UNCLE ENYOS. BtVS Character.

Jenny Calendar's uncle, who arrives in Sunnydale in "Surprise." When he castigates Calendar for betraying her mission--to make certain that the curse the Kalderash people have placed on Angel is not lessened (as it threatens to be because of his love for Buffy)--we learn for the first time her own Gypsy origins.

ENYOS: Jenny Calendar.

JENNY: You startled me.

ENYOS: You look well.

JENNY: Yes, I'm fine. I know I haven't written as much lately. I've been busy.

ENYOS: I cannot imagine what is so important to make you ignore the responsibility to your people.

JENNY: Well, I've been working and...

ENYOS: (interrupts) The elder woman has been reading signs. Something is different.

JENNY: Nothing has changed. The curse still holds.

ENYOS: The elder woman is never wrong. She says his pain is lessening. She can feel it.

JENNY: There is...

ENYOS: There is what?

JENNY: A girl.

ENYOS: What? How could you let this happen?

JENNY: I promise you. Angel still suffers. And he makes amends for his evil. He even saved my life.

ENYOS: So you just forget that he destroyed the most beloved daughter of your tribe?! That he *killed* every man, woman and child that touched her life?! Vengeance demands that his pain be eternal as ours is! If this, this girl gives him one *minute* of happiness, it is one minute too much!

JENNY: I'm sorry. I thought...

ENYOS: You thought what?! You thought you are Jenny Calendar now?! You are still Janna, of the Kalderash people! A Gypsy.

JENNY: I know... Uncle. I know.

ENYOS: Then prove it. Your time for watching is past. The girl and him, it ends now! Do what you must to take her from him!

JENNY: I will see to it.

In "Innocence," Uncle Enyos is brutally murdered by Angelus, who uses his blood to scrawl a message on the wall ("Was it good for you?") referring to their having had sex together (resulting in the "moment of pure happiness" which released the curse, removed his soul, and brought back Angelus).

--David Lavery