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Title: Normal? Why Not?

Part: 1/?


Author: dear one


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Rating: PG-13


Spoilers: BtVS: Post Chosen fic. AtS: Seen the first episode of Season 5? Know what happens to Spike and his…return? Then you're safe. I think.


Summary: Sequel to "Normal? Never," and takes place a month afterwards. Spike, Buffy, and William Alexander are now living in Rome. So let's find out what they are up to.


Pairing: S/B


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Author's Note: (1) This is the Sequel to "Normal? Never," BUT can probably be read as a standalone. Otherwise takes place a month afterwards. (2) Each chapter will not take place one after the other (Like it's predecessor), it'll bouce through time, like months wise, okay? You can probably get the picture, by Alex's age... But if it gets at all confusing, let me know and I'll write it in:) Oh and dont worry, I'll be sure to let you know if it's a flashback or whatever, that I'm sure I'll work into the fic... (3) Thanks to transcripts from www.buffyworld.com, for help with the proposal (4) Okay I think that is all for now, hope you enjoy...


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Part 1


*Catch a Falling Star*





“So what do you think, Babe?” Spike questioned. He’s been thinking of asking her since the day of her return to L.A.; the day when he found out he was the father to Buffy’s child. *No that’s not right you nit…* he told his inner voice. *I’ve been thinking about it since… God… since I laid eyes on her. Okay, maybe I was thinking of something entirely different, but geez same concept.*


“Spike? Come on.  What do I think? Think what?” Buffy said back to him, imitating his tone.


“You know what I’m asking; the thing that we were discussing earlier.


“Oh you mean getting MARRIED?” Buffy said in a dry tone. “I think I might as well say no, it seems to me that you don’t really care what my answer is.” She brought her arms up and folded it across her chest.


Spikes eyes widened at that. *Oh, nononono that wont ever do.* “Of course I care, Buffy.” He said, bringing his hand to her chin, and turning it to face him again. He then walked behind her and wrapped his arms around her, holding her close to him.


She automatically leaned into him, letting her head fall back. They fit so perfectly together that she was just the right height, to be able to nuzzle into the spot where his head met his shoulder, and feel comfortable doing it.


Spike leaned into her, letting her mold her body to his, he turned his head and she did the same, so they could both see into each others’ eyes.


“Let me prove to you, just how much I care. Look Luv.” He pointed to the sky with one hand. “See that?”


“Yeah, but I’ve seen the stars before. And I kind of have the feeling that you didn’t make ‘em.” Buffy remarked, playfully.


Spike hushed her, telling her-- he was serious; by capturing her gaze again with his eyes. He looked at the sky again and she did the same. He grinned to himself, *that’s my girl.*


He whispered in her ear, “Pick a star.”


“Any star?”


“Any star my love.”


She did as he asked, “That glowing one over there.” She pointed to one of the stars.


“Be a bit more specific, Luv. I want to be able to see the one you’re seeing.”


 “Okay.” She brought her hand back down to his, adjusting his hand and guiding it, till his pointer finger was pointing to the star she chose. “That star right… there.”


“The big one, Love?” After taking note of where she directed him to look, he brought their hands back down and wrapped it again around her, but never letting go of her hand.


“The star right next to the big one-- you see the smaller but uhh glowier star?”


“Yeah I see it; I gotta say you have exceptional taste.”


“Well, I have made a couple good choices in my life,” she said while squeezing the hand she was still holding onto.


He kissed her just below the temple. “Okay now that you picked a star, I’m going to go and get it for you.”


“What?!” Buffy said, completely surprised by his statement. Not believing him for a second.


“You heard me.” He said with a grin. “I told you, I’m going to prove to you just how much I care, and this is how I plan to prove it.” He said, while moving to her side. “Now have a seat Luv, I’m not sure how long this’ll take.”


She again did as he asked; completely amused and amazed of what Spike can think up.


They were at the beach, with nobody to bother them, no worries, and no resposibilities for the whole night. And that was what Spike had wanted, a night alone with Buffy. He asked Dawn and Willow if they could help him out by taking care of Alex for a night; which of course they gladly accepted. For who wouldn't want to take care of the most adorable six month old baby?


Spike had wanted to take Buffy somewhere different, somewhere memorable. With a little help from Willow and Dawn, he was able to surprise Buffy by flying them to San Diego to have a little stroll on the beach. The night would be their first time actually alone together, since the night before the battle in Sunnydale, in the abandoned house. So, special it had to be. And special it was.


Spike started to make a show of stretching, and enjoyed every minute of it, her and him both. He smiled as she playfully rolled her eyes, while her growing smile and her eyes filled with laughter, were betraying her notorious perfected eye roll.


“Now, Buffy, my conquest begins.” At that he turned back to the stars finding the star she picked again, and pointed to it, “That star, Love, is yours. But first I have a request.”


“And what’s that, oh great love of mine?”


“If I get that star for you, you answer my question, no matter how I ask it. Deal?”


“Deal.” She said, holding her hand out expecting to shake on it, but instead he took her hand and kissed her open palm.


What he did next caught her totally off guard and left her unprepared of what to do, but laugh.


Spike had taken off running for the lifeguard tower, and proceeded to climb it. Once on top, he looked back down at her to flash her a grin, then looked back out at the sky and shouted at the top of his lungs, “Victory will be mine.” And jumped off the tower reaching for the stars and as he came down he landed not even a foot away from her feet.


He waited a moment till her laughs and giggles calmed down a bit. Then sound left her all at once, when he kneeled in front of her. He lifted a hand and touched her cheek, then placed the hair that the wind blew wildly around her face, behind her ear, only to have the wind blow at it again.  Her eyes never left his till he looked down. Then she saw it, a ring; a diamond ring sitting in a black velvet box.


“Buffy, will you do me this honor and marry me?”


“Oh...Spike…” was all she could get out. She went to him and closed the inches separating them, with a hug.


Spike let out a chuckle, “I got your star, Pet, now where’s my answer?”


Buffy getting a hint of deja vu, she pulled a way for a moment, and then broke into a smile, "It's just so sudden. I don't know what to say."


Spike picking up on it, remembering full and well like it was yesterday, he added, "Just say yes, and make me the happiest man on earth." His face lit up with a smile of his own, he knew what was coming next and he could hardly contain himself.


“Oh, Spike! Of course it's yes!!”  She pulled him into an embrace, and then pulled away to give him a kiss.


The kiss was not like the frenzied, over dramatic kiss that took place when they were under Willow's spell. This kiss was passionate; slow at first, then growing more fierce and needy as her lips parted to let him in, and their tongues battled for dominance, a battle that neither could win. 


Moments later he pulled away, letting her take in a breath, “This," He looked at the ring he was holding; "I believe is yours.” He said, taking the ring out of the box, and then he slipped the ring onto her finger.


“God Spike, its… wow!” She looked at the ring on her finger mesmerized, "It may not be as stylish as the first engagement ring you've given me before, but it'll work." She grinned, then turned back to Spike, "I'll have to show Giles, he'll never believe what happened."


"Well...He's gonna have to take a bit of time to get used to it, pet." Spike stated, while moving around her so that he was sitting behind her, letting her lean back into him between his legs, to rest her head onto his chest. He wrapped his arms around her waist, and added "In the meanwhile, lets just sit here and adjust; after all it took me a while to adjust to being a father. I'm sure it'll take a hell of a lot more time, to adjust to... what… having a father-in-law, right?" he said playfully.


Buffy nodded, "Well you know, he already thinks of all of us as family... but just in case, we'll bring him some scotch."


Buffy, still looking at what must be the most vibrant diamond she ever laid her eyes on. It was maybe a carrot and a half, or two, she wasn’t at all sure; she was never that big with the glamour. What she did know was that it was perfect, picked out and made just for her; it sat securely in a platinum smooth structure, she knew he had it made so that she can wear it everywhere and anywhere, "You know," She said turning her head so that she can give him a sidelong glance, "I don’t think I have ever seen an object so beautiful?"


“Well you picked it out, luv. I was just the bloke who reached out and got it for you.”










Part 2a

*All is in order*


...ding, dong...

"Don’t move babe, I got it."

"Thanks sweetie." Buffy said, ducking her head out of the kitchen, to give Spike a kiss when he passed by, to open the door.

Spike had been packing Alex's clothes and toys in boxes, to join the rest of the boxes already containing the things that Buffy had bought during the year and the odd months she was living at Giles's.

...ding, dong...

<<<=======++ Into the Past

After the battle in Sunnydale, the Scoobs along with the others, moved around in a bus. Not going in any real direction, since they did not know where to go, or what to do. But after phoning Angel, they had a sense of direction, by taking him up on his offer."


"Hey it's me... No, I'm okay... We made it... Yeah we won... I'll tell you about it later... No, I'm at a pay phone...The hospital...No, nothing like that, just a quick fix... Yeah... We're sorta just cruising in a bus... What...? I don’t know...You sure...? Okay, I'll ask them... You too...Bye... Angel…? Thanks."


It was decided that they would go for a visit, then after a night or two they would help the newly arisen slayers back to their families. Even Kennedy had decided she would leave, she and Willow had decided to break it off. The break up was unspoken, but rather expected, as if they had just gradually broken up, but remained friends. Buffy would later learn that Willow secretly knew that it would happen all along. Willow confessed to Buffy, while they were sharing one of the many rooms Angel had let them stay in; that Tara was the only girl for her.


"It's weird, you know?" Willow said, sitting Indian style on one of the double beds and leaning back on the headboard. She fidgeted with the towel that was wrapped around her damp hair, atop her head.

"Yeah, I think I know what you mean." Buffy replied. She was lying down on the same bed, on her stomach, her feet in the air, alternating moving them back and forth so that her calves would swish, every now and then. She shrugged her terry robed clad shoulders, "I kind of had the feeling too. Not just because Kennedy was...well Kennedy, but maybe because with Tara.... well... she was Tara."

"Exactly." Willow's eyes grew round, and giggled.

Buffy giggled with her. "You know Wills, I miss this."

"Me too... hey are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"Yeah, I’m thinking what you're thinking. I'll grab the phone."

"205, right?"

"Think so."

"Hello, Xander?"


The night in L.A. allowed everybody to unwind, and relax, till they had to part the next day. Giles had mapped out, and planned everything so that everybody was able to go back to their respective homes. As each person parted, sullen goodbyes were made along with the promise that each would be contacted again, once everything was sorted. Faith and Robin also decided it was time for them to leave, they had worked out an understanding, and decided to tour the world together for a bit.


"Listen B, I don’t mean to sound mushy and shit, but hell we've saved the fucking world, so I’ll say it with no shame--"


"No B I gotta say it."

Buffy nodded.

"Things have been rocky between you and me. But I'll never forget it. I don’t want to forget it."

"I wont forget it either. And--"

She was cut off at an unexpected hug. "Thanks B."

"Thanks, Faith."


Faith pulled away at the sound of Wood's voice.

"As I'll ever be."


By nightfall, only the Scoobies, plus a scoobie in training; Andrew, had remained, and after little discussion they had all loved the idea of visiting England, and taking up Giles's idea of staying with him for a while. It was upon their arrival, that Buffy had learned her new condition.


"Oh, Buffy are you okay?"

"Yeah 'm fine. Well as fine as one can be after throwing up, geez it must be my millionth time since--"

"Do you think it's because of when you got stabbed, I mean, it happened on the bus too, many times... Buffy you didn’t even get checked when we went to the hospital."

"There is something I need to tell you." Buffy turned to look at something sitting on the sink.

Willow followed Buffy's gaze and saw it. "No way."


TBC… in part 2b



Part 2b

*All is in order*


As the months went by, so did the progression of her pregnancy, Willow and Xander had moved in an apartment complex just down the block, as did Andrew. Buffy would have too, but Dawn had liked the idea of staying with Giles, and Buffy couldn’t complain; she liked living with him too. Giles assurances that everything was going to be okay, really made a difference in how she handled her pregnancy. He was very supportive and she really appreciated the fatherly love that Giles gave to her and the others willingly. Besides Giles had no complaints, except the occasional mutters of how women can be women. His flat was pretty practical and big enough to house Buffy, Dawn and the new Baby that was to arrive, and he wasn’t at all hiding his excitement over the prospect of Buffy having a baby. Okay, so he happened to be in a state of denial for the first couple of months, but day by day he had started to love the idea. As did Xander.


"You’re what?!!" Xander exclaimed.

"I'm pregnant."

"Oh my God, Im going to be an Aunt!" Dawn ran over to her sister and pulled her into a hug.

"You’re What!??" Xander exclaimed again.

"Oh dear lord." Was all Giles could get out before he fell onto the couch from a feint, that surprised no one.

"You want me to get the scotch?" Andrew asked.


Giles had been making proposals on starting a training school for the slayers, and Buffy was with him every step of the way. Willow, Xander, occasionally Dawn, and even Andrew had naturally took up a role in the plan, and made it routine. They had many accomplishments in contacting the new slayers, and had gone as far as being able to help them with their choices. With each new day they had gone farther than expected, and within months they were able to set up a place for their plans of a school. What had begun as a project had started to turn into a goal for their future.


"You have a choice. And Im not going to talk you into or out of any choice you choose to make."

"Just like that?"

"Just like that."

"What are the choices again?"

"Well you can keep the powers, and we can help you train so that you can control them. Or if you decide not to keep the powers we can always reverse the spell. You can even change your mind down the road if you want. It's totally up to you, and I want you to know that I'm here to help you, no matter what you decide."

"Can I think about it?"

"Take all the time you need."


And when William Alexander had entered the world, there was no stopping Buffy from hiding him from the world. Okay maybe she happened to be very protective of who knew and who didn’t, after all she was the slayer and she was no fool.


"So have you decided what to name him?"

"Actually, yeah. I've decided to name him William Alexander." Buffy answered from the hospital bed.

"You...you want to name him after me?"

"Well... if you don’t mind, i mean..."

"No, I dont mind at all." Xander said, smiling at Buffy, he looked at the baby in his arms. "He's incredible, Buffy."

Buffy smiled in response.

"You know Buffy, the offer still stands, will always will stand, I want you to know that." Xander squeezed her hand.

"I know Xander, but..."

"I know, it's just--"

"I know."

Xander stood up from his chair next to the bed

"I love you, Xander."

"I love you too." He bent down to kiss her forehead, "You should get some rest."


Buffy had started to feel proud of herself, she had begun to accept things in life, and was getting on with her life. But it all started to change when she had started getting checks in the mail. And as the checks built up on the office table, she got more and more irritated and knew she had to put an end to it. There was no way that she would accept the money that she didn’t earn. She was capable of taking care of herself and her son, not to mention helping and being a sister to Dawn, in a way that would make her mother proud. But little did she know that her trip to L.A. would become the most important trip of her life. In L.A. she reunited with the man she had lost, and have a second chance at true love.


"What do you think Giles?"

"I think that you're right Buffy. If this is what you want, then by all means I support you."

"Thanks Giles."

"Do I need to tell you to be careful?"

"No, but you can say it anyway."

"Then be careful Buffy, the consequences of going to L.A. and letting them know, could be dire."

Buffy stood up and walked to the chair Giles was sitting in and threw her arms around him. "What would I do if you weren’t here?"

"Be great Buffy. Be great." After a moment of silence, of just enjoying each others presence, letting them take in everything that has happened between them, all the years past; arguing fighting, scolding over problems, mistakes and losses; rejoicing over battles won, occasions, and victories; crying over more losses, pain and the hurt; and the laughing over jokes, and foibles, plans gone wrong. Then when the moment passed, Giles patted Buffy's back in an affectionate but in his own prim and proper way, "I'll watch Alex for you while you pack for the trip."

++=======>>> Back to the Present

As Spike passed by to the living room, he found Alex crawling on the floor. "Well, well look at what we have here..." Spike said while bending down to pick Alex up from the carpet, to carry him. "How'd you get down from the sofa?" Alex patted his hands playfully on Spike's cheek and giggled in delight, in reply.

"So that's what you did, eh? Becoming quite the little acrobat arent you? Shaking his head as the door bell dinged again, interrupting him from his conversation with Alex. "I'm coming already." He looked at Alex, "That must be Xander, never could wait, that boy."





Part 3

*A Man's Best Friend*


The living room was now full of people, having just ate, they were anxious in their own way, to see what Spike and Buffy were going to do for their wedding. Xander sat on the sofa, with Giles at the other end. Andrew sat in the chair next to Giles. Willow, and Dawn was seated on the floor, popping popcorn into their mouths and playing with Alex, as they listened to Giles explain that he did not in fact have a crush on one of the slayers in training.

"Okay it's getting late for you," Buffy said to Alex, while getting up from her position in Spike's lap, who was sitting in the overstuffed chair, opposite Andrew.

Alex looked up at the sound of his mom's voice, knowing she was referring to him.

"I'll take him up, Babe." Spike offered, already getting up. "Come on, it's time for bed." Spike said scooping up Alex into his arms. "Say g'night to everyone."

Alex having done this before let out a sigh and his version more or less of a goodnight, "ka." Then chuckled as if he was telling some age old secret, looking at everybody with his blue eyes that weren't really blue, but made blue proud it was able to be the color to help describe such a color; as Spike walked back the few steps to Buffy

"Right, 'ka' to you too." Buffy said, while leaning in to give Alex a goodnight kiss, before she sat down again in the chair.

Alex, who was crawling around the floor, making sure that everyone saw, didn't put up a fight at the prospect of having to go to bed.

It had been a long day, and Alex was already drifting off to dream world, as Spike talked quietly to him about the parts of the day where they weren't together.

<<<======++ earlier that day

"See, what did I tell you?" He told Alex, as he looked through the peephole.

Spike opened the door and was instantly greeted by Xander and Dawn.

"Hey Spike... oh wow Will, you just keep getting bigger every day." Dawn said while walking into the house, and made an instant move to take Alex.

The nickname Dawn still uses to call his son, always makes him break into a grin, giving him a sense of pride that Buffy had named their son after him; William. He didn't care that Xander's name is also a part of his son's name, okay he did care, but he was too proud for it to get to him. He knew that Buffy and the others had called Alex, Will, on occasion, but after his unveiling in L.A., the others started using the name Alex more and more, till it was just natural, even to him. Not just because he was back, but also because of the confusion of yet another having the nickname Will.

Spike turned so that Xander can come in, while he was handing Alex to Dawn. "As if he was ever small, and don't you have the keys Dawn?" The endearment niblet didn't really fit, not for a long time, seeing as how she was actually taller than Buffy. And events in the past have changed their relationship. But since his return, it seems that their relationship has taken a turn for the better, they have an unspoken respect for each other, and a friendship with a trust that gets stronger everyday. He knew things will never be totally the same between them. Nothing can change that, and he decided that it's better this way. Better that they have such a history together, but still ended up close friends anyway.

"I just got to the door when you opened it," Dawn explained. "Buffy?"

"In the kitchen."

Spike acknowledged Xander with a nod.

"Right." Dawn said as she started to make her way to the kitchen with Alex cooing in her arms.

"Spike, you're up early."

"Well you know, seeing as to how a lump like you can get up at a decent hour, I thought I'd give it a try." He slapped a hand to Xander's shoulder at the comment. "Come on back, and help me pack some boxes."


"So looks like you got the packing covered, you wanna start moving 'em outtha here?" Xander asked as he was looking around at all the neatly packed and labeled boxes. The only items left were a week worth of baby essentials and the crib and a few toys.

"Uh yeah, but before we start I wanted to ask you something." Spike answered, while handing Xander a beer that he got from a cooler, and motioned for him to take a seat. *Oh bugger how I thought I could ever ask such a thing*

"Yeah, whatsup?" Xander asked, taking a seat on one of the boxes and opening the beer.

When a few moments passed by of watching Spike pace around the room, "Just so you know this is the point where you ask me, you know. the question you wanted to ask." Xander gave Spike a savvy grin.

It was weird how ever since his return he was able to talk to Xander, well not talk to him, because that's not really possible. But they were able to have a few decent conversations that didn't end with him wanting to smack the whelp; or vice versa.

Spike stopped pacing and looked at Xander. "Look I don't want you to think that what I'm going to ask you... actually means anything, a'ight?"

"Kay." Xander shrugged. Then seeing Spike start to pace again he added, "That meant O-kay."

Spike stopped pacing again and took a swig of his own beer, "It's about the wedding."

"Good, good, now we have the subject, as for the question. We're still lacking on that end"

"Never mind, forget I even brought it up."


"Okay already, I just wanted to know if you... wantedtobemybestman." Spike said, half mumbling the end of his statement.

"So you want me to be your best man?" Xander grinned in astonishment.

"Yeah. You don't have to if you don't-"

"No, I'll do it."



"Good then." Spike said looking as if he just asked Xander to stake him. "Now help me put these into the truck."

++======>>> the day continues

"So what does Spike think about having the outdoor wedding?" Andrew asked.

"We didn't plan to have it outdoors. I never agreed on that bit." Spike replied, as he came down from the stairs having just put Alex to bed.

"Think about it Spike, you could have it under the trees, and hey, here's a thought, you should have it in the spring; nice cool windy breeze, it'll be an event; the kind I wouldn't want to miss." Xander offered.

Buffy shot a death glare at Xander, telling him it was not funny, then looked at Spike. "Come on baby, you said that you would think about it. We could have a nice structured gazebo. You know like a. a tent." She offered, while letting Spike pull her up so that he could sit again.

"And how do you suppose I get there, I don't fancy a nice run under the blanket to meet my bride, and I would very much like to be there when I get to say 'I do.'" Spike reasoned.

"But Spi-ike," Buffy singsonged, while getting comfortable again in his lap. "I've always wanted to have an outdoor wedding."

"Oh look at that pouty lip--"

Giles changed the subject, knowing full well what was going to happen next, and this time he wouldn't have the benefit of blindness. And when major vampire and slayer kissage could be avoided--the better. Plus he would be able to help out Buffy. "So Alex went to sleep pretty fast, he must get the exceptional workout from crawling. You know that is quite exceptional at his age. I wonder when he will start walking." Giles put in knowing full well, that if anything was going to distract Spike it would be about Alex.

"We're talking about my son here Rupert, of course he's exceptional- Oh you will never believe what he did yesterday." Spikes eyes grew wide with excitement at being able to tell the others what they missed. "He made an attempt to stand, almost got there too, I bet if the carpet had more grip, he would have done it. I have it on video; I figured out how to use a digital cam thing... I tell you what, we can have like a movie day of sorts, and I'll show it to you. Oh, and you have to see what he did this morning with a spoon and a bowl, I swear he's going to be a musician, just you wait."

"Yes I'm sure." Giles simply agreed. "You're using a digital camcorder, you say? I wouldn't trust that if I were you, you would never know how long those things will last. I tell you if you want to capture it in moving picture, the best way to go is those 8mm tapes. Now that is reliable."

Spike rolled his eyes at that, "Rupert, I asked all the questions you can bloody think of about cameras, camcorders, and the way to go now, is to go digital. Although some 8mm cams are digital now, but why would you want it? it's so yesterday, and besides a MiniDV cam have so many more features."

"'So yesterday'?" Giles repeated. "Spike you do realize that you are older than me, but as far as wiser? Hardly." Giles stressed.

Buffy chose that moment to stand up "I've got to do the dishes before things stranger and harder to get rid of than demons start to grow." She knew that they are going to go on a full fledged debate over what, technology? *Thanks Giles, It'll do.*





Part 4

*To Plan and to hold*


"He does have a point Spike." Xander announced.

Willow and Dawn also made a move to join Buffy, not wanting to get caught in the middle of the crossfire.

"I second that. Well not about the whole age and wiser thing, because well Spike is after all a super hero and we all know how smart hero's have to be, like batman, or the Professor or like..." Stopping midway through his sentence because of the looks he was getting from the majority of the beings in the room, and continued with his point, "I mean I agree that going digital is the way to go." Andrew explained.

Spike shot Xander an oh-please look, at the insult he received earlier. "See Andrew agrees, and he's... well he made a movie, right?" Not waiting for a reply he got up to go get the digital camera. "Look I'll just have to show you..."


"So Buffy what are you going to do if Spike never agrees?" Willow asked.

"You underestimate me Will. He'll agree. I am the slayer, aren't I?" Buffy said, while eavesdropping over the guys' conversation. "Dealing with vampires is my specialty. I have it completely under control, thanks to Giles." Buffy said matter-of-factly. The under her breath, "This is all part of the plan."


"See; just look at all the extra..."


Then turning back to Willow and Dawn, "Phase one is all set to begin, so listen, watch, and learn how it's done." Buffy said with a grin, then turned back to listen in on the guys. "Lesson of the first: know your enemy; watch him in his natural environment."


"And you wouldn't believe how much clearer..."


"Second we make an attack, and see how he reacts to it; learn his strategy."


"But touchscreen? That can easily be--" Giles was cut off by Buffy's call.

"Sweetie?!" Buffy called out from the kitchen.

"Yeah luv?!" Spike called back, and waited to hear what Buffy had to say, then when nothing came he turned back to Giles, "But if you think about it--"

"You don't mind if I go ahead and start going over and setting plans for the wedding, do you?!" Buffy asked.

"No luv!" Spike replied. Then back to Giles, "If cameras with buttons became out of date then..."


"Third distract the prey; gain the advantage."


"...not at all cost efficient." Giles put in. "MiniDVs are more expensive than 8mms, and 8mms can cover--"

"How about the colors? Do you still like the blue that I showed you earlier?!" Buffy asked.

"Yeah sweetness I liked it then, and I still like it now!" Spike answered Buffy, then looked at Giles again, "You were--"


"Now we confuse our prey, let him think that he has the advantage. Only then can we know if he's taking the bait, so we can reel him in nice and easy."



"Yes pet!"

"You're not mad are you? Because if you want I can--"

"No luv, I'm not mad, I'm just saying that I still like the colors that we picked!"

"Okay, thanks baby!"

"Sure pet, Is there anything else babe!?"

"No, not yet!" Buffy replied.

"Hey Spike can I see it?"

"Sure, why not." Spike handed Andrew the camera, while giving him a look that said be-careful-or-you're-goinna-be-on-the-receiveing-end-of-the-cruelst-death-known-to-mankind. "So you were saying?" Spike asked Giles.

"8mms can cover a significant amount more time than MiniDVs, at less the price."

Spike looked at him as if he were crazy. "But with 8mms you can't..."


"Prey distracted, confused, and now open for the kill." Buffy told Willow and Dawn simply.


"So you're saying that is all you have to do?" Xander asked.

"That's not all; you can even add stuff like graphics, music, text. Oh and check this--"

"Okay sweetie just one more thing!"

"What's that pudding?!" Spike asked not really paying attention. He motioned for the others to look at what he did to a video file on the laptop. "Watch this, it's just like--"

"Were okay with having it outdoors right?! Oh and I almost forgot, how about the flowers that we picked earlier, are you still okay with that?!" Buffy asked.

"Yes pet... wait what's that hun?!" Spike asked, then to the guys in the room, "Amazing innit? And it's--"

"I said florals...you heard me, right!?"

"Oh right Luv, I heard you crystal clear, and it's all fine by me luv. Is there anything else you want sweetness!?"

"No that's it, thanks sweetie!"


"Finally most important; bask in your victory. Now onto phase two part of the plan. Will you have everything you need right?"

"Hmmhmm, All that's left to do is to check it, oh and the ring for the final product."

"Great. I'll get it now."

"Wait a minute, wont he just say that he never agreed, that he thought it was just flowers you were asking?" Dawn asked.

"Oh dear sister of mine, you underestimate me too."

Seconds later Andrew showed up. "Mission accomplished." He handed Buffy the disk. "Got him with his own poison."

"Great work, thanks Andrew." Then to her sister, "Did I mention always have allies for backup and at the ready?"




Part 5

Three and a half years later…

*The evil cough strikes*


"Good morning pet."

"Morning sunshine, what are you doing up so early?"

"I dunno, I just got this weird feeling is all, couldn’t sleep, so I went to check on Alex."

"Is he okay?" Buffy asked, worriedly.

"Yeah, I guess, he's sleeping like any four year old should. I guess it's just me then."

"Aww poor baby come here." She opened the covers to let him in.

Spike, not needing to be told twice did as she asked. Once underneath the covers he settled into her open arms, letting her stroke his hair.

"Luv?" He started to roam his hands over the bump on her belly. And smiles to himself, *She's already showing.*


"What you planning for the day?"

"I dunno after work, we can do whatever you want. What's on you mind?"

He let out a sigh, "I dunno, it's just I have this feeling that won’t go away... and I don’t know what the hell it is."

"Describe it, maybe I can help."

"Never mind it's probably nothing." He said while running his fingers over the thin fabric that she wore as a nightgown. "You know maybe I just thought of something that can help me forget all about the feeling, and create...uhmm new wanted feelings." He looked at her; a mischievous grin appears and then came the inevitable waggle of a brow.

"Oh is that right? Do tell."

"Well I could…” He let his sentence hang as he showed her instead. Spike started to lift the hem of the flimsy nightgown over her thigh, while kissing the hollow of her neck, making his way down.

"Ohh…" Buffy moans as his hand grazes her thigh. "Spike, I'm sure what you have in mind will give me some very wanted feelings too."

"Oh yeah?"

"Ohhh yeah. Wait!"

"What? What is it?" Spike asked alarmed as he felt her body tense up.

"We can't, I'm sorry baby, but I have to get to work." Then at Spike's that's-a-reason look, She playfully smacked his arm. "Hey you have work too."

"Oh come on luv, this is way more productive than work? I promise I'll make you--"

"Spike!" Buffy laughed as she heard and felt him give her a wet raspberry on the inside of her thigh.

He looked up as she laughed, *God I love that.* He held her gaze with his blue orbs.

“Then as if an unexpected wave hit her, she started feeling like something was off."

"What luv? Somethin’ wrong?" As he waited for her to respond, he decided to continue with his earlier ministrations.

"What you said earlier... what you were feeling... What if it's important, what if it means something… what were you thinking-- Spi-ke..." The last word was said in a moan; As he was doing something very, very good to the nether region of her body.

"Pet, right now I'm passed thinking, blood is no longer anywhere near my head." He crawled his way up to her, grabbing a hand on his way, and placed it to his burgeoning hardness, for emphasis. He proceeded to nibble on her ear, "See, err feel?"

And that was all it took for Buffy to full heartedly agree. At the first sight of her resignation, he had discarded all of his clothes, which was in total, a pair of old gray sweatpants.

Grinning like a little boy, who had just been given permission to be able to open a birthday present early; he made his way back to his lady love. He inched her cotton panties down, while purring sweet nothings into her ear, and anticipated on entering his very own sweet little sanctuary.

But a soft knock on their bedroom door prevented him from doing just that.

*Bloody hell.* "What is it?"

"Dad?" Alex said, and then a cough escaped his lips.

"Yeah..." Then to Buffy, "What was that?" And as her registered that it was a cough, "Was that a cough?" the very next moment, he was out of the bed, pulling his pants on, and opened the door. He opened it so fast that he was a millisecond away from tearing the door from its hinges.

The sight of his son tore his heart out. He was standing just outside the doo. He was in his flannel Scoobie pjs and fuzzy Scoobie Doo slippers to match, and he was swaying from foot to foot, willing himself to stay awake, as he yawned. "Dad?" *He's pale, and his cheeks are flushed...How could I have not noticed this just moments earlier when i went to check on him? Stupid git… Might as well just stomp on my torn heart and let it wither away.* All the while he was thinking, he had picked Alex up and sat back on the bedside, with Alex in his lap. The next voice tore him away from his self flagellating thoughts.

"Baby what's wrong?" Buffy said while reaching for her robe. As she put her arms through the sleeves and tightened the belt at her waist, she scooted closer to Spike. She placed the back of her hand to Alex's forehead. *Hmmm warmer than usual, but not so hot that it’s ‘unusual.’ Thank God.*

"I don’t feel so good."

“Then we’re just going to have to fix that, wont we.” Buffy asked.

Alex nodded in agreement.

"Where does it hurt?" Spike asked, while shifting Alex in his arms so that Alex could lean back onto his chest.

"All over."

"All over?" Spike asked looking at Buffy with eye's that said somebody better fix this now, and even faster still.

Just then the phone rang. Sighing, Buffy reached over to grab it before another ring could cut through. "Hello? ... Yeah? ... no we're okay, oh, not okay, it's Alex... he's sick... no don’t do that, we've got it... yeah I know... hmm,mmm... okay... might be a while... yeah, I’m sure I got it...I'll tell him...okay I'll let you know...bye."

Spike who had heard every single word, sighed. "I know, I heard." He looked at Alex. "We'll be okay, wont we? We'll show those evil germs who they are messing with, right? We'll defeat 'em and they'll never want to come back, are you with me?" Spike asked, hoping to raise Alex’s spirit.

"Yeah!" Alex exclaimed while preparing himself to muster the strength needed to help his Dad with their new mission.

"Spike, I'm not going to work." Buffy stated, as she stroked Alex's hair from his forehead.

"No it's okay luv, and besides we got this."


He turned to look at her. "We'll be fine." Spike reassured.

Buffy nodded, and then looked at Alex, "Mommy's got to go okay sweetie, but I’ll call you every hour okay?" As he nodded, she pulled him to her and felt his head again. "That’s my brave soldier, now look before I come home I’ll be sure to bring you plenty of ice cream and 7up; you'll feel better in no time."

"Choc-late Ice-cream?"

"Is there any other kind?" Buffy smiled as Alex defiantly shaked his head no.

"Come on, I'll give ya ride back to your room." Spike offered, as Alex was already making a move to ride on his back. "Then I'll just check on your mum before she leaves--" Spike turned his head to look at Alex who was resting his chin on his shoulder, "All systems go?"

"Systems checked, rechecked, and ‘eady fo’ flight."

At the 'go ahead' Spike stood up, while holding onto Alex's legs for his support. "Then after that you and I are going to start our mission to defeat those little germs."





Part 6

*Once upon a time...*


"Tell me a story dad."

"What you wanna hear?" Spike asked as he tucked his son in, good and tight.

Alex shrugged his shoulders. "I dunno... tell me a story about you and mommy."

Alex never grew tired of his dad's stories, especially when it was about them. After all, who didn’t love stories with evil bad guys, good guys, monsters, vampires, mystical beings, battles, heroes, witches, and most especially the Slayer Queen, and the Vampire Champion fighting by her side? Alex loved the fact that his parents were heroes.

"Hmm... okay then, but first, take a sip of this purple potion that your mum and I got just for you."

"What'll it do?" Alex asked. He was just about to wipe his runny nose with the back of his hand, but his dad got to it first.

Spike held out a tissue to Alex's nose. "Blow." When Alex finished blowing, he explained. "This'll make you feel better and rest easy."

"What's it called?"

"Dime-a-tap." Spike said simply, sounding out the syllables, so that it sounds better to Alex.

"Uohh..." Alex's eyes widened. "Sounds like magic."

"Tastes like too. Now open up."

"Hmm taste like grapes. Oh must be magic grapes." Alex's eyes widened at the discovery.

Spike chucked as he put the teaspoon on the bedside table. Then he sat himself on the side of the bed to lean on the headboard. "So let's see… what's a good story… Oh I got just the one, right perfect for the battle we gotta face today."

"Why's that?"

"Well this is a story of when I got married to your mum. As you already know from other stories, the journey to get there was very long; and the most difficult I ever faced. And let me tell you it was painful in more ways imaginable--"

"But when Mommy learneddid that she loved you, it got easier right?"

Spike chuckled, "That it did. So yes, it got easier, And when your mum said 'I do,' it was the greatest most happiest and sweetest victory conceivable."

"Wow! How 'bout... how-abou' when you fought Uncle Angel, and and won him daddy, happier than that?" Alex's eyes grew wide with curiosity.

Spike went to tickle him, and laughed along with him as Alex giggled from torture. *the things that this boy says.* "Well I didn’t win Angel, but I did win the fight,” Spike grinned at the memory of beating Angel to the cup, “and yes my boy, marrying your mum made me by far happier."

"Like how much?" Alex asked as his giggles calmed down.

"Like this much." Spike said, as he stretched his arms out as wide as it could go. "And then some."

"Wowww!" Alex said in awe.

Then the phone rang.

"Be right back, it's probably your mum."

"'Kay dad."


"'lo? ... Hey baby...We're fine... Yeah ...You wanna talk to him? ... Hmm-mmm, he's getting better, just telling him a story... hmm-mmm... Yeah babe? ...'kay... Hold on." Spike held the phone out to Alex so that he can talk to her.

Several yeahs, ‘kays, and hmm-mmms, escaped his son’s lips as he talked to Buffy. It’s a wonder how he picks up words so easily. It seems like only yesterday he was crawling around the floor and only using monosyllables to express himself in words. When he saw Alex hold out the phone to him, indicating that he was done talking, Spike grabbed hold of the phone again.

"So how's things over there?... Really? ... Well let me know how it goes... Is that Rupert? ... Well tell 'em to wait... Yeah, I know... 'kay luv....Love you too...See you in a few, babe."

When he finished talking, he laid the cordless phone onto the bedside table not wanting to leave the room. He settled back into his spot, near Alex. "So where were we?"

"You were telling me about you and mom."

"Right. Okay so this wedding happened three and a half years ago." *and two weeks, three days and about ten hours, but who's really counting?*

"How old was I?"

"You were seven months old then. You just learned to say your first words not a week before the wedding."


"Hmm-mm, you knew how to say 'dada' and 'mama.'"


"So, on with the story then?"

"On with the story then." Alex said with a look that said, like-what-are-you-waiting-for?

"So it was still dark out when your mum told me--"

"No wait dad."

"What... What is it?"

"Tell me the way you tell me like you always do." Alex liked it best when his dad would tell him story like, so that he can imagine the characters in front of him.

"Oh right, sorry, I don’t know what came over me." Spike took a moment to get settled in. "Okay, the day of the wedding was on the third of April. It was spring time then, so the weather was just right..."





Part 7

*With this ring I thee wed*


The wedding took place in Sunnydale. Or what was left of Sunnydale, which was... well, a hole.

But the amazing thing was, the flowers, the grass, and the little tree younglings; that were growing all around the place. Like the place knew we were planning a wedding and it needed to dress up to be fit for the occasion.

Buffy says it has to be, because so much death took place in the town, it would only be right that life should grow from it.

Xander and I drove the night before the wedding, so I was a little cranky, because I haven't been apart from Buffy that long since we reunited back in L.A..

So anyway Xander made a slight detour that night... It's not that I was getting cold feet or anything like that. I guess... I was just scared that what would be happening was just a dream... a horrible but great great dream. So anyway I was fidgeting a bit, so Xander thought it would be a good idea to take me somewhere to get away for a bit, so I could soak it all in, and what better place than the beach?

I didn't need some wild guys night out-- showing me anything and ANYTHING that I would be missing as a bachelor, or anything like that because well... I knew what I would be leaving behind and let me tell you, it's nothing compared to the married life and NOTHING could make me any happier.

Anyway like I said earlier, I was a bit cranky that night, and I took it out on Xander, but he handled things... And whatever he says, don't believe it, cuz I did not strip in front of him and run into the water like some mad lunatic. I just splashed a little water on myself to make sure I was awake, is all.

Well that was that, and when we got back on the road, I was feeling more like myself and feeling like the things around me were actually happenen'.

Then as we finally got to the "hole" around midnight, I realized my bride-to-be would be arriving in five and a half hours. I was psyched up. Couldn't sit still for a minute. So I changed into my tux, and paced around, while Xander told jokes and such trying to calm me down.

Then people started to show up. There weren't many guests expected to arrive, since Buffy wanted a simple wedding, and I didn't complain on that end. I didn't do as much as talk to 'em, but I'd nod at them and send a grin there way when someone would approach me.

Then it came time for me to duck into the so-called grooms-room, so I wouldn't see Buffy in her gown. Hardest two minutes of my life. Thank God Buffy came round to where I was at, and talked to me through the door.

Buffy, she always was there for me; knowing what I was thinking, and far better than I ever was at knowing what I needed. I like to think that I do the same for her.

I remember she tapped on the door to let me know she was there. But she needn't need to go through the trouble, since I already knew she was behind the piece of wood that separated us.

She told me how everyone was gathering around and the guys ushering 'em to take their seats. We talked about things, how we felt-- for a bit, but mostly we just sorta just felt each other. It's like that with us.

Anyway about ten minutes later, I heard Dawn and Willow.

And so, the wedding is about to start, and I nearly stormed out of the room in my excitement. But Xander had got to me first. He clued me in on the details and such. Next thing I know I was standing in front of everybody in front of the isle, waiting for my bride.

It seemed like it took ages for her to get there, but when I finally saw her, I swear I would have waited an eternity...

She was... beautiful standing there and I couldn't help but think: is she really going to be mine? I mean. it's simple inconceivable for an angel to ever belong to someone, right? But she was there, and walking to me, and being escorted by. out of all people; Rupert.

When she was finally in arms reach, Rupert kissed her forehead, and I felt right proud, that he was the one to give her away. *Better him than her so-called father*

Rupert turned to me then, but my eyes were on the beautiful woman standing next to him.

I dunno, somehow my legs started to move towards her, I'm guessing it was Clem, or Xander, or it could've even been Andrew; that got me moving. Because I know that if somebody weren't to give me shove, I would have just stood awestruck at the lady.

When I stepped the two steps it took to her, Rupert gave me a pat on the back, and I think, when I looked at him, he smiled, next thing I knew he shook my hand. But it really was a blur on that end. I don't even remember when he went to take a seat next to Buffy's mum, because once Buffy's hand left the crook of Rupert's bent arm, and placed it into mine... I dunno if there are words to explain such a feeling.

Then as if my head cleared up from all the clouds; brought on by my own personal piece of heaven standing next to me, I got the nerve to guide her the two steps it took, to the person who was going to marry us, and make me the happiest man on earth.

And the person responsible for giving us a proper right to do so, wasn't a person at all, but an angel; literally an angel. I thought it perfect that Tara was able to do such a thing... because...well. don't you think it rightfully so? She was in fact the first to know about us. You know?

Anyway aside from that, when she pronounced us married, and gave me the permission to kiss my bride, I never heard an order so sweet.

Then as Buffy had planned, well from what I heard later, she had planned it so that by the time we were pronounced married the sun would rise. And rise it did.

Since I couldn't go out into the sun with her, to meet up with the crowd out in the burgeoning sunlight... I whispered in her ear to remind her of my vampiric allergy conditions. But she looked up at me, smiled and whispered, "Come on, don't be shy." I thought, she probably wasn't thinking right. But she grabbed my hand and told me, to not worry about it. She told me to remember what she said, when she slipped on the gold band onto my finger. *"You were able to reach out and give me a star, so I thought... I could maybe give you a bit of sunshine."*

She then squeezed my hand, telling me what I was thinking, was true. And so there I stepped out from underneath the terrace that Xander had built, and joined her in the sunlight, that was fast in revealing itself to the people standing below it.

Although it felt great to stand in the sunshine again, it was nothing compared to the thought of being able to stand next to Buffy in the day. *Not to mention be able to see the look on ol' Angelus's face when I joined her in the sun.*

And that is the story of our wedding.