PERCY WEST. BtVS Character.

Sunndyale High School jock.


In "Doppelgangland," Principal Snyder forces Willow to tutor him:


SNYDER: As far as I'm concerned, this is a marriage made in heaven. Willow Rosenberg, despite her unsavory associations, represents the pinnacle of academic achievement at Sunnydale High. Percy West represents a devastating fast break and 50% from behind the three-point line.

WILLOW: I-I'm not sure I understand the marriage part.

SNYDER: You've got the brains, he's got the fast break. It's a perfect match.

WILLOW: Match? You want us to breed?

SNYDER: I want you to tutor him. Percy is flunking history. Nothing seems to be able to motivate him.

Percy: (flippantly) Hey, I'm challenged.

SNYDER: You're lazy, self-involved and spoiled. That's quite the challenge. But we need a winning year, especially after last year's debacle with the swim team. Can't have our point guard benched. (to Willow) So, you're gonna take on a little teaching job. (encouragingly) I know how you enjoy teaching.

After a frightening encounter with VampWillow in The Bronze, Percy takes more responsibility for his own work, though he reveals his stupidity in doing so:


PERCY: (comes up to them, a bit nervous) Hey. Uh, hi.

WILLOW: Oh, hi. Listen, I didn't have a chance...

PERCY:  (interrupts) Okay, so I did the outline for the paper on Roosevelt. It turns out there were two President Roosevelts, so I didn't know exactly which one to do, so I did both. (respectfully) Um, and I know they're kinda, kinda short, but I can flesh them out. Oh, and here's the bibliography. Um, and I can retype that if you want. You just let me know what I did wrong, and I'll get on it.

Willow is speechless, amazed by his sudden change in attitude. He starts to go, but comes back to lay an apple on the folders in her lap.

In "Earshot," fellow jock Hogan Martin tells Willow that her tutoring has had a positive effect on Percy:


I don't know what you're doing to him. I actually heard him complete a sentence. It had a clause and everything.

We later see Percy fighting with the rest of the students in the "Graduation Day," Part 2 battle against the Mayor.


After Season Three, he puts in only one more appearances, in "Doomed" at a frat party at UC-Sunnydale (he is a student at the University of Southern California), where Willow is deeply hurt by a remark she overhears by chance:


LAURIE: (v/o) Why? So I can watch you flirt with that red head?

PERCY: (v/o) What, Rosenberg? Yea, right. She’s just some egghead who tutored me a little in high school (Willow looks behind her to see the two of them sitting on a couch, their backs to her) I mean, she’s nice, but, come on, Captain of the nerd squad.

LAURIE: Well, I don’t know. Maybe you have a thing for geeks.

PERCY: No, I like my women hot. (Shrugs) Call me old-fashioned.

--David Lavery