Sunndyale High School jock. In "Earshot" Xander, while critical of his fame on the basketball court, seems ready to be a groupie:


RANDOM STUDENT: Hogan! Great game man.

XANDER: Hogan Martin thinks he's sooooo hot. Like we should all be awed by him cuz he can put a ball in the net.

HOGAN: Hey Xander.

XANDER: He said my name! He knows my name!

Willow, too, is an inarticulate admirer:


WILLOW: Could you believe it? Right at the buzzer. Three points for the win. They all sit down.

OZ: It was intense.

XANDER: Yeah, for a minute there I thought you're gonna make an expression. OZ Well, I felt one coming on. I won't lie.

WILLOW: Man, I've never seen anyone jump like Hogan Martin. They should call him -- the jumper.

XANDER: Or a name that isn't an article of women's clothing. Hey, remember when-

--David Lavery