DAVID BRINKLEY. BtVS Intertext/Allusion.

In "Once More with Feeling," in "I'll Never Tell," Xander and Anya's song and dance duet, we find the following lyrical exchange:

XANDER: Is she looking for a pot of gold?

ANYA: Will I look good when I've gotten old?

XANDER: Will our lives become too stressful if I'm never that successful?

ANYA: When I get so worn and wrinkly that I look like David Brinkley?

David Brinkley (1920-2002) was a pioneer television newsman, best known as the anchor for NBC's evening news program (1956-70). From 1981-98 he hosted the Sunday morning show This Week with David Brinkley on ABC. Go here to read ABC News' obituary for Brinkley. Photo courtesy of the Museum of TV.

--David Lavery