everything from sea breezes and rabid dog’s raspberry saliva (a demonic favourite) to O positive would be served.

But their club was missing one thing.


“Hmm?” Willow leaned to stretch her muscles

“We don’t have a name.” at her look Dru elaborated “The club.”

“Oh.” It hadn’t struck Willow before “What do you want to call it?”

Dr pretended to think for a minute before replying “We could always call it Fangs and Red Witch.”

Willow shuddered causing Dru to laugh “No way, Dru-ay! We don’t want to advertise where we or we’ll get people coming all the time.”

“I thought that was the point, lovey?”

“No.” Willow shook her head “if they really need our help we’ll leave a calling card but I don’t want to advertise our position or we’ll get requests for finding lost dogs or something.”

Dru nodded, that made sense. “Well the sign needs to go up and invites have to go out tonight so we need a name.”

Willow suddenly burst out laughing and it was some time before Dru could get her to calm down enough to speak.

“Oh Dru, I have the perfect idea.”


“How about “Miss Edith’s”?”

Dru couldn’t stop the giggles that erupted from her chest and soon both of them were laughing hysterically.

Willow rolled off the floor and stalked over to the bar, grabbing a bottle of Champaign.  She took Dru’s hand and let her to the entrance of the club. The y held hands and smashed the bottle over the door

“I name thee Miss Edith’s!”


“Angel?” Cordelia yelled at the top of her voice “Mail’s here.”

Angel rolled his eyes. He loved Cordy but did she have to yell all the time?

“Ooh there’s an invite here, addressed to you.”

Angel frowned as he took the red-edged envelope to her.

She peered over his shoulder to read the invitation

“You are cordially invited to the latest exclusive Club catering to the underworld. No name on the card though!” she noticed

“A demon club?” Angel was surprised, contrary to popular belief he had frequented a few demon clubs in his time, mostly ones that catered to Vampiric needs and he found them refreshing.

“This invitation counts as your ticket and you may bring one guest with you. No ticket- no entry. Sanctuary rules apply.” Cordelia continued “What’s that?”

“It means that all that go in are protected under the guardianship of Sanctuary rules. No Vampire can bite anyone who is unwilling, violence is prohibited and if you break the rules bad things happen.”

“Like what? Do you mean like at Lorne’s?”

“No, Lorne’s is protected so that Violence can’t happen. In Sanctuary clubs violence can but it’s not a good idea. One demon who broke the rules was barred from all clubs, all clans and was eventually torn apart by wild dogs for breaking the rules.”

“Harsh.” Cordy said dryly the she looked at the letter again. “What’s that symbol?”

Angel stared at it. “Looks like a witch doll with-” he looked closer “Red fangs.”

“Red fangs?” Cordy gasped “Maybe it stands for Fangs and Red Witch. Oh Angel what if it’s their club. I heard rumours that they were going to start one!”

“So?” Angel shrugged still feeling slightly jealous at the pure joy in Cordy’s eyes when she spoke about the terrible two. “Didn’t figure you for such a groupie.”

“I’m not.” Cordy denied “They just sound cool, doing what we’re doing. Besides it’s Gunn that has the Fangs and Red Witch T-shirt.”

“Why would they send me an invitation, I haven’t even met them?” Angel frowned.

“Me too Angel cakes.” Lorne said entering the hotel.

“You got one Lorne?” Cordy asked interested

“That’s a big Yay.” Lorne actually sounded excited “It’s the biggest thing in gossip at the moment. The magic signature for this club you can feel for miles- according to my sources.”

“Serious magic?”

Lorne nodded at Angel “Powerful. I heard that only select demons can even get into this club. I only got in because the bartender is an old friend of mine and he wrangled me an invite.”

“So who’s the host?”

“No one has a clue. But word on the street is it might be our delicious duo, Fangs and-”

“Red Witch!” Cordy clapped “Oh Angel we so have to go.”

“Cordy it’s in San Francisco!” Angel yelped “That’s a huge drive away.”

“So, it’s not like Gunn and Fred and Wes can’t handle stuff while we’re away and think of it as making contacts. If we can meet Fangs and Red Witch then maybe we could count on them for help when something apocalypse-y goes off.”

“I don’t know.” Angel was still dubious

“Oh and I heard they managed to get Kristov Cash to sing at opening night!”

“Kristov Cash!” Angel exclaimed “Pack a bag we’re going to San Francisco.”

~Part: 13~

“Mr Harris?”

Xander shot up “Yeah?”

The Doctor stared with sympathy at the young man whose eyes were all blood shot.

“Your friends have just arrived would you like me to tell them to leave?”

“No.” Xander ran a hand through his hair “God, no where are they?”

“Xand?” Buffy edged past the doctor shooting him an evil glare for trying to keep her from one of her best friends.

“Here Buff.” Buffy threw her around him and squeezed- gently-

“How are you?”

“Freaked with a side order of panicked.” He replied as the rest of his friends came in.

“Hey Xander.”

“Dawnie.” she too threw her arms around him enveloping him in a Xander sandwich

“How are you Xander?” Giles asked concerned but Xander just nodded feeling comforted by his friends.

“Came as soon as I heard.” Spike said watching Xander extricate himself from the girls and walk over to him. “How’s she?”

Xander shrugged glad the blonde was here. “They won’t tell me anything Spike.”

“What happened?” Dawn asked looking pale

“I don’t know. She said she’d been feeling sick and dizzy all day. I figured she might have been overdoing it at the Magic box. Then when I got home she was cooking in the kitchen and she came over all dizzy and went to the bathroom throwing up all over the place. Then she passed out. I couldn’t get her to wake up and-” he bit off the end of the statement.

Spike patted him on the back and led him to a seat.

“It’s ok mate Demon girls a tough chit, she’s lived over a thousand years and if I know her she wont want to die a mortal. She’ll bitch about it until they let her back. She’ll be up and complaining about being in a bed when she could be making money or getting orgasms.”

“Spike!” Buffy complained motioning to Dawn but Dawn just grinned

Xander managed a wry smile “Yeah.” He looked embarrassed for a second

“What?” Spike wanted to know

“I wish Willow was here.” Xander confessed

“Me too, mate.” Spike added

“Mr Harris?”

Xander shot up again “Yeah?”

“She’s awake and in a um…well she’s asking for you.”

Xander followed the doctor to the room Anya was in and shut the door. The rest of them straining to hear anything. Suddenly there was a yell and Spike grinned widely and chuckled.

“What?” the rest of them asked him

“Not telling.” He teased

“Damn Vampire hearing!” Buffy complained but they didn’t have to wait long as Xander ran out of the room and stared around wildly as if he’d forgotten where they were.

“Guys!!” he called “Here now.”

They all entered the hospital room where Anya lay pale on the bed surrounded by beeping machines.

“Hello, I don’t much like being unconscious I find it very inconvenient.”

They all laughed relieved that Anya was, well, Anya.

“So what’s wrong are you ok?” Buffy asked

“Yes.” Xander said as he fought to keep the smile off his face “Very ok.”

Spike clapped him on the back “Well done mate.”

“What?” Buffy was getting annoyed “What’s going on?”

Anya grabbed Xander’s hand and beamed “We’re going to be having a baby. I’m pregnant.”


Angel shook his head at the long line that had formed at the entrance to the club, Lorne had been right it was the hottest thing in town. They had both felt the energy coming off this place as soon as they had entered San Francisco. It was so powerful they were surprised humans hadn’t felt it. The queue went right down the block. Angel despaired of waiting in line. He walked up to the bouncer, a demon bigger than he had ever seen.

“Uh hey.”

“No ticket no entry.” The bouncer sighed

“I’m Angelus.” His demon growled at the bouncer’s attitude

“No ticket no entry.” The bouncer intoned

“Here.” Cordelia handed him the ticket “Angelus and Cordelia Chase.”

The bouncer stared at the card and then gave them a big smile.

“Welcome to Miss Edith’s.” he gestured to a guy inside while Angel tried to remember what it was about that name that didn’t quite sit right with him.

“Jack will show you to your table.”

Angel and Cordelia were shown to their seats by Jack, a Vampire wearing a suit and tie, they were offered any beverage they could desire and maybe a snack if they were hungry, there was a menu. They were told that the evening’s entertainment would start in an hour but before then they were more than welcome to make use of the dance floor like many of the patrons were.

The music was haunting but totally danceable and the dance floor was crowded. From where they sat they could see demons and Vampires dancing. There were incubi and succubae, fairies and werewolves, witches and demons of all shapes and sizes and there was such a buzz from the crowd. The outfits ranged from the modern to the positively medieval, which all fit in with the clubs décor.

Angel glanced around him noticing something at the same time Cordelia did

“Angel we are in *the* best spot. I mean we are practically on the damn stage.”

Angel nodded “Guest of honour spots.”

Cordy raised an eyebrow “Not that I’m complaining but why?”

He just shrugged as their drinks arrived

“Here you go sir, AB negative and a Vodka and Coke for the lady. Will there be anything else?”

“Yeah do we get to meet our host?”

Jack smiled a little smile “That’s not for me to say Sir. However if you want to make an appointment with… them, I’m sure I can find someone to attend you.”

Angel just shook his head and took a sip of his drink. He had to fight his demon down.

“What?” Cordy saw the look in his eyes and panicked “Is it spiked, are we doing an Angelus?”

“It’s pure warm Virgin human blood.” Angel crooned as he stared down into his glass “Wow.”

Cordelia relaxed “Just let me know if you feel like going psycho.”

“No but I might want us to move our base of operations.” Angel said half joking.

“Creatures of the night, creatures of the twilight and those of you who enjoy daylight savings time, welcome!” a man walked onto the stage as the music stopped. The crowd walked to their seats and sat watching him.

“May I be the first to welcome you to Miss Edith’s a truly enchanting experience.”

The crowds applauded

“As this is our opening debut first drinks are free and the others half price for the night. We will be meeting our illustrious hostesses later on tonight but first I’d like you to give it up for a Vamp that needs no introduction… but it’s in my job description so he’s going to get one.”

Everyone laughed

“Please put appendages together for Mr Kristov Cash!”

The noise drowned out the drum roll as a tall vampire ran on stage dressed in a black cat suit and red jacket.

“Not getting the outfit.” Cordelia said “But wow the face.”

“It’s Kristov Cash!” Angel said excitedly

“Who?” Cordy was confused

“He’s been doing the clubs since before they were clubs. His sets are always packed out.”

At Cordelia’s blank look he explained “Imagine if Ricky Martin had 400 years to get it right.”

“Oooh!” Cordy understood and then shut up as Kristov began singing.


“How’s it going out there?” Dru asked as Willow peered through the curtain.

“Looks ok.” Willow shook with nerves “Krissy’s wowing them.”

Dru giggled “Only you could get Kristov Cash to let you call him Krissy.” She flashed back to the star’s almost boyish smile as he stared at the Redhead. Her power and shy smile had captivated him at once and he was putty in her hands, Dru knew the feeling.

“Oh looky Angel’s out there with Cordelia.” Willow wasn’t sure how she felt about seeing the Vampire and her arch nemesis again. She had tried to leave all that stuff behind her when she left Sunnydale and… *so not thinking about that right now.*

“Daddy?” Dru’s eyes lit up and Willow spun around to pin her with a look


“Sorry Tree.” Dru winced; it had been almost a year since she had had an episode “Involuntary reaction.”

Willow smiled encouragingly “Well Angel is technically your father so I guess Daddy is ok. So long as it doesn’t come with stars and dolls. Ok?”

“Yep.” Dru nodded glad that the redhead wasn’t mad about her slip. She never had been but Dru didn’t want to give her any excuse to leave or withdraw.

Thunderous applause signalled that Kristov had finished one of his songs and Willow stepped back relaxing.

“It’s all going to be fine.”

~Part: 14~

“Oh my God, did you see, did you hear?” Cordelia babbled to Angel pointing at the stage “Wow and wow again.”

She sat down flushed, having gotten up to dance when everyone else did.

Angel nodded captivated by her enthusiasm “yeah he’s good.”

“Good? Good? Why the hell isn’t he on MTV?”

“How would you explain that he hasn’t aged in over four hundred years? Or that he couldn’t gig during the day? Or could only drink blood?”

“Point taken. Hey Lorne!” Cordelia spotted the demon dressed in a loud lime green suit and carrying a sea breeze.

“Angel cakes and sugar bun. I may have just left my heart in San Francisco coz Mmmm I have never had a drink so nice.” He sipped it again “The crowds are certainly buzzing tonight and I’m all aglow.”

Cordy couldn’t help being amused by the man’s words “Did you read Kristov?”

“No sweetie it’s unethical to read someone who doesn’t know, besides over 400 years old, it’s not easy to read someone with that much oomph.”

The announcer came back on stage

“Wow, was that good I’ve got chills!” he fanned himself “But if you think that’s hot, well just see what we have in store for you tonight.”

Everyone sat on the edge of their seats.

“They are mostly known for their daring exploits and mystical adventures. They are magical, mysterious and damn hot!”

“I knew it!” Angel said then looked down at Cordelia’s knowing look.

“But one teensy little thang before they come on stage.” The emcee warned “They value their privacy so no camera’s, they value anonymity so if you know who they are, no telling others where or who they are. Those are under the rules of the Sanctuary. So without further ado, may I present the owners of Miss Edith’s, the terrible two, the devastating duo, the mystical, magical and mesmerising Fangs and Red Witch.”

The stage went black as everyone applauded wildly. The only light in the place who from the ceiling above where stars twinkled and the small candles on each table.

With his advanced sight Angel could see a small wave of smoke coming from the back of the stage. With a blast of magic two figures appeared cloaked in the darkness. Little sparkles of light twinkled in the air surrounding the figures.

“I put a spell on you.” A soft voice sang.

Angel felt chills down his spine, the voice was so seductive.

The twinkles flew into the audience causing them to gasp in delight, they circled around Angel and he felt warm tingles in his skin as they made contact with him. They seemingly melted into his skin making him feel warm for the first time in centuries.

 “Because you're mine!”

Angel felt the possessiveness in that voice and he almost purred

“I can’t stand the things you do, I ain’t lying!”

The music suddenly started up and lights lit up two figures entwined with each other.

One brunette and one startling redhead were turned away from the audience but no one cared too much about that right now. The tall brunette was wearing a long black shift, sleeveless dress with a split that revealed a tantalizing amount of leg and thigh and the tops of some stockings. She wore stiletto’s which just made her look taller and her hair was a sheet down her face and back. The redhead just oozed sensuality in a matching dress and stiletto ensemble that was a mirror to the brunette’s but in blood red, to match her hair. She had the microphone close to her face indicating that she was the one with the sensuous voice.

They suddenly turned as one to face the crowds and revealed themselves as the brunette sang into her microphone.

“It’s been two hundred years, give or take a day.” She smiled sweetly “Now the witch is back, and there’s hell to pay.” The redhead joined in

“Coz I put a spell on you and now your mine!

I can’t stand the things you do, I ain’t lying.”

The redhead stalked, there was no other word for it, down the stage and swayed to the beat.

“I put a spell on you.” She pointed to the crowds who all sat back as light shimmered from her fingertips to sparkle across the room

“And it was strong, strong, strong. So long.”

Dru slinked over and put her arm around Willow “I can’t stand it, you’re running around.”

“You know better honey.” Willow shimmied her shoulders against Dru causing the Vampire to hiss at her teasing

“Ooh I can’t stand it, you putting me down.” Dru growled

“I put a spell on you, because your mine. Your mine.” Willow insisted with a sassy smile

“I love ya.” Dru dropped a kiss on Willow’s upturned lips and grinned when the redhead shot her a warning look

“I love you, I love you!” She sang back at her letting the beat carry them as they danced together.

“I love you anyway and I don’t care if you don’t want me I’m yours right now!”

Willow rolled her eyes at Dru’s teasing

“You hear me I put a spell on you. Because you're mine.”

“Mine.” Said Dru pulling Willow close then facing the crowds letting everyone know that she meant it “Mine!”

Willow spun around and finished the song.

“I put a spell on you and now you’re mine! No I ain’t lying. Your mine!”

The music stopped its seductive beat and the spell was broken, the audience who had sat spell bound through the entire number suddenly awoke and began applauding. The effects of seeing the two powerful and beautiful women writhe together on stage singing like sirens was an experience beyond some of them who couldn’t help staring. If anyone had had any expectations as to how Fangs and Red Witch were, they were not disappointed.

Lorne sighed and turned to comment to his friends but stopped short when he saw that Angel and Cordelia’s jaws were still at table level.

“Angel cakes?”

“Hu- Wuh!”

Lorne’s eyebrows almost met his horns “Come again?”

Cordelia’s hand slowly rose to point to the stage “Duu and Wuu huh?”

Lorne shook his head. *What is with these two? They look like they’ve seen a ghost.*

“Delia, honey, Angel sweetie?”

But any response they made was lost in the baying crowd who were screaming for an encore.

Dru giggled and stormed up the front of the stage

“Hi and welcome to Miss Edith’s, the place where magic can really happen.”

Willow bit her lip trying to choke back a grin.

“Hey girl I think they look a little hot?” Dru called over her shoulder “Are you guys hot?”

“Yeah!” called the crowd

Dru turned to Willow and traipsed a fingernail down her arm “I think they need cooling down pet.”

Willow rolled her eyes and pointed to the ceiling, all eyes following, and snowflakes began to fall to the tables, evaporating before they touched surfaces.

The crowd were charmed, thrilled and enchanted.

“We’re going to take a break, enjoy the facilities that Miss Edith’s has to offer. Both Kristov and ourselves will return soon.”

And in true dramatic style they vanished in a puff of light.

~Part: 15~

“Dru you are a true performer!” Willow managed between her hysterical laughter.

“Oh my Goddess, did you see Angel’s face?” Dru gasped “I swear he was trying to swallow the table.”

“Yeah well as soon as he regains sensibilities he’s gonna be back here demanding answers.” Willow began to calm down, not looking forward to the confrontation at all.


Lorne waved his hands in front of their faces and tried to snap them out of their stupor.

“Angel cakes I’m getting raspberry and fuchsia dye on your leather duster.”

That snapped Angel out of it. He turned to Cordelia

“Tell me I’m dreaming?”

“Lord I didn’t know you were that big fans of the girls.” Lorne said glad that they’d rejoined the land of the living…or not in Angel’s case.

“No.” Cordy answered weakly “That was-”




“She was-”




Lorne finally lost any patience “Will one of you two guppies please explain what is wrong?”

“That was Drusilla and Willow, together and Dru was sane.” Angel finally managed he stood up “I have to talk to them.”

“Me too!” Cordy got to her feet and followed Angel

“Oh Goodie I get to meet them!” Lorne decided to follow

Angel stormed over to the entrance to the backstage where there was a crowd wanting to see Fangs and Red Witch.

“No one is getting admittance to see the ladies, they value anonymity.” a burly guard said firmly.

Angel pushed his way to the front of the crowd “I’m Angel, formerly Angelus- they WILL want to see me.”

The guard looked down at a piece of paper in his hands “Angel and Corby?”

“Cordy!” Cordelia corrected annoyed

“Ok you two,”

“Three!” Lorne said from behind them. The guard looked at him and then at Angel who nodded.

“Ok you three.” He opened the doors and they slipped in through them.

“Mr Angel?” A female wearing very little but sequins and horns looked him up and down.

“Just Angel.” He told the succubus and followed as she motioned to another room.

“In here.” She opened the door and they walked in.

Willow sat with Drusilla on a high sofa cuddled up against each other with two glasses on a high table next to them. On seeing them Willow jumped up from the sofa and threw her arms around Angel.

“Angel!” she exclaimed “Wow, it is so good to see you again!”

Angel returned the enthusiastic hug and felt a lot calmer. In truth he had missed the redhead she had been his one true friend in Sunnydale and he had gone mad when he found that she had gone missing.

“Hey Willow.” He smiled against her hair. Willow pulled away and then enveloped Cordelia in the same fashion.

“Hey Cordelia.” She said

“Wills.” Cordelia was surprised. They had never been that great friends.

“And who are you?” Willow turned to the green demon that followed them in

“I’m Lorne and I gotta say sweetheart you are mwah!”

Willow giggled “Thanks Lorne. I’m uh Red witch.” She rolled her eyes at the title “But please Goddess call me Willow!”

Dru laughed out loud drawing attention to herself “Sheesh Willow-mine you’re famous enjoy it.”

“Ok fangs!” she stuck her tongue out at Dru.

“Drusilla.” Angel stared at his childe entranced by the clarity he saw in her eyes.

“Hey Daddy!” Dru smiled at him “How’s it going, is this new mommy for me?” she motioned to Cordelia

“Knock it off Dru.” Willow groaned “You’ll freak out our guests. M’tac?”

“Yes Ma’am.” The succubus came back in the room

“Drinks for us and our friends. Two Bloods, one Slippery nipple and one Vodka and Coke and a-” Willow raised an eyebrow to Lorne

“Uh Sea breeze.” Lorne answered and Willow nodded

The succubus winked and left to fetch the drinks.

“So how you been Angel?” she asked returning to the couch and leaning against Dru

“Searching for you actually.” Angel replied trying not to gape at the sight of the sweetest girl in Sunnydale history cuddled next to his insane childe.

“Me?” her eyebrow shot up and she tensed

“Yeah, I was called a year ago by Giles and the gang who were desperately trying to find you.”

“Probably didn’t know how to turn on the computer.” She scoffed and relaxed back

Angel frowned “They said you’d been missing for a day each of them thought you were with another, it was only when they got together they realised you were missing. Buffy said-”

“Not interested.” Willow broke in startling at least two of the room’s occupants “I asked how *you* were.”

Angel let her drop the subject, for now “Fine, a little surprised to find out that my childe and my friend are the infamous Fangs and Red Witch.”

Willow’s smile came back full force “Me too!” she squealed

Dru put her arm around Willow’s shoulder “I don’t know do a little good and everyone want to know about it. I used to be a feared Vampire.” She moaned

“Honey, you used to be an insane Vampire.” Will corrected

“Tom-ay-to, tom-ah-to.” Dru chanted causing Willow to laugh

“Dru how did you?”

“Stop being nuts.” Cordy added as Angel faltered

“Willow- mine here, took me under her wing and helped me deal with a few issues that caused me to repress and re-enter my childhood as a safety net. There was a lot of psychological stuff in the original explanation but I can’t remember it, plus it was boring as crap.”

Angel couldn’t help but marvel at the new Drusilla. He’d made her insane and never gotten to know the bright, charming young girl she could have been. He felt a pang of guilt when he realised what he had done.

Dru recognised the look in his eyes and drew close to him.

“Now don’t go all broody Angel mine, I wouldn’t give any of it up, I have Willow in my life now. That’s worth whatever I went through. We can never go back but we asked you here because we’d like to share our future. If you want.”

Angel nodded too choked up to reply and wrapped his arms around his childe. He had missed his family and whilst the humans at Angel Investigations were close they would never match his Childer in his heart.

“We want to give you passes to come to the club whenever you like. All three of you.” Willow added “We’d like to see more of you.”

“Hell honey, for what its worth you can see all of me!” Lorne broke the moment and everyone laughed. “Angel you never told me you knew such wonderful and famous women!”

“I didn’t know.” he whispered still holding onto Dru.


Before Angel left Willow took him aside to a private room

Angel felt sure he knew what was coming.

“Angel, there is no easy way to say this. But here it goes. I can restore your soul permanently.”

He was wrong- boy was he wrong!


“I can restore it permanently so no happiness clause and you can have your moments of bliss without Angelus making a guest appearance.”

“Wh- how?” he was beyond astonished

“I love Dru, not like that.” She admonished off his look “Maybe enough to spend forever with her but I want to be me. I know you can tell she’s claimed me but anyway I looked for a way to anchor the soul and I found it. I want to give you your soul. On one condition.”

Angel was immediately wary, what was it that Willow wanted “What’s that?”

“You don’t tell anyone where I am. I have my reasons for leaving Sunnydale and they have nothing to do with anyone else. I don’t want them to know where I am.”

Angel hesitated he knew his Childe had been looking for Willow, they all thought she was dead. They were hurting but on the other hand there would be no threat of Angelus taking control and he could let his demon out every once in a while without worrying about the repercussions.

“I think you should at least let them know you are alive and well Willow. They are your friends and they miss you. Especially Xander and Buffy.”

Although her eyes softened at the thought of Xander the gentleness left when he mentioned Buffy leaving him to wonder what the Slayer had done.

“No. or no deal.”

“Ok.” Angel bowed his head in defeat “Deal.”

“Good.” Willow grinned “Have a safe journey.”

“What about the soul?” he asked

“Oh I did that during the show, you remember the twinkle lights surrounding you?” Angel nodded mutely “They were part of the ritual your soul has been permanent for-” she made a show of looking at her watch “Four hours and 25 minutes. Enjoy!”

Angel’s stunned face broke into wreaths of happiness and he picked her up and spun her around.

“Thank you thank you thank you!” he cooed and hugged her close allowing her delighted chuckles to echo in his ears

“Now get outta here.” She ordered “and remember if you need any help from Fangs and Red Witch.” She rolled her eyes again “Pick up the phone, don’t be a stranger.”

“Yes Ma’am.” Angel beamed as he went to tell Cordelia the good news

Dru came up behind Willow and wrapped her arms around the waist of the redhead

“You ok?”

“Yeah, he’s happy so that’s something.”

“How about you?” Dru listened carefully for Willow’s response

“I have you.” Willow turned and kissed Dru on the cheek “I’m fine.”

“You don’t miss them?” she wanted to know

“We have a show to do.” Willow wandered off towards the stage leaving Dru with more questions than answers

~Part: 16~

“I intensely dislike being pregnant.” Anya announced as she glared at the huge bulge in front of her. “It’s impossible to sit and research or stand and count the money and I’m not allowed to have sex until after it’s born. It’s very frustrating and inconvenient.”

The others just ignored her. For the past nine months she had been bitching about being pregnant and they had heard her complaints so often they could recite them

“Sorry An.” Xander tried to placate his girlfriend “Baby will be out soon.”

“You guys decided on a name yet?” Dawn asked

Anya looked at Xander “I want to call the baby Meerklat after a demon I once knew but Xander doesn’t like that. Or Mildred is nice.”

“Anya, a kid called Meerklat would be picked on at school. I don’t want my kid to get the same abuse I did.”

“Well with you as a dad, it’s not exactly going for the normal awards.” Spike added

“So speaks the walking undead.” Xander retorted “I like Jesse.”

“Who?” asked Spike sensing that there was a story there.

“Before the Buffster came along the three of us were the three Musketeers. Me, Wills and Jesse. He was our first casualty of the Hellmouth.” He finished quietly

“I like the name Jesse too.” Anya said placing a hand on Xander’s shoulder

“Good strong name.” Spike nodded and Xander smiled at him

“Well if it has the big bads approval.”

“What if it’s a girl?” Dawn wanted to know “Are you gonna call it Willow?”

Buffy looked stricken and even Spike looked away

“No, because when Willow comes back it will be too confusing having two of them.”

Buffy spoke up “Besides I’m calling my first kid Willow.”

Spike scoffed “Oh great we have to put up with a Slayer’s brat, tell me Slutty who are we planning on being the sprogs dad?”

“Well Justin is nice.”

Buffy blushed “Dawn!”

“Well he is and he knows all about the creatures of the night, since you, you know, saved him from them.” Her sister remarked

“Oh, as usual, dear.” Giles said looking up from a text he had been engrossed in for days

“What?” Buffy felt her heart sink.

“Remember that Sisterhood of Jhe we fought a while ago.”


“Not me I was off playing Zeppo.” Xander said with a secret smile

“Well they are due to make reappearance, in two weeks.”

“No.” Anya slammed her hand down “My baby is due in two weeks, they can’t be that inconsiderate I have to rest and breathe, the breathing thing is important.”

“No big, we stopped them before.” Buffy said

“Yes and the remaining Sisterhood are aware of that fact and have amassed a much larger army. They intend to open the Hellmouth and do it right this time.”

“Oh crap.” Buffy said her eyes wide. “It took two Slayers and a Vampire and a werewolf and two witches to defeat them last time.”

Spike raised an eyebrow

Buffy elaborated “Oz, Angel, me, Faith, Willow and Giles. Ok not a witch in the strictest sense but you did have to do some magic mojo.”

“What is it with guys wanting to open the Hellmouth anyway, it’s so overdone and frankly I’m sick of it. Cant we just close the damn thing for good?”

Buffy turned to look at Anya “It’s not that easy. Don’t you think we would have done it already if we could?”

“Hey!” Dawn suddenly got excited “We could find Fangs and Red Witch. I bet she’d be powerful enough to close it for good. I heard they closed on in Texas.”

Spike’s eyes lit up at the idea. “Now that sounds like a plan, love.”

Ever since he had heard of them he had longed to meet the Red Witch.

Buffy nodded “That could work.” She frowned “But where could we find them?”

Spike rolled his eyes “And they call you the Slayer, isn’t Peaches some big Detective?”

“You’d be better to go up to LA and ask him face to face.” Giles chimed in

“Who, can I go?” Dawn asked bouncing in her chair

“No.” Giles said “Xander and Anya need to stay here and I assume will be busy with the imminent birth and so I will need you for research.” Dawn pouted “And perhaps some patrol.”

“For real?” Dawn looked so enthusiastic Giles winced

“Buffy can’t drive so I suggest Spike take her.”

“I have to drive the whiny chit to see peaches?” Spike moaned “Just throw in a little holy water bath and it’s the best day ever.”

~Part: 17~

Angel couldn’t help laughing like a jester.

“Dru.” He gasped down the phone “I think Willow was right to be mad, Vamping out in the middle of a movie about Vampires wasn’t smart. What if you’d gotten staked? Some horror movie buffs are scary. Yes I’m sure it was fun to watch the attendant scream like a girl. Look you have to come visit me again soon, I miss you. The last visit was way too short. Yeah I know you have a club to run. Oh wait gotta go, yeah Love to Red Witch. Bye.”

Angel hung up the phone still smiling. He was pleased to have repaired his relationship with his Childe and she was now a part of his life, making his undead existence almost perfect.

His smile fell as he saw who had walked in. *Spoke too soon!*

“Hey Peaches.” Spike sneered leaning against the doorway “Enjoying the brooding?”

“Spike.” He growled, his good mood ruined by the dislike he saw in his youngest Childe’s face

“Can it, Spike.” Buffy said shoving past him making him almost fall to the floor

“Angel.” She greeted warily

“Buffy.” He almost smiled at the way he didn’t feel, he really was totally over her.

“Great now do I have to watch you drool over each other?” Spike spat in disgust

“Jealous Spike-y?” Buffy teased

“Don’t make me gag Blondie.” He shot back

Angel’s gaze switched between the two as if he were at a tennis match

“Are you two…?”

“God no.”

“Hell no.”

They denied at the same time but Spike couldn’t help add smugly

“Not any more.”

“Whatever.” Said Angel “I really don’t want to know.”

Both Buffy and Spike frowned at Angel’s nonchalant attitude to the love of his life sleeping with his childe.

Spike had wanted to get a rise out of him, whereas Buffy was just cut by his uncaring attitude. It’s not like she was still in love with him, or wanted him to pine over her it was just …nice.

Just then Cordelia walked in

“Angel, honey, I got…” she trailed off as she saw who their guests were

“Honey?” Buffy said quietly looking at Angel in askance. Angel held out his hand for Cordelia

Spike chuckled “Way to go Peaches.”

Cordelia straightened “Buffy, Spike.” She walked over to Angel and looped an arm around his waist “What brings you to LA?”

Buffy stared a little hurt at the casual way Angel draped his arm around Cordy and he gave her a small look as if to say are you ok?

Buffy nodded and gave a tight smile.

“We need some detective help.”

Angel froze “Oh?”

Spike frowned; he noticed the sudden tension in Angel and wondered what had caused it. What was Angel hiding?

“We need to find this Fangs and Red Witch. We have a Hellmouth-y situation and we could really use their magic.” Buffy explained

“Not sure how I can help.” Angel said flatly, Cordelia looked up at him in surprise further arousing Spike’s suspicions.

“Help who?” Everyone turned around to see a cute little brunette come in with a smile “Hi ya’ll I’m Fred.” She gave a huge smile

“I’m Buffy and this is Spike.”

Fred put her head on the side “Are you one of the ones that died and came back, Gunn wrote me a chart but I can’t recall.”

Spike burst out laughing “Oh I like this girl!”

Fred blushed at the appraising look Spike sent her and giggled

“We just need help finding Fangs and Red Witch.” Buffy repeated so wanting to get out of there.

“Oh well that can’t be too hard. Angel has season tickets to their club.” Fred tuned in helpfully before Angel could say anything.

Buffy raised an eyebrow to Angel who seemed a little flustered

“No, Fred that’s tickets to another club.”

It was Spike’s turn to raise his eyebrows. As a liar Angelus was second to none, Angel however was second to last.

“You know I don’t think we can help.”

“Just a minute.” Cordelia said dragging Angel off to a different room.

“You get the impression that something’s going on?” Spike asked Buffy who nodded annoyed.

“Angel, why won’t you help them, you remember what its like on the Hellmouth. Plus I’m sure Wills would love to help them. She probably misses them like crazy. We could help them meet up again.”

Angel waited patiently until she had finished “No.” he said firmly “I promised her that I wouldn’t tell them where she was, that includes showing them where to go. I have no idea why Willow ran away but she wants to stay away. She anchored my soul. We. Owe. Her.”

“We can pay her by helping the Scooby’s reunite.” Cordy pleaded “When she came to visit I could tell she wasn’t happy.”

“Dammit Cordelia, I said no. something happened that hurt her so much she left, I would never want to hurt her again. She’s bought me Dru and You I wont break my promise.”

Cordy sighed in frustration as Angel went out to tell his ex and his Childe that he couldn’t help them. As she sat on the corner of the desk she saw Angel’s passes peeking out of the top drawer. A wicked idea formed in her mind and she snatched them up, jamming them in her pocket before rejoining the irate bunch outside.

“I’m sorry I can’t help.” Angel insisted

“Won’t help, you mean. Sodding Poof as long as you’re alright everyone else can go to hell.” Spike glared “C’mon Slayer.”

Buffy shook her head at Angel is disgust before storming off to Spike’s car.

Cordelia intercepted them before they could leave. She cast a wary glance back at the hotel.

“What?” Spike growled not best pleased at Angel’s refusal to help them

“Angel is gonna be pissed but I swiped these from his desk. He has his own reasons for not telling you, he made a promise and…and… he’s under Sanctuary rules.” Cordy improvised

“Oh.” Spike said surprisingly understanding “Well why didn’t the daft pillock say so?”

“You know Angel, never gives a reason. Anyway these should get you in. The club is in San Francisco, don’t worry about finding it, it’s got a magical signature five miles wide and a line of demons about that long.”

“Thanks Cordy.” Buffy said and swallowed a few times “Are you happy?”

Cordy smiled and nodded

“What about his soul?”

“Anchored permanently care of Red Witch.”

“You met her?” Spike said to cover Buffy’s sigh of pain. Cordy nodded again trying to give Buffy a moment

“Is she as gorgeous as people say?”

Thinking about Dru and Willow Cordy beamed “You’ll love her.”

~Part: 18~

Spike doubled over almost as soon as they got into the city limits.

“Bloody hell.” He bit out whilst his demon changed

“Spike?” Buffy asked worriedly “Are you okay?”

“They weren’t kidding about that magical signature pet.” He straightened “You can feel it.” He pulled the car over into a side street and took a few unneeded breaths.

“Wow, whoever this Red Witch chit is, she’s powerful.”

“Good.” Buffy said “That’s what we need. Power.”

 “I have a feeling we’re gonna get it, pet.” Spike said still frowning at the feeling of magic pulsing through his body.

Spike directed Buffy through the streets until the magic reached a crescendo outside a large warehouse. A line of demons reached from the door half way down the street, and it was a big street.

“Bloody hell, must get a lot of custom.” He muttered and in true Spike form went to the front of the queue.

“Eh mate, got season tickets here, where do we go?” he asked the bouncer

The demon checked his tickets and shrugged “Straight in Mr Angel, same table as usual?”

“Uh yeah.” Spike frowned, *So Angel came here often did he? Why wouldn’t the ponce just help them out and no sodding Sanctuary rules excuse was gonna wash.*

Buffy and Spike pushed themselves into the club and stopped, gaping. It was packed to the rafters with Supernatural folk. Buffy’s spider sense was off the charts as she stared at all the different demons and creatures of the night. Spike was an awe of the sheer amount of power this place gave off. As they stood there a waiter came over to them.

“You must be new.” He said

“Uh Angel lent us his tickets.” Buffy explained

“Uh huh.” The waiter looked less than impressed. He pointed at Buffy

“No fighting.”

And at Spike

“No biting. Sanctuary rules apply. Table’s this way. My name is Jack. What do you want to drink?”

“We uh just need to find Fangs and Red Witch.” Buffy was nervous of this guy for some reason he radiated hostility.

“You and every one else. Look Angel gave you his tickets which mean he’s Okayed you, you get to go backstage. But the Ladies won’t be pleased, so don’t expect them to be all accommodating. They’re preparing for a show so you can see them afterwards. Now drink?”

“Blood for me, Diet Coke for the kid.” Spike ordered, he could tell the guy in front had a real issue with Slayers. All Vamps did but he was trying to be professional. Spike respected that and realised that Fangs and Red Witch must be something extraordinary to actually instil that kind of respect in any Vamp.

The Vamp nodded and with a glare of restrained hatred at the Slayer he left to fulfil their order.

“Spike, this place is creeping me out.” Buffy confessed as her spider sense kept her twitching.

Spike rolled his eyes at her melodrama. What he thought he’d ever seen in the daft bint was totally beyond him. Maybe the damn chip messed with other parts of his head- like his taste.

“Look Slutty, they can feel you as much as you feel them, but the rules scare them far more than you ever will so relax, before you wet yourself.”

Buffy scowled at him but relaxed. A little.

Spike sat back in his seat as the stage suddenly lit up and a demon ran on.

“To our old favourites and those of you who are new to our own little piece of hell on earth, hello and welcome to the hottest damn club on the planet, this is Miss Edith’s.”

Spike jolted almost spilling his *damn fine* virgin blood all over his duster. Did he say what he thought he’d said? Was that damn doll going to haunt him for the rest of his unlife? Spike musings on whether he was actually losing his marbles after only 130 years drowned out the rest of the emcee’s little speech announcing the first act of the night, a popular club favourite of a group of boy band demons, Westlife or something.

Buffy was dancing along to the music as she sat in her seat when she felt a presence behind her.

There stood a six foot Vampire, in full game face.

“Hey, you’re the Slayer, right?”

Buffy shot a wary glance over to Spike who was staring in disgust at the stage “Uh yeah.”

“Wow I wanted to so meet you. Uh do you want to dance?” he gestured to the dance floor which was filling up again with those who wanted to dance to the “music”.

“O-Kay.” Buffy said hesitantly and stood up and followed him to the dance floor.

Spike chuckled as he saw where Buffy had gone. He couldn’t wait to tell Xander and Giles that Buffy had willingly gone to dance with a Vampire to Westlife. He grimaced, they may be popular but they were such a bunch of posers.

After the first song Spike went to the bar to get himself another drink, the first one bought by their waiter having been the best thing he had ever tasted in his life, with the exception of… No not going there tonight. He cautioned himself.

Buffy collapsed back on her seat and giggled at the thought of having so much fun with a Vampire. With the obvious exception of Spike and Angel. The thought bought her down off her high a little. Although her and Spike had finished their “relationship” and had reached a sort of truce, she was still ashamed of how she had treated the Vampire and the whole situation. Which was one of the reasons she didn’t respond to Spike’s gibes as viciously as she sometimes wanted to. They had become unwilling friends, almost siblings and their barbs had lost some of their poison.

Spike placed a drink in front of her

“Look whose back from shaking her wares. I knew Vamps got you hot.”

 “Oh go dust yourself, Blondie.”

 Or maybe a little less poisonous

“Pretentious Wankers.” Spike said as the boy band bowed and left the stage in a flurry of applause.

He watched the announcer bound back on stage and a hush descend over the crowd.

“Creatures of the night, this is what you have been waiting for. Our very own club owners who value their privacy under the rules of the Sanctuary and you all know what that means. So put any appendages that you have together and give a loud welcome to our own Fangs and Red Witch!”

Spike groaned as the lights in the place dimmed *great more bleeding posers*

The opening sounds of a very familiar song made him sit up and take a bit more notice as two figures were suddenly visible on the stage.

~Part: 19~

Willow blinked as the spot light suddenly lit her up. She smiled over to the other side of the stage where Dru stood. She let her gaze stray over the outfit she was wearing. Dru had tight blue jeans with rips in the knees and thighs, knee high black boots and a dark blue baby t-shirt with rips in the capped sleeves and a picture of a rock group on the front. Her hair had been crimped and hug in long waves down her back. Like almost every outfit that they had, Willow’s matched the theme. She wore tight black leather pants and a ripped black, sleeveless top that bared her midriff with black high heeled boots. Her hair, which reached down to her shoulders had also been crimped. Her make up was dark giving her a seductive air.

She picked up the microphone and waited for the beginning riff to finish.

She took a breath and began to sing undulating her hips

“I saw her dancing there by the record machine
I knew she must have been a hundred seventy.” She grinned at Dru and crooked her finger to the vamp
”The beat was going strong
playing my favourite song.”

Dru came over and wrapped an arm around Willow’s waist delighting in the feel of her best friend. It was only on stage that Willow allowed her to get this friendly. After a few tries she had realised that Willow truly didn’t see her that way. But it didn’t stop her wanting to touch and feel her friend. Willow, after a little persuasion, sanctioned that, on stage, they could act like lovers. Dru could touch and kiss as if to ward potential suitors but off stage they were just friends. Best friends, sisters, soul mates but not lovers. Dru could unlive with that. She got to touch Willow and she’d make the best she could of it. She let her hands drift down Willow’s body caressing her firm stomach.

”And I could tell it wouldn't be long
until she was with me
and I could tell it wouldn't be long
until she was with me
YEAH With me.”

Willow felt Dru slide her hands over her torso and fought the urge to roll her eyes, Dru just loved to touch! They both joined in the chorus

“Singing' I love Rock 'N' Roll
So put another dime in the jukebox, Baby
I love Rock 'N' Roll
So come and take your time and dance with me

Ow !” Willow grinned as Dru’s Ow was real, Willow had pinched her butt.

Try as hard as he could Spike’s brain could not reconcile what his eyes were seeing. No way was Dru up there on stage writhing against Willow. It wasn’t possible. He had hit insanity at the tender age of 130, it wasn’t fair. First seeing that bleeding doll everywhere and now this. As Dru caressed Willow and dropped a kiss on her lips, the rational part of his mind acknowledged that as insanity went this wasn’t too bad.

Dru picked up the second verse in her rich tones

“She smiled, so I got up and asked for her name"
That don't matter," she said, "'cause it's all the same."
I said, "Can I take you home where we can be alone?"
And next we were moving on
and she was with me, yeah, me.”

She watched as Willow moved away from her with a sway to her hips and draped herself around the dancer’s pole. Dru knew what was coming next and fought the urge not to moan.

Willow wriggled against the pole wrapping her hands around the cold metal and sliding them up above her head moving her hips against it. She swayed her hips from one side to the other and suddenly kicked a leg up pulling herself flush against the pole.

Dru groaned as the redhead wrapped her leg around the pole and swung backwards letting her hair touch the floor.

 “And we were moving on
singing the same old song
Yeah with me
I love Rock 'N' Roll
So put another dime in the jukebox, Baby
I love Rock 'N' Roll
So come and take your time and dance with me
I love Rock 'N' Roll
'cause it suits my soul
I love Rock 'N' Roll Yeah....”

Willow swung back up and pinned the audience with her sassiest grin and crooned the next part into her microphone

”I said, "Can I take you home where we can be alone?"
And next thing we were moving on
and she was with me, yeah, me,” she pointed at Dru, who hurried over and stood face to face with the redhead

“And we were moving on
and singing that same old song
Yeah with me

Dru grinned as Willow let her true colours show and stood with her legs between Dru’s swaying their hips together.
Spike couldn’t believe it. Drusilla was not only singing and dancing with Willow but she looked different. It could have something to do with the lack of dresses or dolls but there was something he couldn’t quite put his finger on yet. And Willow, she looked amazing as she sang, he’d thought she had stage fright but she looked like she was born to perform. He was so happy to see her there and well, he was suddenly glad he’d never gotten a soul because this would definitely be a happiness clause moment. As he watched Willow and Drusilla sing the chorus moving together in a parody of love making he felt a surge of jealousy rear its head. But confusingly it wasn’t because of Dru, it was because of Willow. He listened as they finished the song.

“I love Rock 'N' Roll
so put another dime in the jukebox Baby
I love Rock 'N' Roll
So come and take your time and dance with me”

Willow blew a kiss into the audience and then leaned back against Dru, shimmying her shoulders down the Vampires body until she was crouching with her head on Dru’s pelvis. She then shimmied back up and took Dru’s hand leading her to the back of the stage as the completed their song

“I love Rock 'N' Roll (I love Rock 'N' Roll)
so put another dime in the jukebox Baby
I love Rock 'N' Roll.
So come and take your time and dance with me”

The last bars finished before the applause nearly bought the house down.

“Wow!” Dru enthused into the mike. “You are a brilliant audience tonight, all shiny like stars.”

Stars began to fall from the ceiling to land on the patrons. Willow put her hands on her his, breathing hard trying not to laugh too hard. Dru loved playing up to audiences.

“Red Witch love?” She called over her shoulder

“Hmm?” Willow raised an eyebrow “What is it darling?”

“I want to go through the gateway to the stars.” She pouted and pointed to the ceiling.

“Ok.” Willow consented and everyone watched hushed as they felt the power being collected around the witch. Suddenly her eyes shot open and the stars in the ceiling dropped away, everyone in the audience had the sudden feeling of zooming through space; it was eerily like being inside a planetarium. They saw planets and asteroids flying past them, they could reach out and touch the rings of Saturn and the moons of Jupiter. The Milky Way galaxy swirled in their drinks and the eagle nebula settled above their heads. As quickly as it had begun, it stopped, and everyone looked to the stage where the two women had vanished. There was a brief silence before the applause broke out louder than before.


“Spike?” Spike turned around and looked at the Slayer. Her voice sounded faint and far away

“Yeah?” he raised an eyebrow

“You’ve been around a while right, couple hundred years?” she said softly, her eyes unfocussed

Spike started to get worried “Something like that why?”

“Have you ever heard of a Slayer going crazy? Not Faith crazy, but hallucinating and stuff?”

Spike let a grin slip “No.”

“Oh great because I thought I just saw…”

“Dru and Willow dancing together?” he interrupted suddenly enjoying the faint look on her face

“Oh. My. God. You saw it too?” she gaped “What is going on?”

“Let’s go find out.” He suggested and moved to the back of the room.

~Part: 20~

Willow wiped the sweat off her forehead and looked back at Dru, who was staring puzzled into the mirror.

“What is it Dru baby?”

“Why don’t my clothes have a reflection? I should be like the invisible man and have clothes dancing in front of the mirror. That would be cool.”

Willow shook her head before laughing “Oh you spend way too much time with me!”

Dr grinned “Not possible.” Then she frowned “I think family’s here.”

“Huh?” Willow asked pulling a comb through her hair

“I feel the tingle I get when families near.”

“Hey maybe Angel stopped by again!” Willow said enthusiastically she loved how Dru interacted with Angel now she was sane. It was like a child who lived to antagonise a beloved parent. She could have staid, implacable Angel clutching his sides and rolling round on the floor in tucks of girlish laughter. It was so much fun to watch.

The door to the changing room opened and one of the guards popped her head around the door

“Yes?” Willow asked politely

“There’s some people to see you in the guest room. One of them is a Vampire.” The guard said

Willow tossed a grin at Dru “Angel and Cordy. I’m dressed so I’ll go say hi, get a top on and come do the same.”

“Be there in a sec.” Dru said hunting for a top.

Willow strode out of the room and walked down the hall to the guest room.

Before she opened the door, she remembered something and called out to her aide

“Silver, honey. Could you get my organizer and get Kristov’s number, we want him for the Valentines show in a couple of weeks. I’ll deal with it when I’ve finished talking to-” She pushed open the door “Ang-”

And stopped dead.

There’s a point just before you wake up that you recall your dreams so clearly and vividly and actually believe that you are just there. And then the mind gets foggy and the dream slips and you wake up to realise that the dreams were just that; dreams. That feeling you get in your stomach, a mixture of pleasure and excitement just before the dread, apprehension and hurt kick in almost adequately describes how Willow felt in that moment.