DOC. BtVS Demon/Monsetr/Villain.

A mysterious demon in Season Five. We first meet him in "Forever" when Dawn and Spike visit him to seek his assistance with a dangerous spell to bring Joyce Summers back to life.

In "Weight of the World" Xander and Spike again consult Doc, seeking information about Glory, not knowing that he is one of her devotees. After a struggle in which Doc knocks Xander down with an extraordinarily long tongue, Xander rams a sword into his chest and they leave him for dead.

He returns, however, in "The Gift," ascending the scaffold when Buffy delays Glory on her way to perform the ceremony on Dawn that will unleash the power of The Key. Making the "small cuts, small cuts" necessary to shed Dawn's blood, he fends off Spike's attempted intervention, throwing him off the scaffold, but he is in turn pushed from the top by Buffy, too late to prevent The Key from opening the gateway between dimensions.

--David Lavery