Stuck on an idea? Can't think up an idea? Writers block again?

All of these can easily be solved by reading over this list of challenges. Challenges help inspire the author to either come up with a similar idea, or take the challenge and create a piece of fiction.

Please let me know if you take on one of these challenges so I can add your story to the site and link it from this section.


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Challenge #4 Submitted by jeanita:

It's season 5.  Buffy realizes that Spike has feelings for her.  Somehow, the people from the party and Cecily are transported into the present.  Have Spike stand up for William.  Have Buffy realize that she has feelings for Spike and doesn't want to make the same mistake as Cecily.


Challenge #3 Submitted by Eisa:

Buffy and Spike are in his crypt when a portal opens, you explain why. They both get sucked in Buffy is sent to 1877 London and meets William. But Spike is sent to 1880 where his chips isn't working. Buffy is still in the past and he finds her married to William with two young children. When he sees her he gets the memories but starts to slowly fade. He must meet her in private and decide if he wants her as Spike or William? If you want you can have it either way. Buffy must have at least one child. Post Smashed.



Challenge #2 Submitted by Rachel:

Start in S5's "The Replacement" where instead of Xander getting hit, Spike does (he jumps in front of Buffy to save her or something). I know this has been done before, but it splits them up to where there is William and Spike - who doesn't have William as a part of him anymore but is still very-Spike - he still loves her. Buffy starts spending time with William, seeing the man who she only got a glimpse of through Spike's rough exterior. Willow doesn't know how to fix the spell so easily as in the episode and William and Spike wind up sticking around for longer than the gang expected. Buffy finds herself torn between Spike and William. I'd love to have something work out where she does fall in love with William, he with her, maybe take it all the way though the end of 5th season, and then Spike and William are put back together - with a happy ending!



Challenge #1 Submitted by Rachel:

Come up with a story where William has been brought to the future, our time. Can be set in the Buffyverse or an AU, but realistic where William doesn't understand all our modern technology but is very interested by it. Think "Kate and Leopold" (but please don't copy the movie sentence by sentence) - where he, his older way of looking at things changes Buffy for the good and her 21st century woman attitude changes him and makes him more extroverted and stands up for himself. Happy ending please. Any rating, preferably R or NC-17 with some sweet Wuffy love.




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