If you have William/Spike 'shipper story, and would like to see it posted at this site, fill out the form below and let me know!  I would love to add them to the archive.

If your story is not located at a URL, I will e-mail you once I get your form so you can send me your story. Please send your story in a .doc or a .txt format so I can easily open it.

Please know that just by submitting your story, you do not have an automatic place in the archives. Simply typing up a few badly-written lines and sending it into me without any regard to plot, characterization, and story-line, will not guarantee your story appearing at this site. I look for content, good grammar and punctuation, and some substance that will make me think this story will be well written in the end if it's a work in progress.

In short, not all stories will be accepted into the archive.


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