PARKER ABRAMS (Adam Kaufman). BtVS Character. "Living Conditions," "Harsh Light of Day," "Beer Bad," "The Initiative."

Womanizing UC-Sunnydale student who seduces (with a feigned "sensitive male" routine) and then dumps Buffy during her freshman year.

In "Beer Bad" Buffy gets to hit him with a club.

In "The Initiative" Forrest Gates and Riley Finn ask him about his experience with Buffy:

Parker: Forrest. What's up, man?

Forrest: What's the scoop on Buffy Summers? Is she cool?

Parker: Buffy? Yeah, she's all right, I guess. I mean, kind of whiney.

Forrest: How's that?

Parker: Well, you know, clingy. I mean, we got a little physical-- Uh, well, fully physical, and then she's all over me, you know, like we're betrothed or something.

Forrest: No, but fun was had, yeah?

Parker: [Laughs] oh, yeah. The word is stamina. I mean, definitely a bunny in the sack, but later on, well. You know the difference between a freshman girl and a toilet seat? A toilet seat doesn't follow you around after you use it.

Disgusted by his sexist remark, Riley decks him.

--David Lavery