Of Pain and Friendship saga

Author: Fayth

E-mail: moonwitch@werewolf.com.uk

Parts: 11 - 15


~Part: 11~ Operation "Mine."

Willow blinked groggily and tried to stop the room spinning >OK body check, arms- two, legs- two, phew! Head intact body temp- check. I'm alive and in one piece Bonus if I can move.< She swung her legs off the side of the bed to land on the floor and for a moment the world spun like a Catherine Wheel "Bah!"

She heard a clatter in the kitchen and staggered to her feet. Her brain felt full of cotton wool. >Who's in my house?< She made it down the stairs without her head exploding on which she congratulated herself. But when she entered the kitchen she thought she was hallucinating.

Spike stood at the kitchen stove stirring something that smelt delicious, his cigarette dangled form his other hand. The table was set for two with Candles and table cloth and silverware. The drapes were closed- presumably so the chef didn't flambe himself, making the room cosy and intimate. Spike was wearing a tight back T-shirt and dark blue jeans, he had no socks on and Willow was mesmerised by his feet. They were strong and so male >Great Will drool over your flatmates feet! I must be coming down with something!< Like l-o-v-e? questioned her brain.

"Hey Spike." She spoke aloud suddenly to shut her brain up. Spike jumped

"Bloody hell pet, don't do that."

"Now you know how it feels stealth boy." She grinned wickedly "Whatcha doing?"

>Stage one of Operation "mine"< he thought  "You slept late so I figured you'd be hungry." He peered into the pan

"You're cooking for me?" she was ridiculously pleased

"Yeah but it needs another few minutes- enough time for you to grab a quick shower."

"Trying to tell me something?" She teased pretending to sniff herself

"I didn't want to be the one to say it." His expression was full of mischief

"I can take a hint.!" She mocked outrage and walked to the door slowly

"You OK?" he asked concerned

"Yeah, fine." She straightened "I'll feel better after a shower."

He leered "if you need someone to scrub your back." he left the sentence dangling and chuckled at her blush > Stage one is set!<


Knowing Spike was cooking dinner, Willow made short work of her shower. She pulled on comfy jeans and a black T-shirt, unconsciously mimicking Spike's wardrobe. After a quick brush of her hair she was able to rejoin him downstairs on sturdier legs.

Spike pulled out her chair so she could sit down.  She stared at her plate there was her favourite meal- lasagne and vegetables, roast potatoes, sweetcorn and buttered cabbage- her favourite.

"Wow!" she said and looked at Spike "I didn't know you could cook."

He shrugged as he sat opposite her, his knees brushing hers under the table.

"I met this chef in New Orleans who cooked in this hotel we stayed at. He offered me cooking lessons for eternal life and the chance to kill his boss. I just never had a chance to put the skills to the test." his gaze softened as she picked up her fork to taste it

"MM. perfect." She moaned as she swallowed and licked her fork.

"Glad you like it." >Don't watch her eat or swallow unless you *want* to embarrass yourself like a damn schoolboy.< he ducked his head to his plate and tried not to wish he was the fork.

"So how long was I out?"

"Just a little while- its after 5." She groaned

"I think me and Giles are competing for the who-can-be-unconscious-the-most award" He laughed

"I think the Watcher has you beat pet, I can't think of a single fight he hasn't been carried away from."

"I think there was one a few months ago he didn't collapse until he got home." She added in amusement as she speared a potato

"I'm surprised the bloke don't have brain damage- although that would explain why he likes the Slayer." He snorted

"Hmm." Said Willow around a mouthful of food " Says the one who had a crush on said Slayer."

"Aw pet, not fair to bring that up." he grimaced "Can I plead temporary insanity."

She pretended to consider it until he pouted "Bought on by the trauma of the chip. Absolutely but I'm afraid there will never be an excuse for Harmony."

He shuddered remembering "Whoever granted her eternal life should get death by Mosquito bites."

She nodded as she munched "Once a vacuous air-headed tramp always-"

"Really didn't like her huh?"

Willow shook her head "She made my life at Sunnydale high hell she picked on me for years her and the rest of the Cordettes."


"Vatsch." She paused and swallowed sheepishly before trying again "That's what we called those girls who hung out with Cordelia. Beautiful, popular, rich and dumb as hell -thought the Ozone layer was a foundation."

Spike almost spat out his drink as he choked back a laugh

"Of course the whole Cordy and Xander thing happened and she was declared "uncool". Me and Xander were not cool enough for them. I could've been like them." She paused waiting until Spike sipped his wine "But I couldn't afford the lobotomy."

This time he lost the battle and his mouthful of wine ended up sprayed on the floor while he laughed outright "Pet that was so evil- I'm proud."

"I know." She smiled "It's weird that me and Cordy are such good friends now."

"I thought she lived in L.A with the Poof?" he looked confused

Willow coloured "we e-mail each other regularly, she's grown so much- I guess we both have. Don't tell Buffy or Xand- they really wouldn't get it."

He felt happy that she had shared another secret part of her life with him. "Sure thing." He attempted casualness which didn't really work with the maelstrom of emotions that this topic bought up. "Does she tell you about the Poof?" he traced the table with his fingers.

"Yeah." She said softly, she knew how ambiguous Spike's feelings were towards his sire. He hated him for abandoning them but he was still family. He despised him for what he did to Dru and for being the one Dru loved but Angelus had trained him and took care of him for years.

"Sometimes Angel e-mails me, but his grasp of electric gadgets or these faddish computers is minimal- almost Giles-like.  He had a run in with Darla who was resurrected as human by this law- firm, then she was re-vamped by. another vampire because she was dying of syphilis." >Not mentioning Dru!<

"Well Darla was always a party girl." he remarked dryly  "She had some odd ideas about Childe rearing."

"Ew." She got his meaning "Apparently they had a near- Angelus situation when he set the two vamps on fire and then locked them in room with some lawyers- or possibly the other way around."

"Peaches always had a thing for lawyers."

"Well he's found himself a sense of humour form somewhere- I think maybe Cordy."

"Does he know about-" he pointed to his head indicating his chip

"Yeah and he was all for coming to Sunnydale to rip off Riley's head and to do a few other things which I don't think are anatomically possible. Nice to know he cares huh?" Spike shrugged conflicted.

She placed her fork down on her empty plate "to borrow a phrase- that was bloody delicious." Her teasing tone broke the tension and Spike's smile returned.

"Got cheesecake for desert. Go into the lounge and I'll bring it in after I clear up."

She got up and moved into the lounge "You cooked, you clean up and there's cheesecake?" she beamed "Careful Spike a girl might get used to having you around."

He waited until she was out of earshot before his face broke into a wolfish grin "All part of the plan pet, I'm going nowhere."

~Part: 12~ Good day and Goodnight

Spike glanced at  his watch "C'mon Red. You'll be late."

"It's only a research session." She complained coming down the stairs "No big."

"I'm fed up of being cooped up all bleedin' day." he confessed with a smile

"Oh poor baby." she cooed

Spike looked her up and down. She was wearing tight blue jeans, black heels and a green long sleeved top that bought out her eyes perfectly. While he gave her a once over she returned the favour. He wore his trademark jeans and t-shirt with black duster over the top. She fought the urge to drool but he was yummy.

He threw her a leather jacket "S'cold out." he pulled her onto the porch and closed the front door behind them. Willow stood and stared at what awaited her in the driveway. Her mouth opened and closed a few times and she blinked.

Spike noted all this with a preditors smile, he swaggered down the drive and swung his leg over the motorbike.

*uh* she thought desperately *Spike on a motorbike motorspike! Dangerous Sexy Spike on motorbike- naked Spike on motor-* She shook her head to clear it *snap out of it!* She gulped.

"Like it pet?" Spike said noticing her reaction *Stage two- success* he stroked the leather seat

*Oh i am in SO much trouble!* thought Willow as she forced herself to move and not think of sitting behind Spike- close behind Spike. "W-wheres the Desoto?" She asked hoping he wouldn't notice the tone of desperation.

He pouted "I wanted to play on my new toy- dontcha like it?" he cast his eyes down pretending to be hurt- it was a complete act, he knew how much she liked it and boy did he wish he knew what the fantasies were tripping through her delectable mind that made her smell so delicious. She nodded weakly *He wouldn't be pouting if he could see inside my mind bad bad Willow* She took a deep breathe and swung her leg over the bike sitting behind him- far behind him.

"You have to scoot a bit closer love." He smirked and passed her a black helmet "Here law in California."

"Where's yours?"

"Only got one, figured i'm less likely to get injured than you. Wouldn't want those beautiful brains addled now would we?" He reached under her chin to pull the helmet on and was rewarded by the sharp intake of breathe and accelerated pulse. His ego grew as he realised she was just as affected by him as she was the bike. His roguish smile would have made a pirate proud.

He switched on the bike and it roared into action with a shudder. Spike reached behind him and pulled Willow arms around his waist until her front was flush against his back.

"Hold on Pet." he looked like the cat who not only got the cream but ate the canary and the fish and kung-fu kicked the dog's ass as well. He pulled away from the drive and sped down the street.

*I will not ravish Spike I will not ravish Spike I will not ravish Spike* Wil repeated like a mantra. They hit a bump which jolted the bike slightly pushing Willow into Spike. She cursed and Spike grinned.

Two streets away Spike's smile had been replaced by a less happy face *stupid* he thought of a suitable name to call himself but failed to think of a better euphamism  *just bloody stupid*. He had the object of his desire pressed up tight against him. Her thighs around his ass, her breasts against his back and her arms around his waist hands close to... She was turned on, he could smell the sweet scent and she was whimpering like a kitten and he was so turned on there was no way he was walking away from the bike in his current state. Oh and the worst part? He was innundated with images of driving to the nearest tree and shagging her senseless- which needless to say didnt help his condition any.

By the time they reached the magic box Spike was practically shaking with need, he roared to a stop and motioned for her to get off. "Things to- back later." he growled and kick started the bike away and off into the night.

Willow walked on shaky legs until she got into the magic box where she collapsed into the nearest chair and banged her head against the table and left it there.

"Will?" Xander asked tentatively. None of the scoobies had said a word as an obviously shaken Willow staggered into the room and crumpled into a heap.

"'tupid!" the voice murmured from under her hair "'im and 'is damn toys!"

"Who's toys?" Anya perked up and Willow raised her head about a inch off the table to shoot Anya a dirty look before dropping it again and smacking her forehead against the wood. Buffy looked concerned

"Will are you ok?"

"'es." came the muffled reply

"Is anyone else sensing an Ally McBeale moment?" Xander said confused by his best friends behaviour. Then her comment registered . His toys- Spikes toys? He grinned and waited until Buffy had gone to speak to Giles before he sidled over to Willow.

"Hey Wills where's blondie?" Willow eyed Xander from under her hair having only just calmed down enough not to embarrass herself.

"He is prob'ly out enjoying his new toy." she snapped

"What toy?"

"Motorbike!" she said balefully and Xander looked incredulous before erupting into laughter. Being Willow best friend since kindergarden he knew all about her little motorbike fetish. *way to go Spike!* During one of their Playstation afternoons he had tricked Spike into admitting his feelings for the Redhead. Spike had confessed his affections and moaned about sounding like the sap so Xander had suggested he do somthing about it. Spike had obviously taken his advice. Xander , however, had refused to divulge any information about Willow or her feelings- Spike was a Vampire but Willow scared him way more- plus there was the resolve face to deal with- no Spike was on his own. Maybe. Spike had mentioned his intentions to win her over and Xander had gently suggested certain- avenues- anyway it was obvious that Spike was doing pretty well on his own.

Willow glared at Xander "Not fair Xand." she complained "He has no idea."

*Wanna bet?* he thought "Why don't you tell him how you feel?"

"No ." Reslove face *damn* "That way leads to badness and awkwardity- if that even a word."

"Maybe he feels the same?" *maybe? try for sure!*

She shook her head "He treats me like a sister or a friend, he likes to tease but thats it, he doesn't want me..." she smiled sadly "So what are we researching?"


Spike showed up at the Magic box later and sat in a chair near the door glaring at the book in his lap as if it were responsible for his present state of frustration. He was still itching for a good, hard... fight. He'd spent the last two hours kicking the crap out of any minion that had been stupid enough to cross his path. But it didn't change the fact that what he wanted most in the whole damn world was sitting across from him smelling like Vanilla. Normally if he wanted something he went after it and took it. But he wanted Wilow to love him- forever and he knew -if it was ever possible- he would have to be patient. She really was worth waiting for.

"So we still bronzing tomorrow night. Its tuneless embarassment night." Xander broke the silence.

"Say what?" Spike frowned

"Karaoke night." Willow filled in amused "Where the deaf and misguided attempt to find their groove. Brave souls!"

Buffy groaned "I totally forgot and made a date with Riley. Its our kinda anniversairy."

"What two days since last shag?" Spike was irritated and didn't care who knew it.

"Jealous Spikey? When your last lay was Harmony before she kicked you out for being impotent." She smirked

"At least she was a true blonde slutty."

"Unlike you platinum boy. Whatsa matter frustrated? DIY not doing it for ya anymore?" She bitched

He gritted his teeth against the sudden urge to rip off her head and the demon shone in his eyes.

"Unlike you vampire layer. I'm picky about who i fu-sleep with, i don't spread my legs for every passing college beefcake who dumps me the next morning. Maybe your technique needs work- they don't seem to stick around for seconds."

Buffy's eyes narrowed *direct hit* he thought with satisfaction

"STOP IT!" commanded Willow, the conversation was hitting a little close to home. "You guys are so..." she got up and left the room to angry to finish the sentence.

Xander winced as the door slammed "Way to go guys." he glared at Buffy and Spike in disgust "C'mon Anya we're leaving." and dragging her behind him they both left.

"What was that?" Buffy asked non-plussed

"It might be your conversation bought up memories of Oz?" Giles said tersely

Buffy hit her head with her hand "Oh no. Poor Wills."

Spike immediately felt bad- an emotion he usually revelled in. "Oh Bugger!"

Buffy glared maliciously at him "Oh like you care!"

"Actually Slutty Red is a lot nicer than any of the rest of you pillocks and so yeah- i care." He stood up and went to follow Willow into the training room but was stopped by Buffy

"Oh i'm so thinking no..."

"You actually thinking bitch?"

"ENOUGH" roared Giles "Both of you get out and don't come back until you can act your ages.I'm bloody sick to death of your infantile bickering." Buffy gathered her caot and stormed out and Spike after casting an apprehensive look at the training room door did the same.

Giles picked up his tea and wandered into the training room to see Willow sitting on the "horse" with her knees pulled up into her chest.

"Are you alright?" He asked gently

"Yeah i guess, i just don't get why they can't get along. He helps and yeah i know- Vampire but its always about the dumbest stuff. Who got laid last?" She shook her head "Lame."

"Ah." Giles took off his glasses and began cleaning them "And you want them to get along because of your feelings for him?"

Willow's head snapped up and she pinned him with a startled look "How did you- did Xander?"

Giles softly laughed "No indeed. I am a Watcher Willow."

"Am i obvious?" She hung her head embarrassed

He replaced his glasses "Only to me. I just told them that their incessant arguing reminded you of Oz. They left pretty quickly after that."

"Oz? Giles me and Oz never-" She blushed

"I know but it made them leave and feel guilty. Besides i wished to talk with you about this." he sat next to her "After my misspent youth i am loathe to instruct you on how to act. I know that you are careful with your magics and i am proud of how you are progressing. But after Buffy's foray into ... um demon dating i feel i must caution you about getting involved with a Vampire- even one as unconventional as our resident Spike."

"Giles, there will be no demon dating. Spike doesn't think of me that way." Willow's voice was downcast and Giles had to smile a little at the girls lack of self confidence especially in the light of the aforementioned demon's feelings.

"Do you trust me?" he asked

"Of course." there was no hesitation

"Then believe me when i say that Spike has feelings for you too. He looks at you when you are unaware and i know he cares for you." he finished simply

"Really?" her tone was one of barely concieved hope

"Really. Now don't let this get out but i am quite fond of Spike he is quite um..."


"I was going for peculiar. After seeing his affection for Drusilla i believe you two are a good match but before entering into an...ahem... physical relationship," it was Giles' turn to blush "You should consider the possible ramifications of Vampiric mating habits which include rights of Sire and Claiming and feeding during...ahem.. erm... intimacy. "

Willow's face matched Giles' in its redness "Ok Giles." She promised

"Well...ahem...if that's sorted let me drive you home."


On the drive home she considered Giles' words- did Spike feel the same way? He always treated her nicely, cooking, buying her food and walking her home. But did he love her- the way she loved him? What if he didnt- what if he did? How could Giles be sure and what if he ever lost the chip? She barely noticed anything as she walked up her driveway and into her house, her mind racing away. She dropped her keys on the table and climbed the stairs to her bedroom.

She gasped as she opened the door. A dozen blood red roses lay on her bed. She blinked

"Huh?" There was a card on the top of them and picking it up it read in beautiful handwriting:

                                                TURN AROUND

Willow turned and saw Spike standing in the doorway holding a single red rose.

"Hello." he said hesitantly

Her heart melted "Spike wha-?"

"I'm sorry pet." He interrupted "Never meant to upset you, you know?" He swallowed and gave her a sheepish grin "Forgive me?"

He was irresistable "Of course." she said, she felt full like her heart was too full of love for him that it actually ached. "I love them- noone has bought me flowers before," she paused "At least when i was conscious anyway."

He stepped forward and stroked a hand down her arm when he spoke his voice sounded far away "You deserve Roses." he stared into her eyes almost drowning in their depths.

Something was changing between them, molecules heating up and vibrating- electricity crackling in the air, the breathless certainty of fufillment. It surrounded them, pulling them closer together. Suddenly he was impossibly close and she was staring up into his piercing blue eyes.

His eyes flickered to her mouth and slowly he lowered his head until... the phone rang shattering the moment.

"Sod!" Spike exclaimed

"I-i'd better g-get t-that." stammered Willow and fled downstairs "H-h-hello?" She was breathless as she answered the phone still staring at the stairs. Her senses swirled.

"Wills it's Buffy."

"Buffy?" *Who the hell was Buffy?* her brain had melted and refused to function

"I just wanted to apologise- you know how my foot likes to live in my mouth. But that undead creep just-"

Spike cursed as he shut his bedroom door *The bleeding slayer is always balsing up my plans daft bitch!* He'd been so close to tasting his witch, he took a deep breath, he was a patient bloke... well actually he wasn't but it was never to late to learn. He paced like a caged animal. What he wouldnt give for a spot of violence right now.

Willow mumbled some response to Buffy's apology before hanging up and returning to her bedroom.

Spike's door was closed and she was relieved. She had no idea what was happening here and she needed to sit in her room - amidst the roses- and think and just be alone for a while.

"Goodnight." She whispered as she shut her door.

~Part: 13~ Reconciliation and Revelation

By the time Spike woke up, Willow had gone. Normally in between classes she would come home to collect books or just hang out with Spike. But today, she was conspicuously absent. Spike prowled around the house muttering and cursing himself, calling himself all kinds of fool for scaring her away. He needed a spot of violence to take away his edge.


Willow wandered from class to class in a daze, even Buffy was shocked out of her egotistical stupor to question her friend.

"Yeah sure." Just trying to work through my feelings for a certain blonde Vampire.

"C'mon Will share." Buffy could be like a pit bull when she got hold of something.

"I didn't get a lot of sleep last night."

"I thought the perky pain- in- the -ass was AWOL this morning." Buffy said knowingly

"AWOL?" Willow was amused "I think that military speak comes courtesy of a certain Mr Finn?" She deftly deflected the subject to Buffy's favourite topic.

"I know." Buffy smirked " There's just something about all that military speak that gets me hot. You know ten-four, AWOL, Roger, over and out." She paused "Does that make me sick?"

Willow shook her head glad to focus on someone else's problems for a change.

"Wanna get a Mocha and tell me about it?"   She really couldn't face going home just yet, even though she knew she couldn't put it off forever.

"Sure we've planned to go out tonight otherwise I'd join you at Karaoke night." she  said regretful

"That's OK Buff. Anya, Xand and me will have fun mocking the talent-less denizens of Sunnydale all by ourselves."

Buffy considered "Maybe me and Ri could stop by after we're done - celebrating."

Willow tittered "Is that what you kids are calling these days- celebrating?"



"So What's up?" Xander asked as he stepped through the door

Spike was the picture of misery as he sat on the brand new couch his head in his hands "Dunno mate- everything was going so well. The cooking, the clothes, the bike and flowers." He stared at his hands unused to confiding in anyone that wasn't Willow and marvelling that he and the Moron were actually friends. "We almost kissed last night until Slutty the sodding Vampire layer phoned and put a bloody spanner in the works. Now Red hasn't been back all day."

Xander took pity on the poor dejected Vampire. He didn't have many male friends and so this bizarre friendship with Spike was something he wanted to keep, they got on because of mutual appreciation for wrestling, games and of course Willow. After a while they had found that their fighting had lost some of its vicious barbs and had become more manly banter.

"Geez Spike, stop brooding- you'll get like Angel." Oh and mutual hatred of the Poofed wonder. Spike's head snapped up and he pinned Xander with a glare.

"I am not like Peaches!" he growled menacingly

"Then quit acting like it." Xander glared back "That's an Angel thing, moaning about -oh does she love me wah wah my tortured self all broody and with the gel." He gestured to his hair "Now Spike he ties them up and DOES something about it!"

Xander's words had the desired effect and tore a reluctant grin form Spike.

"Quick to the Angelmobile." He replied causing Xander to snort "All right so I'm not the Nancy boy."

"Plus you know Wills likes you, she's just nervous about being hurt again."

"Right." Spike felt better "I don't want to scare the chit off, she's special." He murmured ducking his head in embarrassment until he recalled that a) this was Xander and b) Master Vampires did not get embarrassed.

Xander had a brain wave "Hey why don't you come with us tonight."

"Do what?"

"Come with us Slut. Buffy won't be there so you can come and hang out with us. Me, An and Willow."

Spike was dubious "I don't know."

Xander was insistent "We'll mock the singers and drink and do some dancing." he saw Spike wavering  "Of course if you don't go Willow will end up dancing with some drunk frat boy with his octopus hands all over her." He played his trump card and was rewarded by the clenching of Spike's jaw

"I'll be there."

"Great." Xander grinned "Wanna play some wrestling?"


Willow came home after her last class of the door. She was nervous about how to act around Spike after last night. She opened the door and breathed a sigh of relief as she didn't see him. She took two steps into the house and was grabbed from behind. Before she had time to catch a breath to scream a cool hand was clasped over her mouth cutting off any chance of signalling for help.

"Think I'd let you get away with ignoring me all day long, pet?" a very familiar voice hissed in her ear "That's not how this works."

The strong arm that was tight around her shoulders slowly loosened and began to drift down her arm stroking her soft skin and making her shiver before snaking around her waist. He flexed his fingers and began to tickle her exposed side.

Willow squirmed against him trying not to laugh, but when he removed his other hand from her mouth to join it's mate at her waist, she gave up.
"Spike, stop.it." She giggled and turned to face him. This was a mistake as it gave him full access to all her ticklish spots: her neck, her ears, her ribs and legs. He was merciless and soon had her on the floor in hysterics with him straddling her.

"Stop. don't. Spi-ike!" she managed mid-gasps for air as she attempted to breathe between giggles. His eyes danced in mischief and he laughed along with her.

"Say- I'll never ignore you again Spike." He instructed teasingly

"I'll never ignore you again Spike." She squirmed trying to dodge his clever hands.

"Say- you are The Boss of this house Spike." He continued

"I am the Boss of this house." She sassed until he stroked her sides with his long fingers "OK.OK . Spike is Boss of this house and Master Vampire and all round Big Bad scary guy."

"Well done pet. Now say we will always be friends no matter what." She stopped writhing and stared up into his eyes as the tone of  his voice surprised her. He was deadly serious, all mischief missing from his deep blue eyes.

"Of course." She said sincerely "Always and always, promise we'll always be friends Spike."

For a second his eyes clouded over as if he were deeply troubled about something but it was over so fast she thought she had imagined it.

He got up off her and held out his hand for her, she took it and jumped to her feet.

"Jerk." She said and swatted his chest

"Yeah but you love it, sweets." He joked "Now get your cute ass upstairs and get changed, we're meeting Chubs and the demon-girl at seven."

"We?" She asked surprised "You too?"

"To coin a proper Sunnydale phrase- Doh!" he paused "Unless you don't want me to come."

"Of course I do dumb-ass."

"Well?" he gestured to the stairs "Unless you need some help changing." He leered and reached for her top.;

"Going!" she sputtered and raced up the stairs.


The Bronze was full to the rafters as Willow and Spike weaved their way through the crowds. The promise of Karaoke embarrassment had ensured the management a full house, even the popular element of Sunnydale had emerged to partake in the festivities.

Luckily Xander and Anya had arrived early to secure seats near the stage and motioned Willow and Spike to their vacant seats.

"Hey Guys, Wills nice outfit." Xander enthused earning twin glares from Spike and Anya. "Looking good."

Spike agreed, Willow had worn a short cherry red mini skirt and matching strappy top with a sheer black shirt over the top. She looked cute and alluring at the same time. Spike had nearly demanded that she put some proper clothes on because no man was going to ogle *his* Woman.

Fortunately he knew what kind of reaction that would elicit from Willow and had wisely kept his mouth shut and his opinions to himself. He settled for glaring murderously at any guy who even dared look at her.

"How's the music so far?" Willow slipped into her seat

"Some is really dire but some actually just sucks." Anya said sipping her drink

"Thirsty, pet?" Spike offered

"Sure I'll have a coke."

Spike looked disappointed "Nothing stronger?"

"Are you trying to get me drunk mister?" She mocked offended

"And you're what, shocked and outraged? Evil remember." She matched his amused expression

"In that case make it a double Vodka and coke, oh Evil one!" He got up and went to the bar

"So Will's, how is everything going with you and Blondie?"

"Perfect." She lamented "Perfectly platonic friends."

"You know if I had my powers I would curse him for you." Anya offered "Men who don't make the first move should be forced to walk backwards for all eternity."

Xander looked at his girlfriend in fascinated horror "I will never piss you off." He moved to kiss her.

Willow smiled sadly as they embraced "I don't want him cursed. I just."

"Want him?" finished Anya with a look of understanding

"Ugh, I am so pathetic I find myself identifying with Disney songs!" Willow added frustrated.

"What was that?" Spike said from behind her and Willow froze.

Xander looked over to the crowded bar "That was fast."

Spike handed a red-faced Willow her drink "Surprising how fast people move when you flash them a little-" Spike showed his fangs "So what was that about Disney songs?"

"We were just discussing our favourite Disney songs." Xander lied smoothly "I'm torn between Hakuna Matata and the Jungle book monkey song I wanna be like you-ou-ou." He finished with a grin

"I like Be our Guest, with the talking Candlestick. He was very realistic." Anya grinned widely "I actually turned a man into a Candlestick once, he used to take his wives favourite candlestick to see his Mistress at night so his wife cursed him to be the Candlestick so she could set him on fire every night. Very creative she was too."

The three other occupants stared into space blankly for a moment.

"That's ruined that movie for me." Willow shuddered

"I like that Tarzan one, You'll be in my heart."

"I don't remember that one." Anya frowned "How does it go?"

Spike hesitated for a second before singing softly the words "Come stop your crying it will be all right. Just take my hand and hold it tight, I will protect you from all around you I will be here don't you cry." As much as he liked the humans he still wasn't comfortable appearing vulnerable in front of them- even just singing. Which is why he was relieved when they accepted it.

"Why Spike, you have a gorgeous voice. Maybe you should do that on stage." Anya suggested with a smile

"Maybe." he said and locked eyes with Willow "What?"

"I would've figured you for one of the Villains songs, like Scar's Matter of Pride or Oh. Hades bit."

"Hmm, what about you, love?"

"I won't say I'm in love from Hercules." She blushed "Or the Seawitch's Poor unfortunate souls."

"What about Cruella DeVille?" Anya asked

"She's out with Riley." Willow quipped

"Willow!" Spike laughed out loud "That was evil- I'm so proud."

"Oh thanks but now I feel guilty, I love Buffy." Willow added hurriedly

"Ohh can I watch?" said Xander earning a slap from both Willow and Anya and a death glare from Spike. They sat back to watch the talent-less perform.


Xander wiped the tears from his eyes and tried to sit up. "That was the funniest thing I have ever seen and I've hung around with Angel."

Spike had to agree "Me too, that was just beyond bad. Did she really think she could sing. I could hear dogs howling outside."

"She wasn't That bad." Willow said doubtfully. "Credit for trying."

"Oh c'mon Willow, she was worse than Cordelia at our talent show."

"And we were so much better." Willow shuddered remembering the humiliation that had been the Talent show.

"Gotta agree with Chubs. She was bad, pet. Man U supporters on the bottle whack out a better tune than that."

"OK then Mr Critic- you go and show 'em how its done." Willow challenged Spike

The look he gave her confused the hell out of her "Fine." he said softly looking deeply into her eyes.

He got up and made his way to the stage. He whispered something to the announcer and selected his song. They walked onto the stage together and the announcer handed Spike the microphone.

"Ladies this is your Lucky night. Here's Spike with a song dedicated to a special Lady in his life. Willow this is especially for you."

Willow gaped and blushed scarlet as the announcer left the stage and the spotlight hit on Spike's pale skin making him seem more ephemeral than usual.

The music started and Spike stared at Willow holding her captive with his piercing blue eyes as he softly crooned into the microphone.

Look into my eyes - you will see
What you mean to me
Search your heart - search your soul
And when you find me there you'll search no more
Don't tell me it's not worth tryin' for
You can't tell me it's not worth dyin' for
You know it's true
Everything I do - I do it for you

People in the audience swayed to the music and watched the blonde and the red head stare at each other transfixed like there was no one else in the room.

Look into my heart - you will find
There's nothin' there to hide
Take me as I am - take my life
I would give it all - I would sacrifice
Don't tell me it's not worth fightin' for
I can't help it - there's nothin' I want more
Ya know it's true
Everything I do - I do it for you

Like Magic Willow was hit with a barrage of images. Spike cooking for her, laughing at her jokes, watching T.V with Spike, Spike carrying her, holding her. Spike holding the red roses- face contrite and full of. Love? Oh my God Spike was in love with her!
Spike saw the realisation dawn in her face and his unbeating heart leapt.

There's no love - like your love
And no other - could give more love
There's nowhere - unless you're there
All the time - all the way

Spike walked off the stage still purring into the microphone

Oh - you can't tell me it's not worth tryin' for
I can't help it - there's nothin' I want more

The crowds parted with delightful sighs at the romantic scene unfolding in the Bronze as he came to stand in front of Willow.

I would fight for you - I'd lie for you
Walk the wire for you - ya I'd die for you

He held out his hand and she took it, standing up to be face to face with him. Her own heart thundered in her chest.

Ya know it's true
Everything I do - I do it for you

As Willow stood up Spike leant down and crushed his lips to hers. The audience surrounding them erupted into applause. But neither acknowledged the accolades and someone was forced to rescue the microphone before it was crushed between the two bodies.

Willow was only aware of Spike's lips on hers, she opened her mouth slightly to suck in air and felt Spike's tongue enter her mouth and deepen the kiss. His hands rested one on the small of back and one at her neck caressing her nape. Her fingers reached up and curled themselves in his shirt pulling him even closer. She moaned into his mouth as he nipped at her lips with his dull teeth, He tasted her lips and mouth delighting in the taste of Willow before drawing back so she could snatch breathe.

Loathe to break contact he rested their foreheads  together.

"Oh yes perfectly platonic." Anya smirked

Willow turned blushing wildly to her friends. "Umm." She was unable to form a coherent statement which delighted Spike. Xander grinned knowingly
"Take her home."

"I intend to mate." Spike laced Willow's fingers with his own and pulled her away from the table and towards the exit and out of the club.

"There go two very happy people." Xander smiled sweetly at his girlfriend

"Off to have lots of Orgasms." Anya chirped

 Xander looked her up and down "Speaking of which." in like mind they both got up and let their table be occupied by someone else.

As they reached the door to the Bronze they bumped into Buffy and Riley.

"Hey guys, what did I miss?" Buffy asked

Once again showing perfectly that Xander and Anya were indeed made for each other they smiled and replied

"Nothing at all."

~Part: 14~

Willow had no idea how she'd gotten home. Her brain seemed fixated on the feelings of  Spike's hand on hers, his long cool fingers and the promise they held for the night ahead.

She was dimly aware that they reached the front door and Spike had somehow managed to open it with hands that trembled more than she had ever known possible and suddenly they wee in his bedroom and he pushed her against the door ravaging her mouth as he fumbled for the light. This was the first time she had stepped foot in Spike's room since he had moved in and she wasn't disappointed. Her fantasy's had been almost psychically correct.

He had black silk sheets on a double bed with an ornate metal headboard-where that had come from she had no idea and as his hands slipped under her shirt, she didn't much care either. He had painted the walls a deep red  and the thick black drapes covered the windows preventing any light from entering from outsides. From insides a large lamp with blood red coverings cast dark shadows into the room, it was a perfect room for a Master Vampire and his witch.

Spike rained kisses down her neck as she tilted her head back, he traced her collarbone with his tongue and gently nipped her throat with his dull teeth. He could feel her heartbeat speed up at this and felt a small wave of uneasiness.

"Love, we don't have to do this." He sent up a silent prayer to Gods he no longer believed in

"If you stop now, I will personally remove your entrails." she whispered sweetly but a shadow passed over her eyes "Unless you don't want-"

He swept her into his arms and cut off her statement with his tongue in her mouth

"Oh I want. I really want." He urged as he let her catch her breath.

Keeping his eyes on hers he slid her shirt off her shoulders and let it pool on the floor as he stared at the Goddess in front of him.

"Perfect." He breathed and Willow's face split with a grin at his tone.  He lay her gently onto the bed and removed her shoes and mini skirt until she was lying in front of him dressed only in her black bra and panties.

He stood back and stared at the vision in front of him, he wanted to commit this scene to memory forever, so that every day he could take it out and replay it over and over and -

"Spike?" Willow pouted "Did you forget about me" She rose to her knees and reached for his T -shirt "You, Mister are wearing too many clothes." She said impishly and pulled it off. Now it was her turn to stare at the large expanse of pale flesh revealed.

"Wow." She ran her warm hands over it causing Spike to suck in unneeded air.

Quickly he shucked off his jeans and stood, naked in front of his Goddess.

Her eyes widened and her breath caught in her throat. Beautiful.

Spike pushed her back on the bed and kneeled over her, his teeth pulling at her Bra straps. He pulled down one and then the other until her breasts were bare to his eyes. and mouth.

Willow's whole bodied trembled at the feel of Spikes mouth and tongue working his magic on her body, she felt a sharp build up of tension low down. She couldn't concentrate as he moved from each breast to her collar bone, her shoulders, her stomach, spending particular attention to her belly button before moving lower, right to the centre of tension. Her underwear was ripped off in a hurry as he reached the treasure.

She bucked as his cold tongue touched her-there. It was magic, it was fantastic, it was everything she'd ever dreamed of and more. Her world spun in dizzying circles until the pressure became too much and it exploded. She tried to catch her breath but Spike had begun the sweet torture again and as she climbed the heights to her second explosion she keened his name.

Her hands tight in his hair and his name on her lips was nearly his undoing. Her scent surrounded him and he was drunk on her. He purred and the rumble sent a sensation through his mouth and into her causing her to scream his name in satisfaction.

She lost count of the amount of times he pleasured her and now all she wanted was for him to be inside her, for him to enjoy this as much as she was.

"Spike please." she whispered hoarsely and he looked up from between her legs.

Her eyes were glazed and dark with desire. She had never looked more beautiful.

He pushed himself up the bed and kissed her deeply.

She tasted herself within his mouth along with the unique taste of Spike and dug her fingernails into his back.

Her hands traced down his skin and began stroking him. Spike shuddered with physical tension before removing her hand and positioning himself at her entrance.

He slid gently in until he felt her barrier. Then he kissed her forcing his tongue into her mouth to swallow the gasp of pain as he thrust into her breaking through.

He pulled his mouth away and stared into her eyes waiting until she had adjusted to him. She nodded to him smiling in her special Willow way that was so exciting to him. He began a slow torturous rhythm showering her with baby kisses each time he slid into her warmth.

The build up was just as incredible and both began to gasp as he pushed harder bringing them sweet ecstasy, as they came he bit into her breast evoking such strong emotion and feeling that it had them screaming each others name in release.


They lay side by side intertwined in each others arms. Spike played with Willow's hair and breathed in time with her. Willow smiled at his gesture. He stroked his arm and leaned up to brush her lips against his.

He cleared his throat " Willow?"

"Hmm?" she watched him as he watched her, he seemed almost nervous.

"About the bite?" he gestured to her breast where the evidence of their liaison was apparent. "I never meant to hurt you."

"I know, and I know all about Vamp bites, I have read the Watcher diaries, you know." She grinned a bit but it faded as something puzzled her "Why didn't you do it on my neck?"

She knew from her readings that Vampire bites during sex were to show claiming to others, so why had he done it where no one could see, was he ashamed of her?

"I want you, all of you. I'm not ashamed of you. Bloody hell I'd scream it from the top of the Hellmouth but I want you to tell everyone about us before I do it there will be no secrets." He knew what she was thinking.

"Willow, I want you to tell the Slayer. I don't want to be dusted if she sees my mark before she knows. I could care less actually if she dusts me, but she'd hurt you too. I would rather die than let that happen, pet."

Willow smiled, her fears rested "Me too, I'll tell her soon, I want everyone to know I'm yours and you're.mine?"

"Totally, heart and .well I don't know where my soul is, but you can have that too."

She giggled.


"I like it when you say my name. But I like Red too, its special."

"Like you." He stared down at this amazing girl that belonged to him. "I- I love you."

She turned and looked straight at him. His face was open and vulnerable for the first time ever. She could see Love and lust and fear of rejection all there laid out for her.

"I love you too. More than I ever thought possible."

The way his face lit up she knew she would never forget as he crushed her to him holding her tightly and silently vowing never to let her go. Emotions were high and hearts were open and although it was sweet and romantic Willow wanted to inject some lightness back into their relationship.

"Spike?" her tone was troubled and he felt his heart drop


"Do we have to tell the Slayer now?"

"Not right this second, why?" he relaxed as she pouted playfully

"Good, I wanted to spend a while in bed. How long would you say is practical for a new couple who love each other to spend proving it?" Spike grinned and raised his eyebrows

"How's forever sound to you?"

"I like that." She grinned back "But lets start with the weekend."

And they did.

~Part: 15~ The Morning after

Willow was rudely awakened by the obnoxious ringing of the telephone. RING!!

She huddled down under the soft covers and hoped that it would stop if she ignored it. RING! Maybe not.

<Dammit> she heard a groan from under her cheek and the cool chest she had been using as a pillow rumbled.

"Bleeding phones, should a killed that Alexander Bell twat when I had the chance." Spike growled at the offending contraption.

Willow giggled and reached over to him to pick up the receiver.

"Hello?" she grimaced "Hey Buffy."

Spike swore at the revelation of the caller's identity.

"What? No I'm fine, I realise you haven't seen me all weekend. No I'm not sick." Willow coloured as she glanced shyly at the hard male body currently lying next to her. "I've been .busy."

Spike raised an eyebrow with a smirk on his face. Her traced the curve of her shoulder and back with one hand and was rewarded with a shudder; he raised himself up on one elbow and nipped at her shoulder with his blunt teeth.

"B- Buffy it's only been two days. Xander knew where we-I was. Okay I'll be there tonight. Yeah me too, bye!"

She put the phone down and scowled at it.

"Two days. It took her two days to notice I was missing."

"Disgraceful." Spike murmured as he kissed his way down her spine "You could have been kidnapped by a big bad evil who wanted to do all sorts of delicious things to your helpless little body."

His low voice sent more shivers down her back.

"A big bad evil huh?" she bit her lip

"Oh yeah." Spike let out a predatory grin as he captured her bottom lip

"How long would he kidnap me for" Willow closed her eyes lost in the sensation "I have to meet Buffy later."

"For eternity." Spike moaned into her warm mouth "But if you're good, I'll let you meet Slutty later."

"What if I'm really bad?" The wicked edge to her voice made Spike swallow as images inundated him

"Then you come home and go straight to bed."


"You think they're coming?" Xander asked and Anya's face split into a huge grin

"Quite possibly, after all they have spent the entire weekend in bed. Having orgasms and I think that they should come up for air for a while."

"Yes let's talk about this- again." Giles rolled his eyes "Just lobotomise me first."

"I'm just saying." Xander began but Buffy entered the room and he stopped.

"Hey guys Wills here yet?"


"What has been up to all weekend," she paused as a thought struck her "I hope we don't have a test I was supposed to study for."

Anya looked at her in disgust "Maybe she spent all weekend having sex?"

Buffy rolled her eyes "Yeah."

"Actually I think she was studying biology, anatomy." Xander quipped and Giles tried to smother a smile.

Buffy frowned "Is Willow even taking Biology?"

The bell above the door jangled as Willow entered the room

"Hi everyone." She beamed

"Wow someone's happy." Buffy remarked

"Happy to see everyone. Happy me, happy you," she sing songed and everyone grinned at the display of Willow happiness. "So what's the what?"

"I trust you are- fine?" Giles asked warily

"Fine, really fine." She let loose a yawn, "If a little tired- bust weekend." She blushed as Xander and Anya chuckled and Giles cleaned his glasses.

"Really Wills you should take it easy, get a little R and R."

Willow looked a little guilty "I'm not overdoing it Buff. So what are we researching?"

As Giles proceeded to show Willow what she had missed during her fun filled weekend Buffy watched her bubbly friend.

*she's practically glowing; I've never seen her so happy, not even when Oz was around. Oh boy, she has a new guy! Was Anya being serious?" she watched as Willow winced as she adjusted herself on the sofa and her jaw dropped as she registered the large hickey partially hidden by Willow's sweater. *Willow is having sex! I wonder who the lucky guy is, and why hasn't she told me? I'm her best friend for goodness sake.* Buffy was a littler hurt that Willow hadn't confided in her. She picked up the nearest book and slumped in her chair occasionally glancing at Willow from over the top of her book.

Two hours later the sun had set and the Scooby's were in full research mode. The only sounds were the turning of pages and the scrunch of food wrappers from Xander's junk food stash.

Giles took off his glasses and rubbed at his eyes "I believe we have amassed enough information on this threat Buffy."

"Ok Giles I guess I'm patrol bound."

"Evening all." Spike announced as he entered through the back "Miss me?"

"Like a hole in the head." Buffy looked disgusted as he sat down next to Willow on the sofa and put his feet on the table "I was hoping you'd gotten run through by a stray pencil."

"Aw I know you'd miss me if I dusted Slayer." His eyes glinted and as she opened her mouth to retort the phone rang.

"Magic box." Giles greeted. "Oh it's you lot." His tone dropped several levels and they felt frost in his next statement.

"What do *you* want?" he pulled off his glasses again- a sure sign that he was harassed "Of course I bleeding well have it, no I wasn't aware. It was never very accurate- now?" he sighed and put the phone down on the table as he sauntered over to a shelf and removing an old red bound book, muttering all the time about asses and pompousness "Yes got it, page 602- oh great another prophecy, I don't suppose you. no too much to bloody hope for wasn't it. Yeah yeah bye." He slammed the phone down and stared at it in disgust "I need a drink."

"If you're offering." Spike perked up as Giles dragged a bottle of scotch from under the desk and poured himself a drink. Then another. And one for Spike.

Buffy frowned as Spike grinned and gulped back the shot before turning to Giles "The council?"

"Yes they seem to have uncovered a prophecy that might relate to us, the bare bones are to be found in this volume but the lager prophecy is held at the council in London. They are sending the full text over. But they have no idea what it means. Bloody useless bunch off." he bit off a curse as swallowed the alcohol letting it burn away the obscenities in his throat. He decided to ignore the glass and drink straight from the bottle to save time.

"I guess this means more research." Willow added tentatively. Xander groaned and let his head fall onto the pile of books in front of him


"You know when I was drafted into saving the world; no one mentioned how much paperwork there would be." Buffy stared bleary eyed at the mountains of volumes in front of her.

Everyone had been working flat out to discover anything about the prophecy. Even Spike had sat uncomplaining next to Willow on the sofa engrossed in a book. Buffy was impressed- she would have been less impressed and possibly more hysterical if she could see under Spike's duster draped over their knees where his hand traced patterns on Willow's thigh and she held his hand.

"I need a smoke." Spike got up and taking his duster walked out back to have a cigarette outside.

"Caffeine!" moaned Willow, her exhaustion winning her over.

"Me too." Xander, Anya and Giles chorused although Giles' was a little slurred as he continued to drink the scotch- neat.

"I'm kitchen girl." Willow stood- her muscles screaming in protest. "Buff?"

"Nah- Slayer stamina." She grinned "I can be bored for hours yet."

Willow shot her a returning grin as she made her way to the kitchen behind the Magic Box's shop area. Giles had it put it in after too many late night research parties with no coffee.

She switched the coffee maker on, placed five cups on the side and waited staring at the window at her reflection.

She smiled as she felt strong arms circle her waist- even though she was alone in her reflection.

Spike kissed her neck "You smell nice pet." He nuzzled into her throat

"So do you." she said "Cigarettes and leather is quite the turn on though, sorry about this research, I know your bored and have got better things to do."

He placed his finger over her lips and turned her to face him.

"I'm here with you, love." He swept a soft kiss over her lips "I can't think of anyone I'd rather be with, of course I'm sure we could be doing something far more interesting." He waggled his eyebrows and cut off her giggle with his mouth.

"Actually I'm kinda wired- I'm gonna work off some tension out back." Buffy got up and headed towards the workout room.

Willow broke the kiss "C'mon Spike. Buffy could walk in."

Buffy stopped in her tracks as she heard her name come from the kitchen.

"So?" Spike said littering kisses over her cheeks and jaw line.


Buffy walked into the workout room and peered out from behind the door. From this vantage point she could see into the kitchen where the door was open. Her eyes nearly popped out of her head. Spike had Willow pinned up against the sideboard and was raining kisses upon her face and neck.

"Stop it." Willow snickered "You're tickling me and what do you mean so? If Buffy finds out about you and me- being friends let alone the other," she blushed furiously causing Spike to chuckle

"Love, if you're doing it- you can say it."

"I can say it." Willow pouted

*Don't say it!* Buffy pleaded *please*

"Say it then, sex." Spike kissed her nose "Sex, shagging, making love, humping, beast with two backs, getting jiggy with it!"

"That's it no more MTV for you." Willow laughed

*Spike and Willow!* Buffy was furious

"Anyway if Buffy finds out she'll freak." Willow pushed Spike's wandering hands away, Spike heaved a sigh

"Yeah and Little Miss trigger happy would stake me."

*Too right!* thought Buffy and searched around her for a stake

"Exactly and that would kill me." Willow stated sadly

*What?* Buffy stopped

"Why should she even care, bloody hypocrite- it's okay if Queen Slutty and the Poofter want to go at it, but woe betide you get a happy."

"Spike." Willow touched his face "She cares about me."

"But she'd stake the Vamp who loves you without even a by-your-leave."

*Love?* Buffy was floored

"So she's overprotective. I won't let her hurt you Spike. I've waited for you for too long. I love you, you know that."

"I love you too pet. I just don't want to have to keep it a secret, flitting about like we had something to be ashamed of. I want to scream it to the world. Sod the Slayer." Willow nodded her eyes shining with tears at his impassioned words.

"We will tell her, I just want to be stress free for a while before the fight starts, ok?"

"Ok." Spike conceded "I'd die for you, I guess I can wait for a WHILE." he emphasised grimly.

"I'll make it up to you baby." Willow cooed.

"Oh yeah?" Spike smirked

"And if she can't deal, then we'll leave." Willow added shocking both Buffy and Spike



"We'll leave, I love you and I'll follow you anywhere. If Buffy can't accept you, then she can't accept me because you're a part of me now. Besides I always wanted to travel."

"Mexico, Italy, Paris, London- I'll show you the world." Spike spun her around and then crushed his lips to hers in delight.

Buffy stood in the doorway in amazement *Willow loves Spike, Spike loves Willow, kissing- sex leaving? Willow would leave?* She ducked back into the training room as Xander came down the hall, she grinned maliciously *Oh boy Xander's going to flip, he hates Spike*

Xander passed the workout room and entered the kitchen; he stopped when he saw Willow and Spike.

*Here goes!* Buffy winced in anticipation of his outburst

"Hey Blondie, you may not need to breath but Wills still has oxygen issues."

*huh?* no explosion?

Spike pulled back and Willow gasped for air

"She doesn't normally complain about me not coming up for air." Spike smirked "It makes her moan."

"Add that to the list of things I never wanted to hear." Xander shuddered "Besides the Buffster is in the next room, you want her to go supernova when she finds you two?" He headed for the biscuit tin.

"We were just saying about that daft bint." Spike nodded and made way for Xander

"Look guys Buffy is my best friend- best girl friend." She amended "Don't insult her."

"Sorry sweets but she is borderline psychotic- it's a Slayer thing. It explains why she's so obsessive about you."

"Protective not obsessive." Willow stirred sugar into the coffee and picked up the mugs

"Whatever, let me carry those, is one for me?"

"Of Course." She sent him a loopy grin

"Oy Harris, you coming over tomorrow? I've been practising."

"Sure thing Blondie, I'll bring tomb raider."

Willow put on her resolve face "No leering over Lara Croft while I'm in the vicinity or I'll take you both on and win- again."

Spike groped her ass "If I leer at you will you take me on?"

Xander shuddered again "Wills make him stop."

"You don't think I've tried?" They went back to the tables chattering.


Buffy walked slowly away from the door and sat down on the mat, all fight drained out of her.

*Ok let's process, Willow and Spike are together- as in a couple, with love and sex. Ew. No mental pictures. Xander knows therefore Anya knows- does Giles know? But Xander wasn't freaked, he's bonded with Spike! Major weirdness. They won't tell me, they're afraid I'll freak out- totally wig, which I am doing. WILLOW AND SPIKE!! Am I really obsessive, she loves him but can't tell me- her best friend because she's afraid I'll stake him.
And I want to stake him- he's a vampire, I'm a Slayer, and yeah ok Angel but that was- oh God Spike's right I'm a hypocrite.  I am an obsessive hypocrite and my friends can't confide in me because they're afraid I'll explode!*

She sat in the dark thinking deep thoughts.