übervamp. BtVS Demon/Monster/Villain.

Name given by the Scooby Gang to the Turok-han, the "vampire other vampires fear" (Giles in "Bring on the Night"), an ancient, incredibly vicious, once believed to be a myth, Nosferatu-like vampire resurrected (using Spike's blood) by The First as a weapon against Buffy and the SITs.

After being thrashed twice by the first Turok-han, Buffy kills it in an epic battle at a construction site in "Get it Done." Once in possession of The Scythe she acquires in "End of Days," she is able to kill three with relatively ease as she comes to the rescue of Faith and SITs after the explosion of a bomb in the sewers.

In "Chosen," an army of übervamps pours out of the Hellmouth to attack Buffy, the SITs, and the Scooby Gang, and the newly empowered Slayers more than hold their own again hundreds of the creatures they had previously feared.

The original übervamp was played by Camden Toy.

--David Lavery