THE BUFFYBOT. The Buffyverse.

Inspired by his encounter with Warren Meers' lovebot April in "I Was Made to Love You," Spike places an order with Warren for his own equally compliant, hopelessly-in-love with Spike robot, made to look just like Buffy.

The Buffybot (played, of course, by Sarah Michelle Gellar) makes its first appearance in "Intervention," at first confusing the Scooby Gang--why would Buffy behave amorously with Spike? Confronted by two Buffys, they finally realize that one is a robot. In subsequent episodes, the Buffybot becomes a pseudo-Scooby, helping the Gang rescue Spike from Glory's torture in "Intervention," playing a key role in the final battle with Glory in "The Gift," and, after Buffy's death, standing in for the Slayer, temporarily fooling the demon community into thinking Buffy is still alive until, in "Bargaining," Part I, a vampire discovers the Slayer is actually a robot and spreads the news, leading to a demon biker gang's assault on Sunnydale. Already seriously damaged in battle, the Buffybot is drawn and quartered by the gang, who pull it apart with their motorcycles in Bargaining," Part 2.

--David Lavery