CARRIE. BtVS Intertext/Allusion.

In "The Prom," Buffy investigates a plan to unleash Hellhounds at the Sunnydale High School prom and runs into Angel, who recently announced that he is leaving her and Sunnydale, at the blood bank, where they engage in the following conversation:


ANGEL: What are you doing here?

BUFFY: Hello to you too.

ANGEL: Sorry. I'm just surprised.

BUFFY: Me too. I don't know why though. Where did I think you get your blood, McPlasma's?

ANGEL: How are you?

BUFFY: Right as rain, whatever that means. Don't look at me like that. I can lie to you if I want to now. We're ex, remember?

ANGEL: If it means anything, I miss you.

BUFFY: Could we not, please? When I think about us, I have this tendency to sort of go catatonic. And I really can't afford to do that right now. Gotta stop a crazy from pulling a Carrie at the prom.

ANGEL: You still planning to go?

BUFFY: Strictly in the chaperon capacity. But it's fine. I mean, the... I'm cool with going stag. I'm over the whole Buffy gets one perfect high school moment thing. But I'm certainly not going to let some subhuman ruin it for the rest of the senior class.

Carrie was a 1976 Brian DePalma horror film in which an odd and picked-upon young woman (Sissy Spacek) revenges her cruel treatment by classmates by unleashing her telekinetic powers at the senior prom.

--David Lavery