: 10th August 2002

Updated: 11th June 2006

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Fiction: 79


Nominations are now CLOSED. I'd like to thank everyone who has participated this round, and wish all of you the best of luck.
If you are judging for an award SDFA has been nominated for, you can still view the nominate page. Instructions are shown after clicking the nominate link in the navigation above. Speaking of nominations, SDFA is entered into the Best of the Best of the Lie To Me Awards for the So Beautiful Award. Go vote!!!

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New Categories:

The Sombrero Award - Best Humourous Fic
The Moriati Award - Best Villain (can include use of 'canon' villains)

Deleted Categories:

These just weren't working, so unfortunately they had to go...
The Ensnared Award - Best HP/BtVS or AtS Crossover Fic
The Spirit Award - Best Poem
The Voice Award - Best Feedback



Round 13 of SDFA is a normal round but please, read the rules - it's important you do, because if you don't and you nominate, I'll know, and your submission will be deleted. If you have any ideas for new categories/layouts etc, you can email them to me or fill in the suggest form and if you would like to leave comments about this layout, or the site in general (I'd love it if you did) please use the guestbook (see navigation above). That's it! Happy nominating.


Hi everyone.

Well, SDFA is back, and with this return come the long awaited winners of the twelfth round of awards. Obviously, the delay in these is obvious, and for those who have seen the site recently, you’ll be aware that the site has been closed since October 2005 - nearly six months - it’s hard to believe.

I’m not happy that I had to close, nor am I happy that it has taken so long to get these awards awarded, or the next round together. That said; I am glad that I’ve come to a juncture that has allowed me to re open SDFA. I’m not starting again - it’s a straight forward continuation, with the exception of one thing - and that is that positions for judges will be open to apply for. To those of you who have offered to help out, you know who you are, and have been contacted already, to those interested in judging, just send me an email with the required info on it (see on site) and we’ll take it from there.

I’ve had a horrible 2006 so far, and we’re not far into the year, I’m not going to go into it, but I’ll be updating my LJ soon, for those who are interested in knowing what’s been going on.

I’m still planning on SDFA having three rounds a year. A Beginning, Middle and End, which comprise of two months of nominations and two months of judging in each. Obviously, as this round is starting in April instead of May, I’m just splitting the time up equally. If all goes to plan, which it should, Round Thirteen nominations will close in mid June, and winners will be announced just as Round Fourteen begins in September (check the site for dates).

As always, I’d like to extend my thanks for all of the support you have all given in the past, and continue to provide, and hope that you participate in this, the Thirteenth Round of Shadows & Dust Fanfic Awards.