Welcome to Desired, the place for all of your crossover needs.

Regardless of fandom and pairing, Desired accepts submissions of any fiction relating to any 'ship. What ever your fandoms, whoever your pairings, you can add it to this archive.

Desired was founded specifically to host crossover fiction and contains fiction with adult content and situations of a homoerotic nature. If you aren't old enough to read such material, you shouldn't be here, so please leave.

Whatever crossover fiction you write, it's more than welcome here, and we're always accepting submissions.

Fiction can be submitted through the form or through email, details for submissions can be found on the submit page. Please ensure that you fill in the details on the form correctly, or that you add them to your email submission. It is important that you do this, so that we know which section of the site to archive your work in. If your fiction does not meet the guideline criteria, it will not be added, and you will need to re-submit your work. Also please remember to add an email address to your fiction so that all your wonderful readers can send you feedback.

So, take a look around, sign the guestbook, read the fiction, submit some fiction, and have fun.



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